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Monroe Fire

Updated 6 years ago

The call came in just before 8:00 p.m.

A controlled burn got out of control and had spread to a nearby chicken barn on the Emery Road.

By the time fire crews from Monroe, Brooks, Jackson, Newburgh and Dixmont got there, the flames had already engulfed the 140-foot barn.

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Economic Woes Equal Boon for Pawn Shops

Updated 6 years ago

The higher cost of living is being blamed for the increased business.

About 75% of shop owner John Week’s business is generated from folks borrowing money, and that’s up about a third from previous months.

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Brooks Fatal

Updated 6 years ago

Trooper Eric Verhille of Maine State Police says they got a call around 8:50 a.m. to respond to Country View Golf Course.

Carl Brown, co-owner of the golf course, went with a friend in Brown’s privately owned truck to pump water out of the pond at the golf course.

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Winter Harbor Development Meeting

Updated 6 years ago

The group, Ames &amp: Ames Architects and Engineers, would like to develop 33-hundred acres on the Schoodic peninsula.

The land is near the Schoodic Point section of Acadia national park.

During the meeting many residents argued against the plan, saying that the area is fine the way it is.

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Baxter Delays Open

Updated 6 years ago

Heavy snow and the recent rain have caused soft roads and washouts on the unpaved Park Tote Road.

The Tote Road is open from the Togue Pond Gate to the foot of Abol Hill, and from Matagamon Gate to South Branch Pond Campground.

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Unorganized Land Use

Updated 6 years ago

The Land Use Regulation Commission is trying to update the comprehensive plan for the unorganized territory.

A senior planner with L.U.R.C. says the commission wants to get a better handle on residential development spread out across that region.

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No Jury For Atwood

Updated 6 years ago

A Canaan man accused of murder will not have a jury of his peers decide his fate 37-year old Shannon Atwood has asked for a judge to hear his case instead.

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Wildfire Extinguished

Updated 6 years ago

Forest rangers say a fire in Addison Tuesday that got out of control and burned 44 acres was probably set to help hunters.

Rangers are still investigating the fire.

But Kent Nelson with the Maine forest service says it looks like the fire was started to burn off dry grass and highlight vegetation to attract deer.

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Fire in Dexter Apartment Building

Updated 6 years ago

Crews were called out on a report of smoke coming from a barn on Main Street at around noon on Tuesday. But, when fire fighters arrived on scene flames had already spread to the neighboring house.

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Greene Arrested

Updated 6 years ago

City councilor Richard Greene is accused of shoplifting from a local grocery store.

Police say Greene was arrested on Monday after he tried to leave the Hannaford store on Broadway without paying for a cart load of groceries.

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Milford Armed Robbery

Updated 6 years ago

The call came in around 1:45 am Tuesday. A clerk at the convenience store told police that the robber came in and threatened them with a weapon, although they never actually saw the weapon.

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Transit Tuesday

Updated 6 years ago

The day has been proclaimed &quot:Transit Tuesday,&quot: and will be celebrated around the state.

Transit operators will offer free rides as part of a weeklong celebration of commuting options. Those alternatives include mass transit options such as buses, and car pooling, as well as low economic and environmentally impacting transportation modes like biking and walking.

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Saint Louis Makes Appeal

Updated 6 years ago

The members of the Maine State Supreme Court were in Bangor to hear five cases today.The first case of the day was an appeal by 24 year old Heath Saint Louis.

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Indian Township Shooting

Updated 6 years ago

The attorney general’s office says 40-year-old Douglas Kelley was fatally shot at about 6:30 p.m. Monday at the tribe’s Indian Township reservation.

A spokesman says officer Alexander Nicholas II of the IndianTownship Police Department and Scott Francis, a warden with the Passamaquoddy Warden Service, were involved in the shooting. The spokesman refused to give any details about the incident.

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Sail Inn Owners Heard

Updated 6 years ago

The Maine Supreme Court today heard the case of Robert and Paul Dyer against the Maine Department of Transportation. It’s been nearly five years since MaineDOT took the Sail Inn restaurant and five acres owned by the Dyers by eminent domain.

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Graduation Drinking

Updated 6 years ago

A lot of Colby college students needed medical treatment for intoxication over the weekend.

Two area hospitals were busy treating17 students that were brought in by ambulance. All of them over 21.

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Blended Gas

Updated 6 years ago

It’s called E-10. Which is 10% ethanol mixed with gasoline.

It’s been found at gas pumps across the nation for years. However, the biofuel is now just making it’s way into Maine.

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Old Town Mom Gets Wish

Updated 6 years ago

While many moms are taking this special day to relax and be waited on, one mom from Old Town is busy packing.

Sonya Barclay is battling advanced breast cancer: and while she doesn’t know how much time she has left, she’s enjoying what could be her last mother’s day knowing her family will be in a safe home, thanks to the generous donations of so many caring people.

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Red Tide Back in Maine

Updated 6 years ago

State officials say heightened levels of red tide have triggered a ban on shellfish harvesting along sections of the southern Maine coast.

Clams are off-limits from Cape Elizabeth to the New Hampshire line, except for softshell clams in the Scarborough River. Mussels, European oysters and carnivorous snails are restricted from New Hampshire to Pemaquid Point in Bristol.

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Breakthrough at Jackson Lab

Updated 6 years ago

Scientists at the Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor say they’ve made a breakthrough in research.

For the first time, researchers are able to see a cell’s substructure up close through a microscope.

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