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Missing Girl Found Safe

Updated 6 years ago

Alittle girl reported missing in Bangor Friday has been found safe and sound.

9-year old Haley Stratton was reported missing Friday evening.

She hadn’t been seen since 4pm on Clinton street in Downtown Bangor.

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McLain Autopsy Latest

Updated 6 years ago

Members of a team of forensic experts

looking into a 28-year-old murder case say they have found

unspecified items worth following up on by re-examining evidence

and the body of a 16-year-old girl that was exhumed Thursday.

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UPDATE: Cold Case Exhumation

Updated 6 years ago

Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Henry Lee offered few details to reporters Friday at the state medical examiner’s office in Augusta.

Baden is chief forensic pathologist for the New York state police, while Lee is known for his testimony during the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Baden and Lee were among those joining Maine officials re-examining the unsolved homicide of Joyce McLain, who was last seen alive when she went for a jog on Aug. 8, 1980. She was found bludgeoned to death two days later near Schenck High School in East Millinocket.

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Updated 6 years ago

Haley is 9-years-old, her description is:

Height: 4’8&quot: Weight: 62 lbs. Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Haley was last seen wearing a red t-shirt with a design or lettering on the front, calf length Capri jeans, and sneakers. She had a silver and pink scooter with matching helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads.

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Updated 6 years ago

Maine care funds have been cut significantly, reducing the money assisted living homes get paid to hold rooms for residents who are in the hospital or away at rehabilitation.

The state had been paying about $100 a day per person to hold beds.

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More Time For Lobstermen

Updated 6 years ago

NOAA’s Fisheries Service announced Friday that the conversion date has been pushed back, from October until April 5, 2009. The rule change is intended to protect whales from becoming entangled in the ropes.

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Convention Threat

Updated 6 years ago

Police say the threatening e-mail came from 38-year-old Manuel Aguilar. He was arrested early Thursday morning.

The email was sent shortly after Barack Obama was declared the Democrat’s presidential nominee.

State Police described the wording as a &quot:nasty email&quot: that would have caused anyone who read it to have great concern.

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No Smoking

Updated 6 years ago

That’s when a law modeled after an ordinance in Bangor goes into effect. It was passed by the legislature and signed by the governor earlier this year.

It outlaws smoking in vehicles if a child younger than 16 is riding along.

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Perfect Found

Updated 6 years ago

Peter Perfect and his daughters were located late Wednesday night at Peter’s brother’s home in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

We’re told that all three are okay, and that the girls are now in the custody of that state’s child welfare division.

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Fortunes Change for Second Attacker

Updated 6 years ago

Daniel Fortune, 20, of Augusta, who previously had been named as a potential suspect in the attack on William and Nicole Guerrette, is being held on charges connected to a November 2007 theft of more than $111,000 from the Guerrette home.

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Millinocket Getting Ready for Layoffs

Updated 6 years ago

Company officials announced that they would shut down the mill indefinitely on or before September 2nd.

When hundreds of people lost jobs at the mill in 2003 I Care Ministries in Millinocket saw a huge upswing in demand at the food pantry.

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Barclay Arrangements

Updated 6 years ago

Visiting hours have been scheduled for Saturday, from 2 to 8 p.m. at the Birmingham Funeral Home in Old Town. Her funeral will be held Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Old Town United Methodist Church on Stillwater Avenue.

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New License Plate

Updated 6 years ago

The money made from the adopt plate would go to the state animal welfare program.

Their mission: to ensure the humane treatment of Maine animals. Like many state agencies, they have a tight budget.

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Unity Fatal

Updated 6 years ago

40-year-old Kevin Von Oesen was getting ready to pull into his driveway at about 11:00 a.m.

Police say a GMC suburban driven by 53-year-old Meldon McDonald came up behind Von Oesen at a high rate of speed.

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Etna Fire

Updated 6 years ago

When fire crews responded to Ball Hill road just before 8:00 a.m., heavy smoke and flames could be seen shooting through two windows.

The center of the home was the most badly damaged. Etna fire Chief Walter Gibbons says the Graves family was able to salvage some things, but one of the rooms that was destroyed was the bedroom of the family’s oldest boy, a 13-year-old with cerebral palsy. All his medical equipment was lost.

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Peaches..In Maine!?

Updated 6 years ago

The peach season is mid-August to early September. You can get them fresh off the trees, right here in Maine. There are about a dozen peach orchards in the state including Gordon Kenyon’s in Albion. Gordon has grown the fruit since the mid 80′s. Kenyon takes care of four hundred trees in ten different varieties. He says it’s a crop that many Mainers aren’t used to. Kenyon hand picks all his peaches and he sells them at his home on the Quaker hill road in Albion – just look for his sign. He’s there every day 4-6 pm.

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Search for Missing Kids and Father Continues

Updated 6 years ago

44-year-old Peter Perfect was supposed to drop off his two daughters at the home of his estranged wife after church on Sunday, but that never happened.

Police believe Perfect may be headed out of state with six-year-old Aleah Perfect and two-year-old Amara Perfect.

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Bells Missing

Updated 6 years ago

Over the summer a number of bells, gongs, and tappers have been stolen from buoys floating in Maine waters.

The buoys help boaters navigate in fog and at night: they also warn of potential dangers.

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Katahdin Mill to Close…Soon

Updated 6 years ago

Company officials say they’ll fill customer orders before shutting down.

Then 208 people will lose their jobs indefinitely.

Company officials announced they would close the Millinocket facility in July. They said high oil prices were to blame.

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Reynolds to be Tried by Judge

Updated 6 years ago

Reports say that Justice Nancy Mills has granted a motion by Richard Reynolds to have evidence heard by a judge instead of a jury.

Reynolds is accused of shooting and killing Rhonda Wakefield-Reynolds while she was staying with her brother in Fairfield last January.

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