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Questions for Corrections

Updated 6 years ago

Lawmakers on Tuesday also probed for explanations of how a recent prison hostage-taking happened and how such an event could be prevented in the future.

Commissioner Martin Magnusson told members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee that probably no system could screen out all weapons in a maximum security prison.

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Fort Halifax Dam Removal

Updated 6 years ago

Residents have debated if the dam should be breached, or if a fish lift should be put in instead.

Owners of the structure, FPL energy, say the actual breaching of the dam won’t happen until next week.

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Oil Off the Coast

Updated 6 years ago

If Congress does lift the ban, it would open the door to drilling in the Gulf of Maine, specifically in George’s Bank.

Reactions to the news have been mixed, some doubting it would happen even if the ban was lifted.

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Hermon Ax

Updated 6 years ago

Deputy William Brigg says the accident involving a motorcycle and a car happened around 4:15 at the intersection of Rt. 2 and the Bog Road.

The person driving the car was attempting to turn onto Rt. 2 from the bog road, pulling in front of the motorcycle.

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Firefighters Battle 130 Acre Blaze

Updated 6 years ago

Forest rangers say the call came in around noon on Sunday saying thata woods fire had broken out near the Robbinston Ridge Road.

When crews arrived, flames could be seen for miles.

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Canaan Family Again Loses Home to Fire

Updated 6 years ago

Single mom Heidi Wentworth and her two kids are staying at a local motel as they begin to pick up the pieces and start over after a fire in their mobile home destroyed everything they owned Friday afternoon.

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Guilford Woman Pleads Guilty to Stealing from Postal Service

Updated 6 years ago

Jennifer O’Brien admitted to mishandling the money Friday inU.S. District Court in Bangor.

According to court documents, O’Brien took money orders to pay personal bills. It goes on to say she would repay the money when she could while working at the post office in Charleston.

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Deadline Quickly Approaches to Add Initiative to November Ballot

Updated 6 years ago

Tax repeal supporters are facing a Thursday deadline to turn in more than 55,000 valid signatures to the Secretary of State’s office to force a vote.

At issue is a measure enacted by the Maine Legislature in April to increase taxes on beer and wine, soda, flavored water and other drinks to help bolster funding for Maine’s state-run Dirigo Health Program.

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Special Church Service Honors Murder Victim

Updated 6 years ago

On Sunday, his former minister was in Bangor to lead a special service and spread an important message of equality.

TV5 spoke Reverend Richard Forcier after the morning service at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Bangor. Forcier says, &quot:in remembering Charlie Howard’s murder and our response so long ago, we become re-motivated to the cause of equality for all.&quot:

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Skowhegan Man Pleads Guilt to Child Pornography Charges

Updated 6 years ago

Dana Cully faces up to ten years in prison after his guilty plea in U.S. District Court in Bangor Thursday.

Prosecutors say Cully admitted to downloading photos and videos of child pornography onto his home computer.

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Dexter Lakes Day

Updated 6 years ago

Sponsored by the Town of Dexter, The Dexter Lakes Association and the Penobscot County Soil and Water Conservation District hoped to teach those interested about the importance of protecting Lake Wassookeag and Puffers Pond.

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Motorcycle Crash Kills Holden Man

Updated 6 years ago

Holden police say Harry Wells, Junior died instantly when he lost control along a curve and hit a tree.

The accident happened just before 2:30 Friday afternoon.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, but also add, Wells was familiar with the stretch of road where the accident happened.

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Family and Friends Hopeful for Closure

Updated 6 years ago

16-year old Joyce McLain disappeared nearly 28 years ago. Her killer or killers remain at large.

But her mother, Pam McLain and a group called &quot:Justice for Joyce&quot: hope that modern DNA techniques will finally lead authorities to her killer.

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ATV Accident

Updated 6 years ago

The two 14-year old girls were riding on the same ATV on the Goodwin Siding Road when the driver lost control.

It appears that speed was a factor.

The driver sustained minor injuries, mostly road rash, but the other girl was more seriously injured.

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Flag Found

Updated 6 years ago

A very special flag has been returned to its rightful owner.

An american flag was stolen from a pole outside the home of Nancy Linn Nellis. The regimental flag had been given to her after her husband, Major Herbert Elliott Jr. passed away.

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Belgrade Fatal

Updated 6 years ago

It happened on Rt. 8 around 5:00 p.m. Friday.

There were two vehicles involved.

57-year old Gail Hulsey of Litchfield was driving a Toyota pickup truck with her 16-year old son Samuel in the passenger seat.

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Dean in Maine

Updated 6 years ago

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean spoke in Portland’s Longfellow Square.

Dean is in Maine doing what he does best: rallying the troops.

The one-time presidential candidate is stumping for Barack Obama and Tom Allen, and is here mainly speaking to and about young people.

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Hollywood Slots’ Opening Day Tallies

Updated 6 years ago

On Thursday, at the gambling control board meeting in Augusta, Jon Johnson, general manager of the Bangor facility, told board members that since the opening operations have been running nearly flawlessly.

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Maine International Film Festival Opens

Updated 6 years ago

Film fans from all over New England and beyond will descend on the city over the next 10 days as Waterville hosts the 11th annual Maine International Film Festival.

The event kicks off on Saturday with shows at the Waterville Opera House, Railroad Square Cinema and Colby College.

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Shipyard Fire

Updated 6 years ago

The 50,000-square-foot building at Washburn &amp: Doughty Associates was rocked by a series of explosions as flames ripped through the facility. The yard produced fishing boats, tugs, barges and ferries.

There were no reports of injuries and police indicated that all employees had apparently gotten out of the building safely.

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