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Greeters Honored

Updated 5 years ago

People at the Bangor International Airport are always looking for new ways to say “thank you” to the Maine Troop Greeters.Folks there say it’s important to recognize the work the greeters do, day and night: welcoming troops who pass through the airport on their way to and from overseas.Wednesday night, airport officials are throwing an appreciation event for the greeters.They’re also planning to reveal plans for a new way to honor the troop greeters. “We will be unveiling a permanent commemorative that we will be placing on the airport grounds in honor of the troop greeters that will be completed sometime in the spring,” Airport director Rebecca Hupp told TV5 on Tuesday.While they’re not giving away details just yet, Hupp says BIA is putting together something the troops will be able to enjoy, since that’s the goal of the greeters.The troop greeter appreciation event will run from 4:30 to 6 pm Wednesday night, on the second floor of the Bangor airport. Everyone is invited.

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Fishing Vessel Ruled Seaworthy After Fisherman Drowns

Updated 5 years ago

A federal jury has ruled a fishing vessel that sank 60 miles off the coast of Maine and killed a fishermen was seaworthy.The jury determined the fishing vessel “Sirius” was in ship shape when it went down in July of 2005.A fisherman from Port Clyde, Gary Thorbjornson,was lost at sea. His widow as well as the two surviving crew members, including his son, filed a complaint against the family corporation that owned the boat.A judge threw out the negligence complaint.A lawyer representing the boat’s owner says the fishing vessel probably sank after striking something.

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More Women Being Charged With Domestic Assault

Updated 5 years ago

The number of women being arrested for domestic assault is on the rise in Maine.The Department of Public Safety says more than 1,000 women were charged with assaulting men in 2008, a 38% increase from five years ago.Law enforcement officials say battered men were less willing to come forward a decade ago because of the stigma involved.Others say women are now more inclined to fight back against men.Public safety commissioner Ann Jordan said there’s also been an increase in the use of drugs and alcohol, driving up the number assaults.There were about 3,000 men charged with domestic assault in 2008, about three times the number of women charged.

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Mill Fire Arson Arrests

Updated 5 years ago

Two men are now under arrest in connection with what authorities are calling a deliberately set fire at a former paper mill in Gardiner.On Tuesday investigators from the State Fire Marshal’s office and Gardiner Police held a news conference, announcing they’ve found the two people they believe are responsible for the fire.Officials say 19-year-old Jack Downs of Chelsea and 20-year-old Joshua Lund of Gardiner were arrested Monday night.They’re charged with arson in connection with last week’s fire that partially destroyed the former paper mill on Water Street.Currently four tenants lease that building.The state fire marshal says teamwork with local fire officials and police helped nab the suspects. “It’s invaluable to have their help. We do not have the volume of investigators in our office that can do the same amount of work in the same amount of time as we’ve done here,” Said State Fire Marshal John Dean. “I’m just glad they’re off the streets and won’t be able to do it anyone else,” The building’s owner, Paul Rheaume told TV 5. “This is something that people don’t normally go through it’s quite a daunting task to get through it.” Both men are also charged with burglary.They were taken to the Kennebec County Jail in Augusta. Bail has been set at fifty thousand dollars each.

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President Obama Delivers Address to School Children

Updated 5 years ago

Accept responsibility, work hard, and stay in school… that was the message President Obama delivered to school children on Tuesday.The White House released the text of the controversial speech in advance, in hopes of dispelling fears the president would push his own political agenda. However, some schools across the nation and here in Maine opted not to show the speech to students. Adrienne Bennett has reaction from kids as to what they thought about the address. “You can’t drop out of school and just drop into a good job. “”I though his speech was very lighthearted and very focused on the students.” “I think he should be talking to kids. It’s what a good President should do.”It was a matter of opinion and choice for students at Waterville Senior High.”Students that don’t want to participate have the option of not doing so.” “What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country. What you’re learning in school today will determine whether we as a nation can meet our greatest challenges in the future.” “I think it’s a message we need to hear more often.”Most school administrations left it up to teachers to decide whether the speech would be aired in their classrooms, however a handful of principals and superintendents TV5 called said they would not show it, in some cases schools did not have the technological capabilities. The president’s speech from a suburban Virginia high school has drawn fire from some groups, who say it’s an improper use of school time ” I think he was saying was to work hard and anybody no matter what side of the political fence they’re on can’t disagree with that.”A video of the president’s speech will remain on the White House web site for people to download and watch at their convenience.

