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L.L. Bean to Reduce Call Center Employees

Updated 6 years ago

Temporary cutbacks were announced on Thursday for some workers at the L.L. Bean call center in Bangor.About 200 people work at the center. A company spokesperson told TV-5 on Thursday that they’ll keep about 50 employees on to support the business.The spokesperson says this is a slow time of year, compounded by the slow economy.They hope to start calling workers back in July.

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Helmet Law Moves Forward

Updated 6 years ago

A bill to tighten up Maine’s motorcycle helmet law is moving forward in the Legislature. The bill would require anyone under 18 who is operating or riding on a motorcycle to wear a helmet. The present law applies to those under 15. The measure won a second vote of approval without debate Thursday and still faces further House and Senate votes. A separate bill calling for a helmet law applying to all riders and operators remains in the Transportation Committee, which is scheduled to discuss it Friday.

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Manna Inc. Asking for Easter Donations

Updated 6 years ago

The folks at Manna Inc., in Bangor understand times are tough, and they want to give folks hardest hit, more reason to celebrate this Easter.They are collecting donations to provide needy families with Easter Dinners.They normally do this around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but they understand times are tough so they want to offer a helping hand for this holiday too.They’re hoping to give them ham steaks, or roasting chickens, along with scalloped potatoes, a vegetable and dessert.Now Manna Executive Director Bill Rae needs folks in the community to donate these items. “It’s been a long winter. People have had to spend a lot of money on fuel, they’ve lost jobs, they’ve lost income, they’ve lost a lot and let’s try to get something back. Easter is a time of new beginnings, it’s spring time. We want to be able to help people in our communities and we need your help doing it.”Manna will also accept cash donations. They figure twelve dollars will pay for an entire meal.They hope to provide these meals for up to 4-hundred families, and right now they only have a few donations. They’ll be collecting items until Good Friday.If you’d like to help out, you can send donations to Manna Incorporated at 629 Main Street, Bangor, Maine 04401, or you can log onto their website: www.mannamaine.com

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Pet Owners Need Financial Rescue

Updated 6 years ago

In recent months, officials have seen an increase in the number of animals being surrendered, abandoned, and even killed due to tough economic times.Just last Saturday, two young Shetland sheep dogs were found dead in Norridgewock.Authorities say the dogs were killed, stuffed into a pillow case, and dumped on Sandy River Road. A passer-by discovered the dogs. The case was handled by the area animal control officer and the Somerset County Sheriff’s office…Officials want pet owners to know, that even when times are tough, there’s never a need to resort to these drastic measures…Tough times are forcing some people to make a heartbreaking decision.”We’re definitely seeing more animals coming in because of the economy. People are having a hard time keeping up on vet care, even basics like feeding their animals, giving them their monthly flea treatments and stuff like that.” Says Danielle Arbour, the events manager at the Bangor Humane Society. “I have been picking up more dogs. They have been getting reclaimed for the best part.” adds Pat Pinkham, the animal control officer in Bangor.Instead of giving up your pet, experts say there are places to turn for help when money is tight.”We have food here that people generously donated that have the means that we can cycle back into the public and help from month to month, and there are also vaccination clinics availible for some people.” says Arbour.Pet Quarters in Bangor has a clinic every third Sunday of the month, where a vet provides services like low cost vaccinations.But if there’s no way you can care for the animal anymore, Arbour says bringing it to them is the right move.”That’s why we’re here. The Bangor Humane Society and other shelters around the state are here to help re-home animals into places where they’re better off.”If you just let your animal loose or abandon it and you’re caught, there are penalties. Officials say you can be taken to court and fined up to 500 dollars. Pinkham advices people to do the right thing. “The Humane Society won’t give you any grief if you have to bring your animal here.”Arbour adds, “Don’t feel ashamed, don’t feel embarrassed to bring your animals in here, we really are here for that.”

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Maine murder to be featured in People magazine.

