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Flu Vaccines

Updated 8 years ago

State health officials say a young adult visiting Penobscot County from out-of-state died before Christmas of a flu-related illness.

Several more cases of the illness have since been reported.

At the City of Bangor Health Department, the fridge is stocked with flu vaccine.

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Former Bangor High Student Dies From Meningitis

Updated 8 years ago

A former Bangor High school student has died of possible meningitis.

Danielle Thompson was admitted to the hospital yesterday and underwent treatment, but she passed away today.


The Maine Public Health Department reported that it is contacting all the people who may have come into contact with Thompson recently. Those folks will need to take antibiotics as a precaution.

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Thin Ice

Updated 8 years ago

Three Maranacook High School cross-country skiers fell through the ice on Maranacook lake in Readfield while out on a run.

The group of five skiers had been out running, and decided to take a shortcut across the lake. Three of the five went through the ice about 100 to 150 feet from shore. They managed to pull themselves out.

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Baldacci Inauguration

Updated 8 years ago

Jack Baldacci will hold the bible tonight at the second inauguration for his father. Maine judges, legislators and citizens will be among the 15-hundred people attending the event at the augusta civic center.

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Newport Fatal Latest

Updated 8 years ago

No charges will be filed in the accidental death of a 48-year-old man. Dong Wong was walking by the Valero gas station in Newport Monday night when he was hit by a car.

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Davidson Appeal

Updated 8 years ago

Just last October Wendi Davidson pled no contest to killing Michael Severance, from the town of Lee. Prosecutors say she fatally poisoned him before hiding his body in a water tank on a ranch near San Angelo.

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Ford Remembered

Updated 8 years ago

Today is a national day of mourning for President Gerald Ford, who died last week. A state funeral will be held at the National Cathedral in Washington for our 38th President.

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Ice Safety

Updated 8 years ago

Wardens are warning people to stay off the ice after a man from Connecticut drowned Sunday morning when he fell through some thin ice on Rangley lake.

Officials say 69-year-old Hugh Ogden died after falling through the ice while cross country skiing.

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Orrington Accident

Updated 8 years ago

Icy roads were the cause for multiple car crashes all around the state monday, including in Orrington, where four cars collided along Route 15.

The call came in just after 12 noon. Firefighters say one vehicle crossed the center line, then collided with an oncoming pickup truck.

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Milford Attack

Updated 8 years ago

Police are on the look out for two men who assaulted some homeowners with an ax. It happened Saturday night at the Sunset Trailer Park.

Three residents reported that two masked men armed with an axe broke into their mobile home and demanded money.

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High Speed Chase

Updated 8 years ago

Reports are coming in that an unidentified individual led police on a high speed chase from Skowhegan to all the way to Farmington.

It all began around 2 o’clock this morning, when a vehicle reportedly passed a parked officer going about 100 miles per hour. State police began to follow, and managed to pull the car somewhere near Mercer, but the driver reportedly took off, nearly running over the trooper.

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Bangor Ball Drop

Updated 8 years ago

The third annual &quot:Downtown Countdown&quot: included plenty of movies and live music all night at local restaurants as well as at City Hall.

The celebration kicked off Sunday afternoon with a road race downtown: the &quot:5k finale&quot: was sponsored by Epic Sports. Owner Brad Ryder was pleasantly surprised at the number of runners that turned out in the cold for this first annual event.

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Thin Ice

Updated 8 years ago

The ice fishing season officially gets underway today…but game wardens are warning folks not to venture out just yet.

This winter’s mild weather has made for poor ice conditions across the state, and wardens are advising folks to stay off the ice until we’ve had a few solid weeks of cold weather.

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Bangor Fire

Updated 8 years ago

Fire investigators say a cigarette is likely to blame for a fire that killed a Bangor woman Friday night.

The body of 56-year-old Althea Marshman was discovered in her bed after fire fighters were called to her apartment house on Cottage Street.

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Police Presence Stepped Up During Holiday

Updated 8 years ago

WABI – With 16 more Mainers killed in highway crashes this year than last, state police tell TV-5 they’ll be beefing up patrols over this long holiday weekend.

Chief of the State Police, Colonel Craig Poulin says it’s all an effort to end the year on a safe note, but will it be enough to keep you safe

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Search Called Off

Updated 8 years ago

Game Wardens have called off their search for Richard Jenkins, the man from Milford who’s been missing since christmas eve when his canoe capsized in the Penobscot River.

There’s been no sign of Jenkins since, despite all-out efforts by search teams.

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S.A.T. Report Card

Updated 8 years ago

Maine’s Education Commissioner Susan Gendron has released the results of S.A.T. tests completed by high school juniors, and the grades are rather disappointing.

It’s the first time the S.A.T.’s have been used in place of the Maine Educational Assessment Tests, to measure the progress of students in their junior year.

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Holiday Weekend

Updated 8 years ago

State police plan to conduct plenty of field sobriety tests during the upcoming holiday weekend.

Colonel Craig Poulin says troopers will increase their patrols to make sure 2006 ends safely.

Two state police aircraft will also be out through new year’s day.

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What Are You Doing For New Year’s Eve?

Updated 8 years ago

&quot:What are you doing for New Year’s Eve&quot:

It’s probably the second most popular question this week, topped only by, &quot:Did you have a good Christmas&quot:

For some people, New year’s eve celebrations hold a lot of tradition, but for a lot of folksfor most folks it’s what ever they can whip up at the last minute.

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Danger! Thin Ice!

Updated 8 years ago

WABI - The start of ice fishing season is just around the corner, and game wardens have a stern warning for folks hoping to get their tilts out on the ice next week.

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