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Beatles Albums Released at Midnight

Updated 5 years ago

It’s a big day for beatles fans. The much anticipated remastered editions of the Beatles studio albums are being released, along with the Beatles rock band video game.The original release time for all of the merchandise was midnight, but the albums came out a little early.Bull Moose in Bangor was able to sell the albums and box sets today. The video game will still come out at midnight.Folks are excited about the release.Ian Averill, a Bull Moose employee says, “Very positive reaction from critics. People are pretty much saying this is the closet you’re going to get to being in the studio when they recorded them.”Folks at Bull Moose say they’ve gotten many pre-orders for the box sets and expect the albums and video game to fly off shelves.

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Father-Son Eye Surgeons Treat Patients Across the State

Updated 5 years ago

Dr. Craig Young has been caring for patients throughout the state for more than 30 years, through his practice, Vision Care of Maine.Six weeks ago he brought a new eye surgeon on board, whom he calls the best young surgeon he’s ever worked with.”His hands. Excellent hands.”Dr. Craig Young also says their working relationship is great– since Dr. Curt Young is his son.”I had hoped it’d happen. But boys will be boys and kids will be kids, and you never know exactly where they’re going to end up. But I’m so pleased he’s come back home,” says the senior Dr. Young.Curt has returned to Maine after surgical and fellowship training at Tulane University. He says the fast pace of surgery and new technology in his father’s private practice drew him in.”I would see my dad with patients that couldn’t read the big “E” on the wall. And the next day, their cataract was out and they could read 20/20. That immediate gratification is extremely rewarding as a surgeon,” Curt says.While both doctors do all kinds of eye surgery procedures, the senior Dr. Young specializes in the front of the eye. His son’s specialty is the back of the eye.”It increases what we can do for patient care. You know, a lot of our retina patient care had to go down to Portland or Boston. Now, we can do it all here,” Curt says.Both spend the week traveling to their vision care facilities throughout Central and Northern Maine. And both say they want to keep growing the practice. “My hope for the future is to continue on what my dad started building,” Curt says. “Expand, and bring more convenient patient care to more patients across the state.”

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Nearly 50 People Cited For Alcohol Violations In Orono

Updated 5 years ago

Orono, Old Town, and University of Maine police were kept on their toes this Labor Day weekend as nearly 50 people were cited for alcohol realted violations. “42 summons, there was one arrest for OUI, for operating under the influence this past weekend,” says Noel March, Chief of Police at the Universtiy of Maine.Chief March says many of those cited were not even students at UMaine. “We find that it’s not the University of Maine students that concerns us with their behavior as a priority,” says Chief March, “it’s those that may visit here on an occasion or trespass here looking for parties, looking for an opportunity.”Students here say this type of behavior is far from the norm. Rylee Rawcliffe is in her second year here in Orono. “I don’t think that’s a typical thing that happens here,” she says, “I think probably the combination of having a long weekend, the first weekend back at school, people are just really excited to get back together, went a little overboard and made some bad decisions.”A number of those getting in trouble were underage. They were cited for possesion by consumption, which allows officers to cite minors for being drunk even if they’re not in possesion of alcohol. Captain Joshua Ewing of the Orono Police Department says the law comes in handy. “For several years, we’ve been enforcing that law,” says Captain Ewing, “it’s a great tool for us for when we don’t have someone in possession, but you can see and smell and hear that they’re intoxicated.” Officials at UMaine want to remind students to use good judgement, and some plain common sense.”What we also want to recognize is that about 1700 students die every year, so when we recognize that alcohol, the excessive and irresponsible consumption of alcohol, is the fuel in the tank of many incidents.”