Updated 6 years ago

The story of a 28-year-old unsolved murder mystery out of East Millioncket will be featured in this weekend’s “People” magazine.It’s been almost 30 years since Joyce McLain was found dead near a school in East Millinocket.McLain’s mother, Pam, has been vigilant in the fight to find her daughter’s killer.crews from “People” magazine were in maine last october as forensic experts exhumed McLain’s body to look for new clues.McLain’s mother says she’s hoping the national coverage will generate some new leads for investigators.She says stores in the Millinocket area have already ordered extra copies of the magazine.

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Girl Scout Cookies head to Maine troops overseas.

Updated 6 years ago

Maine troops overseas will soon be getting a little taste of home, thanks to some local Girl Scouts. “Troops from Maine put their lives on the line, every day, so that I can live mine.”This cookie season has been a little different for 5 Girl Scout troops from Waldo County.As they went door to do to sell cookies, they came up with a special idea. “I actually had a gentleman say that he wasn’t interested in ordering any cookies for himself, but if we knew of anyone that was sending cookies to troops, that he would be more than happy to partake in that.”So the Girl Scouts teamed up with folks from the Belfast National Guard Armory, to collect money, to buy cookies, to send to Maine troops overseas. “It blossomed in a short hurry and the support from the community was just overwhelming.” “We raised over 15 Hundred dollars, and that’s 537 boxes of cookies that are going to go overseas.” “We will cover the postage to get them to soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, anywhere else troops may be deployed.”The first batch will go out to the 286th out of Bangor.Staff Sergeants Paul Lawrence and David Trojecki say this is one of the most positive missions they’ve ever been a part of. “This is one of the better ones to be able to give these folks a little taste of home.” “That would certainly make my day…The Girl Scouts of America sending a little bit of America to us.”And the Girl Scouts are excited to know they’re making a difference in the lives of some Maine troops. “It’ll make them feel like we actually care that they’re doing it…not that we just take it for granted.” “We’re thanking the troops and thanking them for serving our country and keeping us safe.” “We’re gonna make them feel like home.”The cookies will be collected and sorted this Saturday morning at the Belfast National Guard Armory.They will be sent out to troops on Monday.

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Katahdin Paper Mill to Shut Down for a Month

Updated 6 years ago

The Katahdin Paper Mill in East Millinocket will shut down for close to a month, leaving more than 300 people out of work.Officials from Brookfield Asset Management, which manages the mill, say the shutdown is a result of a slowdown in orders.The mill is scheduled to close from April 9th to May 4th.The only workers who will be staying on during that time are maintenance staff. They’ll be doing routine repairs on equipment.Mill officials say it isn’t uncommon to have a shutdown in April, since it’s usually the slowest time of the year for paper orders.In February of this year, about 140 workers were temporarily laid off from the East Millinocket mill for about a month.That shutdown was also a result of an order shortage.

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Arrests Continue in Connection With Arson Video

Updated 6 years ago

Two more arrests have been made by Waterville Police in an ongoing arson and burglary case.20-year-old Joseph Church of Fairfield was taken into custody on Wednesday.Police say an investigation has revealed that a group of at least nine individuals both adults and juveniles broke into the old Waterville Boys and Girls Club and set off what commonly referred to as molotov cocktails. Seven of the nine have since been arrested.A video made by two of the males involved was found during the investigation.19-year-old Nicholas Laws of Winslow and 19-year-old Jesse Ferran of Waterville were arrested Tuesday.Three juvenile males and one 17-year old female have also been arrested.All have been charged with arson and burglary.

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Reward Offered for Arson Information

Updated 6 years ago

A reward is being offered for information on an arson fire that did serious damage to a business in Friendship last fall.Friendship Trap has been in business for 32 years.The company manufactures wire lobster and shrimp traps.On October 30th, someone set fire to several rolls of lobster mesh wire.They also broke into a diesel fuel shed, broke a lock on a tank and released hundreds of gallons of oil onto the ground.It caused 60-thousand dollars in damages.The Fire Marshal later ruled that the fire was intentionally set, but no arrests have been made.Now, company CEO Mike Wadsworth is offering a $5,000.00 reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.Anyone with information is asked to call the State Fire Marshal’s Office at 626-3870.

