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Young Moms Gather in Bangor

Wayne Harvey

Updated 6 years ago

The Fifth Annual Discovery Day was held at the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor.It’s not a new exhibit.It’s put on by the Parents Are Teachers Too coalition to help pregnant and parenting moms 21 and younger learn new ideas about parenting.Most enter the program having been told just one thing according to 20 year old Katy York. “They just tell you to expect to have fun, relax and get a break from your little one.”19 year old Chelsie Smith has been through this before and agrees “This is my third year here so every time I’ve come I’ve always had a really good time.”This year, 31 young women, between the ages of 15 and 21, either expecting or parenting, were on hand for a series of workshops all designed to help them be moms.According to the Executive Director of the Maine Discovery Museum, Andrea Stark “We want them to know that this community supports them and their children and their families and that there are many resources not least of which is the Discovery Museum for them to enjoy and help them be good moms and also do something for themselves.”18 year old Chelsey Henderson has known about it for a couple of years “I was pregnant with my daughter when I was 16 and my Mom had actually looked Good Samaritan up in the phone book and I started going to school there and they do Discovery Day every year.”They all took part in activities they can take home and share with their kids, like dancing, singing and scrapbooking.For the young women, it’s nice to be around others their age, who share the same experiences.”It is nice to talk to other people that are around your age that have children as well” said 19 year old Erica Oliveira “and being able to just to relax and be way from our kids for at least a day.”Even after they cross the age limit, Stark said some want to come back.”About a week ago at the museum I had two moms here with their little kids and they were having a great time at the museum they’ve become members and it turns out that they had been Discovery Day moms a year or two ago.”

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Bangor Literacy Group Celebrates Milestone

Joy Hollowell

Updated 6 years ago

We are bombarded with written words all the time. Now imagine what it would be like, if you couldn’t read them.Literacy Volunteers of Bangor is celebrating its 40th year of helping adults with their reading skills.Joy Hollowell tells us more about this organization and the work they do.”My first student was a young man who was 22. And my oldest student was a lady who was heading towards 80 (laughs).”Rachel Heath joined Literacy Volunteers of Bangor back in 19-78. The teacher was looking for something to fill her time during the winter. More than 30 years later, she is still an active volunteer.”there’s a great deal of satisfaction in having a student come up to you and say, I got my GED, and my son is now getting his,” says Rachel Heath.Rachel joined other tutors Monday at the Bangor Public library, to celebrate the organization’s 40th year of teaching adults how to read.Mary Marin Lyon is the Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers of Bangor.”today, we’re actually recognizing our founders, their names are Agnes Beckwith and Sister Mary Begninga. And 40 years ago, they saw a need in their community and they crossed religious lines, which was significant at that time, one was a Catholic nun and the other was a Baptist woman, and they came together to really look a how they could join forces,” says Lyon.Turns out T-V 5 played a role in helping the two women with their mission.”Agnes Beckwith, who was a co-founder of this organization, hit the ground running. And she went to your station to promote this whole concept, which was new in Maine at the time,” says Emily Cameron, whose been researching the group’s history.This year, Literacy Volunteers of Bangor will help about 200 adults in our area improve their reading skills, a gift that both the student and tutor benefit from.”oh, when you see the light come on in their eyes that they really get something, that’s everything. That’s the biggest high you can get (laughs).”For more information on Literacy Volunteers of Bangor, you can call 947-8451 or go to their website, www.lvbangor.org

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Embden Fire

Updated 6 years ago

A fire Sunday morning on Cross Town Road in Embden sent two women to the hospital.63 year old Gloria Lane and her sister, 47 year old June DeLong were in the house at the time of the fire.With the help of a passer by they were able to break a window and get out of the house.Lane and DeLong were taken to Redington-Fairview General Hospital in Skowhegan. Lane suffered smoke inhalation and DeLong had some cuts from breaking through the window. Officials the Hospital say both women were treated and released Sunday evening.Fire fighters from Anson, Madison, East Madison, and Solon were called in to fight the blaze.The Fire Marshal says the fire started near a cigarette container on porch, and has been ruled as accidental.The porch was destroyed. The house suffered moderate damage.

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Second Armed Robbery in 24 Hours on Route 15

Updated 6 years ago

Police were on the scene of an armed robbery in Kenduskeag Sunday.It’s the second armed robbery on Route 15 in 24 hours.It happened just before 9pm at Sam’s Qwik Stop, near the Stetson Road intersection.State Police say a masked man entered the store and pointed a handgun at the female clerk’s head.He demanded money, then made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.We’re told the clerk is shaken up, but doing well.Officers tried using dogs to pick up the suspect’s tracks, but rain made that difficult.They’ve alerted officers in the area to look out for the suspect. “At this time, we know it was a male suspect, a white male, over 6 feet, wearing a dark sweatshirt and a ski mask, demanding cash.”Police tell TV5 they do have surveillance video from the store.They say they may release that footage Monday in the hopes that someone can identify the suspect.State Police want to hear from anyone who may have information on Sunday night’s robbery…you can contact them at 866-2121.

