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Fungus Hits Local Maple Trees

Updated 5 years ago

You might have seen lots of brown leaves on the ground lately. No, it’s not fall yet. A fungus is infecting maple trees throughout the state, including some in Bangor.Leaves on maple trees around town have been turning brown with tar spots and falling to the ground.”It’s the Rhytisma fungus, Acerinum. It’s particularly fond of the Norway Maples,” says Brian Dugas, a Bangor City Forester. He says while the fungus doesn’t look good, it’s not really harmful to most trees.”It is considered a nuisance fungus. It’s nothing to get really concerned about unless you have a tree that’s under a severe strain and has been experiencing dieback for many years. And if it’s a weakened tree, it’s certainly going to weaken the tree some more,” Dugas says.He says all our wet weather means the infection is serious in the city this year, especially in sheltered areas, like along the Kenduskeag stream.”As the season progresses, these spots – they start as small, black spots, grow in a circular pattern and coalesce into a solid black tar spot. In August, if the infection is serious enough, it desiccates a lot of the foliage and that’s when you see the browning of the entire canopy of the tree,” he says.Dugas says the key to keep the fungus from spreading is simple sanitation. Rake up infected leaves and bury them in your garden, or burn them.”The problem we have in this area is the Norway Maple is an invasive species. It’s taken over much of the woods of the city, which makes it difficult to control.”

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Man Who Claims Assault at Acadia National Park to Sue Government

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

The lawyer for a man who says rangers threw him to the ground while trying to break up a party in Acadia National Park last year will sue the federal government. Jon Holder filed a damage claim with the government six months ago for his client, Tim Wild. Holder tells TV5 the government denied the claim and he’s going forward with a lawsuit. Wild and Catherine Junkert were among a group of people that hiked up Day Mountain last August. Park rangers say there was underage drinking and marijuana use going on. They tried to break up the party, arresting Wild and Junkert. Wild wound up with facial fractures and a concussion. One of the rangers reportedly says Wild was belligerent and was resisting. Wild says he was deliberately thrown to the ground.Wild’s lawyer says he has several grounds for a lawsuit, such as assault, negligence and malicious prosecution. He’s seeking monetary damages and plans to file the suit next week.Last week, the National Park Service said rangers Kevin Donnell and Jim Lyon were cleared of using excessive force and will not be disciplined. The U.S. Attorney also found no grounds to prosecute the rangers.

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Neighborhood in Brewer Evacuated From a Gas Leak

Updated 5 years ago

Some folks in Brewer were evacuated from their homes after a gas leak this afternoon.A private contractor was working along Gilmore street when he hit and severed an underground gas line.Close to 20 people in the neighborhood were evacuated and North Main Street was closed as a precaution.Captain of the Brewer Fire Department Gary Parent says they were lucky they were able to keep it contained.” With the large volume of that gas these apartment houses and houses so close together we could have had a real serious situation.”Clean-up and repairs have already started.And North Main street has been opened back up.But folks in the neighborhood will remain evacuated until the repairs are complete.

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Quilt Show in Brownville Junction

Updated 5 years ago

Several quilts will be on display Saturday in Brownville Junction.The Brownville Junction United Methodist Church will host their eleventh annual quilt show.Quilts of valor will be on display and will be sent out and given to wounded service men and women after the show.A tessellating pinwheel will also be demonstrated throughout the day.Doors will open at the church at 9 am and the show will run until 2 pm.There will also be a luncheon provided from 11 to 1.

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Pancake Breakfast in Hampden

Updated 5 years ago

Pancakes will be served up on Saturday in Hampden.The Kiwanis Club of Hampden are hosting a pancake breakfast for children’s day.From 7 to 10 am at the Hampden Kiwanis Civic Center.The cost of the breakfast is $6 for adults and $3 for children.For more information you can call 848-7117.

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Hypothermia the Cause of Hampden Teen Death

Updated 5 years ago

The State Medical Examiner’s office says a Hampden teenager died from hypothermia.17-year-old Nathan Clark’s body was found in a gravel pit in March.His father reported him missing when he did not return home one evening.The teenager had reportedly become upset that afternoon and took off into the woods from a house he was visiting.While the autopsy report was conducted this Spring, the results have been withheld until now, pending toxicology results.

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First Annual KahBang Music and Art Festival Hits Bangor Waterfront

