New Plan for Proposed I-395-Route 9 Connector Isn’t Sitting Well With Neighboring Communities 

The Maine Department of Transportation has selected a new route to connect I-395 and Route 9.But the decision isn’t sitting well with neighboring communities Eddington and Brewer.In 2009, Brewer City Councilors endorsed a plan that would cut through an unpopulated section of Holden.But Holden residents who live on Route 46 weren’t happy with the choice, saying it would increase traffic near their homes.One of the other choices would extend I-395 at Wilson Street and would follow the Holden-Brewer line toward Eddington to connect with Route 9.Now, the Maine DOT says it has chosen that route as the connector.Holden Town Manager John Butts says he found out by looking at their website two months ago, but Eddington Town Manager Russell Smith says he was just told last week.He says the decision has left him asking what happened to democracy?”I’m not very happy, we didn’t get a say on that in the process I’m sure when public hearings come about in the spring, people will voice their opinions on that route,” he said.Smith tells us one of the main concerns regarding the plan not chosen by the DOT was its impact on the environment.We spoke with the DOT about the route selection, they say the new route has the least impact on the environment.They released a statement apologizing for not informing those involved and said quote:In the coming weeks, Maine DOT officials will refocus on the public process in which residents will have ongoing opportunities to provide feedback including review of the draft environmental impact statement and public hearings as needed.