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Police Search for Bangor Armed Robber

Updated 6 years ago

Police are investigating an armed robbery in Bangor. A woman was held up at gun point, and the suspect hasn’t yet been found.”To think that something like that can happen here, it scares me,” says Casey Commeau, who works nearby.A female clerk was working alone at the Tom T. Irving on Broadway, when, just after 9 p.m. Saturday, a man walked in, wearing a mask.The clerk told police the man pointed a gun at her and demanded cash, saying it was ‘no joke.’She gave him an undisclosed amount of money, and he ran off toward the Burleigh Road area.”She did the right thing,” says Bangor Police Sgt. Paul Edwards. “When the robbery occurred, she got the best description she could, she locked the door, and she called 911 immediately.”Crews searched the area with a dog, but didn’t find the suspect.”I was totally surprised when I heard about it, and I just feel really bad for the business next door,” says Rhonda Charette, manager at the Gifford’s Ice Cream shop.Workers at Gifford’s were just leaving for the night when police arrived.”There were a few police cars that pulled in and they asked them if they had seen anybody – and they said no – and the police told them they probably should leave,” says Charette.”It’s scary because it is a small town. So it doesn’t happen too often, but I mean, I work right across the street,” says Commeau, who works at Kev-Lan. “I can’t believe that someone would be that desperate.”Edwards says while there have been a lot of robberies lately, this type of incident is rare.”We’re not seeing strong-armed robberies, what you would call something like this, where a gun is actually pointed at someone and cash is demanded,” he says.The clerk wasn’t injured. Edwards says she handled herself well in a bad situation.”Don’t try to fight or get in the way,” he says, “of people who are demanding money and are desperate enough to show a gun.”Police are still investigating the case and hope to make an arrest soon.If you have any information, they ask that you call the Detective Division at 947-7384.

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Bishop Holds Special Mass for Disabled

Updated 6 years ago

Bishop Richard Malone was in Waterville Sunday, celebrating Mainers with disabilities.The leader of the Diocese of Portland presided over a special mass honoring those with disabilities and their families at Notre Dame Church.The service was open to anyone with physical, emotional or mental disabilities, plus their family members and caregivers.The Bishop says he hopes the celebration encourages parishes across the state to hold their own masses to appreciate the struggles and celebrate the gifts of those with disabilities.He also called on churches throughout Maine to make their facilities and programs as fully accessible as possible.< "these people with disabilities can sometimes be forced to live on the fringes of society and we don't want that to happen with the church. People with disabilities are part of every parish community. They belong here, they're loved and they have a role.">According to the Diocese, parishioners with disabilities attend church about as half as often as other parishioners because of the physical challenges involved.

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Bill Would Allow Non-Citizens to Vote in Municipal Elections

Updated 6 years ago

The chairman of the state Republican Party says he’s not impressed with a bill that would allow immigrants and other non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.GOP Chairman Charlie Webster is calling the proposal “lame brained,” and says the lawmakers sponsoring it should be focusing on bigger problems like solving the state’s budget and healthcare problems.The sponsoring lawmakers represent Auburn and Portland…cities with large immigrant communities.Maine’s top election official, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, says he doesn’t think the proposal does any harm.

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Tough Times Continue for Dairy Farmers

Updated 6 years ago

Times could get even tougher for Maine’s dairy industry.Wholesale milk prices have continued to drop.Back in July, farmers were getting about 24 dollars for 100 pounds of milk. Now, they’re only getting about 13 dollars, even though retail prices have stayed basically the same.In the past, a state subsidy program has provided some cushion for farmers hurt by the falling prices.But budget problems could mean less money for that program.Since 1980, the number of dairy farms in Maine has dropped from nearly 2 thousand to about 330.

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Warren Man Seriously Injured in Snowmobile Crash

Updated 6 years ago

A man from Warren is seriously injured after a snowmobile crash in Northern Maine.It happened Friday night, just after 11 p.m.Game Wardens say 37-year-old James Sewall was hurt when his sled hit a bridge and got tangled in the bridge’s rails.Sewall was taken to Northern Maine Medical center with serious injuries to his torso and right arm.No word yet on his condition.Wardens say Sewall was wearing a helmet.

