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Bangor Street Lights Being Switched to LEDs

Updated 5 years ago

Bangor’s getting a lot of new street lights.Money from the federal stimulus program will help the city switch hundreds of street lights to energy efficient lighting.City Manager Ed Barrett says the new lights will use only half as much energy as the current lights, saving tens of thousands of dollars a year on bangor’s power bill.”We think it’s environmentally appropriate. The city has a strong effort to improve our environment and this gives us the opportunity to reduce our electricity uses and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.”More than three-hundred street lights will be switched over.Barrett says he hopes it’s all done by the end of summer.

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Golden Nest Egg Event Held at Hammond Street Senior Center

Updated 5 years ago

All sorts of crafts created by members at the Hammond Street Senior Center were on display tonight.The center hosted the golden nest egg event.Paintings, baskets, pottery and quilts created by the members were not only being showed-off but up for sale too.Twenty percent of sales from the art is all going back to the center.Development and Communication Director for the center Deanna Partridge says events like these are a big help to the center.” We we’re charged with raising our own budget. We are a nonprofit and the other piece that is important I think is for the community to be able to see and appreciate the creativity of our older artists in the community.”If you missed tonight’s event you can still stop in at the center and purchase some of the crafts.

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Authorities Investigating Two Restaurant Burglaries in Waldo County

Updated 5 years ago

Authorities in Waldo county are investigating break-ins at two restaurants early Thursday morning, and they’re trying to figure out if they’re related.The first happened sometime between 12:00 AM and 3:30 AM at Angler’s Restaurant in Searsport.Searsport Police Chief Richard Lahaye tells us the burglar broke into a back door. “They went in and rifled through items throughout the restaurant and there was cash that was taken.”Shortly after, someone broke into Just Barb’s Restaurant in Stockton Springs. There, they removed a screen and forced open a window in the kitchen. We’re told cash from the register and some lobster meat was taken.Searsport Police have released surveillance video from the break in at Anglers.They captured pictures of the suspect. They’re asking for the public’s help in identifying this person.If you have any information, call Searsport Police Department at 548-2304 or the Waldo County Dispatch at 338-2040.

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Skowhegan Couple Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Updated 5 years ago

Friday, June 26th is a milestone for Cecil and Bea Jones of Skowhegan. They are celebrating their 70th anniversary.Cecil Jones tells says it was 1937, when he was standing outside the Strand Theater in Skowhegan, and he spotted a young lady in line.”I said ‘I’m gonna take that girl home tonight’, and I’ve been taking her home ever since.”It was Bea, the woman he would marry two years later.”So was it love at first sight? It was love at first sight. Was it for you too. I wasn’t ready.”But soon she was ready to start a life with Cecil. They lived in Norridgewock and had three sons, and a daughter. Bea stayed home to care for them, and also babysat hundreds of children over the years. Cecil became a pastor at a church in Norridgewock in the 1960’s.They say their marriage wasn’t always perfect, but they stuck together for 70 years. According to Cecil, he had a couple very important words in his vocabulary.”Yes dear.””I don’t quite agree with that.””I agree with dad, that it’s ‘Yes Dear’, but it’s Mom that said ‘Yes Dear’”The truth is, they say it was just a matter of sticking by one another.”To do things for each other, keep that up.””It’s inspiring and we need to take a look around and realize no matter how hard the times, if you want to give a little it’s gonna be successful.””It’s caring for each other and watching out for each other.”Decades later that’s what Cecil and Bea continue to do, and you’ll notice over the years, pictures of them holding hands. They still do that today.”One of the greatest things that made us stay together is one little word. L-O-V-E, love. And there aren’t many days that go by and what we say to one another, “I love you”

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Dream Wedding, Inspired by True Story

Updated 5 years ago

To promote Maine’s upscale wedding industry, a local organization is giving a couple a high-class wedding – for free.Thursday the bride and groom saw their wedding venue, the Retreat at French’s Point, for the first time.”This is a dream come true!” says Gita Pullapilly. She and Aron Gaudet will be married here this fall.”He’s amazing. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him,” Gita says, of what drew her to Aron. He laughs and says, “And I’m a great editor.” “And he’s a great editor,” Gita says.They’re the producer and director of “The Way We Get By,” a critically acclaimed film about Maine Troop Greeters.They spent all their money on the film and didn’t think they could ever pull off a wedding.”We’re so busy,” Aron says. “I mean, we work seven days a week, 15 hours a day trying to get the movie out there. That was the other thing, besides the money, how do we have time to plan this?””So when Amber said, ‘I will plan your wedding,’ I was like, “Take it!” Gita says.Enter Amber Small, of Sweetest Thing Weddings, and French’s Point CEO Jessika Brooks. They were looking for a deserving couple to give the wedding of their dreams.”It’s to showcase what Maine can do for high-class, upscale weddings,” Small says. “I went to the movie, cried, fell in love and called Jessie and said, “I found them.””They are so worthy of it, it’s rewarding on a whole different level,” Brooks says.They say the film means a lot to people here. Since then, 20 more vendors have come on board, forming a group called Real Weddings-Maine. Inspired by the story Gita and Aron are telling to the world, they’re happy to play a part.”So I think once I look out there and see all of our friends and family, and just to be able to have this kind of dream wedding,” Gita says, “It’s just going to be unbelievable.”

