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Charleston Fall Fest

Updated 5 years ago

Hundreds of children headed to a Fall Fest in Charleston this weekend.It was happening at the Charleston Pentecostal Church. They invited kids to come in costume, and trick-or-treat indoors.And after all that candy, the kids had the opportunity to run through a room-size fun maze, and take a turn in the bounce house.While the weather cooperated, they also had a hayride outside. Organizers say their fall fest has just been getting bigger every year.”It’s been really good. We have our highest numbers ever so far this year. It’s our third year. Last night, we had close to 200 children and a lot of different families coming though the doors,” says Kelley Bean, a youth pastor at the church.The Fall Fest was free for kids ages two through grade 6.During the event the church was also raising money for their local food pantry, to provide area families with Thanksgiving meals.

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Blood Donors Roll Up Sleeves in Bangor

Updated 5 years ago

The American Red Cross says the blood inventory in our region is in need of a boost.The folks at the donor center in Bangor are enticing people to roll up their sleeves and donate. The center opened their doors to donors Saturday morning for a blueberry pancake breakfast, prizes and giveaways.Trudy Darling with the American Red Cross says dozens of people turned out, and they hope more come in over the next couple of weeks.She says the blood supply in Maine is currently short by about 400 units.”And it’s over 800 units for northern New England. Which means that we really have to watch that inventory very closely. We don’t want to have to cut hospital orders, we certainly don’t want that to happen. So we’re really just appealing to everyone to come out and donate, if you’re eligible,” Darling says.They’re also running a special promotion for the first two weeks of November. Folks who come into the Bangor Blood Donor Center will will be entered to win Patriots-Jets tickets.Donor hours start again on Tuesday. If you’re not near the Bangor area, you can find blood drives closer to your home by visiting the web site www.newenglandblood.org.

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Bangor Fire Department Holds Open House

Updated 5 years ago

The Bangor Fire Department mixed halloween treats with fire safety tips Saturday.They held their annual open house, which ties in with fire prevention month.This year’s theme was, keeping warm this winter shouldn’t be scary.Kids got to go through a smoke house and learn how to survive a fire in their own home and also check out other safety tips.At this time of year, fire officials are asking folks to take a minute to check the batteries in their smoke detectors and make sure heaters and stoves are in proper working condition.Bangor Fire Department’s Public Education Officer, Jake Johnson says they hope the kids leave with a better understanding of fire safety.” And if you can teach children young that’s really the perfect opportunity to teach them about fire safety.”Several free door prizes were being given away, including a Nintendo Wii, some bikes and a chance for a Bangor school child to ride to school on a fire engine.

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Mother of Perley Goodrich Junior Speaks Out

Updated 5 years ago

The four day police search for a Newport man wanted for murder finally came to an end early yesterday morning.Forty-five-year-old Perley Goodrich Junior appeared in court yesterday, accused of killing his father and attacking his mother.Meghan Hayward spoke to Goodrich’s mother, Sandra.” It isn’t real yet. I’m just taking one day at a time and my friends are helping me. And I try to shut some of it out.”Sandra Goodrich is talking about the events that transpired at her Newport home.While Goodrich says her son, 45-year-old Perley Goodrich Junior has been verbally violent in the past, he has never been physically abusive.She says she would have never thought something to this degree would happen.” I had taken him to the hospital and I called the hospital after I had dropped him off and told them he needed help and he could hurt somebody.”Goodrich says her son has dealt with mental health problems since he was a child.” He’d been diagnosed with bi-polar and he was going to counseling. But he resented any interference of mine as far as being with his doctors.”Perley Goodrich Junior is accused of killing his father and attacking his mother.According to court documents, he struck his mother with his fists, hit her with a handgun and tried to bind her with duct tape before he shot his father.He has been charged with murder in the shooting of his father and elevated aggravated assault against his mother.Sandra was not in court for her son’s arraignment.” I would not be able to stand there. I would just collapse.”But Sandra says she wants everyone to know how appreciative she is of the support she’s received.” It makes me very grateful. I am thankful for the police and the National Guard. For everyone that was involved in this search and I’m very thankful that no one else was hurt.”A friend of Sandra’s for twenty years, Maggie Kennedy, is helping Sandra get through this.” It’s very important to help her get her life back together.”And Sandra says while it will be a slow process, she will get her life back.” They are going to help me get counseling and I need it. Get on with my life one day at a time.”

