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Take This Job and Love It: Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium

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If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tvIn this Take This Job and Love It Chelsey Anderson heads to a sweet stop in Bar Harbor. Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium was happy to get the help. It all started with their famous ice cream.———————“We are making lobster ice cream.””It’s made with real Maine lobster, comes from local lobster pounds. We buy the lobster meat cooked, we chop it up here, we throw it in butter and when the ice cream is coming out of the machine we just mix in the lobster as it’s coming out.” “How do you end up not eating it?” “You don’t end up not eating, but quality control is important.””Start loading in the actual cream and flavoring ingredients for the base.”While the ice cream mixed, Rory filled out labels for our buckets and I chopped the lobster meat. 10 pounds would go into today’s recipe. Then I mixed the meat with butter and a secret ingredient.”Magic potion.””And it smells delicious already!” “So, right now it’s just like the lobster you’d be eating at home.”After the ice cream finished thickening it was time to fill buckets.”We’re going to pour half the bucket and we’re going to mix in a huge fist full of lobster. Mix it in completely. Pour the rest of the bucket. Do it again. We’re going to decorate a little on top. Ah beautiful. I’d buy that. Put a cover on it. And throw it in the walk-in.”550 buckets of ice cream would fill that freezer this summer.From there there are waffle cones made that are dipped in chocolate and candies or nuts, and the ice cream is served to customers.But while they ate their ice cream I still had more to do.”Is that how much candy we’re making?””We’re going to make pecan turtles.” “That’s a lot of candy.”Jamie had already put corn syrup in the pot. I added sugar, hard fat, water and a couple other ingredients.Then we just take the wooden spoon. “How cool.” “You want to stir it.” “Yeah sure!” “Ok.” “I just stir it like a, like a cauldron?” “Yep.”I turn the propane on and wait for a good boil.”Then we put this in?” “This is the flavoring.””It smells good.” “That’s my deodorant.” (laughter)”This is the fun part.” “Ok.””We’re going to take a dropper and put carmel in it.” “I’ll do a couple then you give it a whirl.” “It’s like you’re painting the road.””Fresh off the press.””Oh my gosh.” “It’s so good!”After the carmel cools we dip them in chocolate and they’re ready for purchase.So after all the work I did, would I be hired?”Oh, I’m sure we could find a spot for you.” “Thank you so much!”If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv

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Take This Job & Love It: Alpaca Farm Herd Health Day

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If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tvIn this “Take This Job and Love It” Chelsey Anderson headed to Unity. There she worked at Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm for a portion of herd health day.Chelsey: “I started my day with something I’d learned when I worked at the Equine Shelter in Perry… cleaning up their mess.”———————————-“Alpacas are very convenient how they all go in one spot, and when one starts the others follow and it’s all in one pile. It looks like coffee beans so there’s not a lot to it. We use wood pellets to absorb the urine so it does make it a little easier.””So twice a day we will go scoop each of the pastures.” “Okay.” “And that’s all there is to their cleanup.” “Okay.””And alpaca poo is amazing compost.””And then we dump it. We have a bean recycling center out back.””You can put it right in this pile here. We have it the oldest, the newer and this is the freshest right here.””Right up and dump it right in.”Not only is there cleaning up, there’s also a new baby on the farm. Savannah is 3 days old, and needs a little closer watch than the older alpacas.”Alright so let’s go get the baby.””And I’m going to pick her up but I’m letting her mother know that I’m not taking her away.” “Ok.” “And Sunny has to smell her to know that everything is okay.””She’ll follow us right into the barn. Come on Sunny.” (kiss, kiss)”The humming is her communication with the baby. So the baby knows she’s..There’s your baby.””It’s so cute.” “There she is.” (humming)”Come right with me. We’ll go right in the barn.””And what I’ll have you do is I’ll have you stand on the scale and I’ll pass her to you.”For about the first month of their life alpacas should gain a half to a full pound a day.”She’s at 15 pounds the last I checked.””15 and a half pounds. Gaining just right. Savannah’s a big girl now.””Then I’m going to set her down.” “Set her right down. Like that?” “That’s right. And then she’ll go on her own. That wasn’t so bad.””There she is. There’s your baby Sunny.””Now what are we going to do? How about taking Space Cowboy for a walk? Space Cowboy is dad. Let’s go get him.””He’s in the trailer. He’s just came back from New York.””Hey buddy!”I walked Space Cowboy around the farm a bit and then it was time for grooming.”Archie needs a little trim. Alright. Lets go meet Archie.””So what we’re going to do is we’re going to trim a little hair just from their top knot. They have a few tufts that were left over from shearing.””So if you’d like to give it a try.” “Ok.” “And with Archie you just have to gently hold under his chin.””And we have one spot right there. Maybe he needs a little side cheek trim.””All done.”I finished the day by fluffing out some hay and then it was time to find out if I’d be hired.”Absolutely. I have a little bit more training, only because they are like our children and if I’m going to have somebody working up close I want them to be as trained as they can be. You did an awesome job”—————————————For more information on alpacas or on the farm visit northernsolsticealpaca.com

