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Oil Delivery Resumes

Updated 6 years ago

Citgo president Alejandro Granado says the Houston-based company is &quot:making a huge effort&quot: to maintain donations despite falling oil prices and the world economic crisis.

On Thursday, Citgo delivered free fuel to a shelter in Washington D.C.

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Okie to be Sentenced on Friday

Updated 6 years ago

Okie, 22, bludgeoned 19-year-old Alexandra &quot:Aleigh&quot: Mills to death in her Wayne home on Nov. 10, 2007. Six days later, he fatally stabbed his father, 59-year-old John S. Okie, during an

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Former School Catches Fire in Patten

Updated 6 years ago

The call for help came in about 10 o’clock in the morning. Crews from several other communities helped fight the fire on main street.

The building was used as a school, up until about ten years ago. It’s now a private residence, owned by Richard Will.

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Sign of Spring Cancelled

Updated 6 years ago

This year, however, the show has been cancelled.

Keep Bangor Beautiful organizes the event, and the garden show acts as their major fundraiser.

Over recent years ticket sales for the garden show have gone down, and the group’s funding has run low.

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EMMC Eliminates 76 Positions

Updated 6 years ago

CEO Deborah Carey Johnson construction says the cutbacks are necessary to get the Bangor hospital &quot:back on track&quot: during a time of economic difficulties.

The hospital will eliminate 52 vacant positions and 24 positions that now are filled, and a planned $200 million update of the main campus may be put on hold.

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Horse Disease

Updated 6 years ago

Dr. Don Hoenig said Wedneday that a stallion stabled in Wisconsin is suspected of exposing seven Maine mares, none of which has tested positive for contagious equine metritis, or CEM.

The disease, which can be spread during breeding, is not fatal but can render mares infertile or cause them to miscarry.

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No Charges to be filed in Sledding Death

Updated 6 years ago

(AP) Fort Kent Police Chief Kenneth Michaud says 8-year-old Anthony Hodgkin was sledding in his driveway with siblings on Monday when he was unable to stop and slid into the road.

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Hunter Death Finding

Updated 6 years ago

According to the office, the death of 55-year-old Ernest Russell IIon the last day of hunting season was accidental.

Russell was hunting alone in Beaver Cove Township in when he suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Lobster Men in Court

Updated 6 years ago

28-year-old Joseph Dougherty and 49-year-old Anthony Merchant are both charged with theft.

Police say the money was taken over a period of about three months while Dougherty was wharf manager for the company. $18,000 went missing.

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Western Maine Mill Layoffs

Updated 6 years ago

The company announced the cuts on Tuesday. In a statement they say the Rumford mill has experienced higher cost pressures then other New Page mills, and they need to cut costs to stay competitive.

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School Consolidation Vote

Updated 6 years ago

18 school reorganization plans were up for vote, which would effect more than 100 districts.

Voters in Brewer spoke clearly about the plan for a regional school unit in their town, rejecting it, by a vote of about 6 to 1, with a little more than 700 people voting.

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Seminary Greets New President

Updated 6 years ago

People gathered at the Hammond Street Congregational church Tuesday afternoon for the inauguration of the school’s new president.

The reverend Kent Ulery was installed during the seminary’s annual convocation.

He’s only the 10th president in the schools 200 year history.

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Bank Robbery

Updated 6 years ago

It happened around 11:30 Tuesday Morning. State Police Spokesman Steve McCausland says a lone male has fled the scene of Gardiner Federal Credit Union on Bridge Street in Gardiner. We’ll have more details on this story as they become available.

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Funding for Disease Treatment

Updated 6 years ago

We’ve heard time and time again how the tough economy is taking its toll on Mainers.

For those who are battling AIDS and other life-threatening diseases, it is double draining.

The Eastern Maine AIDS Network is doing all it can to cope with both an infectious and economic crisis.

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School Vote

Updated 6 years ago

The newly formed regional school units are supposed to have at least 2,500 students, although state education officials can approve exceptions for units with as few as 1,200.

Towns that don’t vote for a regional school unit, or an alternative plan, can lose a lot of state funding.

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Supplemental Budget Enacted

Updated 6 years ago

It’s designed to bridge a $166,000,000 gap between projected revenue and spending through the end of the current fiscal year.

The measure, which includes cuts in services and a $56,000,000 withdrawal from the state’s Rainy Day Fund, was approved Tuesday by in both chambers.

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Home Invasion Leads to Search

Updated 6 years ago

Sheriff Randall Liberty says Stanley Lord awoke early Saturday with a knife at his throat.

Lord says the intruders were wearing ski masks and snowmobile suits.

They tied Lord to a chair, hit him on the head, and demanded money.

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Maine Senators Split Vote

Updated 6 years ago

Sen. Susan Collins was one of 34 senators who voted against Geithner, while fellow Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe voted to confirm the New York Federal Reserve Bank president as Treasury chief.

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DTV Delay?

Updated 6 years ago

A bill is making its way through Congress that would delay the transition by four months.

The senate approved it on Monday and similar legislation is being considered in the house.

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Lawmakers Look to Cut Sports

Wayne Harvey

Updated 6 years ago

A series of cost-cutting recommendations affecting Maine high school sports is being voted on Monday by a panel of the Maine principals’ association…The M.P.A.’s interscholastic management committee is considering proposals that include shortening the regular season, reducing the number of teams that qualify for playoffs, and pulling Maine from the New England championships.One of the most controversial measures would reduce the number of non-countable games to two, that includes preseason scrimmages, exhibitions, and holiday tournaments.The recommendations have triggered sharp debate and even prompted two legislators to propose bills that would limit the M.P.A.’s authority over high school sports.

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