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Penquis Takes Over Assisted Living Services

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Penquis will soon be taking over assisted living services for 90 residents in Bangor, Camden and Millinocket.Eastern Area Agency on Aging recently announced it could no longer afford to offer help for those living in Freeses, Merry Gardens or Sterns.Under a new contract with the state, Penquis will now provide such things as meals, personal care and medication help, starting October 1st. We’re told nothing will change for any of the residents.

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UMaine Food Drive to Remember 9/11

Updated 5 years ago

Students at the University of Maine found their own way to remember the September Eleventh attacks.Folks from the Division of Student Affairs organized a food drive in remembrance of the terrorist attack.They say they want to focus not on the tragedy that occurred, but on the way members of the community joined forces and supported each other.For three hours, staff members accepted donations on non-perishable foods and personal care items.They’ll be distributed to the Black Bear Exchange…it’s a community initiative that operates a food pantry and thrift shop to serve UMaine and surrounding towns.Folks who took part say they hope the spirit of giving carries on well after the food drive ends.

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WABI TV5 Remembers September 11, 2001

Updated 5 years ago

Across the country and our state, many stopped today to remember the victims of the September eleventh attacks that happened eight years ago.Just about everyone remembers where they were that day.Amy Erickson shares memories from some folks here at TV5.They all say it’s a day they’ll never forget.

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Skiing Cheap for Honor Students

Updated 5 years ago

A Maine ski area is offering cut-rate season passes to honor roll students.For anyone whose eligible, Saddleback Mountain in Rangley is promising season passes for just $49.Saddleback’s program drew support from Governor Baldacci on Wednesday.He joined Saddleback’s general manager Warren Cook at the state house for the announcement of the so-called PEAK program. PEAK stands for Promoting Education and Activity for Kids.

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Maine Remembers

Updated 5 years ago

Flags will fly at half staff across Maine Friday in honor of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, now observed on the day known as Patriot Day.This year is the 8th anniversary of the attacks.For the first time, the 9/11 anniversary is being recognized as a national day of service.A number of ceremonies will take place around the state Friday, recognizing the men and women who lost their lives that day.And just a reminder, starting Friday afternoon at the Bangor Mall Cinemas, you can watch “The Way We Get By,” a documentary profiling the Maine troop greeters at Bangor International Airport.

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Student Struck by Car; Police Urge Caution

Updated 5 years ago

An 8-year-old boy from Milford is recovering after his bike was hit by a car outside his school.State troopers say around 7:30 Thursday morning a woman was pulling out of the parking lot after dropping a passenger off at the Lewis Libby school.We’re told that’s when the boy on the bike darted out from behind a parked car.The woman told police she didn’t see him because the sun was in her eyes.Her car bumped the boy’s bike, knocking him to the ground.He suffered a cut on his chin and some other bumps and bruises. “This time of year, the sun’s pretty low…people are travelling and the sun’s in your eyes. You need to take precautions and make sure it’s clear before you take off, especially around schools,” Warned Maine State Police Trooper Darren Vittum. “There are so many kids running out from parked cars and parents dropping them off and stuff. It’s up to us to be more diligent about the kids.”The trooper also said the boy was wearing a helmet.Vittum urges all parents to talk to their kids about bike safety when riding to and from school.

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Coast Guard Tidal Power Tests

Updated 5 years ago

The Coast Guard has signed off on its first tidal power project. It’s a small underwater turbine that’ll add power to the Coast Guard station in Eastport.That area has some of the greatest tidal swings in the United States.The $100,000 project will be used to evaluate tidal technology.Ocean Renewable Power Company began testing a prototype underwater turbine there back in December 2007. Now, a larger prototype will be used to light the Coast Guard pier and to heat rescue boats.

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Women’s Health Conference

Updated 5 years ago

Helping women in a variety of ways. That’s the spirit behind a pair of free conferences coming to Maine.They feature a panel of national experts on many things including health care, job loss, and retirement issues.The conference is open to everyone.Those who attend will receive information about services available to women in Maine to help them cope with everyday challenges.The conferences will be held on separate days.The first one is Friday, Sept. 11th, from 8:30 to 3 at the Lee Pellon Conference Center in Machias.The other is Friday, September, 25th,from 8:30 to 3 at the Auburn Inn conference center in Auburn.

