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BZG Presents… “Mark & Clark”

Updated 1 day ago

Tom Richmond, vocalist/guitarist for the band Bizz Gruntry, and singer/songwriter Meghan Clark were in the studio on Friday talking to Joy about their upcoming show at the Union Street Brick Church in Bangor. “BZG Presents… Mark & Clark” is the first of what is hoped to be a long-running series of local music concerts in the area set-up by Richmond’s country-grunge band Bizzy Gruntry. The first show of the series features singers Mark “Guitar” Miller and fourteen year-old Meghan Clark, along with four more acts, including Richmond’s Bizzy Gruntry.

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Do you think the U.S. should take military action against ISIS in response to James Foley’s death?

Updated 1 day ago

Yes     70% (264 Votes)

No       30% (122 Votes)


Total: 376 Votes

Gardening with Bob Bangs

Updated 2 days ago

To learn more about any of the topics discussed on this gardening segment, visit, If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed with Bob Bangs, send us an email at

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Should Governor LePage agree to a pay boost to assistant attorneys general?

Updated 2 days ago

No          81% (226 Votes)

Yes         19% (53 Votes)


Total: 279 Votes

Two Vehicle Accident in Rockland Sends Three to Hospital

Updated 3 days ago

A two vehicle crash in Rockland Tuesday night sent three people to the hospital.

Rockland police say the van, driven by 46 year-old Barbara Seiders of Thomaston, was making a left hand turn.

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Riding for a Voice

Updated 3 days ago

Incest-survivor Kayla Garriott was in the studio on Wednesday speaking to Joy about her upcoming 3rd annual Riding for a Voice event in support of spreading awareness of the silent crime. The event is a motorcycle ride, however cars are welcomed as well. It will be held on Saturday, August 23rd, with registration running from 9:00 – 10:00 AM, with aim being to have kick-stands up by 10:15 AM. The ride starts at the Calais Motor Inn, and ends at Cohills in Lubec.

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Senior Spotlight: Music Therapy

Updated 3 days ago

Mary Budd of the Penobscot Theatre, along with Steve Bowler of Dirigo Pines, was in the studio on Wednesday for this week’s Senior Spotlight. This week, the pair was speaking with Joy about the benefits music can have on medical patients, in particular, the benefits it can have when played for Alzheimer’s patients.

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What is your favorite season in Maine?

Updated 3 days ago

Fall                63% (301 Votes)
Summer       25% (122 Votes)
Spring                8% (38 Votes)
Winter               4% (21 Votes)

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Broadway Veterinary Clinic Open House

Updated 4 days ago

Kim Uherec from the Broadway Veterinary Clinic & Pet Care Center in Bangor was in the studio on Tuesday talking to Joy about their upcoming open house and what kind of activities and information they can expect to find at it.

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Pet of the Week: Bangor Humane Society

Updated 4 days ago

Kristin Harmon was in the studio again for this week’s Pet of the Week. She introduced Joy to Isis, a playful kitten with only one eye. She wanted to remind viewers that during these busy summer days, there are still many deals at the humane society, as well as the multiple locations around Bangor with which the humane society works with.

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Could you live “off the grid?”

Updated 4 days ago

Yes      74% (297 Votes)

No        26% (107 Votes)


Total: 404 Votes

Debit and Credit Card Information Breach Reported at Shaw’s Supermarkets

Updated 4 days ago

A debit and credit card information breach has occurred at Shaw’s supermarket stores in Maine.

The parent company released a statement saying it appears the unauthorized access may have started on June 22nd and ended July 17th.

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Consumer Contact: Flooded Vehicle Resale

Updated 5 days ago

Russ Van Arsdale was in the studio on Monday for this week’s Consumer Contact. This time, he spoke to Joy about the precautionary measures you can take when looking at used cars, especially due to all of the recent flash flooding.

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Do you think there still needs to be school crossing guards?

Updated 5 days ago

Yes      82% (510 Votes)

No       18% (110 Votes)


Total: 620 Votes

Woman in Hospital After Assault in Bangor

Updated 5 days ago

A Bangor man is in custody after police say he assaulted a woman, leaving her with serious head injuries.

Officers were called to an apartment complex on Essex Street early Monday morning.

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Fitness Friday: Eating and Exercising

Updated 1 week ago

Josiah Hartley from LA Training was in the studio for Fitness Friday this week. He was speaking to Joy not only of the importance of eating before and after exercising, but how much and what kinds of foods you should be eating to better help your workout regimen. 

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Fitness Friday: Tricep Extensions

Updated 1 week ago

We had a fresh face in the studio for this week’s Fitness Friday. Josiah Hartley from LA Training was teaching Joy and Wayne some quick variations on tricep extensions. He showed how to do the very quick an easy exercise in different stances to add varying levels of difficulty.

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Do you think using natural gas is safe?

Updated 1 week ago

Yes     63% (258 Votes)

No       37% (154 Votes)


Total: 412 Votes

Gov. LePage, Wife Buy Home In Boothbay

Updated 1 week ago

BOOTHBAY, Maine (AP) — Maine Gov. Paul LePage and his wife Ann have purchased a home in Boothbay where they intend to live after he leaves office.

Ann LePage said the couple had been looking for about 10 years for a home near the coast. But she said they’ll continue to live in the Blaine House for as long as her husband is governor. LePage, who’s seeking re-election, is currently locked in a three-way race with independent Eliot Cutler and Democrat Mike Michaud.

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FairPoint Evaluates 2 Unions’ Contract Proposal

Updated 1 week ago

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — FairPoint Communications says it has received a contract proposal from two unions representing more than 1,700 workers in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont and has asked for time to evaluate it.

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