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More than 100,000 Mainers are without health insurance

Updated 6 years ago

More than 100-thousand Mainers don’t have health insurance, the reason, it’s expensive and confusing.

To fix the health care system, some say we must first know what we’re paying for.

When Helen Hanson signed up for health insurance she knew about the 10-thousand dollar deductible, what she didn’t know is that it was applied to everyone in her family

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Heating Fuel Deliveries

Updated 6 years ago

The proclamation allows the federal Transportation Department to waive rules so heating fuel delivery drivers can stay on the road longer to make sure homes and businesses stay warm.

The governor says the extreme temperatures pose a threat to the public health and safety if heating fuel deliveries can’t get through.

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Ellsworth Project to provide clean water

Updated 6 years ago

The Department of Transportation is going to reconstruct route One-A from the Union River bridge to the Red Bridge Road.

Ellsworth officials say it’s the perfect time to extend their water lines.

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Four Points Hotel in Bangor Redone

Updated 6 years ago

The Four Points Hotel at the Bangor Airport just underwent major modifications.

This is the hotel’s third round of renovations since the company acquired the property in 1981.

Representatives from the city says it’s important to have the Four Points in top condition because for many visitors it’s their first impression of Bangor.

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Working in the Cold

Updated 6 years ago

Temperatures across the state fell well below freezing the past couple of days.

Staying inside and avoiding the cold is what many people do on days like this.

But for some that’s just not an option. Including those that work out in the cold like the ones that prepare the planes for take off at Bangor International Airport.

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School Bus Accident in Corinth

Updated 6 years ago

A scary ordeal Wednesday afternoon for children aboard a school bus in Corinth.

They were on the way home when their bus was struck from behind on Route 15.

Penobscot Sheriff’s Deputies say the bus had stopped to let off some kids when an elderly driver apparently didn’t spot the bus in time.

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Eli Lilly & Co. Settlement

Updated 6 years ago

Indianapolis-based Lilly announced today that it’s pleaded guilty to a charge that it illegally marketed the anti-psychotic Zyprexa. The company will pay $1.42 billion to the federal government and to about 30 states to settle civil suits and end the criminal investigation.

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Jackson Lab Lawsuit

Updated 6 years ago

The Central Institute for Experimental Animals, based in Kawasaki, Japan, is suing The Jackson Laboratory for patent infringement in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

The Japanese company accuses the Jackson Lab of producing and marketing a strain of immunodeficient mice that was patented and trademarked in the United States by CIEA.

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Cash for Clunkers

Updated 6 years ago

The proposal, co-sponsored by Maine Sen. Susan Collins, is called the &quot:Cash for Clunkers&quot: program.

Under legislation introduced yesterday in both the House and the Senate, drivers could get vouchers of up to $4,500 when they turn in their old fuel-inefficient vehicles for scrapping and buy vehicles that get good gas mileage. People could also receive vouchers for use on public transportation.

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Hermon Crash

Updated 6 years ago

Authorities say 27-year-old Jason Tompkins was heading east on Rt. 2 around 8:30 a.m. when he hit a patch of black ice and lost control of his car.

Tompkins crossed the center line and slammed into another car, driven by 47-year-old Vernard Wheeler of Hermon.

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Dogs Shot

Updated 6 years ago

The Humane Society of the United States is now involved in the case.

Last April, the owner of the dogs reported his pets missing.

A month later, Nick Pinkham’s sons found the bodies of the dogs along a trail.

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Bangor Man Wants Life Sentence Overturned

Updated 6 years ago

A man from Bangor convicted of beating and suffocating a man from Glenburn is asking the state Supreme Court to overturn his life sentence.

A lawyer for Peter Tuller told the Court Wednesday that the jury verdict, by itself, should not justify a life sentence.

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Good and Bad News on Job Front

Updated 6 years ago

It was an exciting day for folks in Washington County Wenesday.

At a time when many businesses are announcing layoffs, there’s one that’s hiring, scores of people.

&quot:It is a red letter day for Washington county.&quot:

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Stabbing in Bangor

Updated 6 years ago

Bangor Police are investigating a stabbing that happened Wednesday night.

Officers say two men got into an argument at an apartment on Curve Street, and both of them ended up getting injured.

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Mail Theft

Updated 6 years ago

38-year-old Lori Mathews and 53-year-old Roberta Westerlund, Mathews’ aunt,have beencharged with theft.

Police say the envelopes, many of which contained checks, were stolen from at least 10 mail boxes in Chelsea and Pittston.

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Gardiner Robbery

Updated 6 years ago

Theincident took place shortly before 10:30 a.m. Tuesday when thesuspect handed a note demanding money toone of the bank’stellers.

The man was carrying a silver revolver and wore a mask, a puffy ski jacket, hiking boots, and jeans.

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Gay Marriage Bill

Updated 6 years ago

State senator Dennis Damon is introducing a bill to end the prohibition of gay marriage in Maine.

House republican Josh Tardy, meanwhile, is proposing to bolster the state law restricting marriage to one man and one woman by making it a constitutional amendment.

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Power Rates

Updated 6 years ago

State regulators have approved a decrease in the electricity portion of bills for most CMP and Bangor Hydro customers.

The new rates will go into effect March 1st, and will reflect a 10% drop in the electricity supply costs.

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Biddeford Fatal

Updated 6 years ago

Troopers are trying to determine why Liszek Twarog’s van veeredfrom the northbound to the southbound lanes, where it collided with two other vehicles Tuesday morning.Police say Twarog was ejected as the vehicle overturned andkilled when it landed on him. The wreck tied up southbound trafficon the turnpike for about two hours.

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More Layoffs

Updated 6 years ago

True Textiles says 75 to 90 employees will be laid off January 26 at its Guilford and Newport plants. The company, formerly InterfaceFABRIC Inc., blames poor economic conditions.

True Textiles makes panel fabrics for offices. Kirk Crisman, True’s senior vice president for human resources, says the layoffs are being posted as permanent because there’s no way of knowing when the economy may improve. Crisman says the company has a callback process in case conditions improve.

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