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Officers Compete in Donut Eating Contest

Updated 5 years ago

Four cops walk into a donut shop.Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right?That’s what happened in Rockland today.Law enforcement officers took part in a donut-eating contest to raise money for a great cause.Amy Erickson has more.These law enforcement officers were more than happy to play up the “cop in a donut shop” joke Thursday at Tim Horton’s in Rockland.Last year, the officers approached the shop’s owner, Derek Knutsen and asked him to help raise money for Special Olympics.Knutsen knew right away what he wanted to do.”Owning a coffee and donut shop, we figured what better way to do it but a donut eating contest with law enforcement involved. The whole police and donut eating stigma was something we’d be able to play on.”Thursday, the second annual Law Enforcement Donut Eating Contest kicked off…with huge crowds cheering on the competitors…who came from different agencies, including the State Police, Maine D-E-A, and several local departments.The challenge?First one to eat six donuts wins.”One, two three! Start eating”In the end, only one man could lay claim to the title “donut eating champ.”Justin Hills from Camden First Aid.”I can keep my head high when I drive through the county now and see all these cops…now they’ll all know who I am!”And although it was all for fun, there was still some trash talking going on.”We knew this year after camden pd’s poor showing last year, we went and got a ringer in, Justin. For us, we knew we were the underdogs. It was like a t-ball team taking on the boston red sox. But we gave it our best try and made a valiant effort.””I thought if I could just get as many down as quickly as I could…but halfway through, I couldn’t get any more in my mouth and I was having trouble swallowing.”Even the Special Olympians themselves got in on the fun…with a Timbit-eating contest…”The kids eating the timbits…they had a lot of fun and it got them involved and it brought a chuckle to everybody’s face.””When it has to do with kids, it makes it that much sweeter.””This is just a great cause and we’re very happy to do it.”

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Carmel Students Take Class Outside

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Some kids at Caravel Middle School in Carmel are taking advantage of the extended summer weather – by taking their classes outside.Nearly 70 students are spending some time at Camp Roosevelt in Eddington, carrying on a back-to-school tradition.Catherine Pegram reports.”You bring the bow down and when you know to let go, you let go.”For 7th graders from Caraval Middle school – the chance to spend three days and two nights at camp instead of in the classroom is worth starting the summer for. Kailee Dunton, Seventh Grader- “It’s cooler, you learn more stuff and it’s not as boring like when you sit down and read a text book. Here its like hands-on experience.”Every year, the kids start off class with this extended field trip, known as outdoor school. Teacher Frank Johnson says it’s been a part of the student curriculum for more than 20 years.Frank Johnson, Teacher- “Probably many of them learn more here than they might in two weeks at regular school because they’re all engaged.” From learning about Native American history – to learning to trust each other in team building exercises, students experience a little of everything.Like the Revolutionary War, played out with re-enactors, instead of read in the classroom. Anne Moody, Teacher- “And there would be some students that would be able to pick up on that, imagine it, care about it. But when it’s right in front of them and they can sometimes try on the actors clothes, sometimes they’ve been able to eat some of the cookies made from that time, you’ll take it more deeply with you in the future.”Outdoor school also teaches them about a simpler way of life.”For example the kids are staying here in huts. A lot of this camp, there’s no electricity. there’s outhouses – now they’re regular bathrooms, too.”Half way through their time here, the students say they’re looking forward to what the rest of outdoor school brings. But they already know a few things to expect. “More learning really and a lot of fun – and when you get home, a hot shower.”Outdoor school ends Friday with the students taking a field trip, from their field trip. They’ll spend part of the day in Castine to learn about Maine’s maritime history.

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Body Found in Long Lake

Updated 5 years ago

Warden Service divers recovered the body of a man today, who went missing in Long Lake in Saint Agatha on Wednesday.Officials say 29 year old Kareem Shaik was trying to get a water tube from the lake for some kids at Birch Point in Madawaska.As Shaik swam out to the tube, he began to struggle and disappeared underwater.Warden Service divers recovered Shaik’s body just after 10 this morning. He was found about 100 yards off shore.The medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death.

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Central Maine Jeweler Praised for Service

Updated 5 years ago

Day’s Jewelers is a top pick among America’s best jewelers. The business was chosen by the national jeweler network for several reasons including its high customer satisfaction, efficient business operations, and effective marketing and sales strategies. Day’s Jeweler’s is owned by Kathy, James and Jeff Corey with headquarters in Waterville.Day’s is one of 27 chosen out of more than 20-thousand jewelers in America with six locations in Maine and New Hampshire employing close to one-hundred-fifty people.

