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Lynx Advocates Go to Judge

Updated 6 years ago

The Animal Welfare Institute and the Wildlife Alliance of Maine wants the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to shut down certain types of trapping.

They say it should be that way until the state gets a special permit from federal authorities.

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Katahdin Grant

Updated 6 years ago

Michaud says the funding will provide workers with access to an array of services, including skills assessments, training and career counseling. It’ll also supplement services already being offered through Trade Adjustment Assistance.

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Fiery Crash in Bucksport

Updated 6 years ago

It happened on the Millvale Rd. around 9:20 p.m.

After a bried chase, the car crashed and caught on fire. The driver then ran into the woods.

Police called in the K-9 unit to help search for the driver.

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More Recounts

Updated 6 years ago

The secretary of state’s office announced Wednesday that Democrat Ruth-Marie Spellman of Brewer wants a recount in her race against Republican Michael Celli of Brewer for the House District 21 race. Preliminary results indicated Celli was the winner by a count of 2,457 to 2,388.

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Island Vandals

Updated 6 years ago

Trash cans were thrown onto the elementary school lawn, and piles of garbage were set on fire.

Police say mail boxes and paper delivery boxes were also destroyed.

Windows were broken, and at least one business was spray painted.

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Sharon’s Home For the Holiday

Updated 6 years ago

30-year-old Sharon Alley was born with her legs behind her ears. She was born in that awkward shape because of a disease similar to M.S.

The disease affects the muscles, tissues, and nerves of Sharon’s body.

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Veterans Day Observed

Updated 6 years ago

Most retailers, supermarkets, and restaurants however, are open for the day.

There are more than 150,000 veterans in Maine, and several towns and cities will mark the day with parades and observance ceremonies.

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DOT Cuts

Updated 6 years ago

Those plans are in, and the Department of Transportation could be one of the hardest hit, having to cut $39,000,000.

Transportation Commissioner David Cole submitted the DOT’s proposal, which includes nearly 150 job cuts.

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Heating Oil Prices Continue to Fall

Updated 6 years ago

According to the state energy office’s weekly survey released Monday, the average cash price for a gallon of heating oil is $2.80, $.03 lower than a week ago and $.82 lower than early October.

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Second Drowning Victim Found

Updated 6 years ago

The Maine Warden Service has recovered the bodies ofboth ofthe men who went missing after their boat sank in a Piscataquis County lake.

According to the warden service, four lifelong friends from Dover-Foxcroft were crossing First Buttermilk Pond in Bowerbank at about 4:15 p.m. Saturday when their boat began taking on water.

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Windsor Man Run Over and Killed

Updated 6 years ago

The Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office says a 43-year-old man was killed when he was apparently run over by two cars after lying down in the middle of well-traveled road.

According to Sheriff Randall Liberty, deputies got a call about 3 a.m. Saturday of an intoxicated man on Route 17 in the town of Chelsea.

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Sidney Crash Kills Rangeley Woman

Updated 6 years ago

The crash happened just before 4pm on the Middle Road.

Two vehicles collided and rolled over.

The deceased is identified as 38-year-old Julie Maloy of Rangley. Police say she was thrown from the pick up truck, which was registered in her name.

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WABI Signal Problems on DirecTV

Updated 6 years ago

A number of DirecTV local channel subscribers have contacted us concerning the quality of our signal on the service. Specific concerns are audio-video synch (sound not matching with picture) and technical &quot:glitches&quot: in the signal.

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Maine Senate Leadership

Updated 6 years ago

The current majority leader, Sen. Elizabeth Mitchell of Vassalboro, won the caucus nomination as Senate president Monday evening. Because the Democrats have a majority, her nomination assures her election to the Senate’s top spot.

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Voter Turnout

Updated 6 years ago

Maine’s turnout was 70%, based on unofficial and still-incomplete figures from vote-counting sources. In the presidential race four years ago, nearly 74 percent of Maine’s eligible voters cast ballots.

In the other northern New England states, Vermont had a 65% turnout and New Hampshire had70%.

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Circuit City Bankruptcy

Updated 6 years ago

None of the company’s stores in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont were on the closure list, but Circuit City said said it filed out of concern that vendors would not ship goods to the stores for the holiday shopping period.

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Anti-Racism Rally on MDI

Updated 6 years ago

Mount Desert Island residents gathered for a rally in Bar Harbor Sunday.

They wanted to address what they say is a rare hate crime in their community.

Two effigies, both painted black,were found hanging from trees the day after the Presidential election…there is speculation that the figures may have referenced President-elect Barack Obama.

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Rabid Skunks in Central Maine

Updated 6 years ago

Two skunks have been confirmed to have

rabies in central Maine and animal control officers say there’s

concern that other wild animals might have the disease.

Animal control officer Howard Morang said two dogs are now in

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Double Murder Trial Set to Begin

Updated 6 years ago

A double homicide trial will begin next

month for a 22-year-old man charged with killing a former high

school classmate and then fatally stabbing his own father six days


John A. Okie’s trial is scheduled to begin Dec. 8 in Kennebec

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Reynolds Murder Verdict

Updated 6 years ago

42 year old Reynolds was accused of shooting Rhonda Wakefield-Reynolds in January2007, the day she planned to file for divorce.

Reynolds took the stand Thursday. He told the court during his testimony, &quot:I wanted to shoot myself in her presence. I wanted that image to be the last thing she saw, and that she would have to explain to the kids what happened to their father.&quot:

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