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Madison Teacher to Receive White House Honor

Updated 5 years ago

Two Maine teachers received the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence for Mathematics and Science Teaching this month. Pamela Thompson, a Grade 3-4 looping teacher at Madison Elementary School and Kimberly Spencer, who teaches Grades 2 and 3 at Yarmouth Elementary School, will receive their awards in the fall at a White House ceremony. Thompson received the 2008 science teaching award and Spencer received the 2008 mathematics teaching award. The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching is awarded annually to the best pre-college-level science and math teachers from across the country. The winners are selected by a panel of distinguished scientists, mathematicians, and educators following an initial selection process done at the state level. Each year the award alternates between elementary and secondary education, going either to science and math teachers in grades K through 6 (as it is this year) or to those teaching in grades 7 through 12. Pamela Thompson has been teaching for 27 years in Madison. Thompson holds a master’s degree in education from St. Joseph’s College and two degrees from the University of Maine at Farmington.  She has been involved in professional development to strengthen links between science inquiry and literacy and serves on the board of the Maine State Science Teachers Association. Thompson lives in Industry, Maine.   Winners of the Presidential Teaching Award receive $10,000 awards from the National Science Foundation to be used at their discretion. They also receive an expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. for a White House awards ceremony and several days of educational and celebratory events, including visits with members of Congress and science agency leaders.  

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Hancock Family Fundraiser Information

Updated 5 years ago

Giffords Ice Cream is rallying the community in support of the Tim Hancock family by donating the proceeds from every round of mini golf on July 30. Tim Hancock, his wife Donna, and their children lost their home and most of their possessions to a house fire in July. Gifford’s Ice Cream will hold the mini-golf fundraiser July 30, 11am-9:30pm Rain Date is August 6Those who cannot play mini-golf, but would like to help the Hancock family can contact the Skowhegan Field Hockey Boosters at: Hancock Family Fundraiser Noella DesPres15 Merril St. Skowhegan, ME 04976207-474-5748

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Transformer Catches Fire Along Route 2 in Hermon

Updated 5 years ago

Part of route 2 in Hermon was closed for about an hour this morning after a transformer blew.It happened at about seven thirty, near Danforth’s Supermarket.A passerby reported seeing a transformer on fire.Hermon fire crews were on scene in minutes, and immediately shut down Route 2, from billings road to the New Boston Road.Traffic was detoured onto the New Boston Road while crews put out the fire and repaired the damage.Hermon Fire Chief Larry Willis says he knows the detour was an inconvenience for those driving to work, but says the closure was necessary for public safety.”Everybody’s in a hurry, it’s 8am, they’re all trying to get to work at the same time. It’s important for people to cooperate. It’s for their own safety. The top line on any power line is extremely dangerous and even if you’re in your car with the windows up, if that goes down on your car, you’re in very much danger.”Chief Willis says there were no reports of any homes in the area losing power.

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Traffic Woes on Route 2 in Hermon

Updated 5 years ago

Route 2 is being rerouted onto the Billing’s Road to New Boston, then back to Route 2 while crews fix a transformer that blew Thursday morning.The transformer is located near Danforth’s Market in Hermon.Crews tell TV5 that the transformer is being fixed, and that traffic should be back to normal by mid-morning.

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Crash Cuts Power to Thousands

Updated 5 years ago

Folks in sections of Hancock County lost power for a while Wednesday night.It wasn’t, however, due to the rain.According to Bangor Hydro, a vehicle struck a utility pole on Main Street in Blue Hill. It knocked out power for nearly three thousand customers in Blue Hill, Brooklin, and Sedgwick.As of 4:30 Thursday morning, Bangor Hydro is reporting that power has been restored.We’re told no one was hurt in the crash.

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Flags At Half Staff for Reny

Updated 5 years ago

Flags will be at half staff at all Reny’s stores in Maine Thursday.83-year-old Robert H. Reny, the founder of Reny’s, passed away last Friday after a long illness.Funeral services will take place Thursday.Reny started his first store in 1949 in Damariscotta.It eventually turned into a 14-store chain throughout Maine, specializing in discount items.Governor Baldacci has ordered flags also be flown at half staff in the towns of Damariscotta and Newcastle, where Reny’s is headquartered.

