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Soldier Sendoff

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – The soldiers are part of the 169th Military Police Company, based in Brewer.

After saying good bye to their families, they bored a Cyr bus bound for Fort Dix, New Jersey. They’ll stay there for two months until heading over to Iraq to help with security details and training Iraqi soldiers.

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Bog Buffer

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) – The Nature Conservancy’s 12,710 acre easement joins two conservation areas to create a 23,000acreblock of protected forests and wetlands.

The Sunkhaze-Bradley Corridor will be managed as a natural area and will be accessible for recreational use. It connects Sunkhaze Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Milford to the Maine Department of Conservation’s Bradley Unit. The property is owned by GMO LLC.

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Pre-Sale Fair Tickets

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – The Bangor state fair kicks off July 27th and runs through Sunday, August 5th.

Presale tickets went on sale Thursday at the Bass park complex in Bangor, they are $18.00 each.

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Sex Offender Monitoring

Updated 7 years ago

(WABI) – Chief Joseph Massey announced a partnership between the Waterville police department and the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office to better track convicted sex offenders in Waterville.

Right now, there are 65 registered offenders in the city. Massey says his staff is not able to keep up with the demands related to keeping track of each offender, so Deputy Ron Raymond has been asked to assist the department.

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Textile Plants to be Sold

Updated 7 years ago

The three make up half of the six facilities nationwide that are being sold by Interface Incorporated out of Atlanta.

An affiliate of Sun Capital Partners Investment Firm is buying them for 70 million dollars in cash.

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Locals Spot Lion

Updated 7 years ago

Mountain lions disappeared from the Maine landscape back in the 1800′s.

But on Tuesday, a man from Oakland said that an animal that appeared to be a lion was in his backyard. The feline shed some fur, which the man collected, and sent off to be tested by wildlife officials.

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Veazie Woman Kidnapped

Updated 7 years ago

Three suspects have been arrested in connection to the alleged kidnapping, and will make their first court appearance on Thursday.

Veazie police say that they think that the unidentified victim was assaulted by 40-year-old Nicholas Pellon of Massachusetts. She wouldn’t press charges at the time, and Pellon was released from police custody.

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Mill Fire in Madison

Updated 7 years ago

Firefighters received a call at about 3:30 p.m. that the Anson plant, a former woodworking plant, was burning down.

Anson, Norridgewock, Solon, and Skowhegan fire departments assisted Madison firefighters with the blaze. An excavator was brought in to knock down walls of the building.

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NH Shooting Suspect Caught in Maine

Updated 7 years ago

Witnesses saw 31-year-old Michael Woodbury of Windham walking along some railroad tracks.

He fit the description of the gunman in a multiple shooting at a store in Conway, New Hampshire, so they called police, and Woodbury was quickly taken into custody.

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Fireworks a Go…For Now

Updated 7 years ago

The fireworks will be launched from Riverside Park, along the Bangor side of the Penobscot river.

Organizers tell us the final decision on whether to go, or scrub the fireworks because of the weather, might not be made until 15 minutes before the launch time. At the moment, the show is scheduled for 9 pm.

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Governor Passes Gun Order

Updated 7 years ago

He issued an executive order to fill the void until the bill is revamped.

The order focuses on people who’ve been found by the courts to be mentally incompetent to stand trial or not guilty by reason of insanity.

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Palermo Accident Kills Portland Woman

Updated 7 years ago

The Waldo county sheriff’s office tells us that Anne Witham’s BMW was traveling East on Route 3 when it left the road and hit a driveway embankment.

The car was launched into the air, hitting two parked cars and a utility pole before landing in a ditch.

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Wal*Mart Shoplifting Ring

Updated 7 years ago

Cameras at the Ellsworth Wal*Mart caught four people on video.

Police say the suspects entered the store two minutes apart and spread out around the store.

The four are accused of filling duffle bags with almost three thousand dollars worth of merchandise ranging from computer equipment and cameras to clothing and pregnancy tests.

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New Man for the Top Job

Updated 7 years ago

Joseph Massey has taken over the department from former police chief John Morris, who retired recently.

Massey has worked in Waterville for more than 20 years, beginning as a patrol officer and moving up through the ranks to deputy chief.

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Holiday Traffic Up

Updated 7 years ago

All the chaos in Kennebunkport means lots of traffic there this weekend…but it seems travellers are out in force all over the state this week.

UMaine tourism experts say we can expect heavy travel on the turnpike this week, as the fourth of July holiday nears.

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Putin Visits Maine

Updated 7 years ago

Maine is in the international spotlight this weekend.

President George W. Bush is at the Bush family home in Kennebunkport, awaiting the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The meeting between the two leaders is aimed at easing tensions between Russia and the U.S.

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Palermo Man Dies in ATV Accident

Updated 7 years ago

According to authorities, 45-year-old Albert Foss of Palermo went out riding with a couple of friends Sunday evening near the Hostile Valley Road in Palermo.

The three were on the Log Cabin Road at around 6pm, when Foss’s friends noticed that Foss was no longer following. They turned around to look for their friend, and found that he had crashed a little ways back on the road.

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Wilmot “Wiggie” Robinson Dies

Updated 7 years ago

One of the state’s oldest registered Maine guides passed away this weekend.

Wilmot &quot:Wiggie&quot: Robinson died Friday at the age of 85.

Robinson was a legendary outdoorsman who wrote a column for the North Woods Sporting Journal, and several other newspapers.

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Ship Returns

Updated 7 years ago

The &quot:State of Maine&quot: is back home in castine.

The Maine Maritime Academy’s training vessel returned Saturday night after a two-month cruise to southern and eastern Europe

More than 200 students and 55 crew members took part in the voyage.

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Maine Vodka for Putin

Updated 7 years ago

While Russian President Vladimir Putin visits President Bush in Kennebunkport, demonstrators plan to

attack his policies in Chechnya. But Maine Distilleries plans to

welcome him with bottles of vodka.

The C-E-O of the Freeport-based distillery delivered eight

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