Updated 5 years ago

Music lovers will want to hit the Bangor waterfront this weekend.The first annual Kahbang Music and Art Festival is coming to town.Meghan Hayward has the story.”It’s more or less something that Bangor has never seen except the Folk Festival. That’s kind of who we’re copying they’ve worked with us sharing their infrastructure. We’re going to try and match it to scale but except have it be more rock and roll instead of folk.”Folks in Bangor will be able to tap their feet to the beat of the music at the first annual Kahbang Music and Art Festival.So what can people expect to find at the festival?” I don’t want to tell them what they can or can’t expect because it’s going to be anything and everything like I said they might walk in and a guy could be breathing fire next to them.”The festival will feature six national and one international band.Which is something Festival Director Chas Bruns says you don’t usually find in Bangor.” So it’s kind of cool for people who are local and especially high school students and people who don’t get to go out to have something that’s available to check out.”Two of the acts are local ones too.Tom Tash and Susanne Gerry are in the Bay State band.They got together about five years ago but have moved around.Gerry says they are happy to be performing in Bangor.” This is really really awesome and I personally am so excited that something like this is finally happening up here. If I had been a teenager and this sort of festival came my way I would have been so excited.”The Bay State band is a pop-rock one.And they say a lot goes into preparing for a performance like this.” Practice. Being able to know you’re going to be able to bring your game. There’s a lot of hype around something like this. There are people who can be close-minded about music sometimes so you have to be prepared for that. There are going to be people who like it and people who don’t.”Yuri Trusty is a member of the Sam and Yuri band.Trusty says his band has been trying to play as much as they can around Bangor but it isn’t always easy.He says the band is thrilled to have a chance like this.” Incredibly monumental definitely. Up until recently there hasn’t been much of a scene for music around here.”Both bands hope they will be back performing on the same stage next year.Something Bruns says it quite likely.”We’re trying to make it an annual event where we take over the entire waterfront.”

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Some Northeast Harbor Business Owners Eligible for SBA Loans

Updated 5 years ago

Small businesses impacted by last summer’s massive fire in Northeast Harbor are now eligible for special federal loans.Senator Olympia Snowe announced the news Friday.Economic Injury Disaster Loans are distributed through the Small Business Administration to help business owners repair damages…they can also be used as working capital to keep a business afloat after a disaster.The July 2008 fire wiped out several businesses, including a restaurant and an art gallery.Business owners can apply for the loans through September first.The maximum loan amount is two million dollars.Snowe says she’s hoping the loans will help the affected business owners reopen and rebuild their livelihoods as quickly as possible.

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Classic Car Show to Benefit Camp CaPella

Updated 5 years ago

Car buffs looking for something to do this weekend can head to Brewer.The folks at Maine Oxy are hosting a classic car show…and folks who take part can do more than show off their vehicles…they can also help some very special kids.Amy Erickson has the story.Brewer is the place to be for classic car enthusiasts on Saturday.The parking lot at Maine Oxy will be packed with close to 100 vintage autos dating back to the 1930s.Even better…the company is donating all the proceeds to Camp CaPella, which gives kids and adults with disabilities a traditional summer camp experience.”We’ve done it before in Auburn and Hooksett for the past 6 years and when we heard Camp Capella’s story, we said ‘time to do one up here.’”Bob Smith is Maine Oxy’s marketing manager.He says besides helping some great kids, car buffs who pay the registration fee will also pick up some handy tips on keeping their vehicles in shape.”We’re gonna have a lot of our own vendors here, showing them how to weld and also different ways they can work with their auto body and stuff like that.”Dana Mosher is Camp CaPella’s Executive Director.He couldn’t be more pleased that a business like Maine Oxy is doing its part to help give disabled kids a summer camp experience that’ll last a lifetime.”Last year, they brought 2 kids to camp and built us a custom aluminum wheelchair ramp and this year you get to come look at beautiful cars and know you’re sending kids to camp.”It’s fundraisers like these that help keep Camp CaPella open year after year.”Camp Capella is completely supported by the community. This is..businesses are part of the community and it’s crucial…it’s what keeps us in business.””Most of the kids that come to Camp CaPella wouldn’t be able to go anywhere else.”The car show runs Saturday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Maine Oxy on Robertson Boulevard in Brewer.Car registration is five dollars, and trophies will be awarded for several categories.Admission is free.Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Brewer.>

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Dairy Queen Fundraiser for CMN

Updated 5 years ago

Business was booming at local Dairy Queens today, for a good reason. With every Blizzard treat they sell Thursday they will donate a dollar to the Children’s Miracle Network.The folks at the Dairy Queen on Broadway in Bangor say they sold a hundred Blizzards before noontime. Local businesses have been faxing in orders for 25 at a time, and donating extra money when they pick them up. Folks at DQ say they’re pleased to support CMN since the money they raise will help lots of children.”My baby probably wouldn’t be here with us today if it wasn’t for them. She spent a week in the NICU when she was born, so it’s a really special day for me,” says Libby Bambrick, who works at Dairy Queen.Miracle Treat Day raises funds at Dairy Queens across the country.Last year’s event raised 4.5 million dollars for 170 Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. They say all the money raised stays in local communities.

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Vassalboro Drug Bust

Updated 5 years ago

The Kennebec County Sheriff’s Department, Oakland Police, and Fairfield Polce seized more than 500 marijuana plants from the residence of Daniel Peaslee of Vassalboro Thursday.Peaslee was charged with marijuana cultivation, a class C felony, and possession of schedule Z drugs.Officials say Peaslee had a sophisticated growing setup with six grow rooms, timer equipped grow lights, fertilizer, an air cooling system and processing equipment.The estimated value of the seized marijuana is $70,000. Police also seized $2,600 and a 357 handgun.

