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Historical Flag Fetches Big Bucks at Auction

Updated 7 years ago

A flag that’s believed to be the first American flag captured during the Civil War, was put up for auction by the James D. Julia Company on Monday.

It’s said that the flag was hauled down by southerners, three months before the rebels fired on Fort Sumter.

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Nielsen Murder Trial

Updated 7 years ago

The 32-year-old Christian Nielsen is charged with killing and dismembering three women at the Black Bear Bed and Breakfast in Newry over Labor day weekend in 2006.

He’s also accused of killing a man from Arkansas, who’s body was mutilated and burned near Upton.

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Accused Murderer Asks for Jury Trial

Updated 7 years ago

Christian Neilsen is expected to go on trial this week for the murders of four people in Western Maine last year.

The 32-year old is charged with killing and dismembering three women at the &quot:Black Bear and Breakfast&quot: in Newry.

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Updated 7 years ago

They’re trying to come to terms on a deal that would now avoid a nurses’ strike.

The union, made up of 870-members, is sticking by it’s demand for a bigger voice in patient care.

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Al Brady and the Gang Return to Bangor

Updated 7 years ago

It was 70 years ago this week that gangster Al Brady and one of his accomplices were shot dead on Central Street in Bangor.

During a re-enactment Sunday, onlookers were able to catch a glimpse of exactly what happened on October 12th, 1937.

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The Kennebec Arsenal Renovations

Updated 7 years ago

The North Carolina developer that’s in charge of the renovations had hoped to begin the project by now.

But prospective tenants have been reluctant to sign rental agreements without seeing the Riverfront project underway.

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Brady Gang Reenactment

Updated 7 years ago

On Sunday, actors recreated the famous gunbattle nearly 70 years
ago in which the Brady Gang was brought down by a dozen G-men.
Al Brady and his gang including Clarence Lee Shaffer Junior and
James Dalhover met their demise when they came to Bangor in search
of guns.
Some of those who witnessed the shootout on October 12th, 1937,
were among those watching today’s event.
Among them was Walter
Walsh, a former FBI sharpshooter who was part of the team that took
down the Brady gang. He’s now 100.

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Nielsen Trial to Begin

Updated 7 years ago

A 32-year-old cook accused of killing and
dismembering four people in western Maine last year is taking an
unusual tact for his trial, which gets under way this week.
Christian Nielsen, who has pleaded not guilty by reason of
insanity, has chosen to have a jury — rather than a judge –
decide his fate in Oxford County Superior Court.
That’s a different strategy that some of Maine’s better-known
cases in the past in which defendants used insanity defenses. A
Waterville man who killed two nuns in 1996, and a Bangor woman who
systematically starved her five-yer-old daughter to death in 1993,
had their cases tried by judges rather than juries.
Nielsen is charged with killing and dismembering three women at
the Black Bear Bed &amp: Breakfast in Newry. He’s also accused of
killing a fourth victim, an Arkansas man who was burned and
dismembered miles away near Upton.

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Moosehead Manufacturing Close to Hiring

Updated 7 years ago

Moosehead Manufacturing is spreading the word that it’ll soon be back in business making furniture. The company last winter closed its plants in Monson andDover-Foxcroft, putting about 120 people out of work. At the time,company officials said they couldn’t compete with cheap foreignimports. But new owner Tardy-Connors LLC is now taking orders for theMoosehead brand of furniture and plans to hire about 40 employeesin the next two weeks as manufacturing ramps up. Joshua Tardy says he’s optimistic that the company will be ableto start filling orders in the next three weeks.

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Wife Carrying Contest Winners

Updated 7 years ago

A Boston man has won the 2007 North American
Wife Carrying Championship at Maine’s Sunday River ski resort.
Keith Cardoza and Julia Stoner beat out a New Hampshire couple
by three-tenths of a second for the best time among 40 teams.
Competitors from seven different states competed on the 278-yard
For their efforts, Cardoza and Stoner take home a trophy,
Julia’s weight in beer and five times her weight in cash, which
totaled $675. They also qualified for the world championship in
July 2008 in Finland.

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Maine Seafood Co. Indicted

Updated 7 years ago

A Maine seafood company has been indicted on

charges that it shipped thousands of pounds of potentially

dangerous shellfish to fish dealers in Philadelphia and New York.

Investigators say that in September 2003 Kip’s Seafood Company

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Woodward at UMaine

Updated 7 years ago

Bob Woodward says President Bush and top

officials mishandled the lead-up to war in Iraq and continue to be

in denial about the situation.

The Washington journalist told an audience at the University of

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Nurses to Strike

Updated 7 years ago

Unionized nurses at Eastern Maine Medical

Center have filed a 10-day notice to strike…after overwhelmingly rejectingthe hospital’s latestcontract offer.

More than 80 percent of the voting nurses opted to reject what the hospital called its &quot:last, best offer.&quot:

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Toy Recall

Updated 7 years ago

Dunkin’ Donuts is recalling about 1 million

pink and orange glow sticks distributed as part of a promotion at

its doughnut chain.

The company is voluntarily recalling the glow sticks because

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Forest Fire Hard to Access

Updated 7 years ago

But first they had to find the flames.

A woman reported seeing smoke on the top of the mountain, but it took crews more than an hour to locate the blaze.

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Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Updated 7 years ago

The crash happened just before 10:00 p.m. Wednesday on Hancock St.

Police say 26-year old Richard Marshfield of Bangor began to brake his motorcycle when 20-year-old Dana Bowen of Bangor crashed into him with his motorcycle.

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Waldoboro Shooting Latest

Updated 7 years ago

The information comes from the use of force report filed by officer Zachary Curtis.

He shot and killed Gregori Jackson of Whitefield following a traffic stop on September 23rd.

The state attorney general’s office is investigating the shooting.

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Nurse Contract

Updated 7 years ago

Balloting by 870 registered nurses represented by the Maine State Nurses Association will continue Friday, with results to be announced that night.

After their three-year contract expired, nurses issued a 10-day strike notice Monday, but withdrew it the following day when the two sides entered an emergency bargaining session with a federal mediator. The union won’t say if rejection of the contract would automatically lead to another strike notice.

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Salmon Habitat

Updated 7 years ago

The agreement on a timeline settles a legal dispute in Maine between the fisheries service and the Conservation Law Foundation and the Center for Biological Diversity. U.S. District Judge D. Brock Hornby signed off on the agreement yesterday.

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Nurses Strike?

Updated 7 years ago

Nurses at Eastern Maine Medical Center have withdrawn their intent to strike…for now.

The intent was withdrawn Tuesday morning just before a meeting with management in which nurses brought out a new proposal. A proposal they believed would sway management into an agreement.

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