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Five Massive Modules in Brewer Heading to Texas

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Five massive oil refinery modules are being loaded on a barge in Brewer, preparing for a trip to Texas.The modules are made by Cianbro workers at the Eastern Manufacturing Facility. Two of them will be put on the barge this week. The other three will be loaded next week.The modules are part of a 7-billion-dollar plan to upgrade an oil refinery in Port Arthur, Texas.The cargo is scheduled to leave Friday, August 7th.

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Motorcycle, Car Crash in Corinth Sends Two to Hospital

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A crash between a car and a motorcycle on the Corinth and Kenduskeag town line sent two people to the hospital. Penobscot County Sheriff’s Deputies say 29-year-old Christopher Feltner and 41-year-old Karen Jones, both of Orono, were on a motorcycle heading north on Route 15, just after noon. Feltner was driving. At the same time, 66-year-old Glenn Burleigh of Stetson was driving on the Hudson Hill Road.Deputies say it appears Burleigh pulled out in front of the motorcycle. We’re told Feltner and Jones were taken to a hospital in Bangor with serious injuries. Now that nicer weather is here, Sargeant Scott Young says drivers need to keep an eye out for more motorcycles, mopeds and ATVs.”It’s one of those situations where they’re hard to see and this is a result of what happens when you don’t double check or you don’t see.”There’s no word on Feltner’s condition and Jones is still being evaluated. Deputies are trying to determine if any charges should be filed in the crash.

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Center in Southwest Harbor Geared Toward Seniors with Memory Loss

Updated 5 years ago

There’s a new center in Southwest Harbor for seniors with memory loss.They can take part in a variety of activities, there all geared toward stimulating their brains.Meghan Hayward has more.”So they’re among their peers and they’re enjoying sharing time and stories that they have.”Since opening its doors in May, The Don and Beth Straus center has provided a variety of activities for seniors who experience memory loss.Adult day services program director Debra Chalmers says it allows seniors to really open up.”To be able to express themselves and to be able to feel a little more involved with folks who may share similar experiences.”The center is operated by Birch Bay Retirement Community in Bar Harbor and is open Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30.Chalmers says the center is also a nice retreat for seniors’ caregivers.”We provide activity calendars so the caregivers can either stay and be involved in the activity or they can go and do what they need to do. Their chores or just enjoy themselves.”All activities are geared toward stimulating the brain, helping to hold on to past memories and create new ones.Scrapbooking is just one of the many activities.”We can also do expressive therapies which identify those previous skills, interests and pleasures that they use to have, bring them out so they can recall living and participate in activities they use to but time has left behind.”Even though the center has only been open for about two months, Kuffler says he is seeing great improvements.”Most of them leave now looking forward to coming back and that’s our definition of success. Someone who’s had a good day and says I’m ready to come back.”

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Bangor Councilors Oppose Tabor Two and Excise Tax Issues

Updated 5 years ago

City councilors in Bangor are going on record in opposition of two issues on the November ballot – a taxpayer bill of rights and an auto excise tax.The taxpayer’s bill – or Tabor Two, as its known – was up for discussion at Monday night’s City Council Meeting. Tabor was originally proposed and defeated in a statewide vote in 2006.It would set limits on local and state budgets.At Monday night’s meeting, several people spoke out against Tabor Two. Their concerns included decreased funding for schools as well as city projects.In the end, the council voted overwhelmingly against Tabor Two.The city council also opposed the referendum that would lower excise taxes on new cars. The councilors decisions allows the city to now publicly speak out against both issues. Voters will have the final say on them, though, this fall.

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Camp Counselor Killed When Hit by SUV

Updated 5 years ago

A pedestrian was struck and killed on Route 41 in Mt. Vernon Monday night and police believe alcohol was a factor.Police say three counselors at Camp Laurel were walking back to the camp just before midnight, when two of them were hit by an SUV, driven by Jospeh Rouleau of Fayette.21-year-old Corrie Lazar from Washington State was pronounced dead at the scene. Another woman was treated and released at an Augusta hospital. The other counselor managed to dive into the woods as the vehicle approached.Rouleau was taken to a Lewiston hospital with non-life threatening injuries.Police are still investigating.