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Take This Job & Love It: Worming

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If you have an idea for our next Take This Job & Love It, email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv————“In this edition of Take This Job and Love It Chelsey Anderson got down and dirty worming in Down East Maine.”Chelsey- “That’s right, and I’ll tell you what, I’ve taken on a lot of difficult jobs doing this feature, but nothing was as difficult or humiliating as this one… And that was just walking.”————Vinnie McLean- “You’re going to need these because its going to be really soft where we are going.” Chelsey- “Okay.” Vinnie- “And the hardest part is going to be walking in the mud.”Remember that line. Now that I was suited up Vinnie and Daniel loaded the boat in and away we went. It didn’t take us long to get to the area we were going to rake but the tide wasn’t out quite enough so we needed to walk it in.Chelsey- “I’m being a really big help right now.”Chelsey- “So how do you walk in this?”Vinnie- “Just pull that one there out. Take a step. Then pull that one out. There you go.”Chelsey- “It’s like slow motion. Come on!” Vinnie- “It’s different isn’t it?” Chelsey- “Yeah.”Vinnie- “That’s good enough.” (laughter)Vinnie reached down and introduced me to what I was going after today, sand worms.Chelsey- “Oh my gosh! This is so gross.” Vinnie- “That’s a small one actually.”It was time to rake. The limit was 500 today, but I’d be happy with anything. I did my best to walk in the mud, but I wear a size 5 shoe, these were a men’s 10.Chelsey- “Ugh! I’m out of my boot right now.”Vinnie- “Maybe if we can get right about here that would be good.” Chelsey- “Whoa!”And my boots were tied to my pants, so there were problems.Chelsey- “My pants are falling off.”Chelsey- “I’m going to have to undo these clips.”Chelsey- “Ok. So show me how to start a hole.”Vinnie- “Ok. If I can get you in that hole.” Chelsey- “I’m going. I’m trying.” Vinnie- “Try to just keep moving. It’s done again.” (laughter)Vinnie- “See why you need them a certain size.”Vinnie- So 3 digs across. Yep.Chelsey- “Just dig it in?”Vinnie- “Just, and pull it.” Chelsey- “It didn’t go deep enough, huh? Oh look! I got one! I got two!” Vinnie- “That’s a tape worm.” Chelsey- “Ah!”Vinnie- “Now go again. Go about right there.”Vinnie- “Yep, just try to roll it. It’s about how you angle the hoe.”Chelsey- “Ok. So nothing in that one.”I kept trying to walk, and trying to work.Chelsey- “Oh Lots of them!” Vinnie- “And there. It’s official! She did it! You’re legal!” Chelsey- “Thanks!” Vinnie- “You’re a worm digger!”On that note it was time for me to call it quits and let these guys work. I attempted to get back to the boat, but my boots caused problems… Again.Chelsey- “This is why I can’t walk, just one of the reasons. Besides the fact that its extremely difficult and I admire these men.” Vinnie- “The boots was a little too big.”I was so embarrassed I had to have Vinnie and Daniel help me get back to the boat.Chelsey- “This is terrible!” Vinnie- “No it ain’t.”Chelsey- “I’m so close!” Vinnie- “5 feet.” Chelsey- “Whoa! No!” Vinnie- “You’re alright. At least you weren’t on your back.” Chelsey- “Now I can’t get up. Oh dear God! Ok. Dear me. Let’s go up. Ugh! Thanks guys.”Chelsey- “Ugh! That was rough!”Once everyone finished up we headed in to Moosebeck Bait shop, where it turns out somehow I got 85 worms. Vinnie insists I did it all on my own.Gay Crowley, Owner Moosebeck Bait Shop- “It’s official. There’s your first check.” Chelsey- “Thanks. There it is. And I’m proud of this.”All $10.20.So after everything today, would I be hired.Vinnie- “I would hire for one more tide. That would be with a headlight tonight at dark.” (laughter)Vinnie- “I would take you again, yes.” Chelsey- “Thank you. I appreciate it.” (laughter)————Chelsey- “I won’t be cashing in that check. I’m framing it. That was the hardest $10 I’ve ever earned.”

