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Flags at Half Staff for 9/11

Updated 6 years ago

In his order, Baldacci said Mainers should all take time to remember the victims, while also honoring the men and women who acted selflessly to try to save the lives of their fellow Americans.

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Sailboat Death

Updated 6 years ago

According to Maine Marine Patrol, another boater in Seal Bay saw the boat run aground around 6:30. He discovered a man onboard who needed medical assistance.

The good samaritan called for help and the man was given medical attention. It’s not yet clear when he passed away.

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Mustangs in Harmony

Updated 6 years ago

Wild mustangs are usually found in the western sections of the country, but there are a few here in Maine, on Karina Lewis’ ranch in Harmony.

She’s the liaison between the federal government, the Mustang Heritage Foundation, and the residents of Maine.

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Bad News From Oil Dealers

Updated 6 years ago

The chairman of the Maine Oil Dealers Association says he sees &quot:a desperate customer base,&quot: and David Martin, also the V.P. of Webber Oil, says the state can expect to see fewer dealerships.

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M.E.M.A. Promotes Preparedness

Updated 6 years ago

M.E.M.A. stresses the four steps to preparedness as &quot:get informed,&quot: &quot:make a plan,&quot: &quot:make a kit,&quot: and &quot:maintain your plan and kit.&quot:

Rayna Leibowitz of M.E.M.A. says the elderly and the disabled are among the most vulnerable. Saying that for that demographic having a support network of family or friends is vital.

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Foliage Report

Updated 6 years ago

Currently, rangers are observing very low leaf color, or less than 10% toward peak, along with very low leaf drop. But recent drops in overnight temperatures, with cool nights and sunny days, are expected to spark gradual color change from north to south.

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Hanna Damage in Acadia

Updated 6 years ago

Park rangers say heavy rain over the weekend washed away entire sections of the Seal Cove Road in Southwest Harbor, and an area near Schooner Head in Winter Harbor.

It also damaged carriage roads and hiking trails within the park.

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Hall Sentenced to Prison

Updated 6 years ago

Twenty-seven-year-old Gabriel Hall of Farmingdale pleaded guilty to gross sexual assault and was sentenced to 59 months in prison and six years of probation on Friday.

A state police affidavit indicates the girl initially told Hall she was 19. But she later admitted she was 12 and would soon turn 13.

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Princeton Burglary Arrest

Updated 6 years ago

Dustin Lacoote and Karl Sabbatus, both of Indian Township, were arrested on two counts of burglary and theft after police executed a search warrant at Lacoote’s home.

During the search, police found what they say was stolen property. The property included a large screen T.V., a 22-caliber revolver and prescription drugs.

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Graves Family Home

Updated 6 years ago

The Graves family was building a handicap accessible home to accommodate their special needs teenage son when fire leveled the building.

The community rallied around the family, replacing the medical supplies lost in the fire and holding fund raisers to get money and supplies to build the home.

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Home Heating

Updated 6 years ago

Members from Maine and other northeastern states have been pushing to add billions to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program this winter. Maine received $38,000,000 last year from the federal government, but would need twice that amount to deliver the same benefit this winter because of rising fuel prices.

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Taxes on the Rise in Winslow

Updated 6 years ago

Winslow is in the process of re-calculating the value of properties in the area. The town has brought in a group called Vision Appraisal, out of Massachusetts, to help with the appraisals.

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Cutting Indicted

Updated 6 years ago

The 46-year-old Palmyra man shot and killed 36-year-old William Greenwood in April of 1995 while the two were driving to Greenwood’s home in Westbrook.

Authorities say Cutting told a relative that he killed Greenwood. That relative then reported Cutting to the police.

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Machete Wielder to Appear in Court

Updated 6 years ago

Police in Piscataquis County say a feud over land was at the core of the fight between the two men.

61-year-old Francis Henry of Norridgewock was arrested on Friday and taken to the Piscataquis County Jail. He’s accused of threatening David Surprenant with a machete.

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Maine Schools Fail to Meet Goals

Updated 6 years ago

State officials said Monday that 38% of the of 632 elementary, middle and high schools missed federal performance targets on standardized reading and math tests taken last spring.

That’s an increase over the previous year, when 37% of 635 schools failed to make what the government calls &quot:adequate yearly progress.&quot:

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Seamore Gorilla Found in Vermont

Updated 6 years ago

Seamore the gorilla is an eight-fool tall robotic ape who’s been a popular fixture at Sandy’s Sales on Route 1 in East Machias. He was stolen from the store front last week.

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LaPointe in Court

Updated 6 years ago

Prosecutor Jennifer Norbert told jurors Tuesday that Robert LaPointe had been drinking all day before he sped his 32-foot boat equipped with twin 435-horsepower engines into a smaller boat on Long Lake in Harrison. The two occupants of the smaller boat were killed.

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Fatal Shooting Investigation

Updated 6 years ago

Early last month, 34-year-old Johnathan Sullivan was shot by trooper Derrick Record.

Police documents requested through the freedom of information act show that Record was reprimanded in 2003 for making a false arrest using inappropriate law-enforcement powers.

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Test Results Scrapped

Updated 6 years ago

State education officials have scrapped the results of Maine’s 8th grade writing test after 78% of students failed to meet state standards.

The one-question test for 2007-08 was administered in March to nearly 15,000 students, who were required to write a persuasive essay.

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Hospital Security Guard Killed

Updated 6 years ago

Portland police say a 27-year-old security guard at Mercy Hospital was fatally shot while on his break early Sunday morning.

Police identified the victim as James Angelo, who died in Maine Medical Center.

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