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Orono Nightclub Cited

Joy Hollowell

Updated 6 years ago

A nightclub in Orono has been cited for liquor and building violations.Orono police went to 103 Ultralounge on Route Two just after midnight Saturday.They tell us they received complaints of overcrowding at the club as well as underage drinking.That prompted police to conduct a compliance check.Officers from Veazie, Old Town, State police, the fire marshal’s office and liquor enforcement all took part.Owner Robbie Snow is accused of 11 violations, including overcrowding.He says the the fire marshal’s office claimed there were about 800 people in the establishment that night. Snow showed TV-5 a copy of his crowd inventory for the night. It totalled 513 people. Snow says his fire code allows for 527.Captain Chris Ewing of the Orono police department says two fights broke out while officers were carrying out the compliance check.As a result, six people were taken to the Penobscot County jail on a number of charges including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.Earlier in the evening, police conducted an alcohol sting at a number of businesses in the Orono, Old Town and Veazie area. Officers sent in under age people to try and purchase liquor.Captain Ewing says he pleased to report that the majority of places refused to sell alcohol to those under the age of 21.

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America’s Coolest Small Town – In our Backyard?

Updated 6 years ago

A Maine town known for it’s lobstering industry and once called Lime City is up for the award of America’s Coolest Small Town. Got a guess? If you picked Rockland you’re right. With a population of nearly 8-thousand Rockland isn’t actually a town, it’s a city, but Budget Travel doesn’t mind. The magazine only asks that the nominees have a population under 10-thousand. Budget Travel has had more than 150 nominations, which have been cut down to 22 now. The magazine that has about 1-million subscribers isn’t looking for the small country store type town, but rather a place with an edge that’s offering a variety of attractions from museums to nature trails. Folks who live and visit Rockland told TV5 News Monday that the working waterfront city is a place that has so much to offer, including a vibrant downtown, art galleries galore, and of course the Breakwater Lighthouse. You can vote for Rockland as your top pick by logging onto Budget Travel. Voting ends April 3.

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Milo Elementary Futures Day

Wayne Harvey

Updated 6 years ago

About a hundred fifth and sixth graders from Milo and Brownville got together Monday to think about their futures.They visited throughout the day with folks from various careers.The kids spent about 20 minutes with each guest to learn about their jobs and what it takes to do what they do.This is the third year for the futures day at milo elementary. A lot of professions were represented including Veterinarian, Marine and Business owner.

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Police Chief Suspended

Wayne Harvey

Updated 6 years ago

The Police Chief in Milo ended up on the wrong side of the law Friday night.Michael Poulin was arrested. He’s accused of domestic assault against his wife.The town wants to waste no time in deciding what happens next according to Milo Town Manager Jeff Gahagan. “Wednesday night at seven o’clock, we’ve got an emergency selectmen’s meeting.” Until then, Gahagan will be talking with as many people involved to have facts to present at that meeting. “I’m trying to gather as much information as possible about the events so that I can report to the selectmen. The selectmen will ultimately be making a decision on the disposition and his job going forward.”It stems from an incident at a restaurant in Milo between Police Chief Michael Poulin and his wife. “Right now, Mr. Poulin has been charged with assault on his wife,” says District Attorney Chris Almy. “It’s a domestic violence case. It happened Friday night at Elaine’s Cafe in Milo. The business was closed at the time and the initial evidence that we have involves two police officers who witnessed it.” Almy continued. “She was grabbed by the arm and pressed against the wall and beyond that I don’t have anything else to say.”The residents that we talked to in Milo didn’t want to go on camera, but say they were surprised and shocked by the news. Many didn’t know until seeing it on TV or reading it in the paper.They could know more after Wednesday’s meeting, said Gahagan. “Depending on the info before them that night, they might be able to render a decision immediately.”Poulin is out on bail and until the Selectmen reach their decision has been suspended with pay.

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Officials Search for Teen

Joy Hollowell

Updated 6 years ago

Hampden police are asking for your help in finding a missing teenager.17-year old Nate Clark was last seen Sunday night, near the gravel pit on Back Winterport Road in Hampden.He’s five foot ten and 135 pounds.Clark was wearing a tan or brown Carhartt jacket when he left home Sunday night.Hampden police say Nate was upset at the time.Officers from a number of agencies spent most of the night looking for him. We’re told there was concern the teen could harm himself. He reportedly took multiple muscle relaxers and possibly had a knife when he took off around 9:30 PM.Game wardens were back out searching Monday with sleds and an an aircraft.That search was called off around 2 in the afternoon, when authorities determined that Clark was most likely trying to avoid being found.

