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NESCOM Brings home the Gold

Updated 6 years ago

When David MaClaughlin, Executive director of Audio at NESCOM, told his students they’d be taking part in Shure Microphone’s national competition, they were more than excited.”We were all like OK! Ya know, let see what we can do. The next like four and a half months were pretty intense.” says Cameron Smith, a student.It was NESCOM’s first time in the competition. They had to record music using a box full of mics Shure gave them. All the recording had to be live.”For example, usually when you’re recording a bass guitar you just play it right into the board, but with this we actually had to play the bass guitar into an amplifier and then mic the amplifier.” Says Jacob Lansky as student. The competition was judged by industry leaders.MaClaughlin says, “There wasn’t a single person on the judging who hasn’t won at least four grammies.”They say this gave them insight into what the real world of recording is like. “It was definitely an eye opener to how long sessions can go. A lot of the time we were betting on 12 hour plus sessions.” Says Joshua Strange a student. The music was done by a local duo, Sam and Yuri – along with a string quartet and a flute. Using NESCOM’s equipment, these talented students mixed the track.”I know we all worked really hard on this recording and we definitely put our heart and soul in everything.” Strange says.Smith goes on to say, “We’re putting our names and our seal of approval on this so we want it to be the best it can get.””After we did this recording it was good enough, whether we won first or got dead last.” Strange adds.But when the guys heard the news, they were pretty psyched about their first place finish. They say it was a total team effort.”I think we worked great as a team. This was an incredible team.”

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Warning From Banks: Scam Artists Are At It Again

Updated 6 years ago

The calls from the latest phone scam to hit the area appear to be dying down, but not before a few people fell victim.Officials at Bangor Savings Bank say they first heard about the calls on Easter Sunday.They were automated calls telling folks that their credit or debit card had been compromised, prompting them to enter their account information.Senior Vice President at Bangor Savings Bank, Yellow Light Breen says a few of their customers did so, and at least one person had money taken from their account.But Breen says they are working with all these people to make sure that they don’t lose any money, and he says this should serve as an important reminder to everyone. “Your bank will never ever call you or e-mail you, especially with an automated message ever trying to get you to give up confidential information. We simply won’t, period, end of story.”If you do ever have questions about your account, you should always contact your bank, at a phone number or e-mail address that you are familiar with.Several other banks in the area are also warning their customers about this scam.If you did get one of the calls, and gave them your account information, you should contact your bank immediately.

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Calls to Suicide Hotlines on the Rise

Updated 6 years ago

Bangor police are now confirming that a man who died at Weber Mortgage on Broadway yesterday, committed suicide.There are reports that the bad economy was a motivating factor for the man.In fact, the recession might be a reason for an increase in calls to suicide hotlines across the country.Traffic came to a halt on a section of Broadway in Bangor Monday afternoon as a robot and a tactical team made their way into the Weber Mortgage building. A man had called a friend threatening to take his own life. It ended when authorities discovered the man’s body. He died of a self inflicted gunshot wound.”Really at that moment they can’t come up with anything but that option.” Dr. David Prescott of Acadia Hospital says the victim in this case had several of the top risk factors for people who complete suicide.He was a man, caucasian, over the age of 55 who suffered a huge loss. Reports out, suggest the man was upset over the bad economy.”One of the big worries we’ve had in the mental health profession is there’s some pretty clear evidence as far back as the great depression in the 30’s that when an economic downturn happens that obviously people’s stress levels go up and one of the things you start to see is a climb in the suicide rate”During this current recession, suicide hotlines are seeing an increase in the number of people seeking help. In some cases, they’re up as much as 30 percent.Most of the people who do contemplate taking their own life, have a history of mental health problems, money worries can make matters worse.Dr. Prescott says that high stress can diminish a person’s ability to solve problems, so they need to reach out.”Talking about it is often the first step to solving the problem and even though to you at the moment, there’s gonna seem like there’s no good options, they really are out there.”If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call one of these hotlines for help.Adult Crisis Line: 1-888-568-1112Teen Crisis Line: 1-800-499-9130..Acadia Hospital: 1-800-640-1211… There are trained professionals available 24 hours a day who can help you.