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Maine Labor Department Receives $28 Million

Updated 5 years ago

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Maine’s Department of Labor is receiving$28 million from the federal government to be used for unemploymentbenefits and administering the state’s unemployment insuranceprogram. The U.S. Labor Department said Wednesday that Maine qualifiedfor the federal stimulus funding to help people entering the workforce, seeking part-time work or upgrading their skills to beeligible for benefits. Gov. John Baldacci said the Legislature made improvements in thestate’s unemployment insurance program that recognize the needs oftoday’s laid-off workers. The stimulus act made a total of $7billion available in unemployment modernization incentive paymentsto states.

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Truck Weights Temporarily Lifted in Maine

Updated 5 years ago

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Gov. John Baldacci says he’s pleased by aU.S. Senate panel’s approval of a plan to temporarily lift federaltruck weight limits in Maine. The Appropriations subcommittee on transportation on Wednesdayapproved Sen. Susan Collins’ plan for a one-year pilot projectexempting Maine’s highways from the 80,000-pound federal truckweight limit. Collins, R-Maine, said the current weight limit disparity onvarious segments of Maine’s interstate highways is an impediment tocommerce, increases wear-and-tear on the state’s secondary roadsand puts residents at risk. Maine’s Congressional delegation has been working since 1994 tochange a law which forces northbound trucks weighing more than80,000 pounds off Interstate 95 in Augusta. That’s forced heavytrucks traveling I-95 to Houlton onto smaller, secondary roads thatpass through cities, towns and villages.

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Mount View School Nears Completion

Updated 5 years ago

It’s a 40-million dollar project in Central Maine that is nearly complete.Mount View’s new elementary, middle and high school is the largest state funded school to date, and it’s about ready to open.As Adrienne Bennett reports it’s a place where students, teachers and staff will honor the past and celebrate the future of learning.”This is all natural light we probably won’t even have to put a light on here.” The design of Mount View’s K thru 12 complex is expected to deliver thousands of dollars in energy savings.”There’s 12 skylights in there in the high school gym and 8 in the elementary, middle school gym.” The majority of this 40-million dollar project in Thorndike is being paid for by the state. Six-hundred-thousand was put into technological advances for students and teachers, from computers”The centerpiece for learning is technology as a new tool.” to smart boards…and the school’s eco-friendly heating system.”It’ll pull wood chips into the bin then there’s a belt that will carry them up to the wood chip furnace..”On center stage, is something the community helped fund.”We’re really indebted to future 3 who provided an additional 1/2 million in funds to do the things that were aesthetically pleasing, expanding seating from 200 to 300, a cat walk, a great sound system. It converted it from an auditorium to a performing arts center.”A few hundred yards away the old school is being stripped away. Nearly 10-thousand dollars was raised from selling what could be salvaged.”Even the bushes, the rogosas went, lights went… actually I think I saw one day the gym bleachers go by on a flatbed.” But money wasn’t the motivating factor”We wanted to reduce the waste stream and make use of these things again.”And with the past nearly gone, the future is in sight”It’s nice to have a building but now a lot of the work is so, how do we improve the quality of what goes on in here?””Students will head back to class September 1, but before that there will be a formal dedication on August 30, and that will be open to the community. Adrienne Bennett, WABI TV5 News, Thorndike.

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Seattle Man Ends Cross Country Trek In Old Town

Updated 5 years ago

”I say that you turn 50 and there’s things you really want to do and you better do them because if you don’t do them, you might not have time or be able to do them.”For Gary Roberts of Seattle, Washington, the “thing” he wanted to do was take a bike ride to visit his sister. 2 months later, he’s due to arrive at her house. “My sister Carol Ann lives in Old Town, Maine,” says Roberts, “I haven’t seen her in about 15 years and I’m happy to say I’ll be having lobster with her and her husband and my wife tonight.”Robert’s wife Ellen joined him in Buffalo New York. The two biked to Niagra Falls and celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary.”It’s made me understand what his days have been like the past 75 days,” says Ellen Kaise, Robert’s wife, “but now I see what it’s like and I see why he would want to do it.”In addition to his wife, Roberts says no trip would be complete without a first mate. In this case he’s speaking of Brindle, the family dog. Ronerts has been pulling Brindle the entire way in a carrier that attaches to his bicycle.”She’s 15-and-a-half,” says Roberts of his first mate, “she’s the family dog and having a mate, even though you have to pull the mate, is great.”A 3000 mile bike ride does have some advantages.”In a sort of sly way I really enjoyed eating my way across the country,” says Roberts, “when you bicycle all day, you burn up 5-to-6000 calories a day, you can just eat, and eat, and eat, it’s just great.” Some of his favorite things to munch on during his trip? “Ice cream is high on the list, gotta have the carbohydrates so a lot of pizza, a lot of pasta, I like the donuts and the milkshakes, all the good stuff.”For roberts and his wife, they’ve had an inside look at the country few will ever experience. “The country is a huge country and it’s full of very wonderful people, I’ve had nothing but really good experiences, positive experiences, people have helped me, of all the bad things you might hear and see on the news and read, the country really is a wonderful country.”Anyone who would like to see photos from Gary Robert’s cross country trip are invited to see his blog.gravytrain2maine@blogspot.com