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Pittsfield Fire

Joy Hollowell

Updated 6 years ago

Fire crews from 10 towns in central Maine spent Sunday night battling a fire at a lumber yard in Pittsfield.A night watchman at the Hancock Lumber Discount Outlet on the Stinson Road called in the blaze around 1:15 this morning.The fire broke out in the mill area only, the store was not affected and is open for business today.Pittsfield Fire Chief Bernard Williams says when he arrived on the scene last night, flames were shooting up to 40 feet in the air. It took crews about four hours to finally get the fire under control.No one was injured.Chief Williams says the fire likely started in an area where wood shavings are packaged for animal bedding.He believes that part of the mill will have to be re-built.There is also water damage to a section where some machinery is housed.The blaze is not considered Suspicious.

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Two Injured When Car Crashes Into House

Updated 6 years ago

Witnesses say it’s a miracle no one was killed when a car smashed into a house on Broadway in Bangor Sunday evening.It happened at about six thirty, near the I-95 on-ramp.Witnesses say a white car was speeding southbound on Broadway when the driver apparently lost control.The car hit a snowbank and went airborne, then crashed into an abandoned house near the UPS store.The car landed on its roof.Fire crews were called in to pull the two male occupants from the car…they were both trapped inside the wreckage.It took quite a while for firefighters to get the driver out of the car, since the car was crushed on his side.Both males were taken to the hospital.Police say the driver is in serious condition. The passenger is listed as critical.Witnesses say they could hardly believe what they saw.< "i saw it right up in the air, it was coming across broadway. It was like something out of a movie! It was just airborne and going really fast.""when we came over we saw the car upside down with the hole in the house.">Police have not released the names of the victims, but will say they are 18 and 20 years old.An investigation is underway.

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Police Chief Arrested for Domestic Assault

Updated 6 years ago

Milo’s police chief has been arrested on a domestic assault charge.Town Manager Jeff Gahagan confirms that Chief Michael Poulin was arrested by Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Deputies on Friday night.Gahagan isn’t releasing details, but will say Poulin is on paid leave while an investigation is conducted.Poulin was booked at the Piscataquis County Jail Friday night and was released on bail later that same night.

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Maine Maple Sunday

Updated 6 years ago

Mainers had their first sweet taste of spring Sunday.”Maine Maple Sunday” is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday in March.Syrup producers around the state open up their operations to the public, so folks can see what goes into making pure syrup.At Nutkin Knoll Farm in Newburgh, owners Len and Nancy Price had packed crowds all day.They offered tours of the sugarbush, syrup making demonstrations in the sugar shack, and free samples of their syrup, served over vanilla ice cream.< "many people come and say they had no idea how much work, time and money is put into making pure maple syrup. They really appreciate having the chance to be able to see that and for the time we put in to show them that.">This is the fifteenth year the Price family has opened up their farm to the public for Maine Maple Sunday.Len Price says he’s hoping this season will yield more syrup…since production across the state was down the past two years.

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Lincoln Couple Charge With Passing Thousands of Dollars in Bad Checks

Updated 6 years ago

Police say a husband and wife from Lincoln passed thousands of dollars worth of bad checks all over Penobscot County over the past few weeks.27-year-old Samuel Thompson and his wife, 29-year-old Jennifer Thompson, are charged with Class C forgery and negotiating worthless instruments.According to police, the two wrote the checks to businesses in seven different towns from Lincoln to Bangor.A movie store on Main Street in Lincoln received several bad checks from the Thompsons, according to the store manager.Alan Dill of Movie America says the couple wrote five hundred forty four dollars worth of checks to the store since the beginning of the month.Dill says every one of the checks bounced.< "I WAS BORN IN THIS TOWN AND I'M PROUD OF THE COMMUNITY AND THE PEOPLE IN IT. AND WE DIDN'T NEED THESE PREDATORS OUT OF THE STREET GOING BUSINESS TO BUSINESS DOING THIS. WE WERE LOOKING FOR A WAY TO GET THEM OFF THE STREET. I'M GLAD TO SEE SOMETHING'S FINALLY BEING DONE ON THIS WHOLE THING.">Police searched the home and say they recovered several of the items that had been purchased with the bad checks.Some of those items have been returned to the stores.Officers want to hear from other business owners who may have taken checks from the couple recently.Anyone with information is asked to contact Lincoln Police.

