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Hammond Street Senior Center in Bangor Vandalized

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Folks at the Hammond Street Senior Center in Bangor are cleaning up quite a mess, thanks to the work of vandals. And they say it will cost thousands of dollars to fix the damage.Staff members discovered someone threw rocks through the glass of a handicapped-accessible door, a basement window and an historic double-paned window during the holiday weekend. Insurance will cover most of the repairs, but the senior center will have to pay the $1,000 deductible, a hefty price tag for the non-profit organization. Executive Director Kathy Bernier says, “the fact of our having to spend $1,000 on the replacement of these panes of glass will take away from any income we make on our plant sale this weekend that we were hoping to use toward our programs and activities.”The center was already raising money to repair the building’s 100-year-old boiler. Police say they have no suspects and say it will be difficult to find the culprits without the help of an eyewitness.If you’d like to help pay for the repairs, the Senior Center plant sale starts at 2 o’clock on Friday afternoon and 8 o’clock Saturday morning.

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Lighthouse Magazine Helps Out Lighthouse Museum

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A local publisher, who’s magazine focuses on the history of lighthouses, wants to make sure the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland stays open.Tim Harrison, the editor and publisher of Lighthouse Digest, says for each new subscription ordered on-line, he’ll donate 10-dollars to the museum. The museum is facing some tough financial times and needs to raise 50-thousand dollars by July First or it will close.The museum was founded by Ken Black. His widow, Dot, now runs it. She says she’s been able to pay the electric and heating bills, but others are piling up.Harrison says the donation offer is only good on new or gift subscriptions and is only available for a limited time.For more information you can go on-line to lighthousedigest.net or call 259-2121.

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Search Update

Updated 5 years ago

The Coast Guard has called off its search for a missing Sedgwick man.Authorities were looking for 47-year-old Robert Anderson since Monday afternoon.He hasn’t been seen since Sunday afternoon around 3 pm.Anderson was headed to Flye Island to do some cleaning at a camp there.He was due back Monday morning, but never showed up.The Coast Guard called off their efforts a little after 8 Tuesday night.No word if other groups are continuing to search independently.

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Lawmakers Pass Budget

Updated 5 years ago

(AP) – The Maine Legislature has given final approval to a $5.8 billion two-year state spending plan, setting the stage for Gov. John Baldacci’s signature. The House voted 119-26 Wednesday to enact the austere spending plan and the Senate voted 33-2. The budget includes deep cuts in state services affectingchildren, education and government workers. Overall, it reducesspending by 8 percent compared with the current spending package. Democratic Sen. Bill Diamond of Windham, co-chair of theAppropriations Committee, called it “the best results in the worstof times.” The final House and Senate votes came with bipartisansupport. Diamond said foster care, adoption services, property tax reliefprograms, higher education and public school aid are among theareas being cut. (Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Tractor Falls Through Pier

Updated 5 years ago

Folks in Surry were had at work extracting a tractor from a pier on the Newberry Neck Rd. Tuesday night.The tractor was being used to do some work on the pier when some of the deck gave way and the tractor fell through.The tractor didn’t end up in the drink though. Fortunately for the operator, the bucket caught on the guard rail.Crews used a crane on a barge to remove the tractor from the damaged pier, but workers had to wait several hours for the tide to come in before the barge can get close enough.No injuries were reported.

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Three Car Accident in Levant

Updated 5 years ago

Life Flight was called to a three car accident in Levant Tuesday night.The accident, at the intersection of Rt. 222 and Stetson Rd. Involved an SUV, a minivan and a truck. The SUV was traveling towards Levant on Rt. 222 when it collided with the minivan and truck traveling on the Stetson Rd.Eight people, including three children, were involved in the collision. All eight occupants were taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center. Three of them are listed in critical condition, two of those are children. One of the children were taken to EMMC by Life Light.Penobscot County Sheriff’s Dept., State Police and Levant Police Dept. Responded to the crash. A reconstruction team was called to the scene to determine the cause of that accident.

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Bald Eagles are Back

Updated 5 years ago

Governor John E. Baldacci today ceremonially signed LD 66, An Act To Amend Maine’s Endangered and Threatened Species List by Removing the Bald Eagle.  The bill was ceremonially signed during a ceremony at Capitol Park with Lawrence the Bald Eagle present.“When you look at this bald eagle, you really get a sense of strength, awe and beauty,” Governor Baldacci said.  “Those characteristics are a perfect representation of this great country.”Bill sponsor Sen. Bruce Bryant (D-Oxford) was in Capitol Park for the ceremony, as was his brother and co-sponsor, Rep. Mark Bryant (D-Windham), and a number of supporters of the legislation.In the 1970s, only 20 nesting pairs of eagles lived in Maine and they were virtually the only ones left in the Northeast.  Only one other pair lived in New York.  In 1978, the bald eagle was first recognized as an Endangered Species in Maine and 42 other states.  Less than 10 years later, further action was taken in the Maine Legislature to protect the bald eagle and other Endangered Species in Maine.  With the signing of LD 66, the bald eagle is the first species to be removed from this list.Bald Eagle populations have been restored to more than 475 nesting pairs now in all 16 Maine counties.  The legislation ceremonially signed today includes protections that ensure that the bald eagle population in Maine continues to thrive.“Thanks to the work of State and federal agencies, the problem has been corrected over the past 30 years in Maine and throughout the country,” the Governor said.  “But the government agencies were not alone in their efforts.  Conservation organizations, landowners who share their properties with eagles’ nests and volunteer citizens helped out, and I would like to thank them for their commitment to this remarkable species.”

