Former Newburgh Deputy Town Treasurer Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement 

Newburgh’s former Deputy Town Treasurer has pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $200,000 from the town.Dunton says throughout this ordeal, she has admitted to all of the allegations against her and wants to accept responsibility for theft and for the harm she has caused the people of Newburgh.Dunton faces a maximum of ten years in prison when she’s sentenced.District Attorney Chris Almy says he was not surprised by Dunton’s decision and says it’s best for her and the town.”It certainly would be in her best interest to take responsibility, she did take responsibility and I think that the court will look upon that favorably at some point in time,” he said.Meanwhile, Dunton’s attorney Dale Thistle says he hopes the court will take into account Dunton’s clean criminal record and says he expects a lower end of the sentencing range.”This could’ve been a much more expensive investigation for the town of Newburgh for the people in the state of Maine and it could’ve been an expensive prosecution but she didn’t put the state or the town to that and that’s helpful, I think in her own behalf,” Thistle said.Thistle says Dunton wants to repay the town one hundred percent and says she has made an overture to the town to sell one of her homes and turn over the proceeds.When asked why she did it, Thistle responded by saying she was in a financial crisis and had more expenses than she could afford.