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Woman Crashes Car into Bangor Store

Updated 6 years ago

A woman from Searsport was taken to the hospital Sunday after crashing her car into a store in Bangor.It happened just after noon.According to police, the woman was driving through the parking lot of the Parkade Shopping Center on Stillwater Ave. when she had some sort of medical issue.Her car went over a curb, hit a parked car and a tree and crashed into the building where the Dress Barn is located.She was taken to the hospital for her undisclosed medical issue, but we’re told she was not injured in the crash.Maintenance crews say it’ll take about $10,000 to repair the damage to the store.No one else was injured.

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State Debates Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Updated 6 years ago

High season for motorcycle riders is nearly here. Again this year, lawmakers in the state are considering mandatory helmet laws for riders.They’ll be looking at two bills: a universal helmet law, and a law that would affect just riders under 18 – which has received strong support.”Oh my god, there’s nothing like it, you’re just free,” says Sheryl Rackliff, of Rockland, of riding the open road.But, whether motorcycle riders should be free to not wear a helmet is up for debate again in Augusta. “I think we have to look realistically and honestly at the medical impact and the financial impact that lack of helmets have in the state of Maine,” says Representative Emily Cain (D-Orono).She’s sponsoring a bill that would require helmets for riders under 18. Laws now target only those under 15 and those who’ve had their licenses less than a year. Her bill is strongly supported by the Transportation Committee.”I’m hoping they can see my bill as a middle ground,” she says. “As a place to start to increase motorcycle helmet wearing.”Another, less popular, bill would make helmets mandatory for all riders.John Hanson, past director of a Harley owners group, says that decision should be left to the operator, “before forcing them to wear a helmet that might restrict their vision, which might limit their hearing.””I mean, we’re old enough to make our own decisions,” Rackliff says.Groups representing riders say instead of regulating helmets, laws should focus on preventing accidents.”They’re taking up a bill, for example,” Hanson says, “that would require signage to alert motorcyclists that rumble strips are in the center lanes of some highways in the state of Maine. And we think that’s the proper course to follow.”The bills should come before lawmakers in the next couple of weeks.”My father was in a motorcycle accident when he was in his twenties, where he was thrown from his bike. He always said that he was only able to survive…because he wore a helmet,” Rep. Cain says.”I’m very appreciative of the fact that in our country,” Hanson says, “I have the right to choose and make that decision.”

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Welcome Home

Updated 6 years ago

A family from Topsham spent 8 hours waiting at the Bangor International Airport, but they were happy to do it.Jennifer Brown and her family drove up from southern maine to welcome their cousin, Jared Justice.Justice has been serving with the First Maintenance Battalion MP Company in Iraq for the past 8 months.Justice’s plane was supposed to come in around four AM.But the flight was delayed, so the family had to wait until 1:15 this afternoon.”no matter what, we were gonna be here. even if it was to see him for five minutes. we just want to give him a hug, and tell him how proud we are, and just to see all the guys that he went there with.”The long wait was well worth it, when the family spotted a familiar face in the crowd of uniforms.Justice wasn’t the only man with maine ties on the flight…Nida and William Lowery from Orono were on hand to welcome their grandson Ian back to the states.Bothers Parker and Daniel Michaels of Corinth thought their Uncle Keith Nash, might be on the flight.And even though he didn’t make it home on this particular flight, the boys stayed to greet and thank the troops.

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Crews Battle Bangor House Fire

Updated 6 years ago

Quick work by crews kept fire from destroying a house in Bangor today…The 911 call came in around 4 p-m that there was a fire in the bedroom of a home on outer Essex Street…By the time crews arrived, heavy fire was showing from two windows…Firefighters made an aggressive interior attack, and although the flames damaged the second floor and the attack, they stopped it there…Assistant Bangor Fire Chief Darrell Cyr says the fire presented some challenges, but crews did an excellent job…< "it's outside the hydrant district, but this was an all hands, so we had tankers coming in, which worked very well."bite 1: "the amount of fire we had when we showed up, they did a really good job of fighting the fire and knocking it down.">Tankers were called in from Glenburn and the Air National Guard Base…Cyr says the family won’t be able to stay in the home for a while because of the damage to the second story, but they *do* have a place to stay.No word yet on what caused the fire.