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Veteran Newsman to Speak in Rockland

Updated 5 years ago

He’s been named a “living legend” by the Library of Congress. Next week veteran CBS newsman Bob Schieffer will be in Rockland to help out a local cause.Schieffer is the chief Washington correspondent for CBS News and anchors “Face the Nation.” He’s marking his 52nd year as a reporter covering national issues.He’ll be in Maine Thursday, August 6th at the invitation of a board member for the General Henry Knox Museum in Thomaston.Acting Director Ellen Dyer says they hope to sell more than 300 tickets to hear Schieffer speak. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the museum’s education and preservation programs.”It’s actually our biggest event of the year,” Dyer says. “We do something similar to this every year and a lot of excitement builds around it, and it’s a lot of fun.”Schieffer will speak at 6 p.m. a week from tomorrow at the Strand Theatre in Rockland. He’ll also take questions from the audience.Seats are still available and cost thirty-five dollars. For more information or to buy tickets you can call the General Henry Knox Museum at 354-0858.

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A Newspaper That Is A Different Kind of Read

Updated 5 years ago

There’s a new newspaper in the town of Milbridge and it’s quickly spreading to the Bangor area.As Meghan Hayward tells us this paper is not your everyday read. It only shares good news.”Honestly it cost us 500 dollars. We started this. Grace put in $250 and I put in $250.”And The Good News-Paper was created.”What our goal is, is to provide information, inspiration and hope. In today’s world it is a really difficult times and what we wanted to do was just provide some hope and inspiration for everybody. Something to look forward to.”The Good News-Paper’s main base is Milbridge.It’s printed at the Ellsworth American in Ellsworth.”We have different columnists. We have writers all over the country actually. We have some from Tennessee and some in our backyards. They’re all over.”So what can someone expect to find in the paper?”We have health and wellness columns. We have a man cave which is designed for men and in the middle we have a local savings page so they can clip and save coupons.”You can pay $15 dollars for a year subscription if you’d like it delivered to your door, or you can pick it up for free at newsstands.Co-owner Nikki Look explains why.”Because you should never ever have to pay for good news and our paper will always be free for the consumer.”The paper is available from Bangor to Calais.The Bayside Shop N’ Save in Milbridge is just one of the many locations you can find it.So what does Look think is in the future for the paper?”I see the Good News going global and I am not joking. I see this in every mailbox. And I see everybody looking for it and going did you read the good news this week?”If you would like more info on The Good News-Paper or are interested in advertising with them send an email to info@thegoodnews-paper.com.

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Manna Ministries Celebrates 18 Years

Updated 5 years ago

Manna Ministries in Bangor is celebrating a 18 years of service.Manna began helping those in need on July 29, 1991.The organization started as a one room soup kitchen.It’s now grown into a homeless shelter, a drug and alcohol rehab center, and a very large food pantry – that serves an average of 125 meals per night.Manna helps countless people in the area through their many services. Bill Ray, Manna’s Director, contribute’s the success to community support.”Without the many hands and the many dollar bills, 50 cents, that come into this building we’d never be able to provide the food. We’d never be able to house somebody, we’d never be able to help somebody get out of drugs and alcohol. It’s the community that supports this place. It’s the community that supports the ministry.” says Ray.Ray has more expansion plans for Manna, he hopes to build a woman’s shelter this fall.