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Without Him, His Grandfather ‘Would Have Been a Goner’

Updated 5 years ago

A heroic boat rescue off Jonesport means an Addison man is safe tonight.The rescuer — the man’s own 8-year-old grandson.”It was right between those two bouys,” says 55-year-old lobsterman Lester Drisko. That’s where he went overboard Tuesday morning.”I was hauling a string of traps, and I got to the last one and wasn’t paying attention. So when I dumped the trap out, over the side I went,” he says.The water was cold and he was frozen almost instantly. “I was too tired, too weak to get back in the boat,” he says.The only other person on the boat was his 8-year-old grandson Mathew, who was too small to pull him back up. But what Mathew did next would save his grandfather’s life.”I came over and put the life jacket on him,” Mathew says. Mathew then took command of the boat and kept close to his grandfather in the water for the next 30 minutes, until he was able to head off a passing boat.”I saw him coming over so I stopped him and I said, ‘My grandfather just went overboard,’ and then they went to pull him in,” he says.Leland Faulkingham, Jr. was in that passing boat. He says he’s never seen anything like that.”I said, something doesn’t look right, I knew something must have been wrong…I don’t think he would have lasted too much longer if we hadn’t gotten there.”So how did Mathew know what to do?”Because, he taught me how to shift her in gear and put her in reverse and stuff,” he says.”I just couldn’t have done it, I would have drowned,” says his grandfather. “He’s a hero, as far as I’m concerned.”

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Lobster Fisherman Suffering from Cost of Lobsters

Updated 5 years ago

Those who catch lobster for a living are seeing the affects of low prices for their product at a time of year when prices usually are peaking.Fisherman Jon Carter of Trenton says it’s been a rough season so far.Carter says he’s basically working for nothing, with his costs outweighing his profit.He expects this season to get worse instead of better.”It’s expensive to go lobstering, everything costs a lot, it’s expensive to live and at these prices. I’ve been doing it for 39 years and I can’t continue to keep paying myself to go to work. It’s crazy.”Carter says they’re getting about a dollar-and-a-half less a pound right now than this time last year.

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Ferry Rate Increases

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

The cost to catch a ride on a state ferry is about to go up. The Maine State Ferry Advisory Board voted to raise the rates on trips from the mainland to the Maine’s islands. A $2.35 surcharge will now be tacked on to all vehicle and driver tickets. Passenger, bike and child tickets will see an increase $1.35.Truck and reservation fares will stay the same. Ferry Service Manager Jim Macleod says the rate hike is needed to make up a $400,000 shortfall.The increase is one of half a dozen plans the advisory board considered.

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Belfast Woman Recovering After RV and Car Crash

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A woman from Belfast is in fair condition after her car collided with an RV yesterday near the Searsport-Belfast town line. Five people in all were injured. Police say the two vehicles were going in the opposite direction on Routes One and Three when they crashed. Holiday traffic was blocked for hours during the cleanup. 59-year-old Evangeline Brown of Belfast remains in the hospital.Her two passengers were treated and released. The driver and passenger in the RV, Douglas and Cheryle Monson of Trenton, were also treated and released. Police say the cause of the crash is under investigation.

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Man Arrested in Memorial Day Weekend Boating Accident

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Massachusetts is under arrested after a Memorial Day weekend boating accident in Shapleigh that injured three people, one critically.Game wardens arrested 23-year-old Raymond Fraser III of Danvers early Sunday morning on Square Pond. He’s charged with operating a watercraft under the influence. Wardens say Fraser was driving a 23-foot boat that flew out of the pond and landed about eight feet off the ground, into some trees. 19-year-old Lindsay Fallon, of Westford, Massachusetts, is in the hospital in Portland in critical condition. Two other people suffered minor injuries. The accident remains under investigation and Fraser is expected to appear in court later this summer.

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Broken Tractor Trailer with Windmill Sections Closes Route 2

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A tractor-trailer hauling huge windmill pieces through the Greater Bangor area to Chester is broken down and blocking traffic on Route 2 in Carmel. State Police say the intersection of Route 2 and Route 69, near Dick’s Mini Mart and the Seafood Galley, is closed. Traffic is being re-routed around the area right now. Crews are waiting for a crane to come in and off-load the windmill sections so the tractor trailer can be moved out of the way. The road is expected to be closed for two to three more hours.

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Ryan Hurd Trial Resumes

Wayne Harvey

Updated 5 years ago

After a delay the trial of Lincoln’s Ryan Hurd continues today.Hurd has been charged with manslaughter and aggravated drunken driving.The 23 year old was allegedly driving a car that went off the road in October of 2007 went off the road on Route 27 in New Vineyard.The car struck a telephone pole and burst into flames.Two other people were in the car, 34 year old Terry Richardson Junior of Dover-Foxcroft was killed, and 30 year old Chad Bernier of Medway was seriously injured.The defense claims Hurd was passed out drunk at the time and Richardson was behind the wheel.

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Lawmakers to Debate $5.8 Billion Budget

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

House lawmakers have given the okay to go ahead with debate on a $5.8 billion state budget. They voted this morning on the general fund spending package for the next two years.The budget includes provisions for ten-day shut down days a year, where state employees would not be paid. That would save close to $14 million.Members of the Maine State Employees Association are expected demonstrate against the plan today. The package would also freeze merit pay and longevity pay to save close to $12 million more and introduce employee contributions for health insurance.

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More Turbine Parts Come Through Bangor

Updated 5 years ago

There will be some traffic tie-ups beginning Tuesday in portions of Bangor.A convoy of trucks is again going to be transporting windmill sections to Chester.State police and Bangor police will be escorting the convoys of 4 or 5 oversized loads Tuesday through Friday, between the hours of noon and 4 pm.The routes affected are Odlin road from Dysart’s, to Hammond Street, State Street, Hogan Road, then on to I-95.

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Deer Isle Bridge Work

Updated 5 years ago

Folks crossing the Deer-Isle Sedgwick bridge can expect delays.Construction crews making improvements on the bridge say the bridge will be closed to one lane, with flaggers alternating two lanes of traffic.The travel lane will be ten feet wide.Motorists should allow for a little extra time when planning to cross that bridge.

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Missing Fisherman

Updated 5 years ago

Authorities are still looking for a missing man Downeast.They’ve been searching for 47-year old Robert Anderson of Sedgwick since yesterday.Anderson was last seen sunday Afternoon around 3 pm.He was headed to Flye Island to do some cleaning at a camp located on the island.He was supposed to take his wife Shelley and children back out to the camp for a picnic Monday.Anderson planned to meet his wife around 11 am, but never came to get her and the children.His wife notified the coast guard he was missing.His 34 foot lobster boat, the “Jilly Poo and Alley Too,” was found at anchor in Blue Hill Bay near Flye Island.No one was on board, the motor was running and a skiff was still on the back of the boat.The Maine Warden Service, Coast Guard and Maine Marine control are all helping with the search effort.Four divers were out near Flye Island Monday. A Warden Service aircraft and Coast Guard patrol boats from Jonesport and Southwest Harbor were also called in.I spoke with Anderson’s daughter today, who says he’s a work hard and play hard kind of guy who loves the blues and his family.He and his wife Shelley were high school sweethearts.As of right now , the search for Robert Anderson is still ongoing.

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Howlers Needed

Updated 5 years ago

A project involving conservationists and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists is looking for a few dozen howlers.The Wolf Inquiry Project plans to conduct “howling surveys” in several areas this summer in hopes of discovering whether wolves are resettling in Maine.Coordinators are seeking individuals willing to spend a night howling in the woods and who won’t be scared off if they get a response.A training and information session for interested volunteers will be held Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Fields Pond Audubon Center in Holden.

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Milo Guardsmen Ready to Re-Deploy

Updated 5 years ago

There was a good turnout at the Memorial Day ceremony in Milo today. Among the many guests of honor, five men stood apart from the crowd. The firing squad — all Air National Guardsmen — are getting ready to re-deploy to Iraq.”I’m excited about it. It’ll be really interesting going with the people that I know, knowing what their skill levels are,” says CMSgt. Dennis Wellman, who will be on his fourth deployment. Among them, there are two brothers, and a father and son.”I’m proud,” says TSgt. Robert Coburn Sr., of his son. “I think it’s going to be a good time for us. He’s seen stuff that I haven’t seen.”TSgt. Coburn will be deploying for the second time. His son has already deployed twice as a Marine. “There’s a lot of experience coming with him for dealing with the issues there,” he says.”I’ll go as many times as it takes,” says SSgt. Robert Coburn, Jr. This Memorial Day, they paused to honor others.”I talked to a gentleman that was in the Battle of the Bulge. He had a Purple Heart, was wounded twice,” says MSgt. Douglas Robinson. “Actually, I was thinking a lot about my relatives,” says CMSgt. Wellman. My father was active duty Air Force for 20 years.”They’re happy, they say, to serve alongside their friends and family.”Every one of us went to school here and graduated high school here. This is where we grew up,” he says.They’re also happy to have folks in the town of Milo behind them.”We have a lot of support in the community. It’s a nice thing to see,” says MSgt. Robinson. “They support them 100 percent, anything they need,” says Randy Klug, Ret. Navy and American Legion. “You know, it’s really a long time to be away from your family. But, for the most part, it’s an all-volunteer armed forces now. That’s what they do.”

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