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Fairfield Crash

Updated 6 years ago

67-year-old Leonard &quot:Doug&quot: Poulin senior of Winslow was driving on the Center Road around 3:10pm when he says he fell asleep, crossed the center line, and hit a tree.

Poulin was taken to a local hospital, where it’s believed he was treated for a possible broken ankle.

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Pipeline Expansion Project

Updated 6 years ago

The company is finishing construction on a compressor station that will help deliver natural gas from Nova Scotia to the U.S.

The station should be online by November first, 2008.

Now the firm is proposing to install additional compression, so they can transport even more gas.

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Hands of Hope

Updated 6 years ago

The village child project is more than half way to its fundraising goal. It’s sponsored by WEZQ and Hands of Hope Thrift Store. The money raised will pay for recreational events for children in local group homes. These kids have endured sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Recreational activities give them a chance to have fun, build self esteem, and trust. The goal is to raise $20,000. So far the project has collected $11,000.

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Unity Home Lost in Flames

Updated 6 years ago

The call came in at around 6:20 pm alerting firefighters that flames had erupted inside a home on the Bryant Road in Unity while the owners were away.

Crews from four departments battled the fire, but despite their best efforts, we’re told the home is badly damaged.

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Portland Officer Shot

Updated 6 years ago

Authorities say a nine-year veteran of the Portland Police Department accidentally shot and killed himself at his home…

37-year-old Sergeant Robert Johnsey was apparently preparing his firearm for his next shift when it went off, striking him in the leg.

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Phillips Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Updated 6 years ago

It happened on Route 4 at around 9:30pm Tuesday night.

Authorities say 56-year-old John Tooker of Phillips was rounding a curve, when he lost control.

Police believe Tooker was going too fast at the time to navigate the corner.

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Power Outage

Updated 6 years ago

Some folks in South Gouldsboro are going to lose their electricity for an hour or so tomorrow. It’s so state transportation crews can fix part of a local road Bangor Hydro customers who live on the Shore Road, Sea Swept Lane, Potter Road, the Boat House Road, and the Factory Road will lose power at 10:00 Thursday morning. Power should be back on by 11:30am.

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Turner Verdict Rendered

Updated 6 years ago

ELLSWORTH, Maine (AP) – A Hancock County jury has found a 35-year-old Bangor man guilty of murder in a fatal shooting over drug money last summer in Amherst. The jury deliberated less than an hour today before finding JohnTurner guilty in the death of 26-year-old Tad Howard of Ellsworth, whose body was found on a dirt road at a subdivision off Route 9. Turner showed little emotion when the verdict was read at the end of the three-day trial. The victim’s father, Dale Howard, said the jury’s decision vindicates his son.

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Homeless Man Charged with Murder

Updated 6 years ago

Police had charged Stephen James, 56, with the lesser crime of manslaughter when they arrested him last week in connection with the death of Clyde Worster, 63.

Deputy Attorney General William Stokes said Monday that, as more details were developed, it became apparent that murder was a more appropriate charge.

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Atwood Update

Updated 6 years ago

Jury selection has been set for a Canaan man accused of murder.It’s still not known whether 37-year old Shannon Atwood will opt for a jury trial or just leave it up to a judge. For now a jury selection date of May 30th has been set.

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Old Town Property Taxes

Updated 6 years ago

Like many towns across the state, city councilors in Old Town are taking a hard look at next year’s fiscal budget.

In April, city councilors gave tentative approval to a more than eight million dollar budget: up from this year’s seven plus million budget.

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Howard Murder Trial

Updated 6 years ago

Police say that John Turner killed 27-year-old Tad Howard of Ellsworth, and left the body in a ditch last summer in Amherst.

In opening arguments, the state portrayed Howard’s death as an execution.

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Mitchell in Court

Updated 6 years ago

23-year-old Mika Mitchell pled not guilty to manslaughter in court Monday.

Mitchell showed very little emotion as he was asked by the judge what his plea was. In fact, Mitchell was silent as his lawyer gave the not guilty plea.

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Pay Up or Get Shut Off

Updated 6 years ago

The high price of oil forced a lot of folks to choose which bills to pay, and which ones to let lapse over the winter. Bangor Hydro Customer Operations Director, Kim Wadleigh, says the utility has already sent 46-thousand disconnect notices this year for unpaid bills. She says that’s several thousand more than were sent at this time last year. The dollar amount on the outstanding balances averages $4,000, that’s up from last year as well. Wadleigh says there are things folks can do to avoid having their power shut off such as contacting Bangor Hydro to set up a payment plan. They are saying that paying something is better than nothing. You can reach the Bangor Hydro Customer Service Line by calling 1-800-499-6600 or 947-2414.

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GOP Convention in Augusta

Updated 6 years ago

Republican Party regulars fended off platform challenges from a libertarian bloc led by Ron Paul supporters at the GOP state convention Saturday and elected a full 12-member slate of at-large delegates endorsed by John McCain’s campaign to the September national convention.

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Missing Belmont Man

Updated 6 years ago

The search continues for a missing man from Belmont.

We’re told 68-year old Charles Milton springer has dementia and Alzheimers disease. He left his home during the day Friday and hasn’t been seen since. Friends say it’s not uncommon for springer to walk 20 or 30 miles, so he could be quite far from Belmont by now. He was last seen wearing tan pants, and is known to wear glasses.If you think you’ve seen him or have any idea where he might be call state police at 1-800-452-4664.

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Soldiers Arrive in Northern Maine

Updated 6 years ago

Up to 75 National Guard troops are fanning out across Fort Kent and other locations to assist in the cleanup following floods.

Bruce Fitzgerald from the Maine Emergency Management Agency says 40 soldiers were assigned Sunday to Fort Kent, which bore the brunt of last week’s flooding. He says the soldiers will help to clear roadways and remove debris.

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Fatal Police Shooting

Updated 6 years ago

The attorney general’s office is investigating the shooting of a motorist by police during a traffic stop in Portland.

Deputy Police Chief William Ridge says shots were fired as two officers tried to stop a motorist with a revoked driver’s license from fleeing Saturday night.

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Group Aims to Repeal New Taxes

Updated 6 years ago

Several small business owners are seeking to initiate a referendum aimed at repealing new taxes on sodas, beer and wine.

The Fed Up With Taxes coalition says the tax increases were adopted without any public hearing in the final hours of the legislative session. Director Newell Augur says it’s time to say &quot:enough’s enough&quot: when it comes to taxes.

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Late Derby Horse Had Tie to Maine

Updated 6 years ago

The name of the filly that had to be euthanized after finishing second in the Kentucky Derby may have a familiar ring to people in Maine.

Eight Bells, the only filly in the field Saturday, got her name from the summer home Eight Bells, where the Wyeth family lived in Port Clyde. N.C. Wyeth named the old captain’s home after the painting &quot:Eight Bells&quot: by Winslow Homer.

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