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Workers’ Rights Group Protests Outside Rite Aid

Updated 6 years ago

A group of protesters rallied outside a Bangor Rite-Aid store Thursday, to condemn what they say is the company’s abuse of worker rights.Members of “Food and Medicine,” based in Brewer, waved signs outside the Rite Aid at the corner of Union and Fourteenth Streets.They say the Rite Aid corporation has threatened and fired employees who wanted to unionize.Almost a year ago, Rite Aid employees voted to join a union, but according to Food and Medicine, the company has delayed reaching a contract with workers.The protesters held signs asking Mainers to urge Congress to support the Employee Free Choice Act.The law would protect the rights of workers on the job, including their right to have a union. “Membership in labor unions vastly increases your wages, your chance of having health insurance other benefits on the job, as well as having a voice on the job, having some kind of economic democracy where you work.”Similar protests were held on Thursday at Rite Aid stores around the country.

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Collins in Court for Burglary Arrest

Updated 6 years ago

An Augusta man is facing more jail time after police arrested him Wednesday.49-year old Kevin Collins was taken into custody after a homeowner in Clinton says he interrupted a burglary in his home.Somerset County District Attorney Evert Fowle says that Collins has an extensive history of burglarizing homes. Collins has spent more than 10-years in jail for burglary. The homeowner says Collins fled out a back door and that’s when police were called. Police say some jewelry was taken.Fairfield, Waterville, Clinton and State Police had a hand in finding the suspect in nearby woods.Collins is expected to make an appearance in Somerset County Superior Court Thursday Afternoon.

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Rumford Mill To Close for a Week

Updated 6 years ago

The continuing slump in the paper market is being blamed for another shutdown at the Newpage Corp. mill in Rumford.Officials said on Wednesday that the mill will close from May 10th to May 18th to reduce production by 150,000 tons in order to balance output with demand.The Sun Journal of Lewiston said the closure affects about 400 hourly workers.A similar 150,000 ton decrease earlier this year led to the permanent layoff of 130 hourly and salaried mill employees.Mill spokesman Tony Lyons said about 20 of the hourly workers are being recalled to work on a pulp dryer that’s being put back in operation.

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Animal Cruelty Charges

Updated 6 years ago

State officials are investigating allegations of animal cruelty at Maine’s largest egg farm, Quality Egg in Turner.Assistant D.A. Andrew Robinson confirmed that a search warrant was executed by officials of the state’s animal cruelty program and state police.Norma Worley of the state Animal Welfare Program, three state animal agents and two state troopers were at the former DeCoster Egg Farm site Wednesday afternoon.The Department of Agriculture was alerted to potential problems by Mercy for Animals, an animal welfare organization based in Ohio. The organization said it obtained video and photos from a farm worker in Turner that documented inhumane conditions for egg-laying hens.

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Maine Bee Champion

Updated 6 years ago

For the second year in a row, Blue Hill eighth-grader Imogen Page will be representing Maine at the national spelling bee.She won the state bee by spelling “gristle,” “prodigal,” “necessary,” and “virtuoso”, among other words.The 14-year-old says she’ll resume spelling practice after a little break.Last year, Page won the state title and made it through two rounds of the National Spelling Bee.This year’s national bee will be held from May 24th through May 30th in Washington D.C.