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Learning Lessons at Brewer’s New School

Updated 5 years ago

A new elementary and middle school is being built in Brewer. And while there are still a couple of years before its classrooms will be ready, some students showed up to the site Friday for their first lessons.”At every age group here, all the way from kindergarten to eighth grade, there’s something to be learned by all of them. And we’re going to be exploring that over the next two years,” says Karl Ward. Ward is the CEO of Nickerson & O’Day, the company building the school. He’s been working with local administrators and teachers to use the construction site as a learning tool for their students.First up, kindergarteners, who found lots to learn about shapes, colors and sounds.”Trapezoid!!” the students yell, picking out shapes on the building.”Triangle,” says one student.”There are squares in the windows,” says another.”When it’s finished this will be the largest Pre-K through 8th school in the entire state of Maine. It’s about 155-thousand square feet. We’re going to be expending well over a million man hours of labor involved in this project,” Ward says.Crews will be working through winter on the building, which is due to be completed in June of 2011. And they’ll keep welcoming visits from students, all the way up to the eighth graders.”For the sixth, seventh and eighth graders, I’m sure it’ll involve science and math, talking about scheduling, and how you coordinate something like this,” Ward says.The kindergarteners took photos to remember the day they were the first students at their new school. The next time they’ll be back, it will be as second graders.”Their eyes were wide open and I’m sure they’ll be carrying this with them for years to come,” Ward says.

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Hofland Defends Himself in Court

Updated 5 years ago

The man accused of holding an elementary school classroom hostage last Halloween was back in court Friday.55-year old Randall Hofland defended himself in the courtroom.Meghan Hayward joins us in the studio with the details.Hofland has filed a number of motions, related to suppression of evidence.Friday in court, Hofland said the envelopes he’s receiving in jail are being taken away and thrown out by jail staff.He says that’s a suppression of evidence, because it makes it difficult for him to keep all the information about his case organized.District Attorney Geoff Rushlau says it’s a security issue to avoid people smuggling in contraband.There was a week long manhunt for Hofland last October, before he allegedly went into Stockton Springs Elementary School. He’s pleaded not guilty to 41 felony charges, including kidnapping, criminal restraint, threatening with a dangerous weapon, and burglary.Friday, Hofland made his first reference to the incident at Stockton Springs, saying the gun was not loaded and the kids knew that.Hofland remains at the Somerset County Jail. His trail is set to begin in January.

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Holden Ice Cream Shop Expands

Updated 5 years ago

Business is so good at a Holden ice cream Shop that they’re expanding. Marc Farrar opened Pete’s Pretty Good Ice Cream on the Main Road last April.Despite a rainy summer, they said they had a great first season. So now they’ve decided to open up a café, and they celebrated their grand opening Friday. They’re serving breakfast and lunch. Most everything is homemade, from the sandwiches to the soups to the ice cream.Owner Marc Farrar says, “Over the course of the summer and talking to our customers, we got the idea that because there aren’t many places to eat breakfast or lunch in town, that we could do a good business by opening up for that kind of operation.”The new café will be open through the fall and winter from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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Big Lots Grand Opening

Updated 5 years ago

One of Bangor’s newest stores celebrated its Grand Opening Friday. Big Lots is located in the Parkade Shopping Center on Stillwater Avenue.Nearly 50 people work there. Company officials say they offer highly discounted brand name merchandise.To kick things off, the company presented a 25-hundred dollar check today to Fruit Street Elementary School.Store Manager, Judie Upham says, “We want to be good neighbors, and they wanted to contribute to the community and let them know that we want to be part of the community and be a good neighbor.”Big Lots has 1300 stores in 47 states. They’ve opened more than 40 other stores this year.

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Man from Lincoln Sentenced in Deadly Car Crash in New Vineyard

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A man from Lincoln involved in a deadly car crash in New Vineyard was sentenced today to six months in jail. But a judge in Franklin County immediately suspended the sentence, pending an appeal. 23-year-old Ryan Hurd was found guilty in May of letting a drunk friend drive his car. He was cleared on the more serious charge of manslaughter. A man from Dover-Foxcroft died in the crash in 2007 – another man from Medway was seriously hurt.Hurd’s lawyer maintains Hurd wasn’t behind the wheel when his car hit a utility pole and caught fire.