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Milo Man Out of Jail After Standoff with Police

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Milo is out of jail after a standoff with police that lasted more than eight hours. But not before police say he fired off a high powered weapon and threatened to kill them. The trouble started after midnight when 37-year-old David Krueger allegedly shot off a weapon at his home on Riverside Street. He was reportedly acting suicidal at the time.Police from Milo and Brownville responded to the house and that’s when they say Krueger – who’s in a wheelchair – fired off a couple of more shots and threatened to kill them, too. Kruegers’s girlfriend was in the house and managed to escape. Police called in the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Department and the state tactical team along with negotiators.They also evacuated some of the neighbors and told others to stay inside their homes. TV5 spoke to Maine State Police Sgt. Sean Hashey. “Obviously it’s extremely serious based on the threats he made. He threatened to kill any body that came to the residence including police. And the fact that he had a high powered weapon at his disposal. So obviously we treat it very, very seriously. And its not only dangerous for police but neighbors so we take all precautions to be as safe as we can be.Jose Casillo, who lives in Milo, says, “The guy’s a really nice guy and it’s kinda sad to see things like this happen in such a small town. It really brings down the whole community.”Negotiators were able to talk Krueger into coming out of the house about 9 o’clock Monday morning. He’s charged with criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, as well as being a felon in possession of a firearm, among other charges. Krueger’s bail was set at $500 cash, which he made this afternoon. He’s due in court in September.

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Brawl During Family Event

Updated 5 years ago

A fun family event in Milbridge took a violent turn over the weekend.The Cod Fish Race is part of Milbridge Days.Teams dress in firefighter gear and run across a baseball field carrying a 20-pound cod while getting sprayed with hoses.But during this weekend’s races, a brawl broke out involving several dozen people.Two people were sent to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries, including town manager and police chief Lewis Pinkham.26-year-old Aaron Kennedy of Cherryfield was arrested for assault.Three others were cited for disorderly conduct.

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Bee Sting Emergency

Updated 5 years ago

A 15-year-old Melborne, MA girl suffered a severe reaction to a bee sting Monday, and needed to be carried off the Appalachian Trail.The teen was hiking with a group of 12 people from Gulf Hagas Trail when she suffered the bee sting and broke into severe hives. She was unable to walk, and was in and out of conciousness, according to Game Wardens.Friends gave the teen Benadryl and administered an “Epi shot.”Two friends hiked down the trail, approximately three miles, to the parking lot by Katahdin Iron Works. A “ridge runner,” a woman with the Appalachian Trail Club, gave the pair a ride to where they could get a cell phone signal and call for help.Milo Ambulance, Milo and Brownville fire departments, and volunteers responded.While the teen was carried off the trail, the group experienced a hail storm with hail half the size of golf balls.The teen is being treated at Mayo Hospital in Dover. She is not being identified at this time.Her condition is unknown.

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Agriculture Field Day A Big Hit

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

The University of Maine cooperative extension service hosted it’s annual Agriculture Field Day on monday. The event is designed to showcase the research being done at Rogers Farm in Orono.That is the University of Maine’s 100-acre research facility located on Bennoch Road.One of the highlights of the day for local farmers who attended was some equipment imported from Finland. It’s been designed specifically for small scale vegetable producers to help cultivate their fields and gardens and local farmers also learned some other new techniques that may help them at their own farms. “Well basically we want people to know,” says Ellen Mallory an agriculture specialist at the farm, “to be aware of what work is being done here and and to come away with new ideas of theirs they might want to try on their own farm or new directions they might take.”UMaine agriculture researchers also presented their field research on vegetables and grains and a myriad of other subjects.

