Pride Flag Stolen from University of Maine 

Waving signs and walking through campus, students, faculty and the community came together at the University of Maine to celebrate the Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered community after an act of hate threatened to bring them a part.A pride flag was raised to kick off “Pride Week,” but it was stolen just one day later.Investigators say it appears the flagpole was yanked nearly out of the ground.The act shocked and infuriated many in the UMaine community including Administrative Assistant Suzanne Molton.”It’s really a form of violence, really in my estimation and if people feel that was what else will they do that’s really my big fear,” she said.Student Kelsey Flynn couldn’t believe this happened at the UMaine campus.”We’re a good campus, we’re a good community, the fact that it happened here I couldn’t believe it, I thought that we were better than that I guess.”Flynn says the flag is more than just a piece of fabric, it represents a community of people who’ve overcome so much.”It’s a symbol of us and our community the fact that they chose to deface it means that they’re defacing us as a whole.”Flynn says the theft is a step backwards but for her and the GLBT community it’s a chance to regain strength and move forward.”We’re just gonna come back stronger we still have an entire pride week and we’re going to make it fabulous.”Senior Associate Dean of Students Kenda Scheele says the outpouring of support is a testament to the diversity fostered at University of Maine.”This community supports everyone and Pride Week is important because it’s a way for us to show how we support everyone,” she said.Police are investigating the incident.