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Mainers are Disposing their Drugs

Updated 5 years ago

When a doctor prescribes medication sometimes the patient doesn’t end up taking every dose. So what happens to the unused meds? Some end up being sold on the street according to law enforcement officials. And years ago it used to be the norm to throw away or flush down the toilet what was left in the bottle, but not anymore. Last year Maine unveiled a program to dispose unused prescription medications properly. 9-thousand prepaid envelopes were distributed through the program, which was funded through a grant that the Maine Center on Aging helped land. State Drug Enforcement Agency Director Roy McKinney says 3-thousand envelopes have been returned with more than 13-hundred pounds of prescription pills and fluids. All are sent to an undisclosed location where his agents pick them up. Recently pharmacists were at the department of public safety sorting through the drugs, which will be destroyed and/or disposed of properly.Maine is the first state in the country to use the U.S. Postal Service to send controlled and uncontrolled drugs to a secure location so law enforcement can have them disposed of properly. The program has been a partnership through the University of Maine’s Center on Aging, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, the Postal Service and Maine DEP. Recently, the Maine Legislature approved funding for the next two years for the program. $150,000 will be provided from the fund for a healthy Maine. 20-thousand envelopes have been sent to pharmacies and police departments across the state and are free to the public.

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Names Released in Clinton Fatal Accident

Updated 5 years ago

Police are investigating a car accident in Clinton Thursday that killed one man and sent another to the hospital.Police say a car was speeding on Route 23 about 3:30 Thursday afternoon when it went off the road and crashed into the woods. 30-year-old Paul Elliott of Canaan was thrown from the car and died instantly. 22-year-old William Rigdon of Clinton was taken to a Waterville hospital with unknown injuries. He has since been transferred to Maine Medical Center in Portland.Police say at this point, it is not clear who was driving the car.

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Whoopie Pie Filling

Updated 5 years ago

Ingredients: 6c Confectioner’s Sugar 1 lbs. Butter 2 Tablespoons Vanilla 2c Marshmellow FluffDirections: Mix all ingredients together until mixture is smooth. Cool mixture and aply to ready-made cakes.Enjoy!

Governor’s Whoopie Pie Recipe

Updated 5 years ago

Cake Ingredients: 2c Sugar 4c Flour 2 Eggs 3/4c Oil 1c Cocoa 1 1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda 1 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla 2c WaterDirections:Combine all Ingredients in mixing bowl, mix until smooth, shape dough, bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes…let stand until cooled all the way through, otherwise filling WILL spill over edges. *** Makes around a dozen palm-sized pies.Filling Ingredients:6 cups confectioners sugar1 lb. butter2 tablespoons vanilla2 cups marshmallow fluffDirections:Combine all ingredients in mixing bowl. Mix until smooth.Add filling to center of cake, top with another cake. Enjoy!

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Town Responds to Man’s Stolen Bike

Updated 5 years ago

Someone stole Everett Rockwell’s bike Sunday.And in the town of Corinna, many people consider Everett a part of the family. His sister Betty says everyone knows “Ebbie,” and his smile. He rides his bike into town every day.”Basically that’s his life,” Betty says of his bike. “To be able to just hop on his bike and go around and visit with people in town. That’s his freedom.”Ebbie has cerebral palsy and can’t speak or hear. But he communicates just fine. One of his favorite stops is AE Robinson, where Vicki Parker says he helps around the store.”He’s got a smile that would light up the world,” Parker says. “Everybody just loves him.”Ebbie had stopped inside Sunday morning. But when he went to leave, his bike was gone.”And he went like this,” Parker says, motioning, “and I said, ‘your bike’? And he said yeah, so we went out and looked and it was gone. And he just fell into my arms and I said ‘It’s ok, we’ll find it. Don’t worry.’”From surveillance video captured by the Seafood Market across the street, his sister says the worst part is, it looks like Ebbie was targeted.”That someone had just waited for him to go to the store. And just hopped on the bike and rode it up the street,” Betty says.Folks in town have looked everywhere for the bike that was Ebbie’s 55th birthday present.”He’s really upset. That anybody would do that to him,” Betty says.”It never should have happened to him. So he deserves to have another bike,” Parker says.In just a couple days, AE Robinson has collected more than two hundred dollars to buy Ebbie a a new bike.”I think it was just some kid that was out to do a mean prank. And they succeeded in that because it really hurt him.”At least now, Betty says, Ebbie knows how much people in town care about him.”They really have shown their support for him,” Betty says, “and we appreciate that.”

