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TJ Maxx Hacker

Updated 8 years ago

A computer hacker has reportedly stolen information from T.J.X. companies, the firm that owns local stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls.

Officials won’t estimate how many customers lost information pertaining to credit cards and debit cards, but the Boston Globe reports that at least 200-thousand shoppers across New England might have been hit.

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Creative Apparel Layoffs

Updated 8 years ago

A Maine company that makes garments designed to protect soldiers from chemical and biological agents has laid off about one hundred employees during the past eight months at its six locations around the state.

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Bear Trapping

Updated 8 years ago

Trapping and hunting groups have indicated that they will go along with a new rule proposed by the state, which would allow bear trappers to set only one trap at a time.

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Snowmobile Safety

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – Now that the cold weather is finally here, a lot of snowmobilers are ready to hit the trails, but before they do, game wardens and folks from the Maine Snowmobile Association say riders should plan ahead and don’t forget important safety rules.

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Penobscot River Restoration Project Boost

Updated 8 years ago

The Penobscot River Restoration Project could be getting a 10-million dollar boost.

Senator Susan Collins asked that the money be put in the President’s budget and she’s received word that it has.

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Power Scams

Updated 8 years ago

Someone has apparently been calling customers of both CMP and Bangor Hydro, and demanding immediate payment of the individual’s electric bills.

Bangor Hydro says its received complaints from Corinth to Machias over the past two days.

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Real ID Rejection

Updated 8 years ago

The federal Real ID act requires states to change their drivers licenses so that information like fingerprints and personal information can be included in a national database.

A non binding resolution passed Thursday says the legislature refuses to implement the Real ID act.

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Maine Real Estate

Updated 8 years ago

(AP) – Maine’s real estate market had slumping sales in 2006, but the median sales price remained flat for the year.

That’s according to year-end statistics released today by the Maine Association of Realtors, which tracks sales of homes by licensed real estate agents.

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Updated 8 years ago

Members of the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine will be part of a mass war protest tomorrow on the national mall near the capitol.

The demonstration is expected to draw thousands from around the country.

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United Way

Updated 8 years ago

The United Way of eastern Maine celebrated its 2006 campaign finale at Darlings in Bangor Wednesday. The car dealership was one of several area businesses whom were honored for their generous donations to the United Way.

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Union Opposes Verizon Sale

Updated 8 years ago

(AP) – The union representing telephone workers is fighting the proposed sale of Verizon telephone lines in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Verizon wants to sell its land lines in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire to FairPoint Communication in a deal worth 2.7billion dollars.

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Charleston Fire

Updated 8 years ago

The cause of a fire in Charleston Wednesday is under investigation.

Fire crews got the call around 4:30 Wednesday. When they got to the scene on Harris Street the home was destroyed.

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New Engine

Updated 8 years ago

Firefighters were on hand as the keys were handed over to town manager Dan l’Heureux at the municipal offices in nearby China. The price tag was about $180,000. Most of that bill was covered by the department of homeland security.

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Rhonda Wakefield-Reynolds Memorial Service

Updated 8 years ago

A woman who wasshot and killed, police say,by her estranged husband was remembered at a memorial service in Waterville this morning.

Hundreds gathered at Champions Fitness Center where Rhonda Wakefield-Reynolds went to take aerobics classes.

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Baldacci’s Plans

Updated 8 years ago

Leaders of both Maine houses say they’re skeptical that Governor Baldacci’s proposed cigarette tax hike will pass.

House speaker Glenn Cummings and Senate president Beth Edmonds both say there hasn’t been much support from fellow state lawmakers regarding the three dollars a pack tax proposal, but they are leaving the door open to a smaller tax hike.

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Catalytic Crisis

Updated 8 years ago

(WABI) – It seems to be a national trend. Now thieves are sawing their way into small fortunes around Bangor.

Many folks have reported a piece of their exhaust system was stolen, and police say these catalytic converters are being sold on the black market.

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Stolen Equipment Recovered

Updated 8 years ago

Several large pieces of stolen excavating equipment has been recovered in a joint investigation by State Police, the Penobscot Sheriff’s Department and Falmouth Police. The equipment will be in the parking lot of the Maine Department of Public Safety in Augusta at 3PM, along with the investigators who helped recover the equipment. Among the items recovered, all from two location in Farmingdale and Randolph, is a rolling paver from Hermon, two Bobcat excavators from Falmouth and a Caterpillar excavator from Randolph. -Maine State Police

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Western Windmills Update

Updated 8 years ago

AP) – Maine land use regulators dealt a major blow to a proposal to build 30 wind-power turbines in Maine’s western mountains on Wednesday.

The Land Use Regulation Commission, meeting in Farmington, voted 6-1 to ask its staff to submit a document calling for denial of Maine Mountain Power’s proposed project in Redington Township.

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Lamoine School Vote

Updated 8 years ago

Town officials say it was record turnout for Tuesday’s vote, where residents were asked whether they wanted to provide the area with an interest free $600,000 state grant for renovations at the school.

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Reynolds Memorial

Updated 8 years ago

Rhonda Wakefield-Reynolds was shot to death two weeks ago at her brother’s home in Fairfield, allegedly by her estranged husband.

A memorial ceremony will take place at 11am at Champions Fitness Center in Waterville, where Rhonda took aerobics classes. Her instructor says that Rhonda thought of the place as a safe haven.

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