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Second Lynx Found Dead

Updated 6 years ago

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is

investigating northern Maine’s second Canada lynx trapping death in

less than a month.

The dead animal was discovered by game wardens Dec. 4 in woods

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Storm Shelters

Updated 6 years ago

Officials in Maine say between 150 and 200

people spent the night in shelters after losing their power because

of the state’s worst ice storm in a decade.

About 18 shelters are open, most of them in southern and coastal

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Canadian Power Crews Headed to Maine

Updated 6 years ago

NB Power crews are heading to

Maine to help restore power following the state’s worst ice storm

in a decade.

Heather MacLean, a spokeswoman with the utility, says 18 crews

are headed to Maine on Saturday to help out in the wake of a fierce

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Outages Remain Throughout State

Updated 6 years ago

Gov. John Baldacci and Central

Maine Power Co. President Sara Burns say it could be well into next

week before power is fully restored in Maine.

Baldacci and Burns met with police, fire and other officials at

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Lamoine Man Sentenced

Updated 6 years ago

A jury convicted 39-year-old Steven Robbins of robbery, theft, and assault.

Three years ago a safe with $25,000 in it was taken from his grandmother’s home.

She was handcuffed, a pillow placed over her head, and her phone lines were cut.

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Stolen Items Verdict

Updated 6 years ago

A jury in Bangor has cleared two women accused of buying thousands of dollars worth of items they knew were stolen.

60-year-old Evelyn Dempsey of Hampden and 61-year-old Judy Gariepy, who lives in Arizona, were found not guilty of theft by receiving stolen property.

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Contractor Talks about Belfast Man

Updated 6 years ago

Mike Robbins spent a month fixing up James Cummings’ home on High Street.

He says the 29-year-old man was also fascinated with guns and Adolf Hitler.

Police found Cummings body Tuesday morning.

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Lubec Man’s Body Found

Updated 6 years ago

Police say the body of 27-year-old Kristopher Fergerson was found Thursday afternoon by a man who was combing a beach in Lubec not far from where Fergerson went missing.

The body was taken to the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Augusta.

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Bucksport Man Stabbed in Ellsworth

Updated 6 years ago

Police say 22-year-old David Vaughn is being charged with aggravated assault.

Authorities say a 21-year-old man from Bucksport told them he was visiting a friend at the Colonial Motel, and encountered her former boyfriend when he was leaving.

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Storm Cleanup

Updated 6 years ago

Bangor Hydro Safety Officer John Greaves is urging everyone to give power crews the room they need to work safely.

Don’t approach crews while they’re working.

If you need help, call the Bangor Hydro Customer Service Center.

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Man Sentenced for Safe Theft

Updated 6 years ago

Steven Robbins was sentenced Thursday in Hancock County Superior Court for stealing a safe containing thousands of dollars in cash from his grandmother.

Robbins was convicted last summer of going to his grandmother’s home in Lamoine, where he and another suspect put a pillowcase over his grandmother’s head while she slept, handcuffed her, bound her legs with a telephone cord and demanded the combination to her safe.

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Alfond Scholarships

Updated 6 years ago

Gov. John Baldacci was also at the University of Maine at Augusta on Thursday as a foundation started by the late Harold Alfond announced what’s believed to be the nation’s first statewide scholarship program of its kind. It started off a year ago on a limited basis.

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Fort Kent Grant

Updated 6 years ago

Gov. John Baldacci announced Thursday that the grant will come from the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development.

During the floods in late April and early May, the combination of heavy rains and melting snow caused the St. John and Fish rivers to overflow their banks and flood Fort Kent in the region’s worst flooding in more than 100 years.

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Fraser Lawsuit

Updated 6 years ago

Madawaska-based Fraser claims in a federal suit that Valassis Communications Inc. of Livonia, Mich., hasn’t paid for 1.8 million pounds of paper shipped to Valassis’ firm’s Durham, N.C., facility.

Fraser alleges that Valassis ignored its demands for payment in August and September.

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Sunday Gambling

Updated 6 years ago

Current state law says that gambling cannot begin until noon on Sundays, but a plan is in the works to extent those hours and start the gaming day at 8am.

During a brief meeting Wednesday afternoon, the board was told that a November 24th hearing date and last Friday’s legal deadline for public comment passed with no comments being offered.

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Tremont Stand-off

Updated 6 years ago

State Police say they were called to a trailer on Route 102 just after 2 am by a man who claimed he had been threatened by another man with a gun.The caller said thatshots had been fired in his direction.

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Belfast Shooting Latest

Updated 6 years ago

Police are calling Tuesday morning’s shooting death of a Belfast man domestic homicide.

According to State Police spokesperson Steve McCausland police were called to a home on High Street in Belfast just before noon on Tuesday.

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Belfast Shooting Update

Updated 6 years ago

Detectives say 29 year old James Cummings was shot to death by his wife, 31 year old Amber Cummings.

Also in the home at the time of the shooting was the couple’s nine year old daughter.

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Fire Destroys Body Shop

Updated 6 years ago

Authorities say that the blaze broke out at Bulger’s Body Shop and Used Cars on Crummett Street.

Crews from several towns were called out around 5:30 Tuesday evening, but there wasn’t much they could do to save the business, or the owner’s home.

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Irving Expands in Bangor

Updated 6 years ago

Mike Shea, Webber’s president and CEO, says the six stores amount to about half of Webber’s retail locations in Maine. He says Webber wants to focus on its core heating oil and propane business and wholesale gasoline distribution operation.

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