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Health Care Reform Advocates Launch New TV Ads

Updated 5 years ago

Folks may notice some new television ads in favor of healthcare reform.The Maine People’s Alliance, Change that Works Campaign, and members of the Maine Health Care for America Now Coalition have launched the ads. They urge Senator Olympia Snowe to support real reform and a public option.The ads feature a woman who is a cancer survivor and afraid of losing her insurance coverage if she changes jobs and a man who owns a business and can’t afford to provide healthcare insurance to his employees.” We want to make sure medical decisions are made between doctors and patients. And that people have the comfort and security to know that there’s always going to be healthcare coverage there. If they go through a job change, lose their job or if they have to make a different career move they can do so confidently knowing there will always be an insurance option.”Goode says their stories are stories heard all throughout Maine.

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Open Lighthouse Day this Saturday

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

This weekend more than two dozen Maine lighthouses will offer visitors an inside view of the majestic beacons.The Coast Guard, the Maine Office of Tourism and the American Lighthouse Foundation are coming together to put on Open Lighthouse Day. It’s this Saturday from 9 until 3. 27 lighthouses, like West Quoddy Head Light in Lubec, will be open to the public. Among others on display for this first-of-its kind event, Rockland Breakwater and Bass Harbor Head Light.Some of the other lighthouses you can tour:Burnt Coat Harbor Light Eagle Island Light Browns Head Light Curtis Island Light Dice Head Light Doubling Point (Kennebec Point) LightFort Point Light Goose Rocks Light Grindel Point Light Marshall Point Light Monhegan Light Owls Head Light Pemaquid Point Light Perkins Island Light Seguin Island Light Squirrel Point Light Portland Breakwater LighthousePortland Head Light Spring Point Light Goat Island Whaleback Light Wood Island A list of all of the lighthouses that will be open Saturday can be found at lighthouseday.com.

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Flight Levels Being Reviewed

Updated 5 years ago

After recieving a failing grade from the the govenor’s office, the Air National Guard is reconsidaring its environmental review of a proposal to allow screaming fighter jets fly as low as 500 feet. Gov. John Baldacci says the draft environmental study was incomplete. He said that it did not address the effects of noise on people and wildlife, bird strikes, effects on the Appalachian Trail, or dangers to other planes flying in the vacinity. For F-14 or F-15, the guard maintains lower altitudes to ensure better trained pilots. Critics say the guard hasn’t clearly shown why the flights need to be at altitudes lower than the Washington Monument.

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A Maine Man Dies After His Canoe Capsized

Updated 5 years ago

After his canoe capsized on Damariscotta Lake in Jefferson, a 43-year-old man died. Kenneth Soucy of Famringdale did not survive after the canoe capsized. His 23-year-old son, Alex swam to shore as the Maine Warden Service found Kenneth’s body and brought it to the hospital. Kenneth Soucy died Sunday night at Miles Memorial Hospital. Authorities are investigating.

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Meetings to Begin About Wind Power

Updated 5 years ago

The first of five meetings to take place in Ellsworth concering possible sites for testing offshore wind power technology. At the moment, there are seven possible sites from the souther waters off of York County to the far eastern stretches of Maine. A decision needs to be made on December 15th to pick which location or locations will be used to test this new technology. These deep water wind farms will be operating on floating platforms in waters that are hundreds of feet deep. The first public information meeting about the sites takes placefrom 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in Ellsworth. Other meetings are scheduled later this month in Machias, Wiscasset, Rockport and Wells.

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Paving Projects in Bangor This Week

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A heads up to drivers in Bangor. Road crews will be paving some local streets this week. Wednesday, crews will start work on Arminta Street, off 14th Street. They’ll also work on Nason Avenue, off Hammond. Thursday, they’re scheduled to pave Astor Place and Grandview Avenue, both off Broadway.

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Two Arrested in Connection with Gardiner Arson: Update

Updated 5 years ago

(AP) Police in Gardiner, Maine, have arrested two men in connection with a fire that gutted much of a former mill. The State Fire Marshal’s Office says 19-year-old Jack Downs of Chelsea and 20-year-old Joshua Lund of Gardiner were arrested Monday night and charged with arson and burglary in connection with last week’s fire that destroyed the vacant Gardiner Paperboard mill in the city. The mills owner Paul Rheaume says currently there are four tenants in the building. Authorities say the two were taken to the Kennebec County Jail in Augusta. Bail was set at $50,000 each. Fire investigators quickly determined that the Sept. 2 blaze was set because it started in two different places.

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Pig Kissing Builds Playground

Updated 5 years ago

Apparently kissing a pig is pretty good motivation for the kids at the Harmony Elementary School.Last school year, the principal at the school promised to do just that if the kids raised $1,000 in pennies to help pay for their new playground.The money was raised, and in June the principal puckered up for the pig.Now the playground is finished.A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Thursday, September 17th.

