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Four People Arrested on Federal Charges Downeast

Updated 6 years ago

Four men are under arrest and face federal charges in connection to stolen guns from a gun shop in Columbia Falls.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department, with the help of the Calais Police Department, the Bureau of Tobbacco and Fire Arms, Maine State Police and the US Border Patrol, arrested Aaron Flood from the Calais area, Jeffrey Croman from Baileyville area, Chad Robinson from the Charlotte area, and Joshua Robinson, from the Charlotte area.

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Heating Fuel Prices

Updated 6 years ago

The biweekly summer survey found the average cash price throughout the state to be $4.42 a gallon. This follows a 9-cent decline in the previous survey.

Oil prices varied significantly among dealers, with a high of $4.60 a gallon found in central, eastern and western regions and a low of $3.80 in the southwestern part of the state.

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Augusta Accidents

Updated 6 years ago

The crash took place on the corner of Rt. 3 and the Weeks Mills Road around 2:30 p.m.

Police confirm one victim was flown to a Lewiston hospital.

Others were treated for minor injuries and released. No names have been released.

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Baden Agrees to Perform McLain Autopsy

Updated 6 years ago

The mother of a teenage girl who

was murdered 28 years ago in East Millinocket says a renowned

pathologist will lend his expertise to efforts to find the killer.

Pamela McLain says Dr. Michael Baden, the chief forensic

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Miles for Smiles

Updated 6 years ago

The Miles for Smiles mobile dental clinic

that has provided routine cleanings, simple fillings and other

basic dental services to thousand of low-income children in

northern Maine has fallen victim to money problems.

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President Greeted by Protesters

Updated 6 years ago

President Bush is in Kennebunkport for what could be his last visit before leaving office. And protesters aren’t going to let it pass. A march organized by the Kennebunks Peace DepartmentSaturday coincides with a series of &quot:Hands Off Iran&quot: demonstrations in dozens of cities. The anti-war group plans to march to a barricade near Walker’s Point, the waterfront home of Bush’s parents. For their part, the Bushes will be celebrating a wedding. A white tent has been set up on the Walker’s Point property for the reception for two White House staffers, one of them a distant Bush cousin.

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McLain Autopsy

Updated 6 years ago

Pam McLain learned a renowned forensic pathologist will perform the second autopsy on her daughter, Joyce.

McLain was sixteen when she disappeared, her body was found near a soccer field in 1980.

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Firewood Heating Incentive

Updated 6 years ago

The state’s firewood sales program is run by the Bureau of Parks and Lands, out of offices in Farmington, Old Town, and Ashland.

Foresters mark trees on public lands that are suitable for firewood, which is then sold for $25 a cord.

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Japan Lifts Ban

Updated 6 years ago

According to published reports, Japan stalled shipments earlier this week because of what’s being called a misunderstanding over safety.

The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to eat the green tomalley of lobsters, because it may be contaminated by red tide.

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Budget Gap

Updated 6 years ago

State Budget Officer Ellen Schneiter projects a $400 million gap between revenues and costs. She says the easiest savings have already been made and it will be tougher to get the budget in balance the next time around.

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Man Sentenced Under Jessica’s Law

Updated 6 years ago

On Thursday, a Waldo County Superior Court judge ordered 32-year-old Micah Boland to 22 years behind bars.

Boland was found guilty back in February of one count of gross sexual assault.

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Northeast Harbor Update

Updated 6 years ago

There’s just too much damage to ever determine the cause.

Three buildings, which included Colonel’s restaurant, the Wingspread Gallery and several apartments, were all destroyed early Tuesday morning.

Colonel’s owners, Stephanie and Mark Reece, say they’re determined to rebuild.

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Fuel Assistance

Updated 6 years ago

Maine housing authority director, Dale McCormick says the low income heating assistance program or LiHeap needs a big boost from federal dollars due to the high oil prices.

Last year the state saw $52,000,000 in LiHeap funds: on average those eligible got $650 in aid.

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President Bush in Maine

Updated 6 years ago

Bush arrived aboard Air Force One in Sanford on Thursday afternoon for what could be his last visit to Maine as president.

From there, the president traveled to Kennebunkport, where he’ll be spending three days with his parents at Walker’s Point.

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Momma Baldacci’s Moving

Updated 6 years ago

The family’s Italian restaurant has been located for three decades on a property off Broadway in Bangor. The land’s being sold to a neighbor.

Robert Baldacci Jr., the governor’s brother and a real estate developer, says the closing took place Wednesday, but terms of the sale to Lovley Development of Newport were not disclosed.

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Local Artist Starts Final Walk

Updated 6 years ago

Local artist and photographer Jim Harney has decided to take a long walk, a walk to Washington DC.

Harney’s supporters gathered at the Peace and Justice Center in Bangor Wednesday to wish him well.

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Eagles Comeback

Updated 6 years ago

State wildlife officials will hold a hearing on that proposal Thursday in Bangor. It comes up as bald eagles continue their strong recovery in Maine, home of the largest bald eagle population on the East Coast north of Chesapeake Bay.

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Newport Area Warning

Updated 6 years ago

An unidentified woman has approached residents in the area claiming she’s conducting a survey on behalf of the school system.

Superintendent William Braun says they are not conducting a survey at this time, and the woman is not connected to the school.

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High Speed

Updated 6 years ago

The driver, 29-year-old Dawn Parker, was charged with criminal speed. Her passenger, 42-year-old Thomas Selby, was charged with disorderly conduct.

Trooper Forest Simpson said the vehicle was clocked at 108 mph in a 65 mph zone Monday and continued to go more than 100 mph into a 55 mph zone and when exiting I-95 onto I-395 toward Brewer.

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Red Shield Funding Approved

Updated 6 years ago

A U.S. bankruptcy judge in Bangor gave the okay for the company to use 300-thousand dollars to tide the company over until August 20th.

That’s when a 13.6 million dollar investment plan, if approved, would restart the mill and bring more than 160 workers back to work.

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