Carr Murder Trial Postponed 

Courtroom number 202 at the Penobscot Judicial Center had very few empty seats this morning for the first day of the trial of Zachary Carr.But after waiting a year, the trial is now going to be put off for another month.19 year old Zach Carr is facing murder charges in the shooting death of John “Bobby” Surles.Surles died at Eastern Maine Medical Center after being shot in January of last year on Cumberland Street in Bangor.” Essentially there were some late breaking discovery and both of the sides needed some additional time to prepare for trial,” said Assistant Deputy Attorney General Andrew Benson.” The State has raised the issue that some of the witnesses may have some of their own Fifth Amendment issues and they are going to have their own attorney to counsel them as to whether or not they may themselves incur any criminal liability if they take the stand and testify in this case,” said David Walker the lead counsel for Carr.The proceedings were scheduled to start at 10am, but due to the discussions about the delay Superior Court Justice Michaela Murphy didn’t appear in the courtroom until 11.Then she announced the trial would be delayed until Monday February 28th.Both sides said this won’t change anything in their preparation and doesn’t change the facts of the case.” Not from our standpoint we hope that as much evidence as possible gets in front of this jury because we’re confident that the more the jury finds out about what really happened the more likely it is that Zach Carr will be acquitted of all charges,” said Walker.” Essentially the case will be in the same pattern nothing of any substance will happen until then we’ll have the opening statements on the morning of the 28th,” added Benson.Carr is being held without bail at the Penobscot County Jail.

Winterfest Draws Big Crowds in Camden 

Folks laced up their skates and headed to the ice to enjoy the town of Camden’s Ninth Annual Winterfest Celebration.This year’s event had all the elements of a winter wonderland including an outdoor ice rink.”I think it’s like heaven, it’s overlooking the harbor, so it’s beautiful here and the snow falling it probably has to be the prettiest skate rink in the whole world,” said Camden resident Christina Sideoti.Michael Roy created the 50 by 80 ice rink that’s drawn a big crowd to this year’s event.”it’s plastic sidedboard that gets installed and there’s a plastic liner that goes in and we just fill it with water and let it freeze and last weekend’s temperature was perfect for us,” he said.Winterfest is one of Camden’s biggest events.Committee member Lucinda Ciesing says the event was conceived in response to a dark time for the Camden community.Since then the event has grown and folks look to it as a way to go outside enjoy the winter.”I mean computers are fantastic but they don’t replace being together, coming outside and having a good time,” she said.Sideoti is a resident who has lived in Camden for many years and owns a local restaurant believes the town needs more winter events.”I think it would be sensational, Camden does a lot of events but certainly more winter events would be great.”Even though Winterfest lasted one day, the outdoor skating rink will be open all winter long for everyone to enjoy.