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Camp Day at Tim Hortons

Updated 6 years ago

A cup of coffee is going a long way today at Tim Hortons.Every penny of their coffee sales will go to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation.That helps sends children to camp in the United States and Canada.So today’s fundraiser was “Camp Day.”Besides the coffee, the restaurants have been involved in a fundraiser called “Rent-A-Tent,” everything raised from that helps sends kids to camp too.The Tim Hortons in Brewer works with the Brewer Schools to choose the children being sent to camp.Brewer store owner, Mark Nicknair says he’s happy those kids now have the chance to try new things.” They can gaze at the stars and lots of arts and craft activities, horse back riding, boating and tubing. And each of these activities are planned to help build leadership skills, self-confidence skills and self-esteem.”Last year the fundraiser meant that more than 14-thousand kids could go to camp.

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Payroll Business in Downtown Bangor to Close

Catherine Pegram

Updated 6 years ago

A payroll company in downtown Bangor is closing after more than 20 years. Advantage Payroll on Harlow Street will shut its doors June 15th. The Director of Business Development for Advantage Payroll says the franchise owner has decided to leave the business. Three to six people will be put out of work by the closing. We’re told the customers who use the service will be shifted to the office in Auburn and all of them have been notified of the move.

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Authorities Bust Burglary Ring Downeast

Catherine Pegram

Updated 6 years ago

Police in Washington County say they’ve busted up a burglary ring with the arrest of four people. Sheriff Donnie Smith says three men and one women are responsible, in combination, for eight burglaries and thefts between Machias and Lubec in the last three months. 20-year-old Walter Heathcote of Biddeford, 22-year-old Kristopher Preston of Roque Bluffs, 23-year-old Adrian Simmons of Machias and 26-year-old Priscilla Tenney of Machias are charged with burglary. Since February three restaurants, three other businesses, the American Legion Lubec Post and a home have all been broken into. Cash, jewelry and other items were stolen. Smith says he expects more people to be arrested, too.

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MDI Students Build Boats With Hinckley Yachts

Updated 6 years ago

Students at Mount Desert Island High School are tackling a unique project these days.They’re trying their hands at building a boat…with the help of some pros from one of the biggest names in the business.Amy Erickson has the story.< "It looks pretty good for what we've done. A few mishaps but it came out good."Will Dickey is pretty proud of what he and his classmates have been able to accomplish this semester.They've helped build this fourteen foot skiff, with the help of teacher George Deans and the folks from Hinckley Yachts.The company began a partnership with MDI High School last fall."They wanted to give us the opportunity to have these kids experience state of the art technology and the quality of craftsmanship it is known for."Each day, 11 students in the class work with Hinckley yacht carpenter Barry Buchanan, who teaches them the art of boatbuilding."It's nice to be able to have these people come in who are there and do this everyday and the kids see what can be done.""They keep asking, why is it taking so long? Cause there's a lot of handwork involved and it's the same with our boats at the Hinckley Company. That's why they are what they are."Deans says besides carpentry skills, the students are also learning life lessons. Patience is a big one."Sanding is not the most glamorous thing to do but it has to be done. There are exciting things to do like working with the power equipment, but that's not all the time either."Dickey says he had no idea just how much work goes into crafting a Hinckley boat.20:02:52 "I thought it was quite amazing. When we went over on a field trip for the first time, I was overwhelmed."Buchanan's hoping these students will carry the knowledge they've gotten from him into their adult lives."It's also a lot of fun to work with the students and to see them start to develop life skills they can take with them.""Putting it all together and having it all function as a unit, that's what I'm seeing them tie this together and it's just a nice life experience."Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Mount Desert Island.>

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“American Loggers” Family to Open Restaurant

Updated 6 years ago

The Millinocket family featured in the Discovery Channel show “American Loggers” is going into the restaurant business.They’re renovating the former Downtown Restaurant on Penobscot Avenue in Millinocket and plan to re-open the place as a bar and grill this fall.The Pelletiers bought the restaurant at auction last month, along with a laundromat next door…they plan on using both spaces for the eatery.No word yet on what they’ll call it…but they say they’re considering a tie-in with their TV show, which was recently renewed for a second season on the Discovery Channel.

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Grandview Topless Coffee Shop Fire Ruled Arson

Updated 6 years ago

Fire marshal investigators are digging through a former topless coffee shop in Maine as they try to determine what caused a blaze that gutted the building. Wednesday afternoon investigators told media that the fire was intentional and that the shop and surrounding area is a crime scene. The fire was reported at about 1 a.m. Wednesday at the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro, just north of Augusta.Owner Donald Crabtree lived in the former motel, and he and six others including his daughters and their babies escaped unharmed. The shop opened to national headlines in February, but it raised the ire of many local residents. The fire happened hours after Crabtree met with planning officials to discuss his proposal to expand the business to make it more like a strip club. Crabtree says he spent $277,000 buying and renovating the building. It wasn’t insured.Investigators from the fire marshal’s office are encouraging anyone with any information to call 1888-870-6162.

