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Baldacci Endorses Obama

Updated 6 years ago

Gov. John Baldacci is endorsing Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for


Maine’s governor made his announcement after Hillary Rodham

Clinton ended her campaign for the presidency and told supporters

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Unhealthy Air

Updated 6 years ago

Federal environmental officials are expecting the air quality to be unhealthy this weekend in

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of Maine,

Vermont and New Hampshire.

Robert Varney, the Environmental Protection Agency’s regional

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Girls Hit By Train Speak

Updated 6 years ago

Fourteen-year-old Rachel Brown and 13-year-old Destiny Phaneuf appeared this afternoon at a news conference at Maine Medical Center in Portland. From their wheelchairs, they said they’re not going to let what happened to them cast a shadow over their lives.

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$4M Colby Gift

Updated 6 years ago

Robert Diamond Jr., who graduated from Colby in 1973, announced the gift on Friday.

His Diamond Family Foundation will give the money in support of the college’s interdisciplinary studies of the environment, energy policies and climate change. The foundation gave Colby $6,000,000 in 2003.

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Union Advertisements Anger Unions

Updated 6 years ago

Union members around eastern Maine are taking issue with a pair of commercials produced by the Center for Union Facts.

Jack McKay is the president of the Eastern Maine Labor Council, a federation of 35 unions with more than six thousand members.

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Tremont Drug Bust

Updated 6 years ago

Police say they stopped a car driven by 49-year-old William Thomas of Tremont, and found marijuana as well as a thousand dollars.

Officers also searched Thomas’ home on the Burnt Hill Road.

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Red Shield Shutdown

Updated 6 years ago

Dan Bird of Red Shield says the cost of wood is the cause of the shutdown, as plant officials work to tighten the wood supply inventory back up over the next week or so.

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Scenic Signs

Updated 6 years ago

All you have to do is look for the chickadee.

The Maine Department of Transportation, and the Nature Tourism Committee showed off their new campaign on Thursday.

If you see a sign with the word Maine and a Chickadee on it, you’ve found one of fourteen sites that will form a basic nature tour.

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Essex Street Bridge

Updated 6 years ago

Crews are finishing up construction on the eight month project.

They’re down to installing guard rails, putting in fencing and working on the sidewalk.

The project closed off the road to through-traffic, forcing thousand of drivers on to Broadway instead.

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Stimulus Checks Seized

Updated 6 years ago

A Department of Health and Human Services official says the child support division had collected about $1,200,000 from stimulus checks going to more than 1,800 people through May 23.

The state tax agency, Maine Revenue Services, says it’s collected $624,000 in funds from stimulus checks from people who owe state income taxes. By the time the program ends, the total may be in excess of $1,250,000.

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Prices Cause Worry for Lobstermen

Updated 6 years ago

Price changes are creating problems for lobstermen and fishing communities all along Maine’s coast.

The price of lobster dropped 25 cents per pound on Tuesday, and there is talk it could fall even lower.

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Sears Island Debate

Updated 6 years ago

The state has plans to build an industrial port on the island, but folks from &quot:fair play for Sears Island&quot: are opposed to the port. They say it’s bad for the island, and for Penobscot bay.

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Augusta Crash Update

Updated 6 years ago

53-year-old Jeffrey Blais was killed instantly when his car collided with another.

Blais was driving north in the southbound lane of the Interstate.

The other driver, is a 32-year-old Shannon Casey from Portland.

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Wind Farm Concerns

Updated 6 years ago

Though the project was already approved by the town, some residents think there should be ground rules in place before the turbines start turning.

Jeff Keating is one of the residents pushing the town to adopt an ordinance that would impose restrictions on the wind farm project. The biggest concerns being noise and the effect on property values.

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Hartland Drug Bust

Updated 6 years ago

52-year old Frank McGraw was arrested after Somerset County Sheriff’s deputies searched his home on the Canaan road.

Authorities seized more than $4,000 worth of drugs: including cocaine, methadone, oxycontin, valium and klonopin.

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Flooding Aid

Updated 6 years ago

The Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield foundation presented a $10,000 check to the Red Cross.

Officials say the monies will be used to help families who were affected by the historic spring flooding along the St. John and Fish Rivers.

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Brewer School Budget

Updated 6 years ago

City councilors gave unanimous approval to the budget Tuesday night.

Brewer mayor Manley Debeck says he’s proud of school officials who came up with a budget that’s less than three percent more than last year.

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Rope Change Postponed

Updated 6 years ago

The National Marine Fisheries Service is proposing to extend, until April 2009, a deadline requiring lobstermen to use sinking rope instead of floating rope. The change had been scheduled to go into effect this October.

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Unity Green Home

Updated 6 years ago

The high tech home is designed by M.I.T., and Bensonwood Builders of New Hampshire.

The structure is a single family home that designers hope will change the way homes are made.

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Metal Thieves Get Some Lead

Updated 6 years ago

They ended up running for cover when the owner came out and opened fire with a shotgun.

Joseph Lord called police this afternoon after he noticed two males were making off with scrap metal outside his machine shop on the Kimball Pond Road.

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