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Summit Urges Kids To Stay In School

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

Approximately 3000 high school students drop out of school each year in Maine. The University of Maine is hosting a dropout awareness summit this week to try and combat this growing problem. “In Maine, we only have about 1 million people. if we’re losing 3000 a year, where they don’t have skills to take care of their own lives as well as contribute to their communities, that is an epidemic,” says Shelley Reed, Project Mnager for the summit.America’s Promise Alliance is putting on the two-day seminar that ends Tuesday. Three students who dropped out of school, but have since returned, were on hand to tell their stories and to provide some hope to students who are considering dropping out. “If you’re having trouble in school, don’t be scared to ask for help,” advises Anthony Lary, “which I know a lot of kids are scared to ask for help, and that is the first step, because once you ask for help, the doors are open and you can pretty much do whatever you want.” Lary dropped out of school after his freshman year but he returned, and in June, he picked up his diploma with his 4-month-old son in attendance.One thing he and others at the summit are trying to do is urge people to stop using the word, dropout. “We’re just talking about what effect the word dropout has on people,” says Courtney Connoly, a senior at Portland High School, “and we try to share our own stories, and try to find a new name other than drop out.””When you ask a person what a dropout is,” adds Lary, “what comes out is usually like a negative thing like deadbeat or loser, and nobody likes to be called any of those names. so, it’s like when you say dropout all that stuff is attached.”Lary is considering applying to colleges soon and plans to study photography and film making. He has this message for his son, “I hope he’s proud of me, and I hope to see him graduate some day. i really want too.”

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Disease Found in Maine Blueberry Fields

Updated 5 years ago

The wet weather some blueberry growers say has been good for their crops could also be helping to spread a devastating fungus.A new disease was found in some Maine blueberry fields earlier this month.”I’m really concerned that this is going to be something that’s not easy to control, and something that’s really going to determine whether people get a crop off at all,” says UMaine blueberry pathologist Seanna Annis. This is what has Annis worried – Valdensinia leaf spots.”So far in Maine, we have it reported in five blueberry fields – commercial blueberry fields – and two other locations,” she says. Geographically, they’re in “various places Downeast, near the barrens and right along the coast.”But she says the disease is likely even more widespread. The spots are typically round and brown, and can have a bulls-eye appearance. In wet conditions, the huge spores can quickly infect leaves in both prune and crop fields, spreading exponentially.”It will cause all the leaves on these plants to fall off. The plant then spends its energy producing new leaves and it doesn’t produce flower buds,” she says. Crop fields will have fewer, smaller berries.In Nova Scotia, the disease has ruined 40 fields this year. While researchers aren’t yet sure how it got here, Annis says infected wet leaves easily cling to humans or equipment.”So that’s the really big concern is to find out where it is now and make sure we don’t further spread it.”She urges all growers to inspect their fields and report any infection. Affected areas should be burned carefully. “The last time I was out, I didn’t see anything out there,” says grower James Alexander of Greenfield.He says he hasn’t seen the fungus in his fields, but if he had to burn any infected crop, that’s better than the alternative. “It’d be a big loss, but it’d be a bigger loss to lose the whole field,” Greenfield says.To confirm or report the fungus, you can call the Blueberry Hotline at 1-800-897-0757.You can also find more information on the leaf spot from the University of Maine online.

