One Man Looks to Improve Education in Maine 

The cost of education continues to grow for school districts in Maine, and one man is making it his goal to make sure the students have the resources they need to succeed and he wants to strike a fire under education.”A lot of school budgets are cutting back more and more and usually the first thing they cut back are library resources and kind of like the extras as they call it and so a lot of the extra things that students can use for research papers or to study usually gets cut.”1991 Schenck High School grad Bruce Fleming wants to take care of the areas of Maine he knows best, and the donations he collects will go to schools and education projects in Aroostook, Washington, Penobscot and Piscataquis counties.”A lot of areas in those counties don’t have access necessarily to online because it’s not even available to a lot of homes and if it is a lot of people can’t afford it so I feel they don’t have the same advantages other students do”The books Fleming donates through his Matchbook Foundation will not replace current textbooks, they’ll be a supplement to those students educations.”School study research like they could be history books, science books, business books things that could correlate with courses already at school”He just started and will take any books or videos that will help kids in school or he’ll take cash donations and purchase what ever is needed.”It’s actually taking off quicker than I thought it was.