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UMaine Student Autopsy Results

Updated 6 years ago

The state’s medical examiner says the manner of 19-year-old Dylan Lyford’s death is pending further investigation. But Umaine officials have previously said alcohol may have been a factor.

Police were called to an apartment on Stillwater Avenue around 10:30 Sunday morning for a report of an unconscious man. Lyford, who lived on campus, was a first-year student studying chemical engineering. He was taken to a hospital in Bangor where he was pronounced dead. Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Lyford’s death.

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A small business in Bangor gets a little bit of good news….

Updated 6 years ago

Tom Cavanaugh and his wife have owned the business for more than thirty years….

Last fall, they received a notice from maine revenue services stating they’d have to stop mailing in their tax payment, and file electronically, or face a fifty dollar fine for each month they failed to comply…..

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Winterfest plans in full swing…

Updated 6 years ago

Organizers met at the muddy rudder this morning, to run down the schedule of events for this year’s festivities…..

There will be lots of fun activities, for the whole family…..

It starts Friday evening at 5pm, when the Muddy Rudder will serve free appetizers, as folks get ready for the fireworks, which are scheduled for 7-30…..

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Bangor Fire

Updated 6 years ago

A fire broke out around 4:30 p.m. in the building that houses Court Street Market, as well as several apartments.

It’s not the first time the building there has been hit by fire. The owners had just finished rebuilding from the last fire.

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Brewer Water Restored

Updated 6 years ago

According to the Michael Riley, Superintendent of the Brewer Water Department, there were two water mains that run to the area of North Main Street.

Riley says one of the mains in the area of the Indian Trail Park broke.

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Walking Across Maine… in Drag.

Updated 6 years ago

Tim Berry plans to walk from the University of Southern Maine, to the University of Maine in Presque Isle,whiledressed in drag.

Berry’s mission has two parts. One, to raise $4,000 for the United, the other,using theidea of charity to ask people to question their levels of tolerance.

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Cummings Charged With Murder

Updated 6 years ago

State police say Amber Cummings, 31, shot James Cummings, 29, in their High St. home in Belfast back in December.

Cummings pleaded not guilty and not criminally responsible because of mental disease or defect in Belfast District Court.

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Police Search for Sex Offender

Updated 6 years ago

Police believe that Robert Tilton of Clarendon, South Carolina, rode on a bus more than 1,200 miles to meet a female student he’d contacted through an on-line gaming site.

Police say Tilton got into a locked residential hall after giving a security officer a false name.

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Fatal Fire in Searsport

Updated 6 years ago

The fire broke out around 6:30 Monday morning at a home on Porter Street. Investigators from the fire marshal’s office arrived on the scene around just a couple of hours ago. The home is on a dead-end street and reporters are being kept from the scene, so we don’t have a lot of information.

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BSO Concert

Updated 6 years ago

It was open to all of the high school students in the state. Ten finalists were selected from their audition tapes to play at this weekend’s recital. Samuel Balaga of Gray took top honors.

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Dixfield Family Homeless

Updated 6 years ago

The fire happened Sunday morning at a home on Route 2.

Everyone managed to get out of the home safely, but the fire did major damage: burning through the roof from one end of the building to the other.

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Selling At a Loss

Updated 6 years ago

They say that the trend is a result of the slumping economy, which is causing massive job losses, and declines in real estate values.

In what are called &quot:short sales,&quot: lenders agree to accept less than the outstanding balance of the loan.

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Gay Marriage Back in the Spotlight

Updated 6 years ago

The Family Research Council held a rally in Augusta about the issue Sunday night.

Folks who attended the rally were there to support the traditional definition of marriage: that of a union between one man and one woman.

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Dairy Farmers Bracing For the Worst

Updated 6 years ago

Maine’s dairy farmers are bracing for tough

times amid falling prices and potential cuts in a state subsidy

program, but organic farmers appear to be in better shape than most

to weather unfavorable market conditions.

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Free Fishing Weekend

Updated 6 years ago

For the second day in a row, Maine is

allowing people to fish for free on the state’s waterways.

Valentine’s weekend has been designated as Family Fishing Days.

It’s a promotion by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

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Budget Crisis Hits Courtrooms

Updated 6 years ago

Maine’s budget crisis is forcing cuts in

security at the state’s courts, a trend that’s causing concern

among court leaders and legislators.

The judiciary had planned to hire 10 additional security

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Dental Residency Program Announced

Updated 6 years ago

&quot:It’s an astonishing fact that as many as 11 percent of our nation’s rural population has never been to the dentist – never once,&quot: says Senator Susan Collins.

Across the nation, the number of dentists in rural areas is rapidly declining. And those who are working in the field are nearing the age of retirement.

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Snowmobiler Rescued

Updated 6 years ago

The Maine Warden Service says Scott Davis was pulled from the lake Friday night by his fellow riders, Steve McCullan of Portland, Joe Muce of Acton and Todd Davis of Sanford. Warden Dan Carroll said the three formed a human chain and held on to each others’ ankles to get a tow strap to Scott Davis and pull him from the water.

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Collins and Snowe Praised

Updated 6 years ago

In his weekly radio address Saturday, Gov. John Baldacci expressed thanks to Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins for standing for what is right for Maine and the nation. Baldacci also applauded the work of Democratic Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree for helping to lay the foundation of the final stimulus bill.

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Feburary 13th

Wayne Harvey

Updated 6 years ago

If you think you might be at risk for lead poisoning, call the Maine Childhood Lead Prevention Program at 1 (800) 292-3474.If you are having issues with internet service, you can call FairPoint at 1 (800) 240-5019, or log on to their website at www.myfairpoint.netTo find out about how to qualify for a Camp Bangor scholarship click, or log on to www.unitedwayem.orgIf you want more information on scams, or anything else concerning the state, take a peek at the Attorney General’s site at www.maine.gov/ag To learn more about classes for seniors in your area, click, or log on to www.eaaa.orgTo get another look at the pet indroduced to us Tuesday morning, click, or log on to www.bangorhumane.org

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