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Stonington Power Outage

Updated 6 years ago

Folks in the Stonington area will be without power for a bit Thursday morning.From 8 to 11 Bangor Hydro crews will be doing some planned maintenance. They say the interruption in power is necessary to make some safety repairs to the electric system.The streets affected by the outage are:3-80 Main St. Pink Street as far as #9 and #9 Cottage St. West Main St. from 3-131 Greenhead Road from 1-95 All of the following roads: Fish Pier Rd. Dunlap Rd. Johnnie’s Lane Gray Lane Rhode Island Ave. Andy’s Rd. Arvard Rd. Allen St. Honkway Rd. Ocean St. Old Quarry Rd. Farrell St. Mel’s Way Thoroughfare Rd. Pettee Rd. Minister Field Rd. Greenhead Lane Duke Lane Robbin St. And all of Moose Island including Billings Diesel and Marine.

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Pottery Exhibit and Sale

Wayne Harvey

Updated 6 years ago

For the second year in a row the hammond Street Senior Center is holding their annual pottery sale and luncheon.It is a combination pottery exhibit and sale showing off items that are all made on the premises by students and instructors…..Last year they made soup bowls, this year it’s luncheon plates.With the purchase of a plate, the buyer gets a ticket to the spring harbinger garden tea… And there’s no shortage of options according to Kathy Bernier, the Executive Director of the Senior Center.”90 different offerings of plates, each one is an individual unique piece of pottery which is fully worth the twelve dollar price to start with and we’ll put a sold sign on the the bottom and when you come in on the 23rd, which is next Thursday, you get your plate and we’ll come around and serve you.”All of the proceeds from the sale will stay at the Senior Center…..The plates can be viewed and purchased Monday through Friday from 8-30 am until 4-30 pm at the Senior Center at 2 Hammond Street, Bangor.

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Milo Vote Results

Updated 6 years ago

Folks in Milo voted Monday night to accept money from two community development block grants.Town manager Jeff Gahagan tells TV5 that the city will be getting $64,000 to renovate the Milo historical society building on High Street.People also voted to accept a proposed grant of $150,000 that will go to improving the downtown area.

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Early Morning Crash Sends One to Hospital

Updated 6 years ago

One person was rushed to the hospital after a car crash in Etna early Tuesday morning.Authorities say it happened in the area of Lakins Road at around 1:30a.m.The car rolled over, pinning the driver underneath it.Emergency crews were able to rescue the driver, who was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center with serious injuries.There was no one else in the car.State police are now investigating.

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Fire Destroys Home

Updated 6 years ago

Fire fighters spent more than five hours at the scene of a house fire in Vinalhaven early Tuesday morning.The call for help to the wright road came in just after midnight.Knox County dispatchers tell TV5 that the home is a summer residence, so no one was living there at the time.The structure was destroyed in the conflagration.The fire marshal’s office will be on the scene Tuesday morning, trying to determine a cause.We’re being told the blaze does not seem suspicious.

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Brooklin Fire

Updated 6 years ago

As of 7:30 Tuesday morning fire fighters were still on the scene of a house fire in Brooklin.The call for help reportedly came from the owner of the Folly Road home at around 6 o’clock Tuesday morning.He was not inside the house at the time.Crews from Sedgwick and Blue Hill are also helping out.No injuries have yet been reported. The fire marshal’s office has been called in to investigate.

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American Legion plans Gateway Music Festival

Updated 6 years ago

For years, american legion post 207 has been helping folks in the mid-coast region through benefits and charity programs…Just last Christmas, they made sure more than 250 children got a holiday gift..Now a group of local musicians is hoping to give back to the legion.They’re organizing the *Gateway Music Festival* and asking folks in the area to help.The Gateway Music Festival is scheduled to take place Sunday August 16th at the American Legion post in Trenton…The headliner will be Buddy Jewell, 2003 Nashville Star winner.There will also be a number of local artists and bands on hand.They are looking for sponsors and vendors.If you’re interested, you can contact the American Legion at 667-9918…Or log on to WWW.THEGATEWAYMUSICFESTIVAL.COM.