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Frankfort Accident: Update

Updated 5 years ago

A woman from Frankfort is in fair condition after two cars collided on Route 1A.The accident happened at around 10:30 Tuesday morning. Waldo County Sherriff’s say 68-year-old Cecilia Wickenden of Camden crossed the center line in and slammed into a truck driven by 38-year-old Rebecca Anderson of Frankfort. Both vehicles rolled over. The 2 drivers were taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center. Anderson is in fair condition. No information’s available on Wickenden.

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Bangor Hydro Substation Break-In

Updated 5 years ago

Folks at Bangor Hydro and the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department are asking the public for help in an ongoing investigation.Around 6 pm on Sunday August Thirteenth, a substation in the greater Bangor area was broken into.Two men were seen on surveillance cameras. A photo from one of the cameras has been released in hopes of identifying the suspects.Gerry Chasse of Bangor Hydro says substation break-ins usually happen in an attempt to steal copper wire.Chasse says substations operate at very high voltages and tampering with the equipment puts the thieves, company employees and the public at risk.And he says customers could end up footing the bill for a theft like this.”The cost of these sorts of instances of theft are ultimately passed on to customers through electric rates, so yes they ultimately pay for them.” “The charges we’re looking at right now are criminal trespass, criminal mischief and possibly theft.”If the suspects are caught and charged with the criminal offenses, they could face jail time.Anyone with any information or who thinks they can identify the suspects are asked to contact the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department at 947-4585.

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Health Care Reform Advocates Launch New TV Ads

Updated 5 years ago

Folks may notice some new television ads in favor of healthcare reform.The Maine People’s Alliance, Change that Works Campaign, and members of the Maine Health Care for America Now Coalition have launched the ads. They urge Senator Olympia Snowe to support real reform and a public option.The ads feature a woman who is a cancer survivor and afraid of losing her insurance coverage if she changes jobs and a man who owns a business and can’t afford to provide healthcare insurance to his employees.” We want to make sure medical decisions are made between doctors and patients. And that people have the comfort and security to know that there’s always going to be healthcare coverage there. If they go through a job change, lose their job or if they have to make a different career move they can do so confidently knowing there will always be an insurance option.”Goode says their stories are stories heard all throughout Maine.

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Open Lighthouse Day this Saturday

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

This weekend more than two dozen Maine lighthouses will offer visitors an inside view of the majestic beacons.The Coast Guard, the Maine Office of Tourism and the American Lighthouse Foundation are coming together to put on Open Lighthouse Day. It’s this Saturday from 9 until 3. 27 lighthouses, like West Quoddy Head Light in Lubec, will be open to the public. Among others on display for this first-of-its kind event, Rockland Breakwater and Bass Harbor Head Light.Some of the other lighthouses you can tour:Burnt Coat Harbor Light Eagle Island Light Browns Head Light Curtis Island Light Dice Head Light Doubling Point (Kennebec Point) LightFort Point Light Goose Rocks Light Grindel Point Light Marshall Point Light Monhegan Light Owls Head Light Pemaquid Point Light Perkins Island Light Seguin Island Light Squirrel Point Light Portland Breakwater LighthousePortland Head Light Spring Point Light Goat Island Whaleback Light Wood Island A list of all of the lighthouses that will be open Saturday can be found at lighthouseday.com.

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Flight Levels Being Reviewed

Updated 5 years ago

After recieving a failing grade from the the govenor’s office, the Air National Guard is reconsidaring its environmental review of a proposal to allow screaming fighter jets fly as low as 500 feet. Gov. John Baldacci says the draft environmental study was incomplete. He said that it did not address the effects of noise on people and wildlife, bird strikes, effects on the Appalachian Trail, or dangers to other planes flying in the vacinity. For F-14 or F-15, the guard maintains lower altitudes to ensure better trained pilots. Critics say the guard hasn’t clearly shown why the flights need to be at altitudes lower than the Washington Monument.

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A Maine Man Dies After His Canoe Capsized

Updated 5 years ago

After his canoe capsized on Damariscotta Lake in Jefferson, a 43-year-old man died. Kenneth Soucy of Famringdale did not survive after the canoe capsized. His 23-year-old son, Alex swam to shore as the Maine Warden Service found Kenneth’s body and brought it to the hospital. Kenneth Soucy died Sunday night at Miles Memorial Hospital. Authorities are investigating.