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Trick or Treat Talents on Display at St. Joseph Hospital

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

Lots of trick or treat talent was on display at St. Joseph Hospital in Bangor.Dozens of employees took part in the annual great pumpkin and costume contest. Staff throughout the hospital have been working on these Halloween displays for weeks and they finally got to show them off this afternoon. Honorable mentions went out to two versions of the swine flu.The Monster Mash – A Wedding Bash nabbed fourth place. Third place went to the Mummies Are Appealing for creative use of pumpkin peelings.The Roaring Revenuers took second place for their 20’s throwback.And First place went to the Yakity, Yak – Don’t Talk Back display. It featured an all-knowing pumpkin who talked personally to anyone who stopped by, thanks to a web camera.As for costumes, Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Showers won for most original costume. Scariest costume went to the Lady of the Night Vampires.And the judge’s favorite was handed out to the Roaring 20’s – complete with flappers, gangsters and a few other shady characters.

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Twin Lobster Treat for Halloween

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

The going rate for lobster is still relatively cheap. But we found a twin lobster deal today that’s priceless. Catherine Pegram’s daughters, Caitlin and Ainsley, are spending their first Halloween trick or treating as twin lobsters. The double Maine delicacy seemed only appropriate since their dad use to lobster on M-D-I. He says lobsters that are 8-months-old and this big already are pretty unusual – so he considers them keepahs!The girls aren’t quite sure what to make of the outfits, but they enjoyed meeting lots of TV5 friends today. And they’ve been warned to stay away from butter or invitations into a hot tub.

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Waterville Homeowners give Thrills and Chills

Updated 5 years ago

Halloween is just hours away. Depending on where you live you could have hundreds of kids knocking on your door.One of the main attractions on All Hallow’s Eve in Waterville is on Oakland Street. The Giguere family goes all out with their gory gadgets that include headless bodies, a pyscho patient, Chucky and a myriad of other monsters. Jeff Giguere says last year more than 8-hundred brave trick or treaters made their way through their makeshift cemetery.

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Ann Marie Serves up Some Halloween Treats

Updated 5 years ago

Pumpkin Pie Dip:8 oz cream cheese2 cup of confectionary sugar15 oz pumpkin1 tsp cinnamon½ tsp gingerServe with: ginger snap, pears, apples, and toasted pound cakeApple topping:5 Macintosh apples-slices½ stick of butter½ cup brown sugar½ tsp cinnamonDash of saltOptional—nuts, raisinsServe over: Ice cream, pound cake, angel food cake…..

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Goodrich Arrested, Charged with Murder

Updated 5 years ago

The four-day police search for a man from Newport is over.It ended just before one Friday morning, when a waitress spotted Perley Goodrich, Junior having a cup of coffee at the Irving station in Newport, and called authorities.The 45-year-old man appeared in court this afternoon.Goodrich has been charged with murder in the shooting death of his father and elevated aggravated assault against his mother.Police had been searching for him since the incident Monday night.Goodrich stood in court today as the charges were read against him, saying only, ‘Yes, sir,’ and ‘Yes, your honor,’ when asked if he understood. Attorney Jeff Silverstein says Goodrich had apparently been wandering the woods for several days.”He became ill during that time and has not had proper food or drink or medical attention so he’s very weakened, very tired, he’s beaten up physically, and emotionally he’s in very difficult shape,” Silverstein says.He says Goodrich has been seeking treatment for mental health issues for some time, and was hospitalized as recently as the day before the incident.Court documents say his mother, Sandra Goodrich, told police that on Monday night, her son repeatedly hit her on the head with a handgun. She says he then went into his father’s room. She heard a gunshot, and her husband, Perley Goodrich, Senior, said, “He shot me.”Sandra is out of the hospital and now staying with a friend. The friend tells TV5 Sandra wants to thank everyone who helped look for her son, and that she’s pleased he was caught, because she was very afraid.Goodrich is being held at the Penobscot County Jail.