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Woman from Carmel Sentenced for Embezzling from Doctors

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A woman from Carmel will spend the next year and a half behind bars for stealing more than 50-thousand dollars from a doctor’s office in Ellsworth. 50-year-old Rita Worster pleaded guilty in December 2007 to taking the money from a group of doctors at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. But sentencing was delayed until recently to give her time to pay some of the money back. Hancock County District Attorney Michael Povich says Worster never repaid any it, though.Worster was an office manager for one of the doctors and embezzled the money by writing checks to herself.

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Fake Bills Found in Bangor Area

Updated 5 years ago

State police say counterfeit twenty-dollar bills have been turning up in the greater Bangor area since last week.An alert cashier called police when he noticed a customer had used several twenty dollar bills with the same serial number.Since then, police have recovered more than 400-dollars in fake twenties from various places.Trooper David Yankowsky says the bills look and feel nearly identical to the real thing, and even pass the marker test.But the fake bills don’t show a watermark on the right hand side and are missing a security strip on the left hand side.Police say a similar fake bill has also surfaced in the Portland area.”The money is either being funneled up from the Portland area or even possibly from out of state, and eventually we caught up with it in the Bangor area,” says Trooper Yankowsky.The local investigation continues with the Secret Service involved.Police are urging cashiers, anyone who handles money, to look closely at bills…especially twenties.Even if they pass the marker test, make sure they have a watermark and security strip. And if more than one has the same serial number, you know something’s up. If you find a counterfeit bill, call your local police.

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Two Lobstermen File Civil Lawsuits

Updated 5 years ago

Two lobstermen involved in last week’s shooting on Maine’s remote Matinicus island have filed civil lawsuits that reveal new details about the shooting. Sixty-eight-year-old Vance Bunker has been charged with elevated aggravated assault for allegedly shooting fellow lobsterman Chris Young in the neck in a dispute over lobster traps on July 20. Young, who remains hospitalized, filed a lawsuit Tuesday in Knox County Superior Court seeking punitive damages from Bunker in connection with the shooting. Another lobsterman, Weston Ames, also filed a lawsuit against Bunker seeking damages. Ames said Bunker fired at him but missed before shooting Young. Bunker’s attorney has said Bunker was acting in self-defense. (AP)

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Convicted Sex Offender in Bangor Arrested Twice in a Week

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A convicted sex offender living in the Bangor area is in jail after local police arrested him twice in three days. 41-year-old Joseph Webber was first picked up last Thursday for allegedly slapping his pregnant girlfriend at a hotel in Brewer.He was charged with domestic assault and violating bail conditions. Then three days later, on Sunday, Bangor police picked up Webber. He was staying at the Acadia Recovery Community – a substance abuse center – when he reportedly told a woman there he’d set her sleeping bag on fire, with her in it.Webber was charged with criminal threatening and failing to report to the Maine Sex Offender Registry that he’d moved from Mariaville to the Bangor area. He’s in the Penobscot County Jail on $250 cash bail.

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Forest Service to Campers: Don’t Bring Firewood from Out of State

Updated 5 years ago

A group of interns from the Maine Forest Service are turning heads in campgrounds this week.They’re using some colorful costumes to try and spread an important environmental message.Amy Erickson has the story.

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The Lady Christine Docked in Bangor

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

All eyes have been turned to the Bangor Waterfront since Sunday when the 182.6 foot Lady Christine made it way up the Penobscot River.Many in the area have been by to take a look at the ship and the helicopter that is on board.Here are some statistics on her.Shipyard : Oceanco, NLD Length : 182.60 ft / 55.65 m Beam : 34.40 ft / 10.50 m Year : 2001Draught : 11.50 ft / 3.50 m Naval Architect : Oceanco Stylist : The A Group Decorator : The A Group / G. Villate Engine : 2x 1641kW CAT 3516B diesels Speed (max.) : 16 Range (Nm): 5,400 Speed (cruise) : 12 Hull / Superstr. : steel / aluminium Guests : 10 Crew : 11

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Two Skowhegan Pedestrians Struck

Updated 5 years ago

Two people are recovering after they were hit by a car while walking in Skowhegan.Police got a call to the corner of Madison Avenue and Levitt Street around 9 p.m. on Tuesday night. They say Ramesh Gupta of Old Town was driving the car that ran into the pedestrians. Their names have not yet been released, but Skowhegan police tell us one was from town, the other was not.Both are in their early 20’s and we’re told their injuries do not appear to be life threatening.Skowhegan police say they’re still investigating the incident.

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