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Police Say, Man With Gun Arrested at Mall

Updated 6 years ago

Bangor police say they arrested a man who brought a loaded gun into the Bangor Mall Tuesday.They say a man went up to mall security, claiming his acquaintance, 24 year old Brian Murphy of Enfield, had just threatened him and displayed a gun. He also said that Murphy threatened to shoot up the mall.Security officers contained Murphy in the center court area, and called Bangor Police.When a police officer arrived, they say Murphy reached into his pocket. The suspect was tackled, and police say they got a loaded handgun away from him.Murphy was taken to the Penobscot County Jail.

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Roadcheck 2009

Updated 6 years ago

You’ll notice a lot of big rigs pulling over at weigh stations along the interstate in the coming days.Maine State Police are taking part in Roadcheck 2009.It’s part of an international effort in Canada, the U-S and Mexico to crack down on vehicle and driver violations.Truck drivers are making an extra pit stop at this Old Town Weigh station.State police inspectors are stationed at six other spots across the state, checking to make sure the trucks and the drivers are meeting all requirements.Sgt. Jan Reynolds says, “We’re looking for vehicle defects, we’re also looking for driver violations, such as log books, medical cards, hours of service.”The same kind of inspections will be happening across the country, Mexico and Canada until Thursday as part of Roadcheck 2009.”It’s all about safety, it’s about keeping the roads safe, making sure the trucks are save and making sure the drivers are safe.”Inspectors undergo five weeks of training, then check the trucks from top to bottom.Any vehicle weighing over 10-thousand pounds is fair game.And when a problem is found, the truck needs to stay put or be hauled away until repairs are made.Last year more than a hundred big rigs were placed out of service, along with 72 drivers.And if they ignore the order, someone’s going to jail.”we call it jumping an out of service order and that’s probably one of the most serious violations there is.”Inspectors are also traveling the back roads, and checking the trucks there. They’re also looking for trucks that exceed weight limits.

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Abortion Doctor’s Slaying Spurs Reaction in Maine

Updated 6 years ago

Maine abortion clinics are stepping up security. It’s in response to the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a Kansas physician who performed late-term abortions. Family Planning Association of Maine President George Hill says their clinic in Augusta is always on alert, but with Tiller’s death they are taking extra steps to ensure the safety of staff and patients.Hill says Tiller has been a hero to many in the field including himself. Twelve years ago Family Planning added abortion services to the women’s health clinic they began in 1971. Anti-abortion activists have been known to picket near the Augusta office and TV5 has been told that threats have been made too.The director of Maine-based pro-life group Right to Life based in Auburn told TV5 News that their organization opposes violence. The group released the following statement to TV5 News:As you have most likely heard, late term abortionist, George Tiller, was shot and killed yesterday by a lone gunman in Kansas.Maine Right to Life Committee consistently abhors violence. We seek to uphold the inviolable sanctity of human life from conception to natural death by making abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and embryonic stem cell destruction socially, ethically, and legally unacceptable and to actively promote positive alternatives.Please pray for the conversion of all who perpetrate violence.

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Hearing On Plum Creek Development

Updated 6 years ago

The large Plum Creek Development Project for the Moosehead region was the topic of yet another hearing by the land use regulation commission today.What’s taking place today in Bangor is expected to be the final deliberations on the project. With a final vote on the plan expected July first.While the project was already approved in September by LURC.The new issues are being called the final obstacle for Plum Creek Timber Company and their four-year pursuit to build a massive development in the Moosehead region.In a news conference held by The Natural Resources Council and The Maine Audubon Society before the deliberations. Audubon Executive Director Ted Coffman discussed recent changes that the groups believe should require LURC to reject Plum Creek’s proposal.Coffman says Maine Audubon feels the scale of this project is too large at this stage of development and in the wrong location.Coffman says even if the plan does get approved, Maine Audubon won’t be done.”So if this plan does get approved we’re going to continue to have discussions about how it’s implemented and we certainly want to monitor how it’s implemented. As we will want to monitor how Plum Creek’s forest operations are taking place and the standards their living up to or not.”Some of the major flaws they see with the current proposal are the changes in the economy and issues with the resort at Lily Bay where they say no resort should be allowed.Plum Creek has revised its plan three times already.We contacted the company for a response. Plum Creek didn’t return our call.

