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Police Shoot Woman In Biddeford

Updated 6 years ago

A woman in Biddeford was shot to death by a police officer while holding what turned out to be a BB gun. Biddeford’s police chief says the woman was shot three times on a Main Street sidewalk last night after refusing several orders to drop the gun. He says one of the officers fired when the woman approached him in a threatening manner. It started with a 911 call by a woman threatening to kill herself. The chief says the whole incident was caught on a camera mounted inside a police cruiser. The attorney general’s office is investigating.

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UVM Student With Maine Ties Found Dead

Updated 6 years ago

Police are investigating the death of a University of Vermont Student from Skowhegan.21 year old William Gates was found dead Monday morning by his roommates in a home in Burlington. Detective Michael Warren says there is no sign that the death is suspicious or a suicide. An autopsy has been scheduled. Blood and toxicology test results are expected to be available in four to six weeks.

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Lincoln Potholes

Updated 6 years ago

It’s rough riding out there on many of Maine’s roadways.It is peak pothole season, and there’s a certain stretch of route 2 in lincoln that’s in particularly poor shape.”It’s our main artery in our town. It’s heavily trafficked. The truck traffic is huge, here in Lincoln. And when you drive over the road, you are always thinking ‘why haven’t they fixed this road?’”Folks travelling along West Broadway in Lincoln have had a bit of a bumpy ride, as of late.”From the railroad tracks South to the intersection at McDonalds.” “It’s become very treacherous and dangerous for the vehicles because people that are driving South are pulling over in to the other lane to try to avoid damage to the car.”Lincoln town manager, Lisa Goodwin, says folks have been complaining to her about that road for years. “First of all, the road is in Lincoln, so they think it’s our road but it’s actually the state’s responsibility. And they come to us and want us to fix the road and pay for the repairs to their vehicles.””That section of roadway should be rebuilt. State has done some patch work up there, but evidently, it’s not holding. There needs to be some more catch basins installed and more crown to the road.”Public works director, David Lloyd, says the problem stems from poor drainage in the area.Maine Department of Transportaion spokesperson, Mark Lattie says that Lincoln is a candidate for funding, in the D.O.T.’s 2-year plan, but that nothing is definite. He says If the plan is approved, the earliest the repairs would be started would be this fall.While the work will admittedly take several months to complete, officials say, if approved the wait will be well worth it.”Lincoln is a service center. We have people coming from all over. And it just paints a really bad picture when people come in to town, and they have to ride over these rough roads. Why do they want to come back?”

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Inmates Restore Antique Hearse for Town of Knox

Updated 6 years ago

A piece of Knox’s history is well on its way to being restored to its original glory.Back in December, inmates at the Maine State Prison’s Industries Program began working on the town’s antique, horse-drawn hearse.Today, folks from the historical society paid a visit to the prison in Warren to check on the progress so far.Amy Erickson was there.The last time the folks from the Knox Historical Society saw the town’s antique hearse…it looked like this…Fast forward just three short months…here’s what it looks like now.”It was amazing! The transformation! It’s beautiful. I just love it.”The progress is thanks to the hard work of the inmates in the Maine State Prison’s Industries program.Since the prison built the original hearse in the late 1800s, the folks who run the industries program thought it was fitting that they restore it for the town.”They’re doing a wonderful job. from what I’ve seen so far. I’m really impressed.””It’s quite a challenge. We’re having a good time doing it. We love doing it.”Ron Harnish has put many hours into the project…it hasn’t been easy.”There’s a massive amount of hand sanding. We’ve probably got 60 hours on one side just hand sanding.””We still have a lot of sanding to do. Once we get that done, we’ll send it to the upholstery shop and have the inside all upholstered. Then we’ll bring it back and paint it.”Robert Welch wasn’t prepared to see such a drastic change in such a short amount of time.”It’s hard to believe some of these inmates have got the skills to do something like this. They’ve really got something behind them. I love it.””Remarkable. Remarkable. It’s hard to believe what a piece of history this is.”The town of Knox bought the horse-drawn hearse for three hundred dollars back in 1889.Present-day historical society members are hoping to be able to unveil the restored piece at the Brooks 4th of July parade this summer.”It’s awesome. I’m just really happy that we decided to do this.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Warren.>

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Armed Robbery

Updated 6 years ago

Police are investigating an armed robbery in Augusta Wednesday morning.It happened at the Maine Education Credit Union on South Chestnut Street around 9 a.m.Witnesses say the suspect was wearing a mask, had a silver gun, and handed a shopping bag to a clerk. He then made off with an undisclosed amount of money.Police are describing the suspect as 5’8” and 180 to 200lbs. Witnesses say the robber left with a Hannaford shopping bag full of cash. There have been six similar robberies in central maine in the past four months, none have been solved.

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Franco American Day

Updated 6 years ago

Wednesday is Franco-American Day in Maine.A daylong celebration will take place in Augusta to recognize Maine’s French heritage.Events include performances, featuring French music, a Franco-American menu in the Cross cafeteria, the presentation of colors by the Franco-American veterans, and appearances by dignitaries from France, Canada and the Province of Quebec.Also Wednesday: six people will be inducted into the Franco-American Hall of Fame.