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Police Investigate Fatal Crash in Wilton

Updated 6 years ago

Police are investigating a fatal accident in the town of Wilton.It happened Friday afternoon on Route 2, near the intersection of Route 156.73-year-old Avis Pettengill of Jay was pronounced dead at the scene.She’d been in the passenger seat of a Chevy SUV involved in the head-on collision.The other four people in the SUV were injured.Shawn and Heather Hiscock of Jay were taken by helicopter to a Portland hospital with head injuries.A 2-and-a-half year old boy in the car was also flown with them for treatment of his injuries.An 8-year-old boy was taken to a local hospital for treatment.No word yet on their conditions.The other vehicle involved was a Dodge truck driven by 59-year-old Richard Greco of Dixfield.He was taken to a hospital with head trauma but has since been released.Police say everyone was wearing a seat belt, and the children were in car seats.No word yet on what caused the crash.Police closed Route 2 for close to 4 hours while they did a reconstruction.They’re asking anyone who witnessed the accident to call the Wilton Police at 645-3876.

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National Radio Host in Bangor to Meet Fans

Updated 6 years ago

Women packed the Bangor Civic Center Saturday for the annual “What Women Want” Expo.It was a chance for women in the area to get together and check out the latest in local services and products designed just for them.One of the highlights was a chance for local fans to meet syndicated radio host Bob Lacey.He’s the cohost of the “Bob and Sheri” show, heard weekday mornings on 92.9 WEZQ FM.Lacey brought his sidekick, Lamar Richardson, otherwise known as “The People’s Movie Critic.”The duo said they were thrilled to be back in Maine, meeting their female fans.< "Coming up to Bangor or anywhere downeast is really the highlight of my year. I've been coming here since I was a baby, and I know if I can get him to work harder so I can make money and retire, it's where i'm gonna end up.">Lacey’s co-host, Sheri Lynch, couldn’t make the trip this year, but sent her regards to the fans who came out to support the show.

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Woman Sues Employer For Sex Discrimination

Updated 6 years ago

A federal appeals court says a Maine woman can head to trial with a sex discrimination suit against a Maine insurance company.Laurie Chadwick of Sebago says her employer, Anthem Health Plans of Maine, denied her a promotion because they thought her four kids would make the new job responsibilities too tough.Now the first U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Chadwick can take her claims to trial.Augusta civil rights lawyer David Webbert, who represents Chadwick, says the case could be a landmark in an emerging area ofdiscrimination law.Anthem denies any wrongdoing in the case.

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Investigators: Bangor Fire Started By Child Playing With Matches

Updated 6 years ago

Investigators say last weekend’s house fire in Bangor was started by a child playing with matches.It happened last Saturday afternoon on outer Essex Street.The home’s second floor and attic were heavily damaged by the flames and smoke…the family won’t be able to live there for quite a while.Firefighters managed to save the rest of the house, thanks to mutual aid from several surrounding towns.Assistant Bangor Fire Chief Darrell Cyr says the boy who started the fire will attend a juvenile fire-setter’s course.

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Hit-and-Run Crash Victim Dies

Updated 6 years ago

A woman from Brownfield could face manslaughter charges after the woman she struck in a hit and run crash died.18-year-old Tiffany Hamilton of Fryeburg died Friday at Central Maine Medical Center…a day after being hit by a car in front of her home.Police arrested the driver of the car, 18-year-old Tiffany Hamlyn, and charged her with aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

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Mainers Rush to Get Passports Before June

Updated 6 years ago

The rush is on for folks needing passports before new travel rules go into effect in June.Starting on the first of the month, most U.S. citizens will have to have a passport or passport card to re-enter the country.It’s part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative issued by the State Department.Post Offices around the state held passport days Saturday to try and accomodate some of the folks looking to get their documents before the rules go into effect.Acting Bangor postmaster Michael Mitchell says in the past week, he’s seen five times as many people as usual applying for passports because of the new requirements…< "congress had the commission after 9/11...homeland security made changes to prevent who can come into the country...so that's what it is.">The Bangor Post Office is open for passport processing Monday through Friday from 10 to 4 and on Saturdays from 9 to 11 a.m.

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Women work in Augusta

Updated 6 years ago

Drills were a drilling, hammers were a pounding, and women were building stuff, at the third annual Tradeswomen Conference in Augusta this weekend.Cori Skall has the story.”It’s really about teaching women a set of skills that they can use in every aspect of their life.””The overall mission of what Women Unlimited tries to do, is to involve more women, minorities and disadvantaged workers in non-traditional occupations. And that’s non-traditional for women.”Women from all over the state gathered in augusta this weekend, to try thier hand at something new….jobs that are traditionally for men.”We’ve done some things like building a retaining wall, building a wooden tool box. We’re going to do projects about getting and negotiating the best wage possible.”Women like Suzanne Graves-Hall, have found success through the program.”I went from walking out of a fairly long marriage with 3 children and a wonderful career in broadcasting and retail…neither of which was enough to support a household. Walked in to Women Unlimited and found that, to my surprise, I can do math. I can get these jobs, and work and that I absolutely love getting out and working in the dirt.””I have a degree in drafting, computerized drafting and design. I have a two year degree in Civil Engineering Technology, and I am one test away from fully completing a Bachelor of Science and Survey technology from the University of Maine…and I got my start from Women Unlimited.”Marlene Spencer used to work with a bunch of men as a flagger at construction sites.”I always watched them as they did stuff and everything..and I’m going, I want to do that so much! And it’s just something that I just want to do.”The organization hopes to give women looking for work, or a career change, the information and skills to get more reliable and higher paying jobs in non-traditional careers.And the women attending the program say it’s worth looking in to.”Anybody can do this…this is simple! If you can use an electric hand mixer, you can do this.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News.For more information on Women Unlimited, you can visit them online at www.womenunlimited.org.