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H1N1 Update

Updated 5 years ago

(AP) The head of Maine’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention is praising the way Bowdoin College responded to an outbreak of swine flu that made 29 students sick. Dr. Dora Anne Mills says the Brunswick College “handled this very well.” In a Thursday briefing, the state health director said more outbreaks are expected in schools across the state now that students have returned to classes. Mills says state officials spent most of the summer preparing for these H1N1 outbreaks. Mills said about half of Maine’s schools have signed on so far to vaccination programs this fall. Some schools have balked because they hadn’t found approved places to store the vaccines. Mills said a special hotline’s been set up just to address that problem. She also said any school that needs a refrigerator or cooler will get one.

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Pittsfield Unveils New Wind Turbine

Updated 5 years ago

It’s the coronation of nearly 4 years of planning. Today the Town of Pittsfield cut the ribbon on their brand new wind turbine at the town’s recycling center. Town Manager Kathryn Ruth was just one of the folks on hand. “I think we are just so excited that this has worked out,’ Ruth said, “this is just a dream project, it looked like it was outside the reach of the town because we couldn’t spend $50 or $60,000 for a wind turbine.”That was the thinking here in Pittsfield until they found the grant money to make their dream a reality. “A few months ago we located the Public Utilities Volunteer Resource Fund and applied for the wind turbine project for the the recycling center,” Ruth said, “we gratefully accepted and were awarded a $50,000 grant.”With that grant money the town constructed a wind turbine that is strong enough to withstand tornado force winds of over 100 MPH says John Rush of Evolo Energy Solutions in Newport. They constructed the turbine. “The wind turbine is a 10 kilowatt bergie wind turbine,” Rush says, “it’s on a 100 foot tower and its basically fed into this facility to provide electricity for the building.”The turbine is expected to produce over 9000 kilowatts of clean electricity and save the recycling center here around $1500 annually on their electric bill. Mayor Tim Nichols says the good news doesn’t end there. “In time that’s what we’re looking at,” says Mayor Nichols, “especially when 2 days a week this facility is idle, you take the windy days in March and the windy days in October and that thing is going 40-50-55 mph that’s producing power that’s building up in a kilowatt savings bank we’re not using.” The town gets credit for the power they generate, but do not need to use. The end result could be an electric bill of $0.00.The folks here are hoping this type of project will help put an end to exploding energy costs. “We don’t have to spend $4 per gallon on oil to get by,” says Nichols, “we don’t have to, it’s ridiculous, and we gotta fight back.”If they have their way here, this is only the beginning. “I’m hoping this is just the first step in wind maybe some solar,” Nichols says, “this whole thing has methane gas under it, there’s all kinds of possibilities.”

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Bangor Symphony Orchestra Announces Conductor Finalists

Updated 5 years ago

The Bangor Symphony Orchestra is asking for your help in finding new conductor. Thursday the 5 fianlists were announced. 1. Lucas Richman, Music Director of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, he’s worked on numerous films conducting scores for such films as As Good As It Gets and The Village.2. David Amado, Maestro with the Deleware Symphony Orchestra. He spent 6 years with the Saint Louis Symphony.3. Robert Franz, Music Director for the Boise Philharmonic, he was also the Associate Conductor of the Houston Symphony.4. Michael Butterman, Music Director for the Boulder Philharmonic for the past 4 years, Butterman also served as the Music Director for the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra.5. David Itkin, Conductor for teh Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra, he also spent time as the conductor of the Abilene Philharmonic. Itkin’s career has taken him to 44 U.S. states and 15 countries in Europe, Middle East, and Asia.From October thru May each finalist will conduct a classic concert here in Bangor. Audience members can put in their input and along with the selection committee, help choose the conductor they like.In the 114 year history of the Bangor Symphony they’ve only had 9 conductors. A fact that has Samuel Lanham, the President of the Board of Directors at the Symphony very proud. “I think that suggests that when someone comes here they really, really are committed to being our conductor and it just says a lot for then integrity of this wonderful, wonderful, orchestra that is our community orchestra.”Over 200 applications were submitted from 37 different states and as far away as Venezuela and Spain.