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Opening Day of Open Water Fishing

Updated 6 years ago

The thick sheets of ice that covered ponds and rivers in winter is slowly disappearing, making way for the sportsmen of spring to launch their boats and cast their lines.Wednesday marks the first day of Open Water Fishing Season.After a long, cold winter, fishermen finally got the chance to dust off their rods. And as you can see, the shores were packed with people eager to dive into Open Water Fishing Season…OR NOT. “Typically on opening day in Southern Penobscot County, as you can see behind us, the streams are pretty high from the recent rain and snow melt, the opportunity just really isn’t there… Lakes and ponds still iced in. Just yesterday they were ice fishing, so it’ll be a transition here for a few weeks.” Says Jim Fahey, District Game Warden.But, for those diehard fishermen who ARE out on these partially iced in waters, Fahey says, you must fish from shore for safety reasons.Fahey also tells us that last year’s rules still apply. “For those of you going through your tackle box, this is what last year’s book was like and this is what we want you to use this year.” And as always, everyone over 16 needs a fishing license.Game Wardens say this time of year they actually expect to see more boaters hitting the waters. “What I’ll see more of in the next few weeks is, rather than fishing activity here, will be people getting ready fro the canoe race.” says Fahey.We even found one kayaker braving the Kenduskeag. “[Tuesday] there was quite a bit of ice but today it’s not that bad.” says Dustin Cyr, a brave and experienced kayaker.Fahey reminds boaters to take the proper safety precautions. He says they should review both their supplies and their operation checklists. And of course… “The helmet’s a good idea always.” Cyr adds.Fahey says anyone with questions about rules or conditions should call a Game Warden before heading out, it’s better to be safe than sorry.For more on rules, regulations, and conditions, you can visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website.Boating Supplies Checklist – Use the following boating supplies checklist as a guide for the materials you should have with you on a boating trip. Add to this list as required. The items you may actually need will vary depending upon the type of boat and water, as well as the boating activity you plan to enjoy.Proper Coast Guard approved PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices) for each person on board. The PFDs must be properly sized and in good condition. For boats 16 feet and over, you must have an additional throwable device. Approved, fully charged fire extinguishers for motorboats. Bell or whistle, as required. Visual distress signaling devices. Paddles or oars. Anchor and Anchor line. Tool kit, spare parts, bail bucket and flashlight. Any needed charts, tide table, current table, and navigation equipment. For longer outings or outings to a remote location, other items such as food, water and survival equipment could be added to your checklist.Safe operation of a boat depends greatly on proper maintenance and preparation. The actions of the operator and passengers are also important in ensuring a safe and enjoyable trip. The checklist below includes items that can ensure the safe outcome of your trip. Some of these items will be the same, no matter what kind of boating you do. However, to make sure that all points are covered, create your own checklist and add to it as experience indicates.Full fuel tank. Lights and horn working. Boat checked for leaks, bailed out, boat plug in. Fuel lines and tanks checked for leaks. Weather and water conditions are suitable. All gear and supplies properly stowed and secure. Propeller in good condition, lower unit free of debris. Passengers seated and briefed on emergency procedures. Their PFDs should be checked for proper fit.

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Action will be taken against Milo’s Police Chief

Updated 6 years ago

There will be disciplinary action taken against Milo’s Police Chief, but it’s not clear yet what that action will be.Selectmen met Monday night and voted in favor of allowing Town Manager, Jeff Geahagan, to discipline the town’s Police Chief, Michael Poulin.Geahagan says he’s not at liberty to disclose what that action will be.Poulin was arrested last month on a domestic assault charge involving his wife.He was suspended with pay, pending a decision by the selectmen on what to do next.

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Job seekers turn to agency for help

