Engineering Students Present Projects 

Their senior year at maine is coming to an end…but there’s one last hurdle for mechanical engineering students…their senior design capstone projects.”The students work for an entire year to apply what they’ve done in the first three years of their engineering education on a project that has interest in some outside constituent.”Student Robert Collins is looking to improve the prosthetic field with his team’s robotic hand…from conception to the final design, it wasn’t an easy road.”We started looking at all the other robotic hands that are out there today and there are 1000’s of them across the U.S.”Collins thinks his team has the right *touch*.”A lot of the hands are really stiff, they grasp rather than the human hand which has give to it, if something is soft you can tell it’s soft”With head injuries sustained during athletic events in the spotlight these days, many folks were focused on Nathan Hayes’ team’s wireless head impact system.”We made it wireless so we can imbed it in these sports helmets while players are using them in the field to see how hard they got hit.”Injuries once thought to be minor, like a concussion, could actually be quite serious.”The limit we had before was actually too high and people were getting injured even on small hit or small bumps.”Systems like Haye’s could be used to test helmets and their structural integrality…which could prevent serious injuries on the playing field.”Sometimes they’re important to science, they’re incredibly important to the experience of students because at this point they get to put together all the pieces they’ve been working on.”Many students plan to go on to graduate school, but for now, they’re breathing a sigh of relief…”It’s great to be like we’re done.