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Bangor Land Trust Receives Donation

Updated 6 years ago

Bangor Hydro did their part Tuesday in protecting the region’s natural resources.The electric company presented the Bangor Land trust with a $5,000 check.The Bangor Land Trust owns nearly 300 acres of land adjacent to a 1.5 mile BHE power line.President of Bangor Land Trust Lucy Quimby says she wasn’t happy with the aesthetics of the lines at first, but once she realized the habitat values of the lines she was more appreciative.” In an area that boarders on an urban area like ours its just really important that we attend to the natural environment we have around us and really appreciate and nurture it’s habitat qualities and I think that Bangor Hydro is doing a very credible job of that.”Quimby says the donation Bangor Hydro gave them will go towards maintaining and upgrading surrounding trails.

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Possible Trial for Man Accused of Machete Attack

Catherine Pegram

Updated 6 years ago

A second man accused of attacking a former state lawmaker and his daughter with a machete could go on trial next month.21-year-old Daniel Fortune is charged with aggravated attempted murder, elevated aggravated assault and other charges. Police say Fortune and his 19-year-old foster brother, Leo Hylton, broke into the home of William Guerrette in Pittston last May and brutally attacked Guerrette and his 10-year-old daughter. Last week Hylton pleaded guilty to the crime. Prosecutors are recommending a 50 year prison sentence.Fortune’s case will be considered for trial in July.

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Math Project Uses Spaghetti As Main Ingredient

Updated 6 years ago

A math project that is bringing some fun and competition.And as Meghan Hayward tells us, one that is using a common food item.”Several years ago I was at a conference in Rhode Island and I heard this a lot of commotion coming from this room, just yelling and screaming and I wondered if there was a video game being played and they were using Prince spaghetti which I guess is out of business now and they made bridges out of spaghetti.”And that’s how Monmouth Academy students came about the spaghetti bridge breaking competition. With Tuesday’s event being the seventh annual.Any changes over the years?Well Gosselin says they’ve changed spaghetti, now using Delverde perciatelli number six.”This particular pasta is hollow in the middle and its much thicker than normal spaghetti so it gives the bridges a chance to hold more weight and its easier for the kids to handle basically.”But these kids can’t just put any old bridge together.”Be 5 inches wide so something can go under it, it has to have a 4 by 6 row bed that’s drivable. It must weigh at most 1 pound including the glue and pasta. And it has to be 2 inches at least inches high.”First year students Julia Destefano and Mackenzie Kelley got off to a rough start.”We were so nervous we kinda doubted ourselves. We weren’t sure if we were going to hold 200 pounds here we are with 4,000.”With the first-year requirement only being 200 pounds Destefano and Kelley exceeded that by a lot.But second-year contestant Corey Duike had more of a challenge. His bridge has to be able to hold 300 pounds.”I just know we used a ton of glue and tightly compacted our triple bonds.”A fun math project that gets a lot of minds thinking. Teens, who you might say, have a real hunger for knowledge.

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COA Wind Turbine Update

Catherine Pegram

Updated 6 years ago

They built a wind turbine as part of a college class. Now students from the College of the Atlantic plan to share their knowledge with the town of Bar Harbor. Students installed the turbine on Beech Hill Farm last month. It’s used to generate electricity for a farmhouse and office.Tomorrow night, the students will meet with the Bar Harbor Planning Board to talk about the potential for other residential wind power projects in the area. They’ll also discuss concerns surrounding wind turbines, like their impact on birds and noise from the spinning blades. The meeting is set to begin at 6 o’clock.

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Vassalboro Strip Club on Hold

Catherine Pegram

Updated 6 years ago

The owner of a topless coffee shop in Vassalboro is putting his plans to open a strip club on hold. Donald Crabtree was originally expected to go to before the planning board tonight to talk about expanding the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop. But the town’s code enforcement officer says Crabtree wants to wait to outline those plans until after a town vote next Monday.That’s when the community will consider an ordinance to regulate adult-only businesses.Tonight Crabtree’s expected to ask for minor changes to his current business permit, such longer hours and allowing employeees to park in back of the coffee shop.

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Milo Looks at New Police Plan

Updated 6 years ago

Milo officials are still looking for a new police chief. Their most recent chief resigned after being charged with assaulting his wife.The town is also without a police sergeant. Folks on the force have been stepping up, but Milo Town Manager Jeff Gahagan says they can only last so long. “We reach a point where burnout becomes an issue,” he says. Gahagan says they could just fill the position, or, they could look at other, potentially money-saving options.”The sheriff’s department approached us to offer their services while we’re in a bit of a state of flux here,” he says.A third solution — find a way to join forces with the neighboring town of Brownville.”It seemed timely that we talk about the police force because with the situation we’re in right now, we’ve been talking about everything from garbage removal to public works,” Gahagan says.The towns tried sharing a police chief before, several years ago.”We had a very informal agreement in we both hired the same police chief and shared coverage on times that we’re statistically less busy,” says Brownville Town Manager Sophia Wilson. “It was a project. It was an…experiment.”She says she’s open to options that save townspeople money, but only if they proceed with more caution than before.”When things got bumpy, there was nothing to fall back on,” she says.Both town managers stress no proposals have been drafted yet and everything will be decided by public vote.Gahagan says they hope to have a plan for a new chief in place in the next 30 to 60 days.”We just want to keep all of our options open,” he says. “We’ve got great neighbors in Brownville and they’re very easy to work with, so it seemed like a natural fit.”