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Bar Harbor Motel makes top ten list

Updated 6 years ago

At a time when many folks are starting to make plans for summer vacations, there’s a new list out of the top ten most family friendly hotels in the U.S.A motel in Bar Harbor is on that list. “We’re the world’s largest travel community. We have more than 25 million monthly visitors to Trip Advisor, and we feature more than 23 million reviews.””Saving money is top of everyone’s mind now, and Trip Advisor identified great family friendly motels for less than 150 dollars pre night. Bar Harbor’s Bar Harbor Motel made number 3 or the top 10 in the United States.”Dick Collier has owned the Bar Harbor motel for 19 seasons now.”We’re not on the ocean, but we feel we give a nice, clean, modern room at a very good rate.”Collier says he was surprised and excited to find out his motel had made Trip Advisors list of top ten family friendly hotels.”We do pride ourselves in catering to families. “We are a scheduled stop for the Island Explorer,which is very convenient. We do have 2 trails that lead directly in to Acadia. We do have a swimming pool, which is very popular, and a small playground, which is also very popular.”It’s these family friendly amenities that Trip Advisor spokesman Brooke Ferencsik says separates the motel from other facilities.”Bar Harbor Motel, Maine, is the only non-Florida hotel in the top 5, which is pretty remarkable.”Collier says he’s honored by the award.”We’re an independently operated, family owned business and we work very hard for what we have. And we try to give a good value to our customers, for what we charge. And we actually weren’t aware of this award…and it was just very exciting.”Cori Skall, WABI TV 5 News, Bar Harbor.>You can find more information about the Bar Harbor Motel online, at BARHARBORMOTEL.COM.Or you can log on to TRIPADVISOR.COM.

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Universal Health Care for All?

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) – The Maine Nurses Association says registered nurses from throughout the state will be joined by physicians, patients and health care activists Monday at a legislative hearing on a single-payer health care bill sponsored by Democratic Rep. Charles Priest of Brunswick. The state bill is similar to a federal measure, the United States National Health Care Act, that would establish a publicly financed health care program. Last week, Maine lawmakers passed a resolution calling on President Obama and Congress to establish a single-payer health system that covers everyone. The Senate passed the nonbinding resolution by a 20-15 vote on Wednesday, a day after the House did the same by a 91-52 vote.

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International Pen Pals Meet in Veazie

Wayne Harvey

Updated 6 years ago

It began as a project for a class.But in just a couple of months it has resulted in friendships that span the globe.A group of eighth grade students came away with more than they thought when they first put pen to paper.”In social studies we have a self reform project and mine was to do pen pals with people from other countries so we could learn about their culture more” said Madison McNally “and my mom works at IEI so I thought we could do pen pals with her students.”IEI is the Intensive English Institute at UMaine for foreign exchange students, and it helps those students at the same time.”I’m learning about her lifestyle, Americans lifestyle, because I think it’s different from Thailand, so I tell her about my culture and she learns.” said Aithittaya Wichayamuphap of Thailand.And Laura Exposito of Spain agreed. “I think that it is a really nice experience to meet people from another country and I was really I don’t know from happy and excited to meet someone.”The students are from Brazil, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Spain and they gave presentations about life in their home countries. The best part was putting a face to the writers of the letters they’ve been reading.”To meet each other” said Exposito “and just learning about the different experiences and stuff and the different countries.” said Veazie’s Catherine Cunningham.The project went beyond the expectations that McNally had for it.”I didn’t know people would be so excited to do this and we’d actually get to meet our pen pals but it just unfolded that way and I think it’s just better now because they all got to meet them.”Which has created bonds that will last and the conversations don’t end here said Brazils Marcelo Rugini.”Yeah, I mean we are friends now and we probably going to continue.”

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Easter Morning Fire Destroys South Thomaston Home

Joy Hollowell

Updated 6 years ago

A fire early Easter morning destroyed a home in South Thomaston.Crews were called to Spruce Head Road just before 6 AM.Mark and Elizabeth Connell lived in the mobile home.They and several pets made it out safely.South Thomaston Fire Chief Bryan Calderwood tells TV-5 the fire started near a wood stove.Additional crews from St. George, Rockland and Thomaston all spent about three and a half hours battling the flames.A firefighter from the South Thomaston department sprained an ankle at the scene.He was treated at a local hospital and released.Chief Calderwood says the Connells are now staying with family.They did not have insurance on the home.

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Baileyville Camp Fire

Joy Hollowell

Updated 6 years ago

Fire destroyed a camp in Baileyville early Monday morning.Crews were called to the Houlton Road around 3:30 AM.Fire chief Gary Santerre tells TV-5 that a couple was living there, but had stayed at a friend’s house overnight.Fire fighters spent about two hours battling the blaze.The fire marshal’s office is now trying to determine a cause.

