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Unionized Nurses Strike at EMMC Update 

Nurses at Eastern Maine Medical Center are back to work Tuesday.Monday, they were on the picket line.The nurses say they want to keep this issue in the public, and they did so dressed for the weather outside the hospital to begin their one day strike.Unionized nurses gathered along state street before sunrise and stood with their signs amid the falling snowflakes, all to get their message out to those who went by.” We have no question that we’re doing the right thing we know when we’re short staffed,” said EMMC Nurses Union President ” We know when we need extra help, we know when charge nurses are taking too many patients, and to have the public respond to us in this manner we know that we’re doing the right thing.”Eastern maine medical center administration says they have a mission to provide safe and quality care, no matter the circumstances.” We have an obligation to the community that no matter what happens even if our own nurses decide to withhold their services as leverage for bargaining that we still have to fulfill our mission so we’re pleased with what’s going on and frankly we hope that there’s not another strike but you really can’t predict that,” said Greg Howatt Human Resources Director at EMMC.But come seven am Tuesday, the nurses will put away their signs, put on their scrubs and go back to work.” They are having us herd in to the backside of the cafeteria at seven o’clock in the morning and in their words, they will deploy us to our nursing areas.