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Budget Gap

Updated 6 years ago

State Budget Officer Ellen Schneiter projects a $400 million gap between revenues and costs. She says the easiest savings have already been made and it will be tougher to get the budget in balance the next time around.

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Man Sentenced Under Jessica’s Law

Updated 6 years ago

On Thursday, a Waldo County Superior Court judge ordered 32-year-old Micah Boland to 22 years behind bars.

Boland was found guilty back in February of one count of gross sexual assault.

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Northeast Harbor Update

Updated 6 years ago

There’s just too much damage to ever determine the cause.

Three buildings, which included Colonel’s restaurant, the Wingspread Gallery and several apartments, were all destroyed early Tuesday morning.

Colonel’s owners, Stephanie and Mark Reece, say they’re determined to rebuild.

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Fuel Assistance

Updated 6 years ago

Maine housing authority director, Dale McCormick says the low income heating assistance program or LiHeap needs a big boost from federal dollars due to the high oil prices.

Last year the state saw $52,000,000 in LiHeap funds: on average those eligible got $650 in aid.

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President Bush in Maine

Updated 6 years ago

Bush arrived aboard Air Force One in Sanford on Thursday afternoon for what could be his last visit to Maine as president.

From there, the president traveled to Kennebunkport, where he’ll be spending three days with his parents at Walker’s Point.

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Momma Baldacci’s Moving

Updated 6 years ago

The family’s Italian restaurant has been located for three decades on a property off Broadway in Bangor. The land’s being sold to a neighbor.

Robert Baldacci Jr., the governor’s brother and a real estate developer, says the closing took place Wednesday, but terms of the sale to Lovley Development of Newport were not disclosed.

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Local Artist Starts Final Walk

Updated 6 years ago

Local artist and photographer Jim Harney has decided to take a long walk, a walk to Washington DC.

Harney’s supporters gathered at the Peace and Justice Center in Bangor Wednesday to wish him well.

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Eagles Comeback

Updated 6 years ago

State wildlife officials will hold a hearing on that proposal Thursday in Bangor. It comes up as bald eagles continue their strong recovery in Maine, home of the largest bald eagle population on the East Coast north of Chesapeake Bay.

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Newport Area Warning

Updated 6 years ago

An unidentified woman has approached residents in the area claiming she’s conducting a survey on behalf of the school system.

Superintendent William Braun says they are not conducting a survey at this time, and the woman is not connected to the school.

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High Speed

Updated 6 years ago

The driver, 29-year-old Dawn Parker, was charged with criminal speed. Her passenger, 42-year-old Thomas Selby, was charged with disorderly conduct.

Trooper Forest Simpson said the vehicle was clocked at 108 mph in a 65 mph zone Monday and continued to go more than 100 mph into a 55 mph zone and when exiting I-95 onto I-395 toward Brewer.

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Red Shield Funding Approved

Updated 6 years ago

A U.S. bankruptcy judge in Bangor gave the okay for the company to use 300-thousand dollars to tide the company over until August 20th.

That’s when a 13.6 million dollar investment plan, if approved, would restart the mill and bring more than 160 workers back to work.

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Deaths Ruled Homicides

Updated 6 years ago

Steve McCausland of the Maine Public Safety Department says an autopsy found that the men died from multiple gunshot wounds.

The body of 50-year-old Timothy Mayberry was spotted alongside a stone wall outside his home by a motorist late Saturday afternoon.

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Northeast Harbor Fire

Updated 6 years ago

The first calls reporting a fire on Main Street came in just before 4am.

Firefighters from several towns battled the blaze that started at Colonel’s Deli, Bakery &amp: Restaurant.

The flames spread to three other buildings: The Wingspread Gallery, Allen and Walker Antiques, and The Kimball Shop and Boutique.

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Red Shield Transition

Updated 6 years ago

He’s asking a judge to okay using $300,000 to bridge the gap between the end of July and the time a new investor will start funding the company in August.

In the meantime, the community is offering help.

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Drug Bust Update

Updated 6 years ago

A judge se bail for Oliver and Carol cromwell at $5,000 unsecured bond.

Prosecutors say neither had a record.

They were coming back from Connecticut yesterday when their car was stopped by police in Orono.

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Hylton Arraignment

Updated 6 years ago

Leo Hylton was arraigned Tuesday in Kennebec County Superior Court on four counts of aggravated attempted murder and one count each of attempted murder, robbery, burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery.

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Warning for Climbers at Acadia National Park

Updated 6 years ago

Acadia National Park rangers say climbing areas at Otter Cliffs continue to be closed and those who attempt to climb face citations.

Officials say the area continues to be unstable after an estimated 19,000 pounds of granite broke away from the cliff on the evening of July 15.

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Motorcyclist Killed in Bangor

Updated 6 years ago

Police have identified the man killed in a horrific motorcycle crash in Bangor Saturday.

It happened just before 8 p.m. on Maine Avenue.

The victim is identified as 28-year-old Adam Lawrence of Corinth.

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Hoffman Decision Overturned

Updated 6 years ago

Herbert Hoffman’s campaign says it’s shocked and surprised by the court’s ruling, which effectively removes his name from the November ballot.

Hoffman attorney John Branson says the court ruled that a whole nominating petition page can be invalidated even if only one signature’s found to be problematic.

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Gas Prices Finally Down

Updated 6 years ago

AAA says the average price paid for regular gasoline has dipped below $4 a gallon – just barely – in Maine.

AAA says gas prices dropped about a penny over the weekend from $4.017 to $3.997, which is about 10 cents cheaper than a month ago.

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