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H1N1 Flu “Widespread” in Maine

Updated 5 years ago

The state’s top health official says swine flu is “quite widespread” in southern and central Maine. Dr. Dora Mills of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that despite delays in delivery of H1N1 vaccine, there’s been an “unprecedented effort” to vaccinate children in schools. Mills says 12,000 schoolchildren have been vaccinated this week, a number she called “extraordinary.” With swine flu widespread in parts of the state, Mills said the state will have received only 99,000 doses of vaccine by the end of Friday. She said that’s enough to give to only one out of every seven Mainers who are in the high-risk category. Mills said children, who are all high-risk, are a priority for getting the vaccine.

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“Super” Support for the United Way, from the Bangor Y

Updated 5 years ago

Every year, the employees at the Bangor Y raise money for the United Way of Eastern Maine, which provides them with a lot of support for their local programs.On Thursday, during a Halloween costume party, their fundraising took a creative turn– when suddenly, Superman appeared.”Superman,” also known as Bangor Y CEO, Mike Seile, was quickly captured by villains and taken to the roof of the Y, where he was to be kept until the employees raised more money for United Way.Folks say it was all in good fun, but also say it’s important to support the United Way since they do so much to help children, families and seniors with basic needs.”Without that money, we couldn’t reach as many people as we do in the community,” says Lacey Wright with the Bangor Y.”And we’re staying up here until we get 10 percent more participants over last year. Every gift, no matter how small or large, makes a big difference in this community,” says “Superman” Seile, from the roof.The United Way helps fund Bangor Y programs which support childcare, youth at risk, cardiac and pulmonary rehab, women’s health and more.

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Kindergarten Costumes on Parade

Updated 5 years ago

There weren’t any ghosts or goblins, but there were a few scary faces to be seen Thursday.There was also a Hannah Montana, and a pink crayon.It was a parade of costumes as youngsters from the Hill Top kindergarten made their way to the Sylvia Ross Home in Bangor.They shared stories with the residents and gave them gifts. Administrator Marcia Young says the annual tradition is always a lot of fun for the residents, where the average age is ninety-two.”If you watch the interaction between the elderly and the children, it’s is magical. It is wonderful. They have a connection that young people like us don’t have. They have a connection and it is there and they have fun,” Young says.Kids from the school have been making the trip down the street every year around Halloween for more than two decades. One of the highlights is always the donut-eating contest.

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Mock Disaster Drills Held Across Maine

Updated 5 years ago

Real life practice to get ready for natural disasters.That’s what folks in Waldo County and elsewhere in Maine were doing today.As Meghan Hayward tells us, communications is a big key to success.”Update, Colonel Martin we’ll work on filling this request and get back in touch with York County EOC.”Folks at the Waldo County Emergency Operation Center and other counties across the state are holding mock disaster drills.Dale Rowley, Director of the Waldo County Emergency Management Agency, is busy doing what would need to be done if the disaster scenarios were real. “Basically it’s my job to ensure that there’s an emergency operation center for the county that is functional. So we do a lot of work before to get it up and running and then basically facilitate and manage it during the operation.”Rowley says a crucial part of having a successful operation is knowing the different communication methods available.”We have internet capability so we’re using some online portals for logging information. We’re also ensuring when that’s down we have telephone and fax.In the event phones and internet fail, they have ham radio as a back-up.”Ham radio basically is, they set up their own radio stations in a sense. And they can set them up just about anywhere. They use bans that have been authorized by the FCC. They are a lot more robust then CB radios and can go a lot further.”Ham radio operators were on hand during the drill, sending out test messages.”Mostly just pieces of equipment. We’re looking to find if one county has what another county needs and keeping communication up for it.”IT’s a practice run, but one County Commissioner Amy Fowler says can make a big difference.”In the event of something catastrophic and serious we have a plan and we have training and we can keep people safe, warm and fed.”

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Man Accused of Holding Students Hostage Due In Court

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

The man accused of holding an elementary school classroom hostage last Halloween is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. 55-year-old Randall Hofland – who’s representing himself – has filed a number of motions related to suppression of evidence.Hofland was involved in a week-long manhunt last October before going into Stockton Springs Elementary school.He’s pleaded not guilty to 41 felony charges, including kidnapping, criminal restraint, threatening with a dangerous weapon and burglary.Hofland is being held in the Somerset County Jail on $1 million secured bail or $250,000 cash.His trial is scheduled to begin in January.

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H1N1 Informational Links

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For the latest information on H1N1 please visit the following links: National CDCMaine CDC