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A Milestone on MDI

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island draw a lot of visitors.And that can cause parking problems and pollution.So in 1999 the Island Explorer bus was established. That first year 17-hundred people took advantage of the bus.Now it’s free for all to ride and the ridership has reached a major milestone.It started on Monday morning.Al and Jacque Pulsipher and their granddaughters Sydney and Jordan Casey were leaving their RV at Black Woods Camping Area and grabbing the Island Explorer to go to Sand Beach in Acadia National Park.It just happened that they picked the bus with a member of Friends of Acadia on board.”Well Jennifer was hiding in the back of the bus and after we told the driver where we wanted to go and asked for a little advice,” said Jacque. ” And then she got up and said well would you mind taking a little detour.”The detour took them into Bar Harbor to the Village Green, where a group of well wishers were waiting for them to step off the bus, and they were greeted by the Friends of Acadia President Marla O’Bryne.” And I’d like you to join me in thanking them for choosing to ride the Island Explorer bus service, being our three millionth passengers and your choices helped protect Acadia’s resources and reduce air pollution in the area. So Thank You.”The irony is that Jacque and Al rode the Island Explorer the first year it was in operation as well.”We were up here on a boat both the summer of 99. Summer of 98 and Summer of 99, and we were happy in 99 to find the bus system existed,” Al said. ” Because at that point we had no car so outside of our bikes which we carried on the boat the bus was great go us all over the island at that point.”Paul Murphy is the General Manager of Downeast Transportation and he didn’t think it was ironic but, “It certainly was fortuitous it was just sheer luck and I think that’s just great.”O’Bryne said, ” I was so pleased to see that they had ridden it the first year of operation and came back and brought their grandchildren and really set and example for their grandkids on how to visit a National Park and be light on the land.”Len Bobinchock is the Deputy Superintendent of Acadia National Park and he is amazed at the growth of the Island Explorer ” I mean this is fantastic, none of us had any idea that this system would be so succesful you know we all knew something like the Island Explorer was needed and people would use it but I think this far exceeds any of our expectations.”And after a gift pack and gift card from LL Bean and a Gift Membership to Acadia National Park the lucky family was still surprised, according to the Pulsiphers.”I think it was quite an opportunity and shock but it’s something fun we don’t get to be the three millionth of anything usually but that’s nice.”

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Matinicus Meeting Declared a Good Start

Updated 5 years ago

The Commissioner of Maine’s Department of Marine Resources says a meeting about how to resolve recurring turf battles on Matinicus Island was both civil and productive.George LaPointe and other state officials met with islanders on Saturday to discuss how best to manage the lobster fishery around the island after one lobsterman shot another last week. He told the Portland Press Herald that about 30 people attended the meeting, and came up with a number of ideas to protect the island community and avoid further violence.Another meeting will be held in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, lobsterman will be allowed to resume pulling their traps Monday as the four-day shutdown LaPointe imposed last week expired.

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Bucksport Bay Festival a Huge Success

Updated 5 years ago

A mixed bag of weather didn’t stop the crowds from travelling to Bucksport this weekend for the annual Bucksport Bay Festival.The event is in its 12th year.Bucksport Mayor Lisa Whitney is also the event coordinator.She says Friday’s rain made things a little hectic, as organizers rushed to move activities indoors.But overall, big crowds turned out for the fun, from an antique car show to a 5k run…a pie contest to fireworks.Whitney says the visitors also helped give downtown merchants a much-needed boost.

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Civil War Reenactment at Fort Knox

Updated 5 years ago

The grounds of Fort Knox in Prospect were transformed into a Civil War battlefield this weekend.Members of the 20th Maine set up at the Fort for the weekend, for their annual encampment.They reenact scenes from the Civil War as a living history lesson for visitors.Paul Dudley is a sergeant with the 20th Maine…and President of Company B.He says the weekend is an exciting way to teach folks a little something while having fun at the same time.Another encampment is planned for August at Fort Knox.

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Name Released in Readfield Fatal Crash

Updated 5 years ago

A 21-year old man from Waterville is dead after a head-on collision in Readfield.According to police Gregory Tweedie was driving a Ford Focus on Route 17 when he attempted to pass another car Saturday afternoon.Police say he lost control of the car and collided with an oncoming truck.The driver of the truck, 51 year old Bonnie Norris was taken to the hospital, and has been released. Both drivers were wearing seatbelts police say.No charges are expected to be filed.

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No Answers in Clammer’s Death

Updated 5 years ago

An autopsy performed Sunday on a 19-year-old man who was found dead along the shoreline in Bremen, Maine has not yet pinpointed why he died. Officials from the medical examiner’s office told TV5 News that further tests are needed to determine Ian Sanborn’s cause of death.The Maine Warden Service says Sanborn was digging clams with a friend on Friday when he said he wanted to rest before leaving the area. The friend left, but Sanborn never returned home. His body was found Saturday afternoon, a short distance from where he was clamming in an area in Broad Cove known as Bug-Tussle.His death remains under investigation.