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Meetings to Begin About Wind Power

Updated 5 years ago

The first of five meetings to take place in Ellsworth concering possible sites for testing offshore wind power technology. At the moment, there are seven possible sites from the souther waters off of York County to the far eastern stretches of Maine. A decision needs to be made on December 15th to pick which location or locations will be used to test this new technology. These deep water wind farms will be operating on floating platforms in waters that are hundreds of feet deep. The first public information meeting about the sites takes placefrom 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in Ellsworth. Other meetings are scheduled later this month in Machias, Wiscasset, Rockport and Wells.

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Paving Projects in Bangor This Week

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A heads up to drivers in Bangor. Road crews will be paving some local streets this week. Wednesday, crews will start work on Arminta Street, off 14th Street. They’ll also work on Nason Avenue, off Hammond. Thursday, they’re scheduled to pave Astor Place and Grandview Avenue, both off Broadway.

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Two Arrested in Connection with Gardiner Arson: Update

Updated 5 years ago

(AP) Police in Gardiner, Maine, have arrested two men in connection with a fire that gutted much of a former mill. The State Fire Marshal’s Office says 19-year-old Jack Downs of Chelsea and 20-year-old Joshua Lund of Gardiner were arrested Monday night and charged with arson and burglary in connection with last week’s fire that destroyed the vacant Gardiner Paperboard mill in the city. The mills owner Paul Rheaume says currently there are four tenants in the building. Authorities say the two were taken to the Kennebec County Jail in Augusta. Bail was set at $50,000 each. Fire investigators quickly determined that the Sept. 2 blaze was set because it started in two different places.

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Pig Kissing Builds Playground

Updated 5 years ago

Apparently kissing a pig is pretty good motivation for the kids at the Harmony Elementary School.Last school year, the principal at the school promised to do just that if the kids raised $1,000 in pennies to help pay for their new playground.The money was raised, and in June the principal puckered up for the pig.Now the playground is finished.A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Thursday, September 17th.

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Solidarity Center Honors the American Worker

Updated 5 years ago

Folks turned out to the Solidarity Center in Brewer Monday for a Labor Day celebration focused on the past… present…and future… of the the American worker. “Those who clean the toilets, empty the bedpans, do the clerical work, do everything needed to keep our society and community going.”Recognizing people who work for a living Jack McKay of the Eastern Maine Labor Council says that was one goal of their Labor Day celebration.Another is understanding the contributions of organized labor across the country. “I hope they understand that organized labor is actually responsible for most of their benefits they have today. Whether it be healthcare, paid vacations, a pension plan, all those things were gotten by organized labor and then passed on.”Emergy Deabay is part of a group traveling to Washington this week to about the future of labor. They’ll be speaking to members of the congressional delegation in support of the free choice act. “This time we’re going with a very diverse group. We have farmers, religious leaders. It’s not just a labor issue, it’s a people issue.”Pastor Mark Doty is part of the group going to Washington. He says for him, the act touches on moral and civil rights issues. “It’s about raising people into the middle class who might not have an opportunity to get there. It’s about helping folks have a life free of bullying, of intimidation.”They hope to convince Sen. Snowe to support the employee free choice act when it comes to the senate making the act part of this generations contribution to the labor agenda. “We pay too much and get too little. It’s time to change the system so it works better for the majority of Americans.”The celebration also included a picnic and entertainment later in the day.Proceeds go to the group’s solidarity harvest: a program that provides locally grown food for laid-off workers’ thanksgiving dinners.

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Vassalboro Man Arrested in Waterville Robbery

Updated 5 years ago

A man who allegedly robbed a Waterville store early Monday morning will face criminal charges.Waterville police arrested 26-year-old Courtney Shea of Vassalboro.Police say they received a call shortly after 1 o’clock Monday morning from the clerk at the Big Apple convenience store on Elm Street.Police say Shea walked in with a mask over his face, threatened the clerk with a tire iron, and demanded money.The clerk had a hard time opening the register, so Shea fled with a couple packs of cigarettes and lottery tickets.A witness called police with a vehicle description, allowing them to catch up to Shea within 15 minutes.

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