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Rope Exchange

Updated 6 years ago

Maine fishermen are taking advantage of an offer of financial help before new regulations take hold regarding the type of rope that they use.On April 5th a change in regulations will require fishermen to change to sinking rope. It’s a move intended to protect endangered whales.Fishermen say sinking rope is much more expensive and will cost some of them up to $14,000 to replace it.The Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation is holding rope exchanges this week to help offset the expense.Lobstermen can turn in their rope and get $1.40 per pound toward the purchase of sinking rope.More than 900,000 pounds of rope have been turned in since the exchanges began.Rope exchanges will be held in Rockland this Thursday and Friday.

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Washington County Emergency Shelter

Updated 6 years ago

Washington County will soon have a new regional emergency shelter.Calais officials and the Washington County Community College have formed a partnership to provide another one.They are using a $47,000 grant from homeland security to buy a generator for Saint Croix Hall. Then, it can be a designated Red Cross shelter.The Saint Croix Hall student center already has kitchen and shower facilities. “Part of the shelter is going to be accessible to pets because there’s a need to bring pets when you go to a shelter.” Said W.C.C.C. President William Cassidy. “We are merely enhancing what’s available to better protect and better serve our communities.”Officials plan to have everything ready for emergencies by the end of May.

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Down East Hospital Troubles

Updated 6 years ago

Down East Community Hospital in Machias has been found in non-compliance with rules connected to Medicare and Medicaid.A spokeswoman for Down East says the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services notified the hospital of the problem on Tuesday.The hospital’s internal quality and compliance teams are carefully reviewing the report and say they will fully cooperate with federal and state health officials.

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Maine Stimulus Push

Updated 6 years ago

Maine’s senate president is pushing for $60,000,000 to create jobs, weatherize homes, and build affordable housing.Senator Elizabeth Mitchell has taken a lead role in promoting green housing.On Tuesday, she released results of an economic impact study by the Maine Affordable Housing Coalition.It found that over the next two years Senator Mitchell’s plan would create nearly $600,000,000 in construction related activity and create or maintain nearly 6000 jobs.The public hearing on the bill will be held Wednesday before the joint select committee on Maine’s energy future.

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A Touch-up for Tall Paul

Updated 6 years ago

The Paul Bunyan statue on Main Street has long been the most photographed site in Bangor. This year, a group of volunteers approached the city to make sure he stays camera ready.Every now and then the statue gets some fresh paint – but the Paul Bunyan Restoration Group says they want to give him the attention he deserves.”He’s not fancy – some people say he’s not even art,” says Bangor Mayor Gerry Palmer.But this symbol of the city of Bangor sure has many admirers.”We’re just getting together and doing this because we love Paul Bunyan,” says Jeanne Savoy.She came before a city committee Tuesday, asking if volunteers could give Mr. Bunyan a bit of a facelift for the statue’s 50th birthday this year.”Three or four artists from this area will volunteer to paint him, also, hopefully, someone will step up and volunteer the paint,” she says.They also want to fix his sometimes leaky boots, patch up the fiberglass on his legs, and have an engineer check inside to see that he’s still structurally sound. “One of the great things about Paul is he’s got a great smile on his face,” Palmer says.The missing hook to Paul’s peavey tool will also be put back in place.The last time the statue had a touch-up was about 10-years ago – also by volunteers.”We had a good, successful effort the last time this was done by this approach, and I think by the nature of the group and the attitude of the group I anticipate a successful effort this time,” says Tracy Willette, director of Parks and Recreation.The committee recommended the city give volunteers the go-ahead, and allow them to accept donations.Savoy says they hope to start when the snow is gone.”So my grandchildren can look at him and smile every time they see him and say Paul Bunyan – you know, the city of Bangor. That’s where he lives,” Savoy says.”I hope, going forward, we would give a little more respect to that big guy down on Main Street,” Palmer says, “because he deserves it.”The volunteers are from all around the area, not just Bangor, and they encourage everyone who loves Paul Bunyan to get involved. If you’d like to volunteer or donate supplies, you can reach Jeanne Savoy through Da Vinci Signs, at 848-2234.

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Ethanol Free Fuel

Updated 6 years ago

Assistant Senate Majority Leader Lisa Marrache has submitted a bill requiring oil companies to make ethanol-free fuel an option at the pump in Maine.Ethanol has been an additive in gasoline sold in Maine since late last year, and there have been some complaints, mostly from boat owners and others with older engines.Marrache says she’d like to work with oil dealers and importers to come up with a solution that doesn’t require legislative action. She says her bill would require dealers to sell high-test gasoline that’s free of ethanol, giving buyers an ethanol-free option.

