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Former State Police Chief Dies

Updated 7 years ago

Allan Weeks, who served in the state

police for 37 years and rose to its top post before his 1987

retirement, died Friday.

Weeks, who was 86, died at his home in Wiscasset, Gov. John

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Budget Woes

Updated 7 years ago

That report is due at the end of the month, and is likely to show a shortfall that’s greater than the current $95,000,000 revenue gap.

The governor says he’ll stand by his pledge of no tax increases, and no use of the rainy day fund.

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Bill in Portland

Updated 7 years ago

Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be in the Bangor area on Saturday.

On Thursday, former president Bill Clinton paid a visit, campaigning for his wife in Portland.

He told supporters at the Portland Expo that Hillary Clinton has the experience and drive to lead the nation.

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State of the National Guard

Updated 7 years ago

But Maine’s highest ranking soldier says we shouldn’t be worried.

State Command Sergeant Major Gregory Small says the role of the National Guard is to help with state and federal missions.

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Kennedy Campaigns in Maine

Updated 7 years ago

Kennedy spoke at a community gathering in Portland this morning.

He says Obama has what it takes to bring our country together and create real change.

Kennedy also held a rally for Obama supporters this afternoon at bates college in Lewiston.

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Lockhart: Request Denied

Updated 7 years ago

Justice Thomas Warren rejected the request by Stephen Lockhart for either a reversal of his conviction, or a new trial.

Lockhart was convicted in 2001 of killing Andrea Lockhart.

Prosecutors proved that he killed her with a piece of lumber at the boatyard in Southwest Harbor where he worked.

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Republican Caucus Numbers

Updated 7 years ago

With votes counted from 96% of the towns holding caucuses last weekend, the former Massachusetts governor winds up with 52%, John McCain with 21%, Ron Paul with 18% and Mike Huckabee with 6%. Undecideds accounted for 2% ofthe votes.

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Cocaine Bust In Old Town

Updated 7 years ago

Eight men are now facing drug trafficking charges.

Investigators tell us the cocaine was being provided by 28-year-old Roger Gomes of Massachusetts.

He was arrested after a brief high speed chase on I-95.

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Democratic Candidates Visit Maine

Updated 7 years ago

Former President Bill Clinton will be campaigning for Hillary Clinton Thursday night in Portland.

He plans to attend a rally at the Portland Exposition Building at 7:30 p.m. That event is open to the public.

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Irving Station Up In Flames

Updated 7 years ago

Eleven people are out of work tonight after a fire destroyed the Eastport business where they work. Eastport City Manager Bud Finch says the Irving gas station on Washington street is a total loss after fire ripped through the building around five o’clock Wednesday morning. Finch says investigators with the Fire Marshal’s office were called into investigate, but it’s believed a mechanical glitch cause the fire. It took more than 20 firefighters from Eastport and perry to control the fire. Finch says he’s still waiting to hear from Irving to find out the company’s plans, but he says the town is doing everything it can to ensure the four full time and seven part time employees find work in the meantime.

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FairPoint Update

Updated 7 years ago

The PUC staff is recommending approval, with many conditions that aim to expand service, cut dividends, fix rates and improve quality of service.

As the day-and-a-half-long hearing came to a close on Tuesday,

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Reid Emery Update

Updated 7 years ago

The body of 61-year-old Reid Emery was found January 2nd in a snowbank neara hospital a day after he discharged himself against the advice of hospital staff. The 73-page report says emery had been taking a combination of drugs with side effects that included clouded senses. Among the problems cited was a lack of evidence that physicians or nurses followed policies regarding the discharge of patients. Through a statement released today, hospital CEO Wayne Dodwell says the hospital has outlined many steps they’re taking to safeguard patients rights and safety. Dodwell says the hospital has completed an internal review of the case, but can’t comment further because the matter may wind up in court and because of patient confidentiality laws. Emery’s sister, Sally, says the family is happy to hear the hospital is taking steps to correct the deficiencies outlined in the report.

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Snowmobiler Dies During Ride

Updated 7 years ago

It happened just outside of Biddeford around 5:20 Tuesday evening.

The Maine Warden Service reports that 22-year-old Mark Lank of Kennebunk was heading down a trail at a high rate of speed.

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RR Ceases Operations

Updated 7 years ago

The Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad has ceased operations and is looking to sell its assets.

The railroad had cars and equipment for sale on the internet for the past week.

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Prison System Restructuring

Updated 7 years ago

The Baldacci administration and county officials agreed, in principle, to replace competing proposals with a melded package.

A new board appointed by the governor would oversee an integrated system of county jails and state prisons. The board would look at budgets and expenditure trends.

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Couple In Jail

Updated 7 years ago

Robert and Sandra James of Pittston were sentenced in Kennebec County Superior Court Tuesday.

Kennebec County Sheriff’s Deputies raided the James’ home in November after months of investigating.

They tell us they also found about $114,000 in cash, expensive sports collectibles, a vintage car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and a newly purchased.

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Stabbing Update

Updated 7 years ago

An Ellsworth man accused of stabbing a State Trooper remains behind bars.

In a court appearance Monday afternoon, a judge ordered 24 year old Joshua Gray be held without bail.

Police say Gray ran away and then stabbed State Trooper Tom Pickering last Tuesday while pickering was questioning him about a burglary that happened in Blue Hill.

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Heating Oil Prices

Updated 7 years ago

The state energy office reported Monday that the average cash price for home heating oil stands at $3.21, a drop of 12 cents over three weeks. The average statewide price remains 94 cents higher than at the same time last year.

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Bucksport Standoff Update

Updated 7 years ago

Joshua Amenkowicz (32) is facing a variety of charges including criminal threatening,terrorizing and endangering the welfare of a child. Police say they were called to his homeCentral Street just after2AM Sunday morning. Officers say when they arrived, Amenkowicz threatened them. He ended up keeping officers and the State Police Tactical Team at bay for close to five hours. His bail is set at 10 thousand dollars.

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Palermo Fire Claims Life of Owner

Updated 7 years ago

93-year old Robert Pottle died when fire swept through his Palermo farmhouse early Saturday morning.

Someone driving by spotted the flames and called for help.

Firefighters say strong winds as well as driving rain and snow made it tough to put out the flames.

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