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Eastern Maine Community College

Updated 5 years ago

Not one, but three ribbons were cut at Eastern Maine Community College today.In celebration of the 4.5 million dollar construction and renovation projects completed this past year and over the Summer.A campus green with a walking track has replaced what was once a 500-car parking lot.And all the windows in Maine Hall have been replaced to increase the building’s energy efficiency and improve student’s comfort in the classrooms.Director of Student Life Dan Belyea says the changes mean a great deal to the campus.” We’ve really transformed the campus into what you see here today. Modern, vibrant and exciting place to come to college and use the wonderful facilities that are here.”Several faculty members that were once students at EMCC spoke at the ceremony about the progress the college has made through the years.

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Recovery Summit Held in Bangor

Updated 5 years ago

Supporting recovery as a community responsibility was the message being delivered at a summit in Bangor today.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the information provided will help those in recovery feel safe in their communities.September is national recovery month.Some folks in Bangor came together to discuss what the community can do do to help those on the path to recovery.”I think that the take home message that we have is supporting recovery is a community responsibility and through our corporate sponsors and other partners in this event, we’ve already succeeded before we’ve started.”Bruce Campbell of the Recovering Community Coalition says their hope is to raise visibility of recovery in the community.”The typical tendency is to say, oh that’s someone else’s problem. Let the sheriff, or the welfare and treatment folks deal with that. But the truth of matter is once someone has entered into a path of recovery, they’re live in the community. So if they go to the grocery for ice cream and turn around and see a bottle of Coffee Brandy, that’s not a helpful thing.”Emily Lenney has been in recovery for eight years.”When we’re successful in recovery, we sort of just disappear back into the community. Because we’re successful at it. And so being here and sharing that and being a voice to recovery is going to help the community be more supportive of people in recovery.”Lenney says the 12 step program and peer support recovery helped her.”Having a summit like this bring education and awareness to the community might have provided more options for peer support recovery. Statistics are showing us that is really what works best.”Lenney says a summit like this one also benefits her.”That’s the magic. That is the wonderful part of it. That’s really what will keep me sober in the future, today, tomorrow and the next day. Because if I have the opportunity to reach out to someone else and give them the message that was given so freely to me.”

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Flags at Half Staff For Fallen Soldier

Updated 5 years ago

Governor John Baldacci has directed that the United States flag and the State of Maine flag be flown at half-staff from sunrise to sunset Thursday in remembrance and honor of Private First Class Jordan M. Brochu.The 20-year-old from Oakland died August 31st after enemies attacked his unit with explosives.Brochu’s family moved to Maine his senior year and he attended Lake Region High School where he played football, qualified for the state track meet as a discus thrower, and was involved in culinary arts.Brochu joined the military last August and was sent to Afghanistan in July.It was his first deployment.The funeral service is planned for 9 o’clock Thursday morning at the Faith Evangelical Free Church study, in Waterville.

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Offshore Wind Power Discussed

Updated 5 years ago

The first of five public information meetings to discuss possible sites for testing new offshore wind power technology took place Wednesday night in Ellsworth.State officials have identified seven possible sites stretching from southern waters off York County to far eastern Maine.The demostration sites would be about three miles off the coast, and they would be used to test things like turbines, blades, and anchoring systems.Organizers say this is an emerging technology that hasn’t been tested in the U.S. yet. “The point of demonstration sites is more to learn about the performance of equipment and to monitor effects on marine mammals, birds, and other natural resources near the sites,” Said The Director of the Maine Coastal Program Kathleen Leyden.Organizers say they have been involved in open dialog with folks about the possible sites.Officials have until December 15th to select between one and five of the spots to be used as demonstration sites to test components for deep-water wind farms.

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Triple E Outbreak

Updated 5 years ago

(AP) With nine confirmed cases of eastern equine encephalitis affecting horses in Maine, the state health chief is warning Mainers to avoid mosquito bites that could give them the disease. So far this year, nine horses have died from triple e. In a briefing Thursday, Dr. Dora Anne Mills of Maine’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention said people who live near bogs, swamps and coastal marshes should be especially careful to avoid bites by mosquitoes, which carry the disease. There are no confirmed cases of humans being affected by the potentially fatal disease this year. Mills said she’s asked schools to reschedule sports events and practices so they won’t coincide with evening hours when mosquitoes are out. Mills says the state hasn’t sprayed against mosquitoes carrying EEE because the area where they live is so widespread. EEE mainly affects horses, llamas, alpacas and humans.

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