Updated 6 years ago

If you’ve checked the want ads lately, you’ve probably come across their listings.The Employment 1 agency has a database of hundreds of available jobs…to get these jobs, you’ll have to pay a price, and be willing to work. “Day to day, jobs change, so make sure you use the resources supplied to you, that we provide you, by coming in the office, using the phone hotline and the internet access, okay?” “You’re not just handed a job and told to go work. It’s similar to finding a job on your own, but with a lot of support behind you, and help doing it.”With the unemployment rate on the rise, and many Mainers looking for new jobs, some are turning to agencies like Employment 1 for help. “Every position we post in the newspaper is a verified job order, before it reaches the newspaper. We verify all jobs weekly.”Manager Tami Watson says there is a fee of 185 dollars a year for access to the job list. “The fee is a one time membership fee and it gives all members access to all postings that we develop on a daily basis.” Watson says Employment 1 is not a placement agency, it’s more of a job bank.They give you the list, but it’s up to you to go out and get the job. “I was much more comfortable paying a one time fee up front, never having to pay anything else, and getting as much support as I need and having 12 months of their service.”Stacy Meister has worked at Safelite Auto Glass for almost two years.He used Employment 1 to get the job. “It had been years since I had updated a resume and I didn’t realize they helped out with that, which was very helpful. I was able to do different drafts, improvements before coming up with a final copy.”Sales assistant Kyrie Vallancourt says Employment 1 helped her get her job at The Furniture Gallery in Bangor. “They asked me what kind of job I was looking for, what kind of experience I had, and where I wanted to bem and how much money I was looking to make.” “They basically gave me the confidence I needed to walk in and ask for the job.”

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Police Give Safety Advice for Store Clerks/Customers

Updated 6 years ago

Still no arrests in connection with two armed robberies last weekend.Both happened at convenience stores on Route 15, one in Bangor, the other in Kenduskeag.Bangor Police say it’s a good time to educate folks about what to do if you’re behind the counter, or in the store, when a robbery happens.Sergeant Paul Edwards says while armed robberies aren’t commonplace in Bangor, they do occurs.And it’s important for clerks, and customers, to know what to do if the worst happens.According to Edwards, the best thing anyone can do is stay calm. “Unless your life is absolutely in danger at that very moment, you need to do what you’re told to do. Remain calm, make no sudden movements. Just watch and get the best information you can and do what your supposed to do in the event of that robbery.”Thanks to a State Police surveillance tape, we can hear what actually happened during Sunday evening’s robbery at Sam’s Qwik Stop in Kenduskeag.Edwards says even when the situation gets heated, stay calm and take mental notes about the suspect. “If there’s different speech or language…or a limp…a mustache or a goatee. Any distinguishing characteristic about a person’s face that would stick out.” “If you can get a height or weight, that’s great. If you see a gun, we don’t expect people to get make and model, but if you can get some idea of what that looked like.”Once it’s over, lock yourself in the store and call 911.While you wait for police, it’s a good idea to write down as many details about the suspect as you can, so they’re fresh in your mind.Edwards’ best advice? Don’t try to be a hero. “Don’t confront, don’t anger or aggravate the person, because they’re desperate. If they’re desperate enough to come in with a gun or a knife, they’re desperate enough to hurt you, too, so do what you’re told.”

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Rockland in the State Spotlight

Updated 6 years ago

Rockland is in the spotlight.Governor John Baldacci officially proclaimed April 1st as “Make Rockland the Coolest Small Town in America Day.”Baldacci is urging Mainers to cast their votes before Friday in Budget Travel Magazine’s online poll to determine its coolest small town of the year.The magazine got more than 150 nominations and narrowed them down to a top 22, including Rockland.According to the magainze, the coolest small town is a community with less than 10,000 people that’s beginning to draw attention…and new residents…because of the quality of life, arts and restaurant scene, or proximity to nature.To cast your vote, click, or log on to www.budgettravel.com/bt-srv/coolestsmalltowns/

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Fairfield Fatal Accident

Updated 6 years ago

There was a deadly crash in Fairfield Wednesday when a car collided with a truck. It happened just before noon at the intersection of 201 and 23: also called the Ohio Hill Road. That section of road was shut down for a couple hours as Fairfield and state police investigated. Police say it appears that the driver of the car, 24-year-old Tara Hart did not stop at the stop sign and that the driver of the truck was unable to avoid her. Hart died at the scene. The truck driver was not injured. Tara Hart was the mother of one-month-old Micah Hart of Oakland who was recently taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The boy’s father, Zachery Hart, is accused of dropping the infant on the floor. He was arrested, and was released on bail.

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