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Soccer Tournament in Memory of Hampden Student

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A soccer tournament this weekend will honor the memory of a senior at Hampden Academy who died earlier this spring.The Nathan D. Clark Memorial Soccer Tournament will raise money for a scholarship in Clark’s name. Some of the money will also go to the group, Students Against Destructive Decisions.The tournament takes place at the Hampden turf behind Weatherbee Elementary School.It starts Friday night at 6 o’clock with an alumni game at 7. Admission is $4 for adults, $2 for children and seniors. The games get going again at 8 o’clock Saturday morning. Admission that day is $5 for adults, $3 for children and seniors. A Battle of the Bands contest will take place after the tournament on Saturday night at 8 p.m.

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Investigators Look Into Two Arson Fires in Lagrange

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Two fires, two arsons, in two days in Lagrange and both houses abandoned.Investigators are now trying to determine if those fires are the work of the same person.Fire ripped through one building on Monday, which the Fire Marshal’s Office has ruled as arson.Then on Tuesday night, another fire flared up, this one right across the street from the fire station on Route 16,No word yet on exactly where the fire started, but officials are saying the second fire was also arson.Evidence from both scenes has been taken to the state crime lab.

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Fraser Papers Files for Credit Protection to Restructure

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Fraser Papers, which owns three mills in Maine and operates a fourth, is filing for protection from its creditors while it restructures. A company spokesperson says that will help Fraser Papers hang onto as much money as possible during this process. The move is not expect to generate layoffs at any of the mills in Maine. Bill Peterson says the Madawaska Paper Mill is already going through layoffs because one of the machines is being taken off line.The Marsardis and Ashland lumber mills will not be impacted by the restructuring, either.But Peterson says those mills will only stay open until the wood supply there runs out. Once that happens, up to 135 people will be put out of work.The East Millinocket Mill is only managed by Fraser. Peterson says that mill will not be affected. Under the restructuring plan, the company will receive up to 20-million dollars from a credit company in Canada and from the owners of the East Millinocket Mill.Fraser C-E-O Peter Gordon says the paper business remains profitable, but weak pulp and lumber markets have drained the company’s resources. Fraser also owns a mill in New Hampshire and four in Canada. About 2500 people work for the company.

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Winterport Winery Owners Start Brewery

Updated 5 years ago

For nine years now, the folks at the Winterport Winery have been perfecting the fine art of winemaking.Now, just in time for summer, Mike and Joan Anderson are branching out…into the beer business.Amy Erickson has the story.

For more information on Penobscot Brewery beers, visit www.WinterportWinery.com

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Scammers Target Central Maine Phones

Updated 5 years ago

Earlier this week Waterville Police started to notice a disturbing trend. Phone scams are on the rise. Waterville Deputy Chief Charles Rumsey says the area has been inundated with scam calls during the past few days. There have been no written complaints, but he is aware of at least a dozen or so calls by word of mouth and he’s sure there have been more made. Rumsey fears that someone may get “hooked” by the calls that start out as a pre-recorded message telling the person that their card has been used fraudulently. The person is then askedto punch in their card number, after which they are asked for more card information. The New Dimensions Credit Union in Waterville has fielded numerous complaints involving the scam according to Rumsey. The Credit Union’s website has posted a warning alerting customers. Rumsey says this is the largest wave of phone scams Waterville police have encountered. He says the public needs to be aware because with the amount of calls coming in, the fear is that someone will fall for the scam and become a victim. More information on identity theft and fraud:http://www.usdoj.gov/criminal/fraud/websites/idtheft.html

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Bangor Fatal Accident

Updated 5 years ago

Bangor Police are investigating a fatal motorcycle accident.It happened Wednesday night around 7:30 on the Griffin Road, near the Broadway intersection.Sergeant Paul Edwards says the driver of the motorcycle, 41-year-old Kondwa Chalila of Bangor, was headed westbound toward Broadway just before the crash.Chalila passed two vehicles and was attempting to pass a third when the car slowed down to make a left-hand turn.Chalila’s motorcycle hit the rear of the car.He was killed instantly.The two occupants of the car, who are from Indiana, were not injured.Both the car and the motorcycle were totalled.Police shut down the road for a short time while they reconstructed the crash.They say Chalila was not wearing a helmet.Tests being done to determine blood alcohol content.

