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Do you think people charged with murder should be allowed to make plea deals?

Updated 2 weeks ago

No      85% (417 Votes)

Yes     15% (71 Votes)


Total: 488 Votes

Harvest Festival: One Lupine Fiber Arts

Updated 3 weeks ago

The  annual Maine Harvest Festival is coming up this weekend and we featured a guest of the festival on the TV-5 Morning Show Thursday. Jodi Clayton is the owner and artisan for One Lupine Fiber Arts in Bangor.

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Senior Spotlight: Shovel Safety

Updated 3 weeks ago

Amy Kenney from St. Joseph Healthcare was in the studio Wednesday for this week’s Senior Spotlight. Amy was speaking to Joy about shovel and snow safety. After being hit by such a large, surprising storm, with such heavy and wet snow, it can be easy to be caught unprepared and receive an injury caused by improper snow removal.

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Are you voting for the best candidate or “the lesser of two evils”?

Updated 3 weeks ago

Best Candidate                     61% (686 Votes)

“Lesser of two evils”           39% (442 Votes)


Total: 1,128 Votes

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Do you agree with Fairpoint’s decision to drop insurance coverage for the striking workers?

Updated 3 weeks ago

No        69% (550 Votes)

Yes       31% (250 Votes)


Total: 800 Votes

Do you think this campaign is too negative?

Updated 3 weeks ago

Yes        91% (1,100 Votes)

No           9% (105 Votes)


Total: 1,205 Votes

If Eliot Cutler were to drop out of the Governor’s race, who do you think would win the election?

Updated 3 weeks ago

Paul LePage (R)              63% (394 Votes)

Mike Michaud (D)          37% (231 Votes)


Total: 625 Votes

Sparkle Fundraiser

Updated 4 weeks ago

Nicole Robinson, executive director of Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce, and George Lougee were on the morning show Thursday speaking to Joy about their upcoming “Sparkle” fundraiser. The event is coming up Saturday, November 8th at St. Martin’s Hall in Palmyra, and will run from 6:00 – 10:00 PM. It will feature hors d’oeurves, a cash bar, live and silent auctions and dancing.

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Should the state require a non voluntary 21 day quarantine for anyone dealing with ebola patients?

Updated 4 weeks ago

Yes      85% (602 Votes)

No       15% (104 Votes)


Total: 706 Votes

Senior Spotlight: COPD

Updated 4 weeks ago

Allergist Paul Shapero was in the studio Wednesday for this week’s Senior Spotlight. He was speaking to Wayne about COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

For more information, you can call Paul at his office, 947-8658.

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National Math Competition and Classes Upcoming

Updated 4 weeks ago

Eva Szillery was in the studio Wednesday talking to Joy about some big upcoming math initiatives in the area.

First, the American Mathematics Competitions will be offered nationwide on November 18th. In Maine, students aged eight to fourteen and a half may register for free and participate at either EMCC in Bangor, Bowdoin College in Brunswick, or at UMPI in Presque Isle. For more information on the nationwide competition, visit the website below:

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Do you think Kaci Hickox should be allowed to self-quarantine in Maine?

Updated 4 weeks ago

No      70% (433 Votes)

Yes     30% (190 Votes)


Total: 623 Votes

Pet of the Week: Violet

Updated 4 weeks ago

Stacey Conventry was in for Kristin Harmon from the Bangor Humane Society Tuesday for this week’s Pet of the Week. She introduced Wayne to Violet, a seven year-old female Rottweiler mix. Violet has been spayed and is apart of the Humane Society’s foster-to-adopt program. Violet prefers to be the only pet in the house, with no cats, but Stacey says with a meet-and-greet, other dogs could work out.

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Are you voting by absentee ballot?

Updated 4 weeks ago

No       75% (359 Votes)

Yes     25% (121 Votes)


Total: 480 Votes

Consumer Contact: Work-at-Home Schemes

Updated 4 weeks ago

Most work-at-home schemes are just that: schemes. Russ Van Arsdale was in the studio Monday talking to Joy about how to avoid being taken by these ploys in this week’s Consumer Contact segment.

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Do you agree with LePage, Michaud, and Cain skipping out of debates?

Updated 4 weeks ago

No         59% (375 Votes)

Yes        41% (264 Votes)


Total: 639 Votes

Fitness Fridays: The Benefits of Working Out

Updated 1 month ago

Josiah Hartley from Bangor’s LA Training was on the interview set for this week’s Fitness Friday, speaking to Wayne about the benefits of regular exercise. Josiah says working out releases endorphins into the brain that allow for a big stress relief, better sleep, and that general “good” feeling you get after a solid workout.

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Do you think the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife should be allowed to use its resources to campaign against Question One?

Updated 1 month ago

Yes      72% (476 Votes)

No       28% (183 Votes)


Total: 659 Votes

Dover-Foxcroft Fall BOO-Nanza

Updated 1 month ago

Sherry French, organizer of Dover-Foxcroft’s Fall BOO-Nanza was in the studio Thursday speaking to Joy about the upcoming Halloween Day event. Joy seemed preoccupied by something going on in the background, but Sherry wanted to get word out that the event starts at 4:30 PM on Friday, October 31st, and has different events going on all night long.

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Do you think the state is doing enough to help transition Mainers off welfare?

Updated 1 month ago

No     76%

Yes    24%


Total: 518 Votes