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Hampden Students Visit Challenger Learning Center

Joy Hollowell

Updated 6 years ago

Many young Mainers dream about being an astronaut when they grow up.But after today, some Hampden students may be fine tuning that title a bit more.Joy hollowell takes us to the challenger learning center in Bangor.==============”Good Morning, c’mon in guys”Monday morning, first graders from Mcgraw Elementary school in Hampden took a field trip, to space.”1,2 here we go.”Unfortunately, these young space explorers only had a few hours, not nearly enough time to reach earth’s outer limit, let alone what lies beyond.”We’re docked, transferring control”So instead, they headed to the Challenger Learning Center in Bangor.”often times in the elementary programs, the teachers are working on their literacy and their math and spend a lot of time in the classroom with that. So, we’re looking to enhance anything that we can do to keep kids excited about science,” says Annette Brickley, professional development director for the Challenger Learning Center.”Space station, this is mission control, we will now build the fuelsalage for your rocket.”The students were divided into teams of engineers and scientists.”So in your team, the engineers are going to do the building and then guess who’s gonna test the rocket?The scientists.” “it’s really fun and you get to see a bunch of different things that are about space,” says 6-year old Ryan.”it was like I was actually going up into space in that rocket for a few seconds, it was really cool,” says first grader Aria.”just hope to kick off their excitement about what scientists do in space and how engineers help those scientists,” says Brickley.”i’d rather be a scientist than an astronaut because it’s pretty dangerous to be an astronaut because you might blow up,” says 6-year old Annika.+++++++++++++++For more information on the Challenger Learning Center, you can visit their website, www.clcofme.org You can also call them at 990-2900.

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Broadway Reopened

Updated 6 years ago

Broadway in Bangor was closed off for much of the afternoon, but is open to traffic again tonight.Police responded to Weber Mortgage just after one this afternoon. They tell us a man inside the building called a friend to say he was going to kill himself with a rifle. Police closed down the section of Broadway between McDonald’s and Husson Avenue and evacuated surrounding buildings.Crews tried to call the man inside the Weber Mortgage office or look through the windows but couldn’t make contact.They sent a robot inside to check things out.Shortly after that, a tactical team entered the building and discovered a body inside.There’s no confirmation yet as to who was inside the building or a cause of death.”With a high powered rifle involved,” says Bangor Police Sgt. Paul Edwards, “we don’t want to take any chances on the safety of the officers or anyone else involved. So we tried other avenues – the tactical team, the robot team, everybody was used in this instance just to make it as safe as possible.”Rob Carmichael watched the incident from inside the Maine Savings building across the street. He says police told them to stay inside and away from the windows.”Well, people were a little bit nervous, obviously, worried, a lot of rumors flying around,” Carmichael says. “I think we did the right thing, in terms of our branch, and just tried to stay out of the way.” That section of Broadway was shut down for several hours as officers responded to the scene. The road was reopened just before 4 o’clock.

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Bank Robberies on the Rise?

Updated 6 years ago

The number of bank robberies in Maine is up this year.Last month’s holdup at the Maine Education Credit Union in Augusta was the seventh bank robbery along the Interstate 295 corridor since November.The Kennebec Journal newspaper reports that in addition to the seven robberies in the central Maine area, there have been robberies in Parsonfield, Portland and Auburn.There were 14 bank robberies in 2005, which more than doubled the six robberies of 2004, according to the Department of Public Safety. The number of bank robberies nearly doubled again in 2006, to 27, and fell back to 12 in 2007.

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Shooting in Standish

Updated 6 years ago

Police are investigating a shooting in the town of Standish.According to Maine State Police, a woman was shot in the abdomen and her husband was beaten in the head.The victims are 47-year-old Linda Dolloff and her husband, 53-year-old Jeffrey Dolloff.Cumberland County deputies went to the home after the woman called 911 around 3 a.m. Sunday.Police say the woman came outside and the man was found inside in a bedroom.Detectives are hoping to get more information from the couple once their medical conditions improve.

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Presque Isle Man Killed in Snowmobile Crash

Updated 6 years ago

Game Wardens are investigating a fatal snowmobile crash in Aroostook County.It happened Saturday night about 6 miles west of Oxbow.Wardens say 22-year-old Brian James was killed in the crash.He was riding on a trail with a friend…no details yet on how the accident happened.It was the ninth snowmobile-related fatality this season.While the snowmobile season is winding down in northern Maine, there still is snow on many of the woods trails.

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