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Army Reserve Troop Holds Car Wash

Updated 5 years ago

The First and 391-st Army Reserve were out washing cars Saturday.The fundraiser will help with the costs of training equipment.The troop also took the opportunity to make it a family day, with some of the children helping wash cars.Family members were treated to a BBQ and games.Captain Matthew Underwood says the fundraiser will be a big help.” It’s important to do the little extra things. We’ve got the bare minimum to get the job done but we like to do a little extra. Here to support the families. So any chance we get to raise a few dollars to help that aspect especially in today’s economy we’ll take that chance.”The troop set a goal of raising 300-hundred dollars.

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Special Olympics Helps Make Healthy Athletes

Updated 5 years ago

Athletes at the University of Maine couldn’t have asked for better weather this weekend.The 41-st annual Maine Special Olympics are underway this weekend in Orono.And thanks to a new program at the Games, many of the athletes are now living healthier lives…Meghan Hayward has the story.” I can tell you that a good number of the athletes here today probably had their bags packed a month ago in preparation for summer games.”Close to 14-hundred athletes ranging in age from eight to eighty-eight came to compete in the forty-first annual Maine Special Olypmics.Most of them have a medal in their sights.But Special Olympics of Maine President and CEO Phil Geelhoed says it’s also a great way to get the athletes into a healthy routine.There’s now a particular program working to do that.” within special olympics we have a program called healthy athletes in which we take six or seven health distinctions and we do on field screenings during this event.”There are dental, hearing and eye checkups. Physical therapy, too.The program’s getting great feedback so far.” what we’d have to do to have that happen in the community would take weeks on end to happen. it happens in one day here.”Physical therapist Jen Corbeil helps make it happen. She volunteers her time at the healthy athlete event and helps the athletes with a variety of things.” perform range of motion which is flexibility screenings, balance screenings, and aerobic screening on the athletes. and once the athletes go through they get an exercise booklet and it allows them areas they might be having trouble with to work on when they go back home or back to their programs.”Corbeil says there is nothing more satisfying than working this event.” priceless, speechless. it’s just amazing. it’s so amazing to work with this population.”Husson University physical therapy student Kim Leadbetter thinks it’s a great program too. She says she has been able to learn a lot from it.” just like the people skills and stuff like that. it’s pretty nice to get to talk to people and get an idea of what works and what doesn’t and have to adapt to different people.”A program that helps the athletes go for their goals.” I wanna get the gold.”

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West Market Festival in Bangor

Updated 5 years ago

Bangor’s West Market Square has been transformed into a concert venue this weekend.The second annual West Market Festival has taken over the space near the Grasshopper Shop.The event brought together more than 20 bands, plus vendors and fashion shows for a celebration of local artists.The festival has doubled in size since last year, with two stages.This year’s headliner is one of Maine’s most popular bands…Rustic Overtones.< "we thought it was a good time to have some support in the community for the local artists and creators of art that don't have a venue to show themselves off...for people to come down, it's a free event...so it's great in a recession, because it's free.">The festivities continue until 8 p.m. Saturday in West Market Square.

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Acadia to Offer 3 Free Weekends This Summer

Updated 5 years ago

Visitors to Acadia National Park can get in for free during three weekends this summer.The National Park Service is waiving entrance fees on the weekends of June 20-21, July 18-19 and August 15-16.They’re hoping it’ll encourage more Americans to visit national parks.Acadia is one of the country’s 391 national parks.

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Bangor’s Saxl Park Rededicated

Updated 5 years ago

Governor John Baldacci joined nature lovers in Bangor Saturday to celebrate a much-loved park.Today marked the 25-th anniversary of the rededication of Saxl Park, which is located on the grounds of the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center.The park is named after Joe Saxl, who was superintendent of the center when it was the Bangor Mental Health Institute.Saxl believed in bringing the community and the hospital together to help get rid of the stigma surrounding mental illness.For years, the space has been an informal public park, but a recent bill made it official…it’s now legally recognized as one of Bangor’s public parks.That means it’s protected from future development.There was also a big announcement from the Bangor Trails Group.< "they, in conjunction with Dorothea Dix and EMCC, have formed an agreement to create the first segment, about a mile or so, of the Bangor Trail system...it'll go in and around Bangor on into the future.">The Bangor Trails Group is comprised of members of Keep Bangor Beautiful, the Bangor Land Trust and the City of Bangor.Saturday’s announcement coincided with “National Trails Day.”

