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District 83 Seat

Updated 7 years ago

A business consultant from Mount Vernon is the Republican nominee in a special election to fill the Maine House District 83 seat.

66-year-old Clyde Dyar was chosen during a party caucus Friday night in Augusta.

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Brewer Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Early Saturday morning, fire crews in Brewer battled a house fire in their city.

A 3-unit apartment house on Parker Street caught fire just before 6 a.m.

When firefighters arrived, the back of the building was engulfed in flames.

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Foliage Update

Updated 7 years ago

If you’re looking to do a little leaf-peeping this weekend…you might want to head north.

Forest rangers in northern Maine say they’re starting to see some good color in their part of the state.

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Bangor Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Fire crews from several towns had a tough time battling a house fire in Bangor Saturday.

Crews were called to a home on Stillwater ave, on the Veazie line, just after 11 a.m.

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Nielsen to Stand Trial

Updated 7 years ago

A judge has ruled that 32-year old Christian Nielsen is competent to stand trial next month.

Justice Robert Crowley says that Nielsen meets the standard for competency set by the state supreme court.

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Glenburn Fire Destroys Buildings

Updated 7 years ago

The fire started Thursday morning on Union Street in Glenburn.

Fire fighters say a car backfiring apparently started the fire. It then quickly spread to another building, and threatened to jump to a third.

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Nurses May Strike

Updated 7 years ago

Nurses and hospital management have been negotiating for nearly two months, but have not be able to agree on a new contract. If there is no deal by the end of this month, nurses may go on strike for the first time in the hospital’s history.

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New Bike Law

Updated 7 years ago

There are several new state laws that go into effect, starting Thursday September 20th.

You can now be pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt, people under 18 can no longer have handheld electronic devices while driving, and there’s new restrictions for folks who bike.

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Air Purifying Systems Installed at Winslow High School

Updated 7 years ago

Superintendent Elaine Miller spoke to TV5 on Wednesday confirming that these cleaning companies will remain on site until further notice.

Miller says air quality test results came back within an acceptable level, however there is room for improvement.

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Tableman Not Guilty of Setting Fire To Her Hermon Home

Updated 7 years ago

Melissa Tableman is guilty of setting fire to clothes in a sink in a home in Corinth back in 2004, but she is no longer charged with setting fire to her home on the Billings Rd. in Hermon in July of 2006.

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Crash in Hudson

Updated 7 years ago

State police say that charges will be filed against a man who was involved in a serious crash in Hudson Tuesday afternoon.

The accident happened at around 5:45, on the Old Town Road.

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Construction Raises Safety Concern

Updated 7 years ago

Up until Friday, Sept. 14th, a school bus picked up and dropped off Bobbie Dumond’s 7th grade sons a few feet from their front door.

Now Lucas and Nicholas have to walk down Gilman Road, in front of a construction zone, to catch their ride on Stillwater Avenue.

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Students Wearing Masks for Safety

Updated 7 years ago

Last year the school began a nine million dollar renovation project that’s causing some health concerns.

One parent has even been handing out masks to students to protect them from the dust.

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Palmyra Couple Homeless

Updated 7 years ago

The couple came home to their residence on the Libby Road to find local fire crews trying to put out the blaze. Flames could be seen shooting from the side and rear of the home.

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Cyclist Hit By Truck

Updated 7 years ago

The man walked away after being struck by a truck at around 5:30 Monday night.

Police say the driver of the truck was heading up Miller Hill at the time, and the cyclist was as far over to the side of the road as possible.

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Senator’s Iraq Visit Sparks Debate

Updated 7 years ago

She went overseas with several colleagues from congress, and spoke with top Iraqi leaders.

Their mission was to assess the situation there, after the reports to congress last week by General David Petraeus, the head of coalition forces in Iraq.

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Komen Race for the Cure

Updated 7 years ago

Thousands of runners spent Sunday racing for a cure.

The 11th annual Komen Maine Race for the Cure kicked off Sunday morning on the Bangor waterfront.

More than 3,600 people took park in the event…raising money, then walking or running the race course downtown.

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Fire Leaves Firefighter Homeless

Updated 7 years ago

The fire on Rogusa Lane began shortly before 3:30 Sunday afternoon. When crews arrived on the scene, the mobile home was already engulged in flames.

No one was home at the time, the owner is a volunteer firefighter, and was at the scene of another fire as his home burned.

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Shooting Death Update

Updated 7 years ago

Maine State Police have identified the victim in a weekend shooting as a 50-year-old New Jersey man who was visiting his cousin in the town of Porter.

Spokesman Steve McCausland of the Maine Public Safety Department
identifies the dead man as Lawrence Talarico.

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Foliage Website

Updated 7 years ago

The fall foliage season is shaping up to be a colorful one in Maine.
That’s according to the Department of Conservation’s Internet
fall foliage report.
The department released its first report last week and will
provide updates every Wednesday through October 17th.
The site this year also will include video footage of foliage scenes from around
the state.
The Web site divides the state into seven regions and provides
updates on the color breakdown and leaf drop in each zone.
Rangers are now reporting very low leaf color, or less than 10
percent toward peak, and low leap drop in all regions.

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