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Fruit Recall Underway

Updated 7 years ago

A Massachusetts company is recalling

fresh cut fruit products containing cantaloupe from a Honduran


The Food and Drug Administration has linked the fruit to a

multistate salmonella outbreak.

JARD Marketing of Lawrence says its recall affects food service

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Diesel Concerns

Updated 7 years ago

It’s their way of protesting high diesel fuel prices which are threatening to put some of them out of business.

Don Hayden, who owns a local trucking company says some of his rigs will be repossessed at the protest, because he can’t afford to pay for them as well as the price at the pump.

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Girl’s Day

Updated 7 years ago

They were all taking part in the 12th annual Girls’ Day event.

More than 100 eighth-graders packed the state house, all wearing their &quot:girls rock the house and senate&quot: shirts.

Mock public hearings were scheduled along with press conferences. All to show the young women how our government works.

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Sex Offender

Updated 7 years ago

Clarence Colbath was sentenced to 30 days in the Penobscot County Jail, and a year probation.

He was released last week.

State police say the incident involved a teenage girl in Penobscot County while Colbath was working as a school bus driver.

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Tuller Verdict

Updated 7 years ago

A Penobscot County jury deliberated for an hour Wednesday afternoon before finding 35-year-old Peter Tuller guilty in the June 2006 death of 47-year-old Michael Demmons.

Tuller now faces 25 years to life in prison.

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Drug Bust

Updated 7 years ago

Bridgette Walker (36) of Carmel is being charged with trafficking Hydrocodone. She was arrested in Brewer by police who say they bought more than a hundred pills from her in the weeks prior to her arrest. Edward Sargent (60) and Randy Garland (33), both of Sullivan, are being charged with dealing cocaine.

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Old Town Rabies Case

Updated 7 years ago

The raccoon jumped on the car of a woman who had just returned from work. Old Town Police Sgt. Mike Hashey says the woman remained in the car and called police. The raccoon then proceeded to chase both the woman and the officer before the officer shot it.

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State Budget

Updated 7 years ago

Talks in the Senate, meanwhile, explored the possibility of new bipartisan approach.

Initial focus was on the House of Representatives. But given the large Democratic House edge, many eyes were already on the Senate, split in Democratic favor by only 18-17.

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Hannaford Update

Updated 7 years ago

The multi-million dollar tab for replacing credit and debit cards compromised by the Hannaford brothers security breach will likely be borne by banks and credit unions that issued the cards.The Scarborough-based supermarket chain says it fulfilled its responsibility by identifying and fixing the breach and notifying customers, credit card companies and financial institutions.

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Rope Exchange for Area Lobstermen

Updated 7 years ago

The Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation is holding a rope exchange at the former Darlings auto mall in Ellsworth.

Fishermen bring in the floating rope they currently use, and exchange it for money toward the purchase of sinking rope they will be required to use in October.

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Tuller Trial Continues

Updated 7 years ago

According to prosecutors, Tuller tied up 47-year-old Michael Demmons, put plastic bags and a pillow case over the man’s head, and kicked him repeatedly.

Demmons shared the apartment on Pier Street with Tuller’s ex-girlfriend, Maria Santos.

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Homeland Security Grant for Area Firefighters

Updated 7 years ago

The money comes from the Department of Homeland Security.

Nearly a quarter million dollars is buying the firefighters a new tanker and pumper truck, as the current engine is worn and rusted.

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Repeat Drunk Driver Jailed

Updated 7 years ago

A Maine woman convicted of killing a man while driving drunk eleven years ago is headed back to prison. Tracy Camic pleaded guilty today to OUI and violating parole. The family of the man killed in 1997 was at Camic’s sentencing this morning, outraged that Camic was able to drink and drive again. Tracy Camic will now spend eight years behind bars for her latest OUI and violating probation in December last year. Her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when police arrested her in Brunswick. Camic was just a few months from completing probation for driving drunk and killing 26-year-old William Comeau in Dedham in 1997.

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Mars Hill

Updated 7 years ago

That’s according to UPC Wind, a Massachusetts-based company that commemorated Mars Hill Wind’s first year of operation on Tuesday.

Since beginning commercial operations last March, the 38-turbine wind farm has generated more than 133 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

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I-95 Cutback Concerns

Updated 7 years ago

A state senator and the Land Use Regulation Commission are looking into possible environmental violations by the Maine Department of Transportation. It’s in connection with the ongoing timber cutting project along I-95, from Argyle to Benedicta. The problem stems from impacts to some wetlands and streams in the 58 mile area that’s being cut.

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Indian Island Slots

Updated 7 years ago

The bill, supported by the Penobscot Nation, was carried over from last session. It would allocate portions of slot revenues to several recipients such as gambling addiction services, educational institutions and Maine tribes not licensed to operate slots.

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Sex Offender Wants To Move Home

Updated 7 years ago

There’s no decision for a convicted sex offender who wants to go home but is not welcomed by many of his neighbors. Travis White (37)coached youth sports in Bucksport for years.

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Water Bottle Recall

Updated 7 years ago

According to an announcement Tuesday, the recall applies to about 18,000 Backyard and Beyond water bottles that were manufactured in China for Downeast Concepts Incorporated.

The Product Safety Commission said the surface paint on the water bottles contains levels of lead that violate the federal lead paint standard. There have been no reports of injuries.

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Brownville Pot Conviction

Updated 7 years ago

32-year-old Alton Sherman, and 28-year-old Richard Rodrigue II were sentenced for drug and firearms charges.

They were arrested in 2002, after deputies raided the camp where the pair were staying.

Prosecutors say the men had an elaborate setup including grow lights, timing devices, and fans to vent the smell.

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Lighter Ban

Updated 7 years ago

Governor John Baldacci plans to sign a bill into law on Monday outlawing the sale of the lighters.

They can look can look like anything from tiny skateboards and cell phones to farm animals and baseball bats.

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