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Students Compete in Drama Festival Finals

Updated 6 years ago

More than 500 talented high school students were in Bangor today, showing off their stuff…The Maine Drama Festival State Finals for Class A were held at Bangor High School…Casts from nine different schools put on short plays for a panel of judges…They were then critiqued on their performance…There’s more to the festival than competition, though…< "it's more of a festival. A festival is something where you celebrate the arts. People from other schools get to see other plays, meet other people. It's a celebration of a very important component of maine education.">The winners from today’s competition will go on to represent Maine at the New England Drama Festival in Connecticut next month.

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Super Saturday at IRS Offices

Updated 6 years ago

IRS Staffers helped folks around the state file their taxes today.Three IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers opened their doors to provide free tax preparation, answer questions and arrange payment schedules.Folks who met the income guidelines were eligigble for the free preparation…IRS officials say the poor economy has more folks out of work and in need of free tax help…so they’re seeing more people than usual…They say they’re also seeing more folks needing to make payment plans for money they owe the IRS…Experts are trying to get the word out that because of lost jobs or reduced income, many people may be eligible for certain tax credits for the first time. They say that’s one more reason to get professional help when preparing your return this year.

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Man Charged With Helping Illegal Aliens Get Licenses

Updated 6 years ago

A man from Portland has pleaded guilty to bringing illegal aliens from Massachusetts to Maine to help them get driver’s licenses.64-year-old Carlos Da Silva is a native of Brazil who now lives in Portland….he’s been a US citizen for more than 30 years.According to prosecutors, Da Silva was paid to help more than two dozen illegal aliens get licenses.Prosecutors said Da Silva’s involvement included helping aliens get a mailbox to use as a Maine residence on their license applications and for correspondence with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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Documents Reveal Details of Belfast Man’s Death

Updated 6 years ago

Court documents are providing details into the death of a 29-year-old Belfast man whose wife is charged with his murder.An affidavit just released says Amber Cummings shot James Cummings while he was sleeping in his bed on December 9th…According to the document, Cummings admitted to State Police that she shot her husband twice in the head while he slept….The documents also indicate that James Cummings was a collector of child pornography.A search warrant affidavit says a computer removed from the home contained digital movie clips and images depicting childpornography.Until recently, those court documents were impounded.

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Hermon Cheerleaders Go to New Englands

Updated 6 years ago

For the second time in three years, cheerleaders from Hermon High School are making the trip to New Englands along with four other Eastern Maine schools.The girls will be competing at the University of New Hampshire against other top teams for a coveted spot at the National Cheerleading Competition.Excitement was in the air as the Hermon High cheerleaders boarded the bus for New Englands.”It’s basically where the top three teams from Maine at least go down and compete against the other New England Teams. It’s a huge accomplishment because not many teams get to do it.” Says Rachel Taggart, a senior and one of the team captains.”We get to go down and represent Maine in the competition and that’s a big deal.” Cortney Hawes, a junior explains.The Hermon girls had a season sweep this year – winning all their competitions. Head coach, Lisa Pratt says, “It was amazing because the girls, each week, we saw them achieve more and more and more for them to be able to win all four was really great.”They say a lot of hard work has gone into being number one in the state.”We had to do two, three hour practices everyday. We had to win or be in the top three for states.” says Taggart.But for these girls, it’s not all about jumps, stunts, and dancing. Beside a trophy, they’re looking forward to bringing home some great memories.Kayla Pelletier, a senior and captains says, “We’re going shopping today, so that’s gonna be pretty fun, but getting to spend more time with the girls because this is my last year and just being able to have this one last experience with them is gonna be awesome.”Their hard work got them into the competition, but they say they owe a lot to those who supported them along the way. “Thank you to our school, our principal, for letting us go down here, the school board, the community, for helping us get to where we are, and especially our coaches” says Pelletier.Joining the girls from Hermon at New Englands will be teams from John Bapst, Waterville, Bangor, and Jonesport Beals.

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Confirmed TB case at Umaine Orono

Updated 6 years ago

Health officials with the University of Maine and the Maine CDC say there has been a confirmed case of tuberculosis on the Orono campus.Dean of Students, Robert Dana, issued an announcement on the University’s website this morning, outlining precautions for folks who might have been exposed to the infected person.According to the CDC, TB can spread through the air, when an infected person coughs.But it requires prolonged close contact.University officials believe the number of people exposed is very small.The school is working with health officials to contact those who might have been exposed, asking them to be tested within the next two days.Details are available on the web either through the University at WWW.UMAINE.EDU, or through the CDS’s sight, WWW.MAINEPUBLICHEALTH.GOV.

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