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Positions Cut

Updated 6 years ago

Now that the state’s plan is in place, schools across our state re-evaluating their budgets, and face some tough decisions.

MSAD 47, serving Oakland, Sidney and Belgrade may wind up losing as many as fifteen positions.

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Cigarette Tax Hike

Updated 6 years ago

A coalition of health groups is calling for a tax increase of one dollar on the already two dollar tax on cigarettes.

The money would help fund Dirigo and other public health programs.

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Real ID Deadline

Updated 6 years ago

Maine has until 5 pm Wednesday evening to file an extension with the department of homeland security regarding the Real ID act.

Governor Baldacci says he will have a plan ready.

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April Fools for Plum Creek

Updated 6 years ago

April first is a day traditionally known for pranks.

Volunteers with the Native Forest Network dressed in costumes calling themselves golfers for wilderness sprawl.

They marched onto Plum Creek property Tuesday morning.

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Boat Buyback

Updated 6 years ago

The Federal Government is involved in a 100-million dollar buyout plan designed to reduce the number of people catching fish and bring relief to New England’s struggling groundfishing industry.

Money would be paid to those who give up their fishing permits and destroy their boats.

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Real ID Update

Updated 6 years ago

Without that move today, come May 11th Maine drivers licenses would have been no good as proof of id at airports and federal buildings.

The Department of Homeland Security listed several shortcomings in Maine’s Real ID compliance effort.

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Missing Snowmobiler

Updated 6 years ago

Rain coupled with fog and warmer weather have made conditions in many places dangerous for snowmobilers.

Wardens say the man, who is from Connecticut, Was staying at a family camp on North Twin Lake. He was reported missing just after midnight Monday night.

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Seat Belt Law Now in Effect

Updated 6 years ago

Maine’s seatbelt law went into effect last September, but up until now, police had just been issuing warnings.

Maine’s bureau of highway safety says that as of Tuesday morning, first-time violators can get $50 fines.

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Budget Passed

Updated 6 years ago

The new budget is now on governor Baldacci’s desk, waiting for his signature.

The new budget, spearheaded by majority democrats, passed in the house Monday night, 84 to 55.

The vote in the senate was 18 to 17, as the midnight deadline closed in.

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Meehan Re-Arrested

Updated 6 years ago

20-year old Sean Meehan of Portland is waiting to go on trial for an alcohol related incident that left his friend dead last November.

Now, he’s facing new charges, including assault.

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Parked Truckers

Updated 6 years ago

Many independent truckers across the nation parked their rigs Tuesday, To protest record high prices of diesel fuel.

Galen Thompson of Lincoln has been hauling lumber for the past 43 years. He says cost of diesel fuel was 23 cents when he started in the business.

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Stimulus Tax Refund

Updated 6 years ago

But it’ll still be a couple of months before taxpayers actually get the money.

The Internal Revenue Service has created a schedule for payout, based on the last two digits of a taxpayer’s social security number.

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Fairpoint Deal

Updated 6 years ago

The company’s deal was approved Sunday night, though Fairpoint received a scolding from regulators in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Vermont’s Public Service Board and New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission met on Sunday.

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Fire Destroys Jonesboro Home

Updated 6 years ago

The fire happened at a home on Hanson Pit road, a passerby saw smoke and flames at about 5:30 Sunday morning and called 911.

When crews arrived the house, as well as a two car garage, were fully engulfed in flames.

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Injured Deer

Updated 6 years ago

The Warden Service says it has received a number of reports of deer being killed or injured during confrontations with loose dogs.

Deer have been spotted along roadways and in neighborhoods, sniffing for nourishment.

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Soldier Funeral Monday

Updated 6 years ago

Gov. John Baldacci has directed that U.S. and state of Maine flags be flown at half-staff on Monday in remembrance of a soldier from Maine who was killed in Iraq.

Private First Class Tyler Jacob Smith, who was 22, died as a result of wounds received from indirect fire in Iraq on March 21.

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Real ID Deadline

Updated 6 years ago

The New Federal Identification requirements are set to go into effect May 11th.

Governor Baldacci worked with officials from the Department of Homeland Security through the weekend.

The Federal Agency wants to know why Maine shouldn’t have to comply with Real ID right away.

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Carmel Accident

Updated 6 years ago

This after their rental car slid off the highway, rolled over a couple of times and ended up in a ditch.

State Police say the accident happened around 2:45 Monday afternoon along Interstate 95.

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Hannaford Security Breach Latest

Updated 6 years ago

Hannaford Brothers supermarket chain

is trying to determine exactly how malicious software got onto

computer servers in nearly all of its 271 stores, enabling someone

to access millions of credit and debit card numbers.

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Thin Ice Warning

Updated 6 years ago

Maine wardens are urging caution as people

go out onto the ice this weekend as ice fishing season winds down.

Warden Service Colonel Gregory Sanborn says ice that looks thick

and sturdy may not be so as the state’s ponds and lakes thaw out.

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