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Final Day Of Harness Racing At Bass Park

Rob Poindexter

Updated 5 years ago

Today marked the final day of harness racing at Bass Park for the spring and summer and surprisingly, the season was a success, despite some big obstacles. “It’s gone really well,” says Corey Smith, Director of Raceway Operations, “we’ve had a lot of rain this year but that aside it’s been great racing the tracks been wonderful the races have been great, it’s a nice day today to cap off our season for the summer and spring.”Some of the fans on hand couldn’t help feeling a little emotional. “Sad, I always feel sad on the last day of the year,” said Dolly Sawyer of Bangor who is a regular fixture here at the reacetrack.It seems even a poor economy wasn’t enough to slow down the wagering here. “The wagering is doing really well,” remarks Smith, “our export signal has just gone through the roof, we’re up over 50% over last year, as for export signal that’s just fantastic.”With record setting rainfall totals this season the racers were ecstatic about the track conditions according to Smith. “They rave about the tracks,” he says, “we’ve had a lot of rain this year and the track has held up beautifully so what we did last year for work it’s been great.”As they bid farewell to another season of harness racing, the folks around Bass Park already have their sights set on next year.”More barns,” says Smith, “we’re focusing on the back stretch right now and we’re going to be looking at the race dates for next year coming up in october, so we’ll be getting a new calendar out for next year coming right up.” “We’re looking forward to big crowds, nicer weather, and the success of harness racing in maine,” says Jim Kelley, Vice President of Standard Board Breeders and Owners Association.Now that the season is over, what will some of these harness raicng fans do now to pass the time?”We’ll probably go to hollywood slots!” jokes Sawyer.

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A Respected Maine Retailer has Died

Updated 5 years ago

A respected Maine retailer who built a retail clothing store into a 14-store chain in Maine has died after a long illness.Eighty-three-year-old Robert Reny senior passed away yesterday.Reny started his first store in 1949 in Damariscotta.Employees at the Ellsworth Reny’s say they were saddened by the news of his death.Store Manager Nick Tripp says Reny had a huge impact on anyone who met him.” You hear the term larger than life personality and he certainly fit that bill quite well. He was a very good man and had a great personality to go with it.”Governor John Baldacci also released a statement, praising Reny for his long-standing efforts to promote Maine businesses in the Statehouse.

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Senator Collins and Secretary of Interior Get Boat Tour of Acadia National Park

Updated 5 years ago

Senator Susan Collins and Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar were in Bar Harbor today.Getting a boat tour of Acadia National ParkIt was the first visit to Maine for Secretary SalazarAnd as Meghan Hayward tells us, it probably won’t be his last.” You know I had seen Acadia on a map. Senator Collins had actually talked to me about Acadia before. But I had never contemplated the immenseness of the place, the beauty and the fact that there is more than sixty islands that make up this place.”On Saturday Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar got to see Acadia National Park firsthand.He and Senator Susan Collins got a boat tour of Acadia, which has just recently received more than 8 million dollars in project funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed by President Obama earlier this year.It’s money Salazar says will benefit the area greatly.” The stimulus money that is being spent here at Acadia is going to create jobs. It’s going to create jobs now and it’s also going to make the investments that will make sure Acadia continues to be the economic engine for this area that it has been in the past.”Salazar says the impact from the money will be seen for years to come.” The improvements that are being made at the environmental school in Schoodic and the other investment in the park will ensure we are creating jobs now as well as protecting the place for future job creation.”Salazar says in such trying economic times he hopes the steps being made will boost everyone’s morale.” I think in these times of economic crisis when we’re facing so many problems internationally. Here at home it’s important for us to refuel the spirit of Americans.”Saturday’s trip to Maine was the first for Secretary Salazar.Senator Collins visited acadia last year.But says its beauty always surprises her.” It’s wonderful to see the progress of Schoodic on the education center which I am particularly interested in.”Senator Collins says she was happy Secretary Salazar accepted her invite and hopes he will return.He says it’s quite likely.” It really is one awesome place for this country and Maine.”

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