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Skowhegan Fire

Updated 7 years ago

A Skowhegan couple is grateful to the town’semergency workersfor saving their pet’s life this weekend.

Fire broke out at a home on Silver Street Saturday night…the couple who live there weren’t in the house at the time, but their dog was.

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Busy Travel Day in Maine

Updated 7 years ago

Sunday was hectic for staffers at Bangor International Airport…and at airports and bus terminals around the country.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is considered one of the busiest travel days of the year.

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Legislator Seeks to Tax Grocery Bags

Updated 7 years ago

A state legislator says he’s not giving

up on his attempt to impose a fee of 20 cents or so on plastic

grocery bags as a way to prod consumers to shift to bags that are

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Mill Workers to Vote

Updated 7 years ago

Workers at the Verso Paper mill in

Bucksport vote Monday on a revised contract offer.

A union official says Monday’s vote could determine whether

workers at the 795-employee mill stay on the job or go on strike.

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Truckers Ask for Help

Updated 7 years ago

Truckers are inviting federal and state officials to a second meeting to discuss the impact of fuel prices now hovering at about $3.50 per gallon for diesel. Larry Sidelinger, who owns Yankee Pride Transport in Damariscotta, organized next Saturday’s meeting in Damariscotta. Sidelinger says that with high prices, truckers are barely making a living hauling pulp, logs and lumber. Others plan to suggest remedies, such as temporarily waiving state taxes on diesel fuel and replacement automotive parts like tires and brakes. Sidelinger says some independent haulers have decided to stop driving rather than put wear and tear on their rigs for little or no return. Sidelinger organized next weekend’s meeting for the midcoast after several hundred truckers, logging company and mill owners attended a similar gathering in Lincoln last weekend.

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Another Minimum Wage Hike?

Updated 7 years ago

Maine’s minimum wage increased to $7 an

hour last month.

On Monday, a legislative committee takes up a bill to ratchet

the state’s minimum up further.

A proposal before the Labor Committee seeks to increase the

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Deer Hunt Ends

Updated 7 years ago

Maine’s 2007 deer-hunting season ended Saturday

for hunters using firearms.

But hunting continues for muzzle-loaders and archers in

designated areas after the Sunday break.

The firearms season followed a 2006 season that finished with a

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Dix Dinner Done with Due Diligence

Updated 7 years ago

Baldacci has been carving their annual Thanksgiving turkey and serving up side dishes for almost 20 years.

He says it’s a holiday tradition that started as a way to say thanks to state workers for working on the holiday.

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Gasoline Thefts on the Rise

Updated 7 years ago

(AP) – So are the numbers of gas thefts. As the price of gas remains above $3 a gallon, police say they are getting more reports of drivers filling their tanks and taking off without paying.

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It’s a Manna Thanksgiving

Updated 7 years ago

This year, the soup kitchen opened the doors at the Bangor Theological Seminary for a community dinner, whereas the meal had been served at Captain Nick’s restaurant for the past nine years.

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Emmaus Thanksgiving

Updated 7 years ago

The homeless shelter has been full during the holiday, and the folks who need the help say the center has given them a lot more than a roof over their heads.

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Teen Threatens Child

Updated 7 years ago

Police say Brandon Knowles (18) was arrested after he threatened people with a handgun.

Witnesses say he got into a fight with his girlfriend and pulled out the gun and threatened to kill her and the couple’s 9-month old son.

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Folks Hit the Road for the Holiday

Updated 7 years ago

AAA predicts a record 38.7 million americans will travel 50 miles or more over the holiday. Mostly by car, making this year the largest thanksgiving pilgrimage ever.

They’re doing it despite the high price of gasoline which is more than 85-cents higher than it was last year at this time.

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Prentiss Man Stays In Jail

Updated 7 years ago

At his bail hearing a judge ordered Joseph Dumas (46) to be held until his case goes to trial.

Dumas is accused of shooting to death Mario Litterio of Prentiss. According to court documents, Dumas asked Litterio to help him track a deer.

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Paradis Update

Updated 7 years ago

Police have arrested a co-worker in connection with the death of a pregnant woman in Lewiston.

Donna Paradis (38) disappeared last month. Her co-worker, Richard Dwyer of Canton, is charged with murder.

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Brewer Man Arrested

Updated 7 years ago

Officials aren’t releasing many details on what took place on Wilson Street Tuesday night. They do say that a young man threatened people with a gun as part of a domestic disturbance.

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Hampden Woman Pleads Guilty

Updated 7 years ago

46-year-old Jodi Holmes faces up to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine for mailing the threatening letters to Hampden Academy, John Bapst, and Bangor Christian School.

All three schools were shut down for a day back in March.

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St. Albans Fatal

Updated 7 years ago

There wasn’t much snowfall today, but with the first few snow events of winter there is always an increase in traffic accidents. Authorities believe that is what caused a fatal accident near St Albans today. Officials say 62-year old David Brown of Milford was traveling on Route 151 in a large truck hauling an empty trailer. He wound up sliding out of control into the ditch on the side of the road.Brown was thrown from the vehicle and was killed. Officials say it’s that time of year when all drivers should slow down.

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Auburn Death

Updated 7 years ago

The death of an 18-year-old Auburn man has led to the arrest of a man accused of providing him with alcohol.

Adam Beggs, a 2007 graduate of Edward Little High School, was found unresponsive Saturday in an Auburn apartment and was pronounced dead at Central Maine Medical Center.

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Fairfield Soldier Injured

Updated 7 years ago

AFairfield family got upsetting news early this morning about their son who is serving in Iraq. Brock Denis (23) was injured by a bomb that exploded near the mess hall in Baghdad where he was eating breakfast. He’s the son of Paul and Kim Denis and is serving his 2nd tour of duty with the army in Iraq. Kim Denis tells us shrapnel hit her son in the head, chest, legs and feet. She goes on to add &quot:we’ve emailed back and forth since then so he is on crutches andI believe he may still be at the hospital I’m not sure. they’re not going to send him home as far asI know and that’s going to be rough.&quot:

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