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BIA Numbers Up

Updated 5 years ago

Officials at Bangor International Airport say passenger traffic has risen for the sixth consecutive month, bucking a national trend.Overall passenger numbers at Bangor are up almost 10% for the year.Airport director Rebecca Hupp says a national trend of decreased fares has made flying from Bangor more affordable.

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Chamber of Commerce

Updated 5 years ago

Bangor-area business people did a little business, a little later than usual Thursday night.”After Hours” are regular networking events put on by the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce.Thursday’s event was at the Lucerne Inn. And while the location changes every month, the goal is the same: to bring together folks that might not otherwise have a chance to meet.The chamber’s acting director, Karen Cole, says a majority of the chamber’s members are people in small businesses, who often find these events helpful. “There are 800 members in the chamber so it’s a good chance for them to meet face to face and make those connections,” Cole said Thursday night. She says chamber members are from a wide variety of industries, and represent everything from non-profit groups to large business.Business After Hours events are held the second Thursday of each month from five to seven.

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Bank Robbery Suspect Remains in Jail

Updated 5 years ago

A man charged with robbing five central Maine banks remains in jail on half-a-million dollars bail.43-year-old Paul Rivera of West Gardiner was arrested last Friday by police investigating an armed robbery three days earlier at Northeast Bank in Augusta.Rivera’s also charged with four other bank robberies.A police affidavit says Rivera confessed to the crimes after police found cash from one of the robberies in his motel room.They also reported finding a silver toy gun during a search of his vehicle.

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Brewer PD Seeks Public Help

Updated 5 years ago

Brewer police are asking for the public’s help in finding a vehicle and the person or persons involved in a home burglary.Police say around 1:30 Wednesday morning, someone entered an occupied residence on Starlight Drive.The homeowners, who were sleeping at the time, awoke to some noise and found the place had been burglarized.A state police dog tracked the suspect to Parkway South. Brewer Police believe the vehicle used by the suspect or suspects was parked in the municipal basketball court parking lot, across from Pendleton Street.Anyone who saw anything suspicious, or might have seen that vehicle from around midnight to 2 am Wednesday, should call Brewer Police at 989-7001.

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Rash of Car Break ins in Bangor

Updated 5 years ago

Laptop computers, cameras, jewelry, and cash: just some of the items that have been stolen from vehicles in the outer Ohio Street residential areas in Bangor. Bangor Police have received several calls over the past week from that area of the city. The burglaries have taken place on the street, in driveways, and even unlocked garages.Police are urging folks to lock their vehicles, garages, and to keep valuables out of their cars.Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Bangor Police’s anonymous tip line at 947-7382.

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Helen Hunt Center Among Chosen Facilities

Updated 5 years ago

As part of national health center week, Penobscot Community Health Care has announced that three of their clinics have been selected to take part in a statewide project.The Helen Hunt Center, Penobscot Pediatrics, and Penobscot Community Health Care will all participate in the “Maine Patient Centered Medical Home pilot project.”The goal is to improve primary care for patients while also lowering costs.And, Penobscot Community Health Care will partner with a national health research group called Altarum Institute, for a project also designed to improve primary care. “And our objective is to improve the performance, the patient experience and ultimately, their lives. I’m struck by the dynamic environment I see here. The level of energy and commitment to both innovation as well as simply doing the day to day things well,” So said Altarum representative Jim Lee.Most of the speakers at Thursday’s event mentioned the current national debate about health care reform.They say projects like the ones Penobscot Community Health is participating in will help find out what really works for the benefit of the patients.

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National Parks Free Weekend

Updated 5 years ago

Visitors to Acadia National Park can get in for free this weekend.The National Park Service is waiving entrance fees on Saturday and Sunday.They’re hoping it will encourage more Americans to visit national parks.Acadia is one of the country’s 391 national parks.This will be the third and final such weekend this year.

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Former Student’s Artwork on Display

Updated 5 years ago

There’s a new piece of artwork to admire at Northeast Occupational Exchange in Bangor thanks to the work of a Bangor High School graduateLindsey Giles created the piece as part of her advanced placement art project last year.One of the guidelines of the project was to create something enjoyable for many people rather than just a personal gift to one person. “Although there are a lot of different faces I didn’t want to use anyone in particular. I wanted it to represent the whole of the agency and how every person is important,” Said the young artist on ThursdayNortheast Occupational Exchange is a mental health and substance abuse agency serving children, adolescents, and adults across Maine.

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Olympia Snowe Speaks To Small Business Owners At Husson

Updated 5 years ago

Senator Olympia Snowe spent the morning at Husson University in Bangor, focusing on business. The senator was part of a panel talking to small business owners about issues effecting them in today’s economy.Also on the panel was Karen Mills from the United States Small Business Administration. The group spoke on topics ranging from the impact of federal stimulus money to green jobs, and of course health care.Time was given for the audience to ask the panel questions, a number of the questions focused on the issue of health care. “Some people would prefer to have us do it sooner rather than later,” said Senator Snowe, “and I say you can’t be confined by by unrealistic time frames on such a complex and costly matter, I think that has been some of the problems to begin with quite frankly, you know you have to write a thousand page bill, it takes time.”

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