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New King Material Released

Updated 7 years ago

At a minute after midnight, the second Stephen King Dark Tower series hit the store shelves.

The first seven comics in the series came out in February of 2007.

This year’s series of five comic books is another collaboration between King and Marvel Comics.

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Ely Sentenced

Updated 7 years ago

A judge sentenced 23-year-old Michael Ely to two years behind bars for breaking into the post office in Etna in 2006.

Ely is scheduled to go to court again this week for the home invasion case.

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Fifth Sled Fatality

Updated 7 years ago

Game officials fear it may be just the beginning.

40-year-old Matthew Voisine from Massachusetts was killed Monday morning in Ashland.

His death marks the fifth snowmobile-related fatality in less than four days.

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Sedgwick Stabbing

Updated 7 years ago

Authorities say the stabbing started out as a domestic situation between 19-year-old Travis Roggiero, his ex girlfriend, and the 22-year-old victim who was with her at a home on the Mines Road.

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Curtis in Court

Updated 7 years ago

51-year old Albion Curtis Junior is facing several charges, including attempted murder and two counts of robbery.

Police say a young couple went to Curtis’ home on Hammond Street to buy illegal drugs back in January.

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Snowmobile Fatalities

Updated 7 years ago

The most recent death happened early Sunday morning in the town of Bremen in Lincoln County.

24-year-old Matthew Budrow of Bristol was killed when his sled hit a tree.

We’re told Budrow was riding alone and was not wearing a helmet.

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Assault Arrest

Updated 7 years ago

46 year-old Jack Bailey II is charged with one count of gross sexual assault with a child under the age of 14.

Police arrested him in Brewer Friday night.

Bailey owned Bubba Jack’s restaurant, which is now closed. It was last open on the Odlin road in Bangor.

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Troops Return

Updated 7 years ago

The 35 members from the 243rd Engineering Installation Squadron, and the 265th Combat Communications Squadron were honored with a celebration sunday afternoon at the Unum Offices in Portland.

The troops are home after serving in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait for nearly five months.

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Simon Court Appearance

Updated 7 years ago

Aiden Simon Mackle of Portadown, Northern Ireland, is accused of telling Delta Air Lines employees that he was a terrorist after drinking and becoming unruly on a flight from Atlanta. It was diverted to Bangor International Airport early Saturday.

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Roof Danger

Updated 7 years ago

Officials are suggesting that Mainers think about how neighbors can help neighbors as the winter’s snow piles up on roofs.

Civil emergency preparedness officials say the snow not only presents a danger of roof collapses. It also can cause ice dams, roof damage, and block heating system vents. Blocked vents can cause carbon monoxide to build up inside the building.

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Lake Rescue

Updated 7 years ago

Two men and two women were riding on three snowmobiles when they accidentally rode into the lake.

All four ended up in the water.

Three were able to get out of the frigid water, but a fourth was struggling.

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Three Die in Snowmobile Crashes

Updated 7 years ago

Three snowmobile accidents this weekend

have claimed three lives, according to authorities.

The Maine Warden Service reported that two men died in separate

snowmobile accidents in Shirley and in Brooksville.

State police reported a third snowmobile fatality in New Sweden.

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Electric Rates on the Rise

Updated 7 years ago

Electric bills are going up in Maine.

Beginning today, most Maine residents and small businesses that

receive standard offer electric service will see their bills

increase between 2.5 and 3 percent. That’s according to the Public

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Medicaid Suit

Updated 7 years ago

Maine is joining three other states in a

suit against the federal government over new Medicaid rules.

Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe says Medicaid case management

rules would harm Medicaid enrollees and cost Maine’s general fund

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Salt Shortage

Updated 7 years ago

State officials are sounding a warning

that supplies of road salt are running low across the state.

Dave Bernhardt of the Maine Department of Transportation says

there are three suppliers for the entire state, and their

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Cocaine Arrest

Updated 7 years ago

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said 55-year-old Edward Spencer and 49-year-old Amy Calnan are charged with aggravated trafficking in cocaine.

The MDEA said the cocaine was packaged in bags in preparation for resale, and agents also seized $6,000 and an unloaded handgun.

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Animal Cruelty Case

Updated 7 years ago

On Thursday, Maine’s Supreme Courtjustices rejected arguments that the state followed improper procedures and that the law authorizing the seizure is too vague.

The sizure took place in September 2006 when a state humane agent, a veterinarian and a state trooper showed up with a search warrant at the home of Margo Malpher. They described the animals’ condition as &quot:unlivable&quot: and said the dogs, most of them miniature poodles, were covered in feces and wet with urine.

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Madawaska Bomb Threats

Updated 7 years ago

Police say there were four threats within a 24-hour period on Tuesday and Wednesday. Principal Wayne Anderson says the older kids are &quot:frustrated and angry,&quot: and the younger kids are &quot:upset and scared.&quot:

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Worlds Biggest Snow-woman

Updated 7 years ago

&quot:Olympia,&quot: named for Maine’s senior senator, Oympia Snowe, towers over the town of Bethel at 122 feet tall. That’s nearly 10 feet taller than &quot:Angus, King of the Mountain,&quot: who has held the record as tallest snowman since 1999. He was named for Angus King, who was governor at the time.

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Methamphetamine Bust

Updated 7 years ago

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and Veazie police took a 17-year-old boy into custody Thursday afternoon after receiving complaints about a chemical smell coming from the building.

The apartment where the highly addictive drug was allegedly being manufactured was the only occupied apartment in the building.

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