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Governor Asks Feds to Fund Wind Research Center

Updated 5 years ago

Governor Baldacci has joined forces with Maine’s Congressional delegation to ask the feds for 20 million dollars for an offshore wind research center.They’re proposing a facility at the University of Maine and a coastal and floating test center in the Atlantic.Baldacci, the senators and representatives met with Energy Secretary Steven Chu in Washington Friday.They asked him to allocate 20 million dollars in stimulus money for the first year of the project, and asked him to support additional money from Congress for the next four years.

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Boy in Custody after BB Gun Shooting on Bus

Updated 5 years ago

Social workers are awaiting the results of an evaluation done on the 8-year-old boy who was taken into custody in Norridgewock yesterday.Police say he shot three students and a school bus driver with a BB gun.No one was seriously hurt.31 children were aboard the bus when it happened…they were on their way to a Norridgewock elementary school.The students who were hit in the head and leg areas by the plastic pellets were between 5 and 11 years old.The driver was hit in the head.Another student wrestled the gun away from the boy.

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Maine Soldiers Headed to Afghanistan

Updated 5 years ago

A Maine National Guard unit has been put on alert that they’ll soon be deployed.Major General John Libby made the announcement Saturday that about 177 soldiers from the 1136-th Transportation Company will be deployed to Afghanistan in early 2010.The 1136th is stationed in Bangor, Calais and Sanford.While deployed, the soldiers will be providing security at military bases in Afghanistan.In 2003, the unit deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Another unit, the 133rd Engineer Battalion, already had been notified that it will train in Germany this summer, in preparation for deployment to Iraq next year.

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Bone Marrow Drive to Help Winterport Man

Updated 5 years ago

People gathered in Hampden Friday night in hopes of saving a man’s life.William Whittlesey has a form of cancer called multiple myeloma. He’s on a heavy dose of chemotherapy but his only hope of going into remission is a bone marrow transplant.A bone marrow drive was held at the Hampden Public Safety Building. Whittlesey was there to thank everyone who showed up to get tested. “There’s a lot that they’ve got to go through to be tested to do this for me, so I really appreciate the effort and that they’re doing for me, and it’s gonna help me, but it’s also gonna help a lot of other people.”All those tested will be placed on a transplant registry.An account has been created at Maine Savings Federal Credit Union in Hampden. Donations will go towards the cost of Whittlesey’s treatment and finding a donor. Donations can be made in care of William Whittlesey: The Stem Cell account.

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Retirement Celebration for Cooperative Extension Educator

Updated 5 years ago

A woman who has spent 30 years as an educator, was honored Friday at the University of Maine.Louise Kirkland will retire at the end of the month from the cooperative extension, but her 30 year anniversary is Friday, so co-workers, friends and family threw a garden party in her honor.Louise says as an educator with the cooperative extension, she’s enjoyed teaching about everything from food safety to parenting skills. “I think the things I’m going to miss the most is dealing with the public. I love to teach and I’m a teacher by nature, and so meeting with people, answering phone calls with consumer questions, doing workshops, traveling in different parts of the county, that I’m going to miss.”Louise says she plans to use her retirement to follow her passion, sewing. She’ll also be co-chairing a major conference for the cooperative extension next year.

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Karen Baldacci Helps Launch Summer Reading Program

Updated 5 years ago

Some students at Vine Street School in Bangor got a jump start on their summer reading program.Karen Baldacci came and read to more than one hundred of the students.Baldacci says the importance of reading during the summer can not be stressed enough. ” Well there’s something that is known in the education community as the summer slides. We find those children that don’t read books over the summer tend to regress a little bit in their reading ability.”Baldacci says it is recommended that students each read four books during the summer.

