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New Vineyard Update

Updated 7 years ago

Police say 55-year-old Steven McKinney, a longtime employee at Sugarloaf USA ski resort, died of blunt force trauma when lumber fell from a poorly secured load onto his car Wednesday evening as he drove on Route 27 in New Vineyard.

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Urquhart in Court

Updated 7 years ago

42-year-old Phillip Urquhart pled guilty in Kennebec County Superior Court on Thursday to reckless conduct with a firearm and criminal threatening. An additional terrorizing count was dismissed.

Urquhart was accused of placing up to nine people in jeopardy last spring by waving a gun at them inside the Augusta store.

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Truck vs. Car in Garland

Updated 7 years ago

A driver heading west on the Upper Garland Road lost control of his car and ran off the road, about three o’clock Thursday afternoon.

The driver of logging truck passing by pulled off to the side of the road and stopped to help.

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Genetics Professor Awarded

Updated 7 years ago

The Science and Technology Foundation of Japan announced that Victor McKusick will receive a medal and 50 million Yen, that’s about $470,000 (U.S.).

The 86-year-old McKusick is a professor of medical genetics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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Wanted Criminal Dead

Updated 7 years ago

A Willimantic man who had been eluding police for two years is dead after reportedly refusing to go to jail. Police say they had active arrest warrants for 30 year old Robert Morales, one for possession of a firearm by a felon the other for 2 counts of burglary and theft. The Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Department received a tip this morning that he was living in a small mobile home in Willimantic.

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Hancock Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Crews from Hancock, as well as Franklin and Sorrento were called to a home on East Side Road just after 4:30 Wednesday afternoon.

The owner wasn’t home at the time.

Passersbys saw the flames and called for help.

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Police Seek Information on Fatal Accident

Updated 7 years ago

An unknown motorist was hauling a load of lumber on Route 27 near the Basin Road, when numerous large beams hit a pair of vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

The impact killed the driver of the first vehicle, and injured the two people riding in the second car.

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EMMC Expansion

Updated 7 years ago

Thursday the hospital shared details on the 253-million dollar project.

It’s one step in the process to receive state approval.

The plans call for an eight-story tower on the State Street property and would expand upon existing facilities too.

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Apartment Fire In Orono

Updated 7 years ago

Good timing helped firefighters quickly put out a fire in Orono that’s left four University of Maine students homeless. Crews from Orono, Veazie and Old Town got the call to an apartment on Pine street around 10 o’clock Wednesday morning.

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McInnis Sentenced

Updated 7 years ago

Aman from Alna is going to prison for eight years for his role in a home robbery which included gagging and tying a 64-year-old wheelchair-bound man to a refrigerator.

25-year-old Joshua McInnis was sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty in connection with the crime which took place at a home in Windsor in July.

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Police Seize Guns

Updated 7 years ago

Belfast police have recovered five stolen handguns as part of their investigation into a bomb scare and arson at Belfast area high school last month.

Detectives say one of the guns, a loaded 38 caliber revolver, was actually carried into the school by a teenage boy.

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Swapping Parties

Updated 7 years ago

Under state law, those seeking to change party affiliation must file an application in the town where they reside at least 15 days before Maine’s presidential caucus.

The republican caucuses are scheduled for February 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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Vassalboro Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Crews from four towns were called to the Dunham Road off Route 201 in Vassalboro.

They were unable to stop the flames from destroying the structure. We’re told the barn stored equipment for a beef farm.

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Wind Power in Western Maine

Updated 7 years ago

They voted to turn down one of the two.

Transcanada Maine Wind Development and Plum Creek Timberland’s plan to rezone more than twenty three hundred acres for a forty four turbine project in Kibby and Skinner townships got the approval from the Land Use Regulation Commission Monday afternoon.

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White Stuff ’08

Updated 7 years ago

The storm which dumped near a foot of snow on our state was also responsible for several vehicle collisions, including one fatal crash.

A three-car pile up on Route 196 in Topsham turned fatal Monday when a mother was killed and her child hospitalized. Police say there was an inch of snow on the road at the time of the crash.

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Lagrange Fire

Updated 7 years ago

A Lagrange father and his two children had to flee their burning home this morning. Crews were called to the Route 16 home around 2 am. Resident Mike Drake says the family’s Saint Bernard alerted him to the fire. Mike saw flames coming up the stairs of the cellar and knew there wasn’t much time to spare. He woke his 13-year old daughter and 16-year old son and all four, including Hemi the dog, managed to escape unharmed. An attached garage is the only thing left standing. Fire fighters had to use an excavator to fully snuff the fire. Fire investigators say that makes it impossible to pinpoint an exact cause.

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Wayward Seal On Route 189

Updated 7 years ago

A lost seal has slipped safely back into the ocean after a weekend of wandering and winding up on a highway in Washington County. Folks traveling along Route 189 in Trescott Township saw the seal in the middle of the road Saturday morning. Some tried to approach the seal, but it scampered off toward some woods. A Marine Patrol officer arrived and, with a half-dozen helpers, grabbed the seal by its flippers and put it into a cage. The officer drove the animal back to a boat launch where it was released back into the sea.

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Paine Pleads Not Guilty

Updated 7 years ago

18-year-old James Paine entered his plea in Somerset superior court Thursday.

Back in November of 2007, he was indicted by a grand jury and arrested.

Police say Paine was driving on Parkman Hill Road in Skowhegan in August of 2007, when he lost control of his car, hitting 87-year-old Bernard Currier, who was on a riding lawnmower at the time.

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Petition Forgery

Updated 7 years ago

24-year-old Amanda Arsenault pled guilty to the charge in Kennebec county superior court, she was sentenced to 45 days behind bars.

Arsenault reportedly forged signatures on petitions submitted to the secretary of state from a dozen towns.

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Former Bangor Mayor Charged With Forgery

Updated 7 years ago

Authorities say the case against Richard Greene began in December, when he submitted three separate invoices totaling almost $19,000 dollars for photographic services.

They say when Greene tried to collect on one of those invoices in the amount of $9,000, the city finance director asked for a signed agreement. Authorities say greene forged the signature of city manager Ed Barrett on that agreement.

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