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Maine Dealerships and the GM Bankruptcy

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) President Barack Obama is defending the government’s intervention in the auto industry, saying the collapse of GM and Chrysler would have been devastating for the economy and American workers. Obama said his policies will help both General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LC – storied companies in America’s industrial history survive after restructuring and bankruptcy. He said his administration had no choice but to intervene, putting the government in “the unwelcome position” of having a financial stake in the companies. Obama said that GM’s move into bankruptcy proceedings willactually improve its situation, calling the move a “viable, achievable plan.” He said the new plan will allow GM to start growing for the first time in three years. In Maine, there are about 45 dealerships that carry the GM logo. GM spokeswoman Susan Garontakos told TV5 News that she does not know how many Maine dealerships may be affected by contracts that will no longer be renewed by the company. Garontakos says performance levels coupled with supply and demand were the two factors GM officials looked at when considering which dealerships to end contracts with. Calls to GM dealers in Bangor, Skowhegan and Waterville revealed they were not targeted for termination. Of GM’s 6,000 dealerships nationwide 1,100 letters indicating contracts would not be renewed were sent out to dealerships. Garontakos says GM expects downsize to 6,200 dealerships by 2010. GM’s bankruptcy comes on the heals of Chrysler’s filing. Four Maine dealers were effected by Chrysler’s decision to not renew contracts.

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Shurfine Golf Tournament to Benefit Four Charities

Updated 6 years ago

A golf tournament to benefit four local charities is teeing off tomorrow in Vassalboro.It’s the 13th Annual Shurfine Food Stores Charity Golf Classic. It’ll be held at Natanis Golf Course.The money raised will benefit the two Ronald McDonald Houses in Maine, the Make a Wish Foundation, and the Maine National Guard Foundation Fund.Dina Casey of the Bangor Ronald McDonald House says the funds are badly needed. “It’s a great day to be outside, but what’s important that these funds are going to four different non-profit organizations and in these tough economic times, it’s really important that people continue to support the organizations and this is one way to help out.”The folks from Shurfine Food Stores say they expect to raise $30,000 dollars this year for the charities, and over the 13 years they’ve sponsored the golf tournament, $850,000 have been raised for charity.

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New Website to Educate About Addiction Recovery

Updated 6 years ago

A local organization to get people talking about substance abuse recovery, has launched a new website.The Bangor Area Recovering Community Coalition was formed a little more than a year ago. It’s made up of people who are recovering from substance abuse and their supporters.They say they came together because they wanted to shed the mystery surrounding substance abuse, and reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with addiction.The website is their latest tool to help them accomplish that. Chair of BARCC, Bruce Campbell says it will provide information and communication. “Information is where people can come to get information about treatment resources about what’s available in the community and where to go to ask for help. Communication is more of a dialogue.”The group hopes instead of the community seeing all negative stories surrounding addiction, they can see the positive side of recovery.The new website is: http://sites.google.com/site/bangorrecovery/

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BSO Ends Season on Youthful Note

Joy Hollowell

Updated 6 years ago

A classical concert performed before a contemporary audience.The Bangor Symphony Orchestra wrapped up its 113th season today, with a special show.Joy Hollowell reports.++++++++++++++++Chances are that Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky are not programmed into kids Ipods. But they just might be after Monday.The Bangor Symphony Orchestera presented a youth concert at the Collins Center for the Arts Monday, and 1,600 students from all over Maine saw the show.”It’s very exciting to do this. I mean, I got my start this way. I was maybe 8 or 9 years old and we went to see the Los Angeles Philharmonic and a kids program. And I got so excited, I immediately wanted to play in an orchestra,” says BSO guest conductor Eric Thomas.The program featured Russian dances, including Romeo and Juliet as well as The Firebird.In keeping with the theme, finalists from the BSO Maine High School Concerto Competition performed along with the orchestra.”It was pretty good, it was the best one I’ve seen, the first one I’ve seen actually,” says 4th grader Bernice.”The music was really soothing and you didn’t really know what was going to happen next,” says 4th grader Jerry from Mary Snow Elementary School in Bangor.”It was different, but it was a good different,” says 7th grader Sierra from Mount Jefferson Junior High School.===========The Bangor Symphony Orchestra has formed a search committee for a new conductor, after Xiao-Lu Li resigned last fall.Guest conductors will audition with the symphony next season. A spokesman for the BSO says there is no timetable on a decision.

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