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Penobscot Narrows Observatory Elevator Reopens

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

The elevator at the Penobscot Narrows Observatory is running again after conking out yesterday.State Transportation spokesman Mark Latti says it shut down because of corrosion on circuit boards from the excessive moisture this month.Around noon yesterday the elevator quit after taking seven visitors and a guide to the top of the tower. The Prospect and Stockton Springs fire departments responded.They blocked off traffic to the bridge, then climbed the hundreds of steps to get to the folks stranded up top and walked them down.Technicians from Stanley Elevators were on site today to make sure everything is okay.

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Names Released in Deadly Car Crash

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Hancock is in the hospital recovering from serious injuries after a car crash in Ellsworth that killed another man. The pick-up truck and car the two men were driving collided head-on about 4:30 Wednesday afternoon on Route 1A.44-year old Richard Jazowski of Bradley was driving the car. He was killed on impact. And 38-year old Marcus Saunders of Hancock was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center. Officials say he’s stable right now.Ellsworth Police spent the evening reconstructing the scene to determine what happened.

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Economy Boosts Sales at Goodwill Stores

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

While some businesses struggle to stay open these days, others are thriving, especially the ones that offer discount prices. The Goodwill Retail Store in Bangor is one of those businesses.Linda Dunn’s been hooked on bargain shopping for 40 years. She knows good deals are the name of the game at Goodwill.”Here I have a sweater, beautiful wool – it’s a blend – and it’s from Old Navy for five dollars. It’s like brand new.”Shopper April Taylor says “The prices are really reasonable. Today they have a 50-percent off on books so the girls were able to buy so many books considering if we went somewhere else, they’d only be able to buy one brand new book.”At a time when everyone’s out to save money, this Goodwill Store on Stillwater Avenue in Bangor is making money. Sales are up 3-and-a-half percent over last year. Goodwill Stores throughout Northern New England have seen sales rise by nearly 8-percent.Manager Shirley Hall says “We see customers we haven’t seen in the last year, so we’re getting a lot of new customers.””Our price range on textiles, which is clothing, starts at 4.99, children start at 1.99. So you can already see what great value we have. And then some things if they’re brand new they’re priced a little bit pricier than that.”Hall says bargain prices get most of the credit for the sales boost. But quality merchandise plays a part, too.”We have Walmart items, that quality. But we also have Lane Bryant, Talbots, stuff like that – a lot of LL Bean.”Hall says the bonus to shopping at Goodwill is that it helps more than just the household budget. It also supports the local economy. “The money from our stores actually goes to help support our group homes so it’s great. You’re doing a good thing, getting a deal for you but you’re helping people get jobs and keep jobs at the same time, too.”

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One Word Causes Commotion in Stockton Springs

Updated 5 years ago

One word has caused quite a bit of commotion in Stockton Springs.A lane on a dead end road has been called Squaw Point Road for decades.But Maine banned the word squa from place names in 2000 because it’s offensive to Native Americans.Stockton Springs Town Manager says residents then started playing a game of scrabble with the spelling of the road.But this month Maine lawmakers amended the law to ban any public place names that include any sort of derivation of squa.The private lane is now called Defence Point Road.

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A Hobby In Belfast Has Been Around For A Long Time

Updated 5 years ago

Some Belfast ladies have found a common hobby.And as Meghan Hayward tell us, it’s been around for a long time.”You learn so much from the buttons about the history of our country and other countries. It’s just a great joy you know.”Harriet Davis has been a member of the Tri-County Button Club for more than a decade.The club itself has been around for 58 years.Something davis credits to its members.”Well I think the gals that, the camaraderie your hobby your desire to keep your interest going and the love of buttons.”The Tri County Button Club meets once a month from March through October.Originally, they met at members’ homes, but as the group grew, they had to find a bigger location, The Baptist Church in Belfast.Davis says the size of the group isn’t the only thing that’s increased.”One dollar to maybe 5,000. They are expensive and depending on what you’re collecting.”Ruth Worcester is president of the button club.Her mother and grandmother both belonged to button clubs too.Worcester says she can find something she likes about every button she comes across.” Well I collect anything that is unusual and all different designs everything.”Wednesday, two button dealers were on hand.Davis says there are other ways to find buttons.”A lot of times if you go to antique shops but you have to be cautious. You have to know have some idea about the prices.”The Tri-County Button Club helps members learn the ins and outs of button hunting.Davis says when she first joined, she never expected collecting buttons would become such a hobby of hers.”You really get addicted to it. I’ll tell you.”