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The Arts Come Alive At A Guilford School

Updated 5 years ago

“Arts Alive is a day devoted to hands on art activities for kids. So it’s a day all about the kids.”Students at Guilford Primary School had plenty of activities to choose from.From building bat houses to pounding away on the drums.It’s an event that’s been taking place for more than twenty years, and one that is popular with the children.”It’s their favorite day of the year.”Third grader Alexandra Huff danced away in one of the rooms, but she says it’s not as easy as it looks.”But it is hard when you get in the fast mode.”While Alexandra enjoyed dancing, she says her favorite activity is sculpture beads.”It’s really really fun and you get to do it really quickly so it goes on and on and you get to make a lot of beads in an hour.”Third grader Nathan Easland didn’t want to dance, but he sure did hula hoop.”I just practice and practice. And so if you practice you’ll get much better.”The sculpture class was a hit for third grader Bryce Gilbert.He made a wizard and says it was a challenge.”Pretty difficult because you have to mold all the clay and work it and it’s hard to squoosh it.”Coordinator Margaret Templet-Drummond says the day is always a success.”It’s just a super day for everyone.”

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Local 1837 Demonstrates in Fairfield

Updated 5 years ago

Central Maine Power and its largest union continue to discuss what’s fair compensation for workers.Today, members of the IBEW Local 1837 demonstrated in Fairfield.Last month, CMP proposed what they say is a fair offer. Union members say they voted down the plan for two reasons: a reduction in retiree health care benefits, and the elimination of a defined benefit pension for future employees.Dale Blethen, chief steward of the Local 1837 says they are thinking of going on strike.”We do this every morning and every night,” Blethen says, of demonstrating. “It’s important because every one of us planned to retire when we hired on with CMP. We thought we were going to get a good medical retirement plan, it’s something they look forward to getting.”He says CMP’s most recent contract offer reflects corporate greed.Central Maine Power released a statement today, saying the company’s challenge is to balance what it can offer employees, with what customers can afford.

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Clinton Man Sentenced in Sexual Assault Case

Updated 5 years ago

A man who admitted to raping a 65-year old woman in her home in Liberty is going to prison for 10 years. Bruce Paul of Clinton pleaded guilty in January.Police say he visited the victim’s house in November 2007 with some friends, then left. They say he returned later that night, kicked in the basement door, and attacked the woman. Waldo County Deputy District Attorney Eric Walker says the victim submitted a powerful letter to the judge, which is likely the reason why Paul got such a lengthy sentence.

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Boy Fires BB Gun on School Bus in Norridgework, Injuries Four

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

An eight-year-old boy accused of shooting a BB gun on a school bus and injuring three students and a bus driver is being evaluated tonight.The Somerset County Sheriff’s Department says the student brought the pistol on the bus this morning on his way to Mill Stream School in Norridgewock.We’re told the boy fired several shots, which hit three students in the head and legs. The bus driver was also hit in the head. Deputies say an 11-year-old student finally wrestled the gun away from the boy. No one was seriously hurt.The boy was taken into custody at the Department of Health and Human Services in Skowhegan.

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No Charges in Wreck that Killed Two MMA Students

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A man involved in a car crash in Stockton Springs that killed two Maine Maritime Academy students last fall will not be charged. Police say one of the students, who was driving, had been drinking and that played a part in the wreck.The Waldo County District Attorney’s Office decided not to prosecute 53-year-old Andrew Bradford of Kennebunk.20-year-old Richard Coakley of Mount Vernon and 21-year-old Matthew Felton of Merrimack, New Hampshire were killed on Route One, near the Muskrat Farm Road intersection.Police say Coakley drove over the center line and headed toward Bradford’s truck. Bradford swerved to the other side of the road but Coakley’s car moved back over and slammed into Bradford’s truck. Bradford is an MMA alum and was driving home after a homecoming event.

