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Hannaford Suit

Updated 7 years ago

Philadelphia law firm, Berger &amp: Montague, filed suit Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Portland, alleging that the supermarket chain was negligent for failing to provide adequate security for computer data.

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Passamaquoddy Governor Indictment

Updated 7 years ago

U.S. Attorney Paula Silsby says the charges against 64-year-old Robert Newell of Princeton include conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government, misapplying funds and making false statements. Newell served as governor of the Indian Township reservation from September 2002 to September 2006.

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Inspection Period

Updated 7 years ago

The House voted 100 to 41 Thursday to leave the current once-a-year inspection requirement intact, instead of allowing inspections once every two years.

However, lawmakers are allowing an exception for new cars that are inspected at the time of purchase. Those vehicles can be inspected two years after the purchase.

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Corinna Loses Second Battle, Same Fire

Updated 7 years ago

Corinna fire crews were called to a fire Wednesday morning at the home of Tanya Farrington on the Packard Road.

The first flare up was taken care of, and the crews went back to the station.

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Snow Days

Updated 7 years ago

Education Commissioner Sue Gendron says state policy requires snow days to be made up, and the state is sticking by it. But the state will consider waivers on a case-by-case basis in districts struggling to make up lost instruction time.

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War Anniversary Observed

Updated 7 years ago

It was five years ago when the United States began the war in Iraq.

Some observances were quiet, others quite loud.

At one gathering held in Bangor, folks from the Peace and Justice Center honored those who have lost their lives in the war.

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Franco-American Day

Updated 7 years ago

French music and food are also being featured.

The Senate is joining the House in approving a joint resolution honoring Franco-Americans. Also being offered are legislative sentiments for inductees to the Franco-American Hall of Fame.

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Head On Crash

Updated 7 years ago

Police are investigating the cause of a fatal car crash in the town of Harrington earlyTuesday morning.

The accident happened just before 5:30am.

Police say two trucks traveling in opposite directions on route one hit head on near Narraguagas high school.

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I-295 Meeting

Updated 7 years ago

The affected areas would be the southbound lanes from West Gardiner to Topsham.

The Maine Department of Transportation has proposed the shutdown as a quicker and cheaper way to rebuild the road.

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Diesel Theft A Problem

Updated 7 years ago

Diesel and fuel are disappearing in Washington county.
Thieves have taken large amounts and the number of cases is climbing. The thefts started about a month ago but authorities say it’s escalated in the last two weeks. The thieves are targeting places where they can get large quantities. Police say Cherryfield Foods had 6 hundred gallons stolen. At more than 4 dollars a gallon that amounts to about $25K.

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Childhood Pilot Dead

Updated 7 years ago

As a girl she accomplished unprecedented feats flying a plane. In 1993, when she was 11-years-old, van meter flew from Augusta to San Diego. Nine months later she flew across the Atlantic..Taking off in Augusta and landing in Scotland.

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Sawmill workers getting help

Updated 7 years ago

An effort is underway to help those displaced workers and their families.

Recently, a call went out from the United Steelworkers Union to the members of the Maine Labor Council alerting them of the plight of the laid off working men and women of Local 1310 in Ashland after the shut down of Fraser Papers Ashland sawmill and Irving Forest Products sawmill at Nashville Plantation. A group got together and came up with the idea of a food bank.

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Governor Cuts Again

Updated 7 years ago

The cuts take effect on April first, and are aimed at addressing the revenue shortfall of $190 million.

The cuts come as the legislature’s appropriations committee continues discussions over human services cutbacks proposed by the governor.

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Man Charged With Killing His Mother

Updated 7 years ago

Matthew Audet (22) is charged with killing his mother, 47-year-old Debra Audet. A medical examiner determined that she had been strangled to death on Sunday night. According to court documents, police talked with Audet’s 19-year-old wife Kayla who told them she saw Matthew choking his mother before she went to a friend’s house. According to the affadavit, a friend told police she had information that Matthew’s mother had been molesting him since he was a young boy. She also told police that Kayla and Debra had been having a sexual relationship since Matthew went into the military. Kayla admitted to her relationship with Debra, but told police she didn’t know anything about the relationship between Matthew and his mother. Matthew Audet is being held without bail at the Androscoggin county jail until his bail hearing in April.

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Budget Meeting Latest

Updated 7 years ago

On Monday, the appropriations committee hammered out two key cuts to the state’s health and human services budget, before adjuring for the night at 10:45pm.

Members ended up backing a modified prescription drug plan aimed at Mainers earning under $10,400 a year.

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Hannaford ID Theft

Updated 7 years ago

The Maine-based supermarket chain says a security breach has led to the thefts of customer credit and debit card numbers.

The company is aware of about 18-hundred fraud cases, but warns more than four million card numbers could have been stolen between December 7th of 2007, through March 10th of 2008.

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Lights Out in Dover-Foxcroft Tonight

Updated 7 years ago

More than two thousand Central Maine Power customers in that area will lose their power early tomorrow morning. The power company is doing that to repair a damaged pole in Dover. More snow and ice could further weaken that pole and bring down wires. CMP says that they expect power to be off from about midnight to three in the morning. Most of Dover-Foxcroft will be affected as will some customers in Sangerville, Garland, Bowerbank and Sebec.

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Anti-War Rally Draws Crowd

Updated 7 years ago

This week marks five years since the start of the conflict. To mark the occasion, rallies were held across the state on Saturday.

In Bangor, dozens of people gathered at Paul Bunyan park to mourn the loss of lives, and to urge Mainers to only vote for candidates who support a quick end to the war.

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Dexter Man Loses Home, Saves Daughter

Updated 7 years ago

It happened at the Gustin residence on Keaton Pond Road at about 4:30 Sunday afternoon.

Fire officials say homeowner Timothy Gustin was cooking in the kitchen, then went out to the woodshed. When he returned, the kitchen was on fire.

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Missing Man’s Snowmobile Found in River

Updated 7 years ago

Game wardens found the man’s sled in the Kennebec River.

49-year-old Ray Paine was last seen Friday night at about nine thirty.

He’d been snowmobiling with a friend in North Anson.

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