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Take This Job and Love it: Strawberries

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The fields are ripe for the picking at Tate’s Strawberry Farm in Corinth.There are five varieties of strawberries, and Chelsey Anderson helped plant some of those in the spring.Chelsey- With all the rain we had this spring there wasn’t a sunny day to waste in May, so owner, Albert Tate got me going on the tractor. Albert- “That’s my pride and joy.”Albert- I’ll show you how to get it going.Albert- Push your foot in on the clutch and turn the key on. We’ll put this in fourth and put this in gear. Okay, and we let off the clutch and give it your gas pedal.Albert- Just let her out. Chelsey- Whoa! Whoa! Giver the gas. Oh my gosh! And I’m just going to follow the line? Albert- Follow the line. Giver the gas. Chelsey- Is that the right speed? Albert- Little bit faster.Chelsey- Can you do anything wrong here? Albert- Not really. Chelsey- Am I following at all? Albert- Yes you’re doing great.Now that the field was tilled it was time to gather all the planters together. It would take four of us just to plant, one to drive, and one to make sure the plants are covered. Thank goodness Tate’s Strawberry Farm is a family affair.Albert- That’s going to be 5th generation.Chelsey- I think he’s a better driver than I am.Albert- Here’s our planter.Albert- Alright these are our plants. Ok. There’s 25 plants to a bundle and what we’ll do is we’ll put that plant in the planter then we’ll get another plant and put that in the planter. These are the roots, you need to have the plant that far. We can’t have it in the ground too deep because it will smother it and if it’s out it will dry out and die. So it has to be ground level. 55-thousand plants go in the ground each spring.Albert- This is the red tab. This will be where the plant goes.Albert- You put your thumb on the base of the plant. Yep and then you want to put it right on the red tab. This will go through. Ok. You got the next red tab. Ok. That’s yours. Like that. Chelsey- Oh dear. Albert- Then I’ve got the next one. Now it’s yours.Albert- Sometimes the ground will have a little dip or a little ridge so the plant doesn’t get fully in the ground. We have somebody who walks behind just to check the depth.Chelsey- I missed one.Bev- Whoops you skipped one. I did.Albert- It happens. We get 10-12 plants on each row that need to be adjusted. But I wasn’t just skipping, I was adding.Chelsey- Well, see I planted 2 there since I missed one before. I’m just making up for it. Albert- You come next summer and you’ll see a nice wide row there.Chelsey- This is the slow gear and it was just too fast for me. Albert-This is a slow gear, but that’s fine.Albert- The hard part is when you skip over to get another bundle of 25. Chelsey- Oh dear. It gets harder. Albert-Yep.And Albert didn’t speak a moment too soon.Chelsey- Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Oh dear. Good thing I have Albert. Bev- You must be changing hands. Chelsey- I was attempting too.But I got a little better with time, and when you’re planting 35-hundred plants per hour you don’t have a second to waste.Albert- Little more gas. She’s a veteran now (laughter)After the tractor driving and all the planting would I be hired?Albert- You would most definitely be hired. Good news! Thank you.Chelsey- The berries I planted still have a long way to go. After some growing the hand hoe will be used, then the Tate’s will go pick the blossoms off, and check for bugs and diseases, and then in November they’ll be covered with hay to prevent winter kill. But If you go out to pick your own strawberries next year, you’ll be picking the one’s I planted.