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Rededication of Saxl Park in Bangor

Catherine Pegram

Updated 5 years ago

A park in Bangor is celebrating a quarter-century as a place to play and bring better understanding to mental health issues. Saxl Park is on the grounds of the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center. It’s named after Joe Saxl who was the Superintendent of the center when it was the Bangor Mental Health Institute. Saxl believed in bringing the community and the hospital together to help destigmatize the issue of mental health. Tomorrow the park will be rededicated in honor of Saxl. The celebration starts at 11 o’clock, near the John Bapst playing fields. Everyone is welcome.

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Middle Schoolers Attend Career Day

Updated 5 years ago

Middle school students from half a dozen schools spent the day at Bangor’s United Technology Center…thinking about their future careers.UTC held the sixth annual eighth grade Career Day.Students chose six careers they’re interested in from a list of more than fifty.Once at the fair, they 20 minute sessions with representatives from each specific career…to learn more about what the job entails.Organizers say it’s a good way to get the kids thinking about the future.< "they get a real good opportunity to talk to people actually doing the work and in many cases see the work...so it helps them make decisions...also, about the classes they'll want to take in high school and perhaps college.">UTC students were also on hand to give the eighth graders a look into the programs their school offers, including plumbing and automotive technology.

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Transportation Needed for Bangor Man’s Dream Trip

Updated 5 years ago

A Bangor man with muscular dystrophy will get to live out his lifelong dream this summer…to see the Yankees play a game at home in New York.Volunteers have worked for more than a year to arrange Jeff McIntyre’s trip…but now, they need help with one crucial aspect of it…transportation.Amy Erickson has more.<41-year-old Jeff McInytre is a serious Yankees fan.”i’ve liked them my entire life.”McIntyre could hardly believe his ears when he got the call that he’d been given tickets to a Red Sox-Yankees game at Yankees Stadium in August.Burke Soileau of Sebec made it happen after hearing about McIntyre’s lifelong dream of attending a game.Soileau got the official word from a Yankees official this week.”he said ‘on behalf of George Steinbrenner and the yankees, 7 complimentary tickets for Jeff’s family, Jeff and his two attendants.”Kelley McTague of Alpha One has known McIntyre for years…she and Soileau have spent more than a year putting the trip together.”jeff has outlived any doctor’s expectations with his diagnosis, so this is a big treat for him to be able to do this. He is a die-hard fan and we’re really excited for him.””i’m really happy.””Why do you want to see a red sox yankees matchup? Because of the rivalry.”Since McIntyre’s story went public, the donations for the trip have poured in from around Maine…and the country.”it’s amazing the generosity of the people. I’ve received donations from Florida, Virginia…it’s amazing the support we’ve gotten.”But one thing’s still missing.”we cannot find transportation for Jeff’s needs. Most of the transportation we’ve been able to find that’s accessible for him and his family, the insurances won’t allow us to go out of state.”A small bus with a lift would be ideal.”jeff’s wheelchair is very big. He’s ventilator-dependent, so his ventilator’s very long…he also needs to have two attendants with him.”McTague is crossing her fingers that someone can help with this last piece of the puzzle in making McIntyre’s baseball dreams come true.Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Bangor.>If you think you can help with transportation, call Kelley McTague at Alpha One in Bangor.That number is(800)300-6016.

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Fatal Crash in Waldoboro

Updated 5 years ago

A car crash in Waldoboro has claimed the life of a local man, and left two other men in critical condition.Police say 63-year-old Harold Benner was killed after another car crossed the center line of Route 235 and hit his Jeep at around 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.Benner was pronounced dead at the scene.The driver of the other car was 43-year-old Steven Kaler of Warren. He and his passenger, 33-year-old Robert Colpritt of Rockland were both critically injured.They were taken by medical helicopter to Maine Medical Center in Portland.Police say speed was a factor in the crash, it’s now under investigation.

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