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Accused Bank Robber Indicted

Updated 6 years ago

21 year old Michael Phillips, formerly of New York City, Waterville and Winslow has been indicted by the Somerset County Grand Jury.Phillips is charged with armed robbery of the Franklin-Somerset Federal Credit Union on Main Street in Madison. The incident happened in July of last year.He was extradited from New York to Maine.Phillips is being held at the county jail in Madison on 250-thousand dollars bail. An indictment does not conclude guilt, but rather a decision by the grand jury that there is enough evidence against a defendant to proceed with a trial in Superior Court.

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Hartland Diner Dining for $3

Updated 6 years ago

There’s a place in Hartland where a family of four can eat a good meal for just twelve bucks. It’s all home cooking at the Hartland Diner.Tough times have made it hard for many people to go out to eat and the Conklin family noticed.Carol Conklin and her husband own the diner, they say there’s been a sharp drop off in customers the past year. The solution? A meal easy on the wallet, just $3 to be exact. For 3-bucks you can get a salad, heaping plate of pasta, and homemade roll. Conklin says they don’t make any money off of it, she says it’s just the right thing to do. You can try out the dinner special every Friday between 11am-6pm. For directions click here.

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Hampden Students Grieve Classmate’s Death

Updated 6 years ago

Students at Hampden Academy are dealing with the 5th death of a fellow classmate in four years.After news of Nathan Clark’s death spread throughout the community, parents and school officials sprang in to action, offering grief services to those in need.Cori Skall has the story…”They’re in the anger stage. Like why?””Are we gonna escape a spring where we’re not burying one of our youth from a tragic accident or an illness?””Sadly, we’ve had so much practice with this.”Parents Anne O’Reilly and Jonathan Henry both have sons at Hampden Academy.And when the news surfaced that a student from the school had been found dead, after a police search earlier this week, both parents reached out to their kids, and teens in the community.”Those moments are powerful…To make that connection about safety, security, understanding about decisions.””One of the first things with a tragedy is to be angry…and then to be in denial, and then to accept the guilt. I mean, this is just the beginning of the process.”Nathan Clark is the fifth Hampden Academy student in 4 years to die.And these parents say the students are having a tough time wrapping their minds around that.”They’re feeling the pain for their friends, they’re feeling the pain for their friend’s wrong choices.”The High School’s crisis plan was implemented this week.And councilors, psychologists, as well as area clergy have been made available for students who need to talk.O’Reilly and Henry’s sons had grown up with Nathan Clark, and shared in activities like scouts and sports.They hope students will take advantage of these grief services, and that parents will reach out and help them deal with their feelings in a productive and safe way.”It could have been one of our children…and it wasn’t this time, and we pray that it never is….But I think we have to recognize the fragility of life and support each other in ways we can be more effective as parents.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News.There is no word yet on when or if a memorial service will be held for Clark.But for more information on grief services for Hampden Academy students, log on to www.sad22.us/ha.

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Layed Off Workers Nightmare

Updated 6 years ago

Maine workers receive a lot of attention when they lose their jobs because of the growing number of layoffs. But have you ever wondered what happens to them long after the spotlight shifts to another big story of the day?You might assume they simply get another job and live happily ever after.That simply isn’t the case for many of the thousands of workers who have lost their jobs in recent years.The group “food and medicine” conducted a study to see what’s really happening.Ron Allen says he’s one of the workers who continues to struggle after losing his job with the Georgia pacific company in 2006.”they’re still living high off the hog eating and doing whatever they want to do. And here I am three years later still struggling to put food on my table…. My wife is totally disabled. She cant work. We’ve applied for numerous state programs, food stamps, general assistance, Maine care… we’ve been denied everything because I made too much in my previous job” Ron’s story isn’t unique…The study found that most of the recently layed off workers have been forced to find jobs for much less pay…Many are having to pay more for insurance if they can afford it at all…Many others have lost their pensions and have bounced from job to job since they were layed off…The studies authors hope lawmakers and others will use the information to help the displaced workers with everything from job retraining to increasing the minimum wage..

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