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Perry Charged with ATM Theft

Updated 6 years ago

Benjamin Perry, 31, of Chelsea is charged with burglary, aggravated criminal mischief and theft by unauthorized taking.

Augusta police say he stole an ATM from the Food Trend Convenience store on Eastern Ave. last Monday.

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Kennedy to Remain at UMaine

Updated 6 years ago

Kennedy and Kirk Schulz, a vice president at Mississippi State University, were finalists for president at Kansas State University after the chancellor at East Carolina University withdrew.

Kennedy has been president at the University of Maine System’s flagship campus since 2005, and he said Tuesday he’s happy to continue to serve in that capacity. He says he believes that more than ever, &quot:UMaine is the state’s best hope for the future of this great state.&quot:

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Drug Arrests

Updated 6 years ago

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency says a California man shipped more than 40 packages of Oxycontin, valued at $140,000, to Maine over a six-month period.

Drug agents say they have arrested five Mainers, two from Madawaska, two from Van Buren and one from Waterboro, on drug trafficking charges.

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Hallowell Embezzling

Updated 6 years ago

Carmen Robillard, 37, entered no plea to criminal charges of forgery and theft.

Robillard provided bookkeeping services for Augur &amp: Associates. Authorities say she wrote 23 unauthorized checks to herself between July of 2007 and October of 2008.

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Budget Hearings

Updated 6 years ago

On Monday, that process got underway with a hearing in Augusta.

There are a lot of parts when it comes to the $6,100,000,000 budget lawmakers are tackling.

One of those parts is the stimulus package from Washington D.C.

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Maine Senators Support Stimulus Bill

Updated 6 years ago

They’re among only three senators to break ranks with their party and support the bill.

The measure was approved in the senate by a vote of 61-to-37.

When speaking to TV5, Senator Collins said she wants to see the final package come in at less than 800-billion dollars, but she agrees with the president that it’s time to move ahead with the plan.

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Four Day Week Shelved, For Now

Updated 6 years ago

Members of the education and cultural affairs committee held a session on Monday to hear from the public.

The plan would count the school year by hours, not days.

Supporters say it’s not designed to enforce a four-day school week. Instead, it gives each district more options to save money because of budget cuts or high energy costs.

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Bangor Voting

Updated 6 years ago

Monday night, Bangor city council voted in favor of consolidating all voting to the Bangor Civic Center.

In 2006, the city decided to consolidate the number of polling places from eight down to four. Now, the process will be streamlined even more.

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Bob’s Country Store Robbery

Updated 6 years ago

AP- Kennebec County Sheriff Randall Liberty says two men – one with a baseball bat, the other with a metal pipe – entered Bob’s County Store in Benton at about 10:10 last night and ordered the clerks to hand over the money from two cash registers.

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Stimulus Construction Jobs

Updated 6 years ago

That’s according to the head of the Maine chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America.

John O’Dea says Maine stands to get at least $317,000,000 in new construction investments under the plan.

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Guilty Plea

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) – 27-year-old Richard Widdecombe Jr. of Machias last year confessed to shooting and killing Katie Cabana, 29, and Aaron Settipani, 41, at Cabana’s home in Marshfield on January 23, 2008. In April, he entered a plea of not guilty and not criminally responsible by reason of mental defect.

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FairPoint Warns of E-Mail Scam

Updated 6 years ago

It’s in regard to FairPoint’s takeover of Verizon email accounts in Maine and elsewhere in New England.

The emailer represents himself as a FairPort employee and asks for the consumer’s email password.

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Standish Man Stabbed in Home

Updated 6 years ago

Cumberland County sheriff’s deputies were called to 44 Shore Road around eight Sunday morning, after the homeowner endured six terrifying hours.

Police say 46-year-old Ephriam Bennett allegedly broke in and attacked 55 -year-old Richard Carlson while he slept in his bed knocking out several teeth.

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Several Injured in Interstate Crash

Updated 6 years ago

At least two people are hospitalized after a chain-reaction crash on the Interstate near Medway.

It happened just after 8pm Saturday t in the northbound lanes, just south of Exit 244.

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Budget Hearings To Begin

Updated 6 years ago

Public hearings on Maine’s upcoming

two-year budget are scheduled to begin (at 9 a.m.) Monday. The

Appropriations Committee will review the $6.1 billion spending plan

line-by-line during the next few weeks.

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Lawmaker Suggests Delaying Raises

Updated 6 years ago

A Republican Senate leader has put in

bills to suspend cost-of-living raises Maine legislators are


Senate Minority Leader Kevin Raye says it’s inappropriate for

the Legislature to accept a cost-of-living adjustment in these

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Collins Won’t Support Stimulus Unless Cuts Stand

Updated 6 years ago

Maine Sen. Susan Collins said she’ll

withdraw her support for the $827 billion economic stimulus bill if

House leaders add back what she describes as &quot:bloated&quot: spending


The Maine Republican and Sen. Ben Nelson, a Democrat from

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LaGrange Man Charged With Shooting At Driver

Updated 6 years ago

A 34-year-old man is now facing attempted

elevated aggravated assault charges after allegedly firing his

rifle at a man who was plowing his mother’s driveway.

The charges have been upgraded since Timothy Turner of LaGrange

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Two Maine Groups Oppose Gun Policy

Updated 6 years ago

Two Maine groups have joined two federal

lawsuits seeking to overturn a new policy that allows people to

carry concealed, loaded guns in most national parks.

Friends of Acadia and Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence

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Electric Rates to Drop

Updated 6 years ago

Electric bills will soon be going down for

Bangor Hydro-Electric Co.’s large business customers.

The Public Utilities Commission yesterday approved a 40 percent

decrease in the electricity portion of bills for Bangor Hydro’s

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