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Take This Job & Love It: Housekeeping at The Harborside

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If you have an idea for our next Take This Job & Love It, email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv————————A little over a week ago tourism season kicked off in Maine with the arrival of Memorial Day. Hotels, motels and B&B’s were busy throughout the state. Chelsey Anderson checked into a hotel in Bar Harbor. Not to stay, but to work. She’s here to let us know how that worked out. Chelsey?Chelsey: “Jim and Carolyn, The Harborside had a full house for the holiday weekend, and I did my part to get the hotel in ship shape.”————————-“Welcome to The Harborside. How can I help you?”Before you check in there’s a lot that goes on to get your room ready.(knock, knock, knock) Nardia: “Housekeeping.” (card clicks and door opens)Nardia and I had a lot to do.Nardia: “Clear the bed off, because this is a check out room.”I want you to notice how fast Nardia is at stripping her bed. Done in moments. And me….(Nardia laughs) Chelsey: “I’m not as fast as you!” Nardia: “That’s okay.” Chelsey: “Where’s it tucked in? Oh there it is.”Nardia helped me finish taking the linens off and bagging them for cleaning.Nardia: “I’m going to put on the pillow cases over here.”Nardia: “So you set it like this. Make sure the tag is down or the zipper. Okay.” Chelsey: “I can’t even open the pillow case.” Nardia: “Fix. Okay and tuck.” Chelsey: “You make it look easy. So I’m going to give it a try.”Chelsey: “I’m going to fold it down.” Nardia: “No, in.” Chelsey: “I’m going to fold it in. (laughter) I don’t think this is how yours looked. Like that?” Nardia: “Yes. “Chelsey: “I’m on my first pillow. That’s a little better.”I was obviously slowing Nardia down. Nardia: “You have to be fast because sometimes you have a lot of checkouts.”Her supervisor, Erica, dropped in to help me make my bed. And I was doing okay until we had to tuck the foot of the bed in.Nardia: “You’re going to lift everything up. Then you’re going to lift and sweep.”Sounded easy enough, right? Well, I couldn’t get this one… Time after time…Chelsey: “Is that right? Not quite.”Erica helped me finish the bed as Nardia added her final touches.Nardia: “We’re going to dust now.”I took care of the desk while Nardia… Well, took care of the rest of the room.After stocking the coffee and tea tray it was time to take on the bathroom.Nardia: “Glass clean. Garbage out.”We wiped everything down and replaced all the used bathroom essentials.Nardia: “We’re going to the shower.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Nardia: “That’s the hard part.” Chelsey: “Great.”Nardia: “What happens is I scrub my standing shower for soap scum.”Chelsey: “It’s so much more stressful when you’re doing somebody else’s shower. You know!?” (laughter)Chelsey: “Okay.. Now we rinse it off.” Nardia: “Yes.”We scrub for mold, rinse and dry everything.Chelsey: “Oh, your favorite part, right?” Nardia: “My favorite part. It’s the last spot.”Chelsey: (splash) “Oops! Oh geez, watch out. This is dangerous.” (flush) Nardia: “Right, right around. Ok.”Then the floor gets a scrub down, new towels are hung and the bathroom’s done!A quick check under the beds and we vacuum out of the room.Erica comes back in to inspect our work.Chelsey: “Oh. Now she’s calling me out.”So with all the rushing around and slowing Nardia down I definitely needed more work, but would I be hired?Erica: “Sure.” Chelsey: “Really?! Thank you so much.” Erica: “You’re welcome.”—————Chelsey: “It normally takes Nardia up to 20 minutes to clean a room, and that’s when they are really bad. It took us… An hour and a half. Thank you for your patience Nardia and Erica.”

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Take This Job and Love It: Apollo Day Spa

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If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tvIn many of our Take This Job and Love It segments, reporter Chelsey Anderson is grunting her way through heavy lifting. In this edition, Chelsey went to a more relaxing place. Apollo Day Spa in Waterville.Chelsey: “That’s right. In this job, I wouldn’t be doing any lifting of bagel dough, spawning salmon, or climbing up a telephone pole in lumber jill gear. I would, however, still be getting my hands dirty. It all starts with waxing.”————————-Karen: “We’re going to be demonstrating an arm wax. So kind of load it up and then remove it from the back. And I apply the wax in the direction that the hair grows.”Chelsey: “Like butter. I’m going to grab one of these, and just lay it over the top.” Karen: “Yep. I’ll hold the skin because that’s the important thing, and then you’ll pull in the direction, opposite the direction the hair grows.” Chelsey: “Okay, are you scared?” Karen: “No.” Chelsey: “You ready?” Karen: “Uh-huh.” Karen: “Go that way with it.” (RIP) Karen: “Nice!”Chelsey: “Hey, this isn’t so bad. You’re not even screaming.” Karen: “No, not at all.” Chelsey: “I was afraid for you.”Chelsey: (RIP) “Ooo. That was a slow one. I’m sorry.” Karen: “That’s okay.” Chelsey: “That was like a bad band aid.”Chelsey: “Is that clean enough.” Karen: “That’s perfect.”With Karen’s arms smooth, she moved me on to doing a pedicure on Ashley.Karen: “The first thing you’re going to do is grab her foot.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Karen: “You’re going to take half that.”Chelsey: “Uh-huh.” Karen: “Just to exfoliate the top layer of skin.”Ashley rinses her feet and I dry them.Chelsey: “This is a true pampering here.”Then I removed callused areas with a pumice bar.Karen: “Just file them down a bit.”After a rinse and dry again, I removed Ashley’s old nail polish and filed straight across the nail.Karen: “The file sometimes leaves a little bit of a sharp edge, so you’re going to take a buffing block and just kind of go over like that.”I treated her cuticles with oil and pushed the excess skin back a little. I finish with some lotion and a quick massage before focusing on the polish.Chelsey: “There’s so much concentration here.”And I’m finished.Chelsey: “They’re all shiny.”Ashley: “They’re awesome. She did a really good job.”Next, I did a manicure, which is very similar to a pedicure, except for Karen’s very cool polish choice. Shatter. It crackles right before your eyes.Chelsey: “There. Now it’s pretty.”Finally, I had a clear gloss treatment to mix up with Jess and put on Laura.Chelsey: “There. Is that tight enough? Or is it loose enough, I should say!” (laughter) Laura: “Yeah, I can breath.”Then Jess and I separated Laura’s hair into four sections and glossed down the parts.Jess: “You’re going to start here. Applying at the root and you’re going to work all the way down.”Chelsey: “Should I just take this whole last section?” Jess: “Yep.”I worked my way around Laura’s head and finished by pulling the gloss through the length of her hair.Jess: “You’re doing a great job. It’s easy to have color going everywhere.” Chelsey: “Thank you.” Jess: “You’re being so neat.”When the gloss was finished processing, I rinsed and washed Laura’s hair before it was styled.So after all the yanking, scrubbing, polishing and glossing, would I get the job?Jess: “You could definitely be hired at Apollo Day Spa. You took a lot of care in making sure everybody was comfortable and well serviced. Absolutely.”——————-Chelsey: “Thanks to everyone at Apollo Day Spa for their help and guidance.”

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Take This Job and Love It: Central Maine Motors

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If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey: canderson@wabi.tv————–Spring is finally here, and for many warmer weather means spring cleaning and maintenance for their cars. Chelsey Anderson drove to Waterville for this month’s Take This Job and Love It.Chelsey: “The folks at Central Maine Motors were more than happy to take me on in their maintenance crew, because they’re always busy, and, hey, an extra set of hands always helps. Well, that’s what they say at least.”—————-Mark, Central Maine Motors: “That’s an A typical 5,000 mile service that we do a lot of. You bring it in, change the oil and filter, check all your fluids and we top off any fluid that’s low. Rotate your tires, check and clean and adjust your brakes if necessary.”At Central Maine Motors in Waterville a two person team takes care of this in about 30-minutes. So, Chewie and RJ were already changing the oil and filter, and checking all the fluids and the tire pressure when I stepped in just in time to help rotate the tires.Chewie, Central Maine Motors: “They’re heavy. You might not want to.” Chelsey: “Well I can give it a try.”Chelsey: “Okay, so I’ll try and put this one up.” Chewie: “Okay.” Chelsey: “Is there something I should know.” Chewie:”The easiest way to do it is to put it up on your legs like this and pull it up.” Chelsey: “Oh my gosh! Okay.” Chewie: “And set it on those two bolts.”Chewie: “So just reach down and grab her right about there.” Chelsey: “Okay.” (grunting) Chewie: “Or not.” Chelsey: “My shirt’s strangling me. Okay, just a second.”Chewie checked the depth for the amount of brake pad left while I adjusted, and gave it another go.Chelsey: “But I’m so close.”I got the tire set and bolted it onto the wheel.That whole process took me several minutes. The guys showed me how they did it while I timed them.Chelsey: “They’re done. Not even a minute. And they were lolly gagging.”Tightening the bolts still took me longer than the guys.Chelsey: “Does it fit a certain way? Oh no.”Thankfully the tires were finished and all I had left was filling the oil and vacuuming the front floorboard.Chewie: “Okay, grab that.” Chelsey: “Grab what, this?” Chewie: “Yep.” (laughter) “No really, grab it.” (laughter)Chelsey: “Is it going to overfill?” Chewie: “No, because you’re going to stop it when it says 8 quarts.”Once I met my mark I check the dipstick.Chelsey: “Okay. Done?” Chewie: “Yep, shut it.” Chelsey: “Tah-dah!”After vacuuming the floor boards and it evaluation time. But honestly, I had my doubts about getting this job. Not only was it difficult, but I started out on the wrong foot. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, how my shirt was buttoned. Not my proudest moment. Regardless, did I get the job?Chewie: “Probably not.” Chelsey: “Why not?” Chewie: “Because the tires are too big.” Chelsey: “I do agree. Those were really heavy.” Chewie: “And those aren’t the biggest.”————–Chelsey: “Chewie suggested I keep practicing, but I think I’ll leave this work up to the professionals. Thank you to Central Maine Motors for all their help. If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It, email me: canderson@wabi.tv”

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Take This Job and Love It: Beer Brewer

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On tap for this Take This Job and Love It: Chelsey Anderson is brewingbeer.It was brewed locally, and just in time for St. Patty’s Day. In the last couple years The Sea Dog in Bangor has reopened its brewery. It’s a busy job for Sea Dog’s only brewer Brooks Mathews, so he kept Chelsey hoping for hops.——Brooks Mathews, Master Brewer, Sea Dogs Brewery: “This is our grain bill.”Brooks Mathews: “So we’re just going to weigh out the loose ends which is going to add up to about 120 pounds of grain.”Brooks Mathews: “You want to put some scoops in there until we hit 60 pounds.” Chelsey:”Let’s see if I have your kind of precision, right?” Brooks: “Yeah.”Chelsey: “Oh.” Brooks: “Perfect. Look at that. You’re hired!I’m telling you right now!” We finished measuring the grains and moved on to the glacier hops.Chelsey: “It looks like rabbit food.” Brooks: “It does. Doesn’t smell like it though.” Chelsey: “No.” Brooks: “And it definitely doesn’t taste like it I would imagine.” Brooks Mathews: “Now we’re on to willamette hops.”Brooks Mathews: “That’s the big bