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Quimby to Purchase More Land

Updated 7 years ago

State officials say conservationist Roxanne Quimby is buying 8,900 acres of land near Baxter State Park as part of a deal that will open up additional lands in the Millinocket region to hunters, snowmobilers and other sportsmen.

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Bangor Prepares for Storm

Updated 7 years ago

Bangor Public Works crews spent the weekend getting ready for the first major storm of the season.

Foreman Matthew Oakes tells us his crews spent Saturday inspecting all their vehicles, getting chains on the tires and making sure every truck was ready to go.

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Plum Creek Hearings Continue

Updated 7 years ago

Hearings continued Sunday in Augusta on Plum Creek’s plan for a major development in Maine’s Moosehead Lake area.

The second of four public hearings was held at the Augusta Civic Center. A hearing was held Saturday in Greenville, in the neighborhood of where the development would be.

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Christmas Light Safety Tips

Updated 7 years ago

With the holiday season upon us, Central

Maine Power is urging Mainers to follow some simple electrical

safety tips to make the season a safe one.

CMP says people should water their Christmas trees liberally and

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Flu Arrives in Maine

Updated 7 years ago

The flu season has arrived in Maine.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention says the

first case of influenza was confirmed by laboratory tests this


The confirmed case was in Penobscot County, but Doctor Dora Anne

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Plum Creek Hearings Begin

Updated 7 years ago

Hearingsgot underway Saturdayin

Greenville on Plum Creek’s plan for a major development in Maine’s

Moosehead Lake area.

The first of four public hearingswas heldat Greenville High

School, in the neighborhood of where the development would be.

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Trooper Cleared in Fatal Shooting

Updated 7 years ago

Attorney General Steven Rowe says a state

trooper was legally justified when he shot and killed a 46-year-old

man two months ago following a seven-hour standoff outside his

ex-wife’s home in Rumford.

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Man Dies After Boat Capsizes

Updated 7 years ago

Officials are investigating the death of a

Fayette man after a sailboat he was sailing with a friend capsized

on Androscoggin Lake in the central Maine town of Wayne.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife said

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Man Wanted For Alleged Rape: Found

Updated 7 years ago

Authorities in Waldo County have been searching for 40-year old Bruce Paul since Sunday. Police got a tip that Paul was at the bus station in Portland after someone recognized him from news reports. Police arrested Paul right after he bought a bus ticket to Florida.

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Waldoboro Shooting Update

Updated 7 years ago

Officer Zachery Curtis fired at Gregori Jackson after a traffic stop in September.

Police say Jackson attacked Curtis, then ran off into the woods.

Curtis chased him and the two struggled, then the officer shot Jackson.

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Out of Gas

Updated 7 years ago

Anthony Seccareccio opened the P.PD.Q. convenience store in Rockland, back in May.

At that time, he says, the price of fuel was at about a $1.99 a gallon.

He says he never expected the price to soar to $3.25.

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Bangor Man Pleads Guilty

Updated 7 years ago

Brooks Kenney pleaded guilty to more than 25 charges, including burglary, theft, robbery and assault.

Police say Kenney broke into at least a dozen homes on Bangor’s west side in August.

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Lagrange Fatal Shooting

Updated 7 years ago

The body of 25 year old Kristin Smart was found inside the home she shared with several other people on Dread Lane in Lagrange.

Detectives say there were six other adults and two children in the home at the time of the shooting. The adults have been interviewed.

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Civil Fuel Emergency

Updated 7 years ago

Baldacci says the state is working with fuel providers to waive the state fuel tax for logging trucks and other off-road diesel users.

In the meantime, the state is encouraging uses to apply for a weekly refund, which will be expedited by the state.

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Flu Shot Clinic

Updated 7 years ago

Mainegeneral Health is holding several flu clinics in the area.

The first will take place at Senton Village in Waterville on Thursday from 9am to 1pm.

There will be another one at Saint Francis Xavier church in Winthrop on Tuesday, December 4th from 2-6pm.

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Kwanzaa Cancelled

Updated 7 years ago

75-year-old Kendrick Sawyer of Brewer is accused of saying he would shoot any blacks he saw attending an N.A.A.C.P. meeting at a Bangor church.

Court documents indicate that Sawyer made the statement to his doctor at the V.A. center in Togus.

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Caldwell in Court

Updated 7 years ago

Caldwell made an appearance in court Wednesday.

The charges against him include operating under the influence. The prosecution says he’s a habitual offender.

The defense claims he’s a troubled man who needs help.

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Body Found

Updated 7 years ago

His body was discovered by another fisherman not far from where he disappeared.

The Marine Patrol says the body of 65-year-old Byron Gross was found last week.

He was last seen a month ago, hauling traps.

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Young Woman Saved From Car

Updated 7 years ago

Amanda Dinkins (18) has some strangers to thank after they pulled her from the wreckage of her car.

She was driving along the Fuller road in Hermon, taking her dog to the vet. While she was driving, the dog jumped into her lap, causing her to lose control of her car.

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Waterville Teen Faces Felony Charges

Updated 7 years ago

A teen is facing felony charges after he was found responsible for placing an acid bomb near a house.

It stems from an incident Monday night where a homeowner on Wilkes street reported a suspicious bottle in the driveway. When police and fire crews arrived they discovered a one-liter soda bottle filled with chemicals thatcould explode upon impact.

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