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Robbinston Fire

Updated 6 years ago

An overheated wood stove is believed to have been the cause of a house fire in Robbinston on Monday that forced a woman, her grandson and two dogs to drop from a second-story window to escape the flames.Fire Chief Robert Merrill said Norma Galligan and her 12-year-old grandson were upstairs in the home on Rt. 1 when they realized that the building was heating up and filling with smoke.Galligan, whose husband was at work, had to break an upstairs window to get the family to safety.A passer-by reported the fire, but the chief said the house was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived a few minutes later.It appears that an overheated wood stove was the cause of the fire.

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National Starch Closing Plant

Updated 6 years ago

The largest employer in Island Falls is shutting down. The National Starch and Chemical Company was created by potato farmers in the 1950’s. The company announced on Tuesday that it is closing the Island Falls plant and will concentrate production at larger facilities that can be run more economically. Thirty Eight people will lose their jobs. The company says they will be eligible for severance.

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Linton Sentenced

Updated 6 years ago

An Oakland man, charged with killing a person during a drunk driving episode last October, will spend almost ten years behind bars.41-year-old Roger Linton the third was charged with vehicular manslaughter, aggravated operating under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.Authorities say Linton drove his truck while drunk and crossed the center line on route 17 in Chelsea, struck and killed 27-year-old James Carey, then drove away.Police were able to catch up with Linton after his truck broke down, two miles up the road.

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Hermon dairy barn on the way back up.

Updated 6 years ago

Mother Nature tore it down, but a community has come together to build it back up again.The roof of a cattle barn collapsed, earlier this month, at the Hewes way farm in Hermon.Local dairy farmer, Dana Hewes, had built the barn by hand, and it was not insured.The damage to replace the barn was estimated at close to 20-thousand dollars.But now, thanks to the help of family, friends and even strangers, the barn is on it’s way back up again.Hewes says his sisters raised nearly 7-thousand dollars by hosting a spaghetti supper.And organizations like the Ana Temple Shriners, and the Elks Lodge even pitched in.”Oh, it’s unbelievable! I mean, like I said, I never would have realized that that many people would have come together. So someday, hopefully, I can repay everybody that helped me.”Hewes says Northwood Equipment even donated a machine to help put the trusses up.No word yet on when the rebuild will be complete.

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Company Tries To Ease Tax Stress

Updated 6 years ago

Tax filing deadline is a little more than three weeks away. For hundreds of accountants across the state it can feel like a zoo this time of year. That’s certainly the case at PFBF in Oakland where they’ve taken that to another level. To try and lighten up on the stress and have a little fun, theme days are planned throughout the year. This week it was safari day. Accountants turned to tour guides and decorated for the occasion. PFBF has been in business for 25 years. The theme day was started years ago and now they’re a monthly occurrence.

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Holden Town Hall moves.

Updated 6 years ago

It’s spent the last hundred and thirty-seven years sitting on the side of route 1-A..But because of a new business moving in to town, the old Holden Town Hall is doing some moving of its own.Cori Skall explains.”The building is very solid. Minor sill damage, rot to it. But the building is basically very, very solid.”Robert Harvey is a member of the Holden town council, and the president of the Holden Historical Society…”It’s been exciting! I’ve been here nearly every day that they’ve been working on it, taking photos and just seeing the whole operation and it’s very exciting to see it.”He says the town has spent many years trying to figure out what to do with the old town hall….”Originally built as a meeting hall in 1872, and dedicated in January of 1873….””We’ve worked for many years to try to provide solutions and uses…and the town council, we believe, now has done that. We’re moving the building, we’re going to place it on a foundation, and we’re going to develop ideas and develop issues for the building.”The move was inspired when Leadbetter’s proposed building a new store where the old Mobil station was on route 1-A.The Leadbetters wanted to tear the old building down, and build a new one, but they needed a spot for a new septic system.So they sat down with the town council, and came up with a plan.”They donated some land, we gave them an easement to some of our present property. We will move the building back. They’ll have an easement for a new septic system on this site, and provide visibility for their new facility.”The building isn’t going far.”We’ve been moving it back on to some property that we acquired through an agreement with Leadbetter’s, and we hope to provide a new home for this old historic building.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News, Holden.

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FairPoint Goes Before Regulators

Updated 6 years ago

FairPoint Communications is expected to tell state regulators by the end of the day Tuesday how it will take care of recent customer service and billing problems.The order was made by the Maine Public Utilities Commission, and was prompted by consumer complaints.They want details on improving call-center performance, correcting billing errors, and handling new orders.Earlier this year, service was disrupted to thousands of customers in Maine, when FairPoint switched them over from Verizon.FairPoint Communications has asked the P.U.C. to delay a scheduled $11,250,000 debt payment that’s due at the end of March 2009.

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Vinalhaven Fire

Updated 6 years ago

A stubborn fire destroyed a fisherman’s workshop in Vinalhaven Monday evening.Crews were called to Hamilton Drive at about 6:30 p.m. Officials said they had trouble fighting the fire because getting water to the scene was difficult due to the rural location.By the time firefighters got the flames out, the two-story building was destroyed.No one was hurt and the cause was still under investigation late Monday.

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