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Solidarity Center Honors the American Worker

Updated 5 years ago

Folks turned out to the Solidarity Center in Brewer Monday for a Labor Day celebration focused on the past… present…and future… of the the American worker. “Those who clean the toilets, empty the bedpans, do the clerical work, do everything needed to keep our society and community going.”Recognizing people who work for a living Jack McKay of the Eastern Maine Labor Council says that was one goal of their Labor Day celebration.Another is understanding the contributions of organized labor across the country. “I hope they understand that organized labor is actually responsible for most of their benefits they have today. Whether it be healthcare, paid vacations, a pension plan, all those things were gotten by organized labor and then passed on.”Emergy Deabay is part of a group traveling to Washington this week to about the future of labor. They’ll be speaking to members of the congressional delegation in support of the free choice act. “This time we’re going with a very diverse group. We have farmers, religious leaders. It’s not just a labor issue, it’s a people issue.”Pastor Mark Doty is part of the group going to Washington. He says for him, the act touches on moral and civil rights issues. “It’s about raising people into the middle class who might not have an opportunity to get there. It’s about helping folks have a life free of bullying, of intimidation.”They hope to convince Sen. Snowe to support the employee free choice act when it comes to the senate making the act part of this generations contribution to the labor agenda. “We pay too much and get too little. It’s time to change the system so it works better for the majority of Americans.”The celebration also included a picnic and entertainment later in the day.Proceeds go to the group’s solidarity harvest: a program that provides locally grown food for laid-off workers’ thanksgiving dinners.

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Vassalboro Man Arrested in Waterville Robbery

Updated 5 years ago

A man who allegedly robbed a Waterville store early Monday morning will face criminal charges.Waterville police arrested 26-year-old Courtney Shea of Vassalboro.Police say they received a call shortly after 1 o’clock Monday morning from the clerk at the Big Apple convenience store on Elm Street.Police say Shea walked in with a mask over his face, threatened the clerk with a tire iron, and demanded money.The clerk had a hard time opening the register, so Shea fled with a couple packs of cigarettes and lottery tickets.A witness called police with a vehicle description, allowing them to catch up to Shea within 15 minutes.

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Mainers Remember September Eleventh

Updated 5 years ago

In just three days it will be the 8th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington DC.A Bar Harbor man is doing his part to help make September 11th a day of remembrance.For John Nicolai, a tour boat captain in Bar Harbor, it’s a day he will not soon forget. “It was shocking…of course it hit home.”It was then Nicolai realized he wanted to do something to help the first responders. “We think it’s important to remember 9/11 and our fallen heroes, firefighters, local police department, and of course the healthcare providers who help heal the wounded and comfort the dying.”All the money his tour boat takes in on 9/11 will be donated to local first responders. Half goes to the Bar Harbor Fire Department. The other half will benefit the Gouldsboro fire department. “It’s equally as important to help our first responders here locally acquire the tools they need to help our families, our loved ones, when tragedy strikes, whether it’s a car accident, a fire, a hurricane, or a cowardly terrorist attack.” They raised nearly $3,000 last year…every penny went to help local first responders. “It’s a question of debt to them, to be able to get them home safely because a lot of the times they work under harsh conditions, all hours of the night, all kinds of weather conditions, freezing cold blizzards, I mean we should be able to help them a little bit too.” Local fire departments are always grateful for the effort. “To them it’s buying an extra piece of equipment, it’s buying maybe good communication equipment, that was a big issue on 9/11: people couldn’t communicate properly, so to them it adds that extra few dollars there able to get those pieces of equipment that may not be in the budget.”

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MDA Telethon A Success Despite Economic Worries

Updated 5 years ago

There’s a big thank you being sent out to all of you who donated so generously during this year’s Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon.TV 5 once again teamed up with the MDA to raise money for Jerry’s Kids during the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon.Locally your pledges raised nearly $250,000.The money pays for research and treatment for more than 40 neuromuscular diseases.Nationally the telethon raised more than $60,000,000 this year.Thank you to those who donated.

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Bangor Seeks Public Input on Parking

Updated 5 years ago

Bangor city councilors want your input on a proposal to extend street parking time limits on some of Bangor’s busiest streets.The proposal would extend the time limits from sixty to ninety minutes on parts of Main Street, Central Street and Harlow Street.People who live in the area say the additional time would certainly help them, since some are forced to move their cars once every hour. “When you have got three kids and you have got to go move a car, and you got to pile three kids in the car just to move a car.” Said Bangor Resident Christina Cessford, adding: “It’s pretty bad.”The city council is meeting Wednesday at 5:15pm in council chambers to discuss the parking plan.The public is encouraged to attend. You can also share your thoughts by sending an e-mail to council@bangormaine.govThose who want to submit opinions are asked to put “Downtown Parking” in the subject line of their e-mail.You can also call Rodney McKay, at 992-4240.