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French Island Woman Turns 100 Years Young

Updated 5 years ago

For most of us we consider our milestone birthdays when we turn 30, 40 or maybe 50. For Lucienne Cloutier of French Island, Wednesday marks her 100th birthday, but if you ask her, she doesn’t know why everybody is making such a big deal about it. To her it’s just another birthday. “I think it’s too much, you know, if I were somebody important who did something or is doing something but I’m just a plain woman.”She is far from just a plain woman. She has memories dating all the way back to her days riding a horse and buggy to school, and now she enjoys the luxury of her high-definition television. She spends her time doing housework, playing cards, and she still walks up to a mile every day with her daughter. “I walk every day if it’s possible. I get up and make coffee and make my breakfast, wash up and get dressed and get ready to go about my day.” Her family installed a granite bench along her walking route in Old Town’s Riverfront Park in honor of her 100th birthday.Cloutier has recieved countless happy birthday wishes from all over the country including a special note from the President and Mrs. Obama. A lifelong Democrat Cloutier says Franklin Delano Roosevelt is her favorite President.She now has 12 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren. She’s looking forward to having them all in attendance Saturday at her birthday celebration at the Newman Center in Orono. In addition to walking and spending time with her family, Cloutier remains an avid Red Sox fan and she seems fairly optimistic about their chances of winning it all this year, “They might do it but I’ll forgive them if they don’t, they’ve given us a pretty good year so far, they won it once, that’s the main thing, but oh yeah they’re my favorite.”So what’s her secret to living a long, happy life? “Try to do the best you can for yourself, eat the right things, a lot of vegetables, fruit, do a lot of walking…don’t smoke!”

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Maine Mosquito Population

Updated 5 years ago

Mosquito season is upon us, and with the steady rainfall the state has seen the mosquito population is sure to hatch in full force in the next week or so according to entomologists. To reduce mosquito numbers Maine Forest Service entomologist Charlene Donahue says getting rid of any standing water will help. Donahue has been studying insects for more than a decade and says there are 42 different types of mosquitoes in Maine, but she says not every kind will bite. The typical life span of the mosquito is a few days and it’s only the females that bite. Donahue says they need blood to produce the eggs. Not only can the insect be irritating to the skin, they can be dangerous. Mosquitoes help spread many deadly diseases, including malaria, yellow fever and, more commonly in North America, West Nile Virus. Mosquitoes have also carried Triple E or Eastern Equine Encephalitus in Maine. Last year Triple E killed one person in the state.

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Mayer Plea

Updated 5 years ago

A 55-year-old Florida man accused of supplying cocaine and oxycodone pills to mid-level and street-level distributors in Maine has pleaded guilty to federal drug charges.Michael Mayer, who was extradited to Maine following his arrest last year in Costa Rica, entered his plea Tuesday in U.S. district court in Bangor.The guilty plea to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute the drugs carries a sentence of at least 10 years, and up to life imprisonment and a fine of up to $4 million.

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Remains Found

Updated 5 years ago

State and Sanford police say human remains were found Tuesday afternoon in a well off the Creamery Hill Road in Lebanon.Police had gone to the site as part of their investigation attempting to locate Frances Moulton. She was 27 when she disappeared in the summer of 2006.The remains will be transported to the Maine state medical examiner’s office in Augusta for examination and positive identification.Tuesday’s search involved state police divers, a cadaver dog and detectives from both agencies.Moulton last contacted her family in July of 2006, and was reported missing in September of that year.She lived in Lebanon at the time of her disappearance, but often stayed with friends and family in Sanford.

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Committee Formed to Oversee Juvenile Fires

Updated 5 years ago

A committee formed to oversee the state’s response to juveniles who set fires will be meeting for the first time Monday in Augusta. The 14-member Maine Juvenile Fire Safety Collaborative will assess the impact of juvenile fire setters, monitor treatment andresponse, and suggest ways to improve counseling of children who set fires. The committee, authorized by an executive order from Governor John Baldacci, is made up of representatives from state government, social and mental health services, the fire service and law enforcement. State Fire Marshal John Dean said that since 2000, there have been 2,163 fires in Maine that were started by juveniles. He saidthose fires caused 11 deaths, 94 injuries and more than $37 million in damage.

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