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Colby Students in Court

Updated 5 years ago

The three Colby College students arrested in an Easter incident that sparked a campus protest and allegations that police used excessive force pleaded not guilty in Waterville District Court.Ozzy Ramirez and Jacob Roundtree, both from New York, were charged with assault and criminal trespass: Michael Talarico of Arlington, MA, was charged with disorderly conduct.Ramirez and Roundtree allegedly tried to interfere with a medical assessment of a student who became ill after an April 12 campus dance. Talarico was arrested in an separate incident.

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Partner of the Year Award

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

The USDA Rural Development in Bangor handed out their partner of the year award this afternoon. John Heller of Dover Mortgage was on hand to accept the award.Dover Mortgage has assisted over forty-four Maine families in reaching their goal of home ownership in 2009.That’s a total of six million dollars invested in Maine families.In addition, Dover Mortgage has maintained a remarkable zero delinquency rate: something Heller is most proud of.

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Caron Trial

Updated 5 years ago

The trial continued today in Penobscot County Superior Court for 31-year-old Jason Caron.He is charged with aggravated assault, o-u-i and aggravated o-u-i in connection with a 2007 accident that left his former girlfriend paralyzed.19-year-old Bobbi Jo Norris was pregnant at the time: the baby survived.Caron was scheduled to take part in a truck pull at the Springfield Fair that night.Two men working the event testified that they disqualified caron because they believed he was drunk. They say Caron had been involved in an accident with another competitor prior to the truck pull.Also testifying today was the emergency room nurse who treated Caron the night of the accident.She testified she smelled alcohol on his breath: the nurse also said caron told the staff at the emergency room that he was alone in the vehicle, before changing his story.Caron claims Norris was behind the wheel at the time of the crash.If convicted, Caron faces up to ten years in prison.

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Benefit for Winn Fire Victims

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

A family of 8 from Winn left homeless by fire, is seeing just how generous their community can be.Richard and Megan Plaisted, and their six children, lost their home on Military Road last week.Megan is expecting to deliver another child in november.The Plaisteds lost nearly everything they own.The fire was sparked by chicken left frying in the kitchen when Megan left the house to chase a loose horse. The community has generously replaced many of those items lost.The family is currently living on the campus of Lee Academy while they look for a permanent home.Collection baskets are out at the Winn General Store and Raymonds Gas Station and Diner.Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so through the Plaisted Family Fire Fund at Machias Savings Bank, 29 Main Street, Lincoln 04457.

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Antique Hearse Restored by Maine Prisoners

Updated 5 years ago

Folks from the town of Knox, are glad to see a piece of their history back where it should be.An old hearse dating back to the 18-hundreds has been restored thanks to some inmates at the Maine state Prison.”It’s amazing, I hope the town is proud of it.”If the dozens of people who showed up are any indication, this community is proud to see this antique back in town.This horse drawn hearse was purchased by the town for in the late 18-hundreds for a little more than 300 dollars. 120 years later, it needed a lot of work. “It wasn’t quite as shiney, it was older”So the folks from the historical society turned to the inmates at the Maine State Prison Industries program.It just so happens, that the hearse was first built at the state prison in Thomaston back in 1889.”Prisoners were really proud to be able to take this on for this opportunity and they really delivered.”Folks in town agree.”I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled look how beautiful, look at the work””Oh my sakes, 1000 percent change”The inmates put over 500 hours into restoring every inch of this antique, and although they couldn’t be here, fellow inmate Larry Smith says they’d be thrilled to see the reactions.”I just got the luxury of seeing it happen, so I’m really proud of them.”Robert Welch of the historical says most of the time, you’ll find this piece of town history, at the historical society, but they also plan to show it off during the 4th of July Parade in Brooks.”You know, we can’t take something like this and put it into a building and just leave it. It was made to haul behind horses, let’s do it.”

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Norridgewock Fatal Accident

Updated 5 years ago

A 23-year-old man from Norridgewock has died from injuries he sustained in a car crash last night.It happened just before eleven p-m at the intersection of Route 139 and Route 2 in Norridgewock.Police say Randy Lake was speeding and ran a stop sign at the intersection.His car then hit a telephone pole, mail boxes street signs, a fire hydrant, and another car that was headed for the intersection.Inside that vehicle were four people, including an infant.All four were taken to Reddington Fairview Hospital with various, non life-threatening injuries.Lake, the driver of the first car, was taken by helicopter to Eastern Maine Medical Center, where he later died. According to police, Lake was driving on a suspended license, and was driving a relative’s vehicle without permission.State Police helped reconstruct the crash.An investigation is underway.

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Students Raise Money by Reading

Updated 5 years ago

The school year is almost over, but 5th graders in Blue Hill don’t want to put their books down just yet. That’s because they’re raising money for each page they read.At Blue Hill Consolidated School Wednesday, you could hear a pin drop in Sue Slocum’s 5th grade class. It was time to read.”With my favorite books, it’s almost like you’re entering a different world,” says 5th-grader Schuyler Williamson.But while the students pored through their stories, they were also raising money, one page at a time.”We got sponsors pledging a penny per page,” she says.With some family and friends donating more than just pennies, the class has raised more than 13-hundred dollars this month. They voted how to donate the money.”We all voted Pennies for Peace,” says James Marsh. “And one penny will get a pencil and the pencil can start a kid having an education.”Pennies for Peace supports educational opportunities for children in Afghanistan and Pakistan and teaches children about the world.”Afghanistan and Pakistan, they’re having a really tough time,” Marsh says.”They don’t have enough money and the teachers only work there two days or three and then they move on to the next place,” says Brier-Rose Werner. “And since they don’t have paper or pencils, they write in the dirt or the sand.”For 5th graders here who already have a love of reading, a chance at an education is a good thing to pass along.”It feels pretty great,” says Matthew Stephens.

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Oregon Trail Comes to Life for Elementary Students in Belfast

Updated 5 years ago

Students at East Belfast School have been on quite the journey since December.They’ve been walking the Oregon Trail.As Meghan Hayward explains they’ve finally reached their destination.The Oregon Trail came to life for elementary students at East Belfast School.”Since December we’ve been virtually walking the Oregon Trail and today is out celebration for our arrival.”For the celebration students got to go to different things that took them back to the days of the Oregon Trail.They were even served a special lunch, chuck wagon chili with cornbread.Kate Coleman coordinated all this. She says it seemed like a fun way for the kids to learn.”They’ve been so excited, so pumped up about this for a long time and they’ve been really into walking the trail and dedicated to walking at recess and running during recess.”At one station students go do-si-do, but what proved to be the favorite was the stop featuring two real oxen.Fifth grader Brandon Porter says the animals weren’t what he expected.”Crazy they’re big and their tongues feel rough when they lick you and they are a lot bigger than what you would expect them to be when they’re first born.”But Brandon’s favorite part.”Getting to pet them.”Fourth-grader Morgan Maker liked the big animals too. She says walking the Oregon Trail was a lot of fun but what surprised her most.”How long it took to get to Oregon.”The event was in collaboration with the Take Time program which encourages schools to tie in physical activity with the curiculum. “To incorporate it into the instructional time it gets them more interested in what they’re doing and a lot of kids it helps them to retain the information they’re learning it they are doing it in a more active way.”

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Belfast YMCA Pool Dedication

Updated 5 years ago

There will be a big splash at the Belfast YMCA tonight.They’re dedicating a new swimming pool complex.More than 500 guests have been invited to the dedication of the Tom and Sally Savage pool.It took five years and help from 600 donors.Donors names can be seen on tiles within the complex.The Y’s Sue Lapham says the donors are what made it possible.She says it will greatly benefit the Belfast community.”This is going to bring a wealth of programs to the community. The Waldo County YMCA focuses on mind, spirit and body and we’re certainly a community center for our community and we’re just going to expand on the offerings we have.”Aquatic classes at the center start Monday.

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New Homeowner Thanks to Federal Program

Updated 5 years ago

A man in Milo is a proud homeowner, thanks to a federal program that helps folks living in substandard conditions.Gary Powell says the move to his new digs has been nothing short of life-changing.Amy Erickson has the story.”I was living in a 1978 mobile home trailer. I tried to refurbish it myself, but ran into too much money and it wasn’t even worth fixing up.”Gary Powell thought he had no choice but to keep living in his rundown mobile home in Milo. Until one day, about a year ago, when he went to pay his taxes.”I found a pamphlet at City Hall and I followed through with it and I just happened to be one of the lucky ones, really.”That pamphlet included an application for the USDA and Penquis Replacement Home program.It’s designed to help folks who otherwise would not be able to afford home ownership.Powell met the criteria and was chosen for the program.”Gary was living in a very sub-standard trailer, right here on the site. Inadequate windows, plumbing, electric and a number of other problems.”Thanks to the USDA and its partners, Powell is now the owner of this brand new home that sits where his trailer used to.”I got a brand new house!”The best part is he can afford the mortgage himself.”We have a grant component to this. All these homes have a mortgage, but they also have a grant component that buys down the mortgage so the mortgage becomes affordable for these folks that have limited income.”Powell couldn’t heap enough thanks on the folks who turned out Wednesday to welcome him into his new home.”The conditions he lived in with his trailer to going to something like this is something he never expected and something he’s very proud of and thankful for.””It’s an unbelievable program. I couldn’t believe the people that worked behind the scenes for me to get this place.””It’s life changing, there’s no doubt about that.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Milo.

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Three Boys Robbed at Knife Point in Brewer

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Brewer Police are trying to find the person who robbed three young boys at knife point at the ball fields off of North Main Street.Detective Sargent Jay Munson says the boys, in their mid-teens, called police around 9:30 Friday night. They said the person confronted them, stole money and took off. Police searched the surrounding area, without any luck.Munson says they’re looking for a couple of possible suspects right now.

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Trailer Spill

Updated 5 years ago

Road crews in Glenburn were on cleanup duty early Wednesday morning: a trailer on a semi became detached and rolled over.The truck was hauling aluminum, which spilled across a section of the Hudson Road, near the Glenburn town line.Officials say that sand and gravel were also strewn everywhere, creating a travel hazard, but said that they should have the road clear in time for the morning commute.

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Caribou Crash Update

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

The drivers of a motorcycle and an ATV are recovering after colliding last night in Caribou.Police say 44-year-old Richard Kish was riding his motorcycle west on Woodland Center Road about 9:30. A 16-year-old boy on an ATV was headed in the same direction when the two crashed. Police say the teenager was wearing a helmet – Kish was not. We’re told the boy was taken to Cary Medical Center in Caribou for scrapes and bruises. Chief Mike Gahagan says Kish was flown to EMMC in Bangor and is recovering from broken bones. Police are still trying to piece together what happened.

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Maine Papers Bought By Bangor Native

Updated 5 years ago

After 15 months of an uncertain future, the sale of a group of Maine newspapers has given employees something to keep writing about.Mainetoday Media Incorporated now owns the Morning Sentinel, Kennebec Journal, Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram.The sale doesn’t come without change though.The four papers once owned by Blethen Seattle Times Group is now the product of Bangor native Richard Conner.Connor, who is CEO of Mainetoday Media Inc, now serves as editor and publisher of three daily papers including the Waterville based Morning Sentinel and the Kennebec Journal in Augusta.The sale also includes the Portland Press Herald, Maine Sunday Telegram and Mainetoday websites.Quoted in the Morning Sentinel, Richard Connor says the two central Maine papers will not see major changes made in the foreseeable future.But big changes have hit some employees. So far, 31 non-union workers have been let go, and writers for the Sentinel have reported that as many as 100 people could lose their jobs.New contracts have also gone through.”We have to have some concessions, a 10% pay cut, 2 year pay freeze, hard freeze on our pension plan. These were painful concessions, but they were needed in order to for Connor to get financing, and in exchange we get a larger voice in the company and I think a different relationship with the new owner, more of a partnership.””We have to make certain that the economic model here where the expenses are relative to revenues which have been declining in newspapers over the last few years that those two bars come together in a way that makes sense in order to do that we’ll have to trim some expenses.”Those who read the papers will also notice a difference.”We will devote more news to space going forward and I think our readers and advertisers will see a big difference.”That’s the one difference in direction which could ultimately decide the future of these papers.

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