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Gubernatorial Candidates Turn Out in Winthrop

Updated 5 years ago

It was a perfect forecast for a barbeque on this labor day.Many folks were celebrating the unofficial end to summer with a day off from work.But not everyone was on vacation: Democratic candidates for Governor made an appearance in Winthrop, hoping to sway a vote or two their way.The sounds and smells of a summer: time off for many but for others it’s a time to talk.Dawn Hill, Libby Mitchell, Steve Rowe, and Rosa Scarcelli have one thing in common: they want your vote in 2010. “Especially this year with all the gubernatorial candidates…hopefully it’ll give voters a chance to get the skinny on what their platforms are.”The Kennebec County Democratic Committee and Wintrop Democrats invited all Democratic gubernatorial candidates.Two stopped by while TV5 was there.Speeches were given: “There are some real challenges ahead of us.” Mitchell: “This is truly a grassroots state.”Questions were asked: “What do you find are the most popular issues? Is healthcare still?” “I think healthcare is right at the top.” “How many of your constituents have an extra 5-6 thousand lying around each month?” “Zero. Right.”With healthcare issues on the minds of many, The one question that will remain unanswered for now though, is who will get the most votes in a race for governor that is just getting started?There are plenty of Republicans running in the race too, including Matt Jacobson, Peter Mills, Less Otten, and Bruce Poliquin.

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Trenton Crash Kills One, Sends Six to Hospital

Updated 5 years ago

Route 3 in Trenton was shut down Monday night while crews worked to reconstruct a bad accident that killed one person and left several others injured.Officials say two vehicles collided head-on near Romer’s Corner on Route 3 at around 7 o’clock Monday evening.A vehicle driven by a man from New Jersey, with four passengers inside, crossed the center line on that corner.Coming the other way was a vehicle driven by a woman from Indiana and her passenger.As a result of the crash 29-year-old Ramyaa Lakshminarayananr of Jersey City, New Jersey died at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth.Six people were taken to the hospital, one person by life flight.Officials spent Monday evening redirecting traffic, while crews were working there.The accident is still under investigation.

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State St. Construction

Updated 5 years ago

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 8th, State St. in Bangor will be getting a makeover.Eastern Maine Health Care is teaming up with with the city of Bangor on a project designed to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety.The work includes reconstructing the traffic island at the corner of Hancock and State streets, as well as removing and resetting the curb near the bus stop.Bangor Police are urging folks to be careful in that area, and to allow extra time to travel through it during construction.They expect to be finished with the project on Oct. 16th.

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Damariscotta Death

Updated 5 years ago

A 43-year-old Farmingdale man has died after his canoe capsized on Damariscotta Lake in Jefferson.Kenneth Soucy and his son, 23-year-old Alex Soucy of Jefferson, went into about seven feet of water when the canoe capsized Sunday afternoon. Theywere about 30 to 40 feet from shore.A game warden said Kenneth Soucy did not come up. A neighbor on shore saw what happened, went into the water and pulled him to shore. Alex Soucy was able to swim to shore.Kenneth Soucy died Sunday night at Miles Memorial Hospital.Authorities are investigating.

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Rockland Fisherman Death

Updated 5 years ago

Authorities say a Maine fisherman drowned when he jumped into the Rockland breakwater to deal with a snagged fishing line.22-year-old George Eugene Bonney of Rockland was fishing off the breakwater when, authorities say, he jumped in and swam about 30 feet off the breakwater before going under.Officials say it’s not clear whether it was the 60-degree water temperature, or whether Bonney got tired, but the water itself was calm at the time.Barthel said Bonney had been fishing with his brother, and his mother had arrived at the breakwater to pick him up just minutes after he went into the water.

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Fairpoint Faces Regulatory Boards

Updated 5 years ago

Executives with FairPoint Communications Inc. will face the utilityregulatory boards from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont on Wednesday.It’s highly unusual to have all three states’ regulatory boards hold a joint meeting. But FairPoint has been plagued by ongoing order-fulfillment, customer service, billing and other problems in the three states.FairPoint bought Verizon Communications’ landline telephone and Internet business last year in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont for $2.3 billion.The regulatory boards will hold their joint status conference in Derry, N.H., seeking updates on FairPoint’s efforts to stabilize its troubled operations systems, as well as on organizational changes and financial matters.

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Trenton Ax

Updated 5 years ago

Rt. 3 in Trenton was shut down Monday night while crews worked to reconstruct a bad accident that injured several people.Officials say two vehicles collided head-on near Romer’s corner on around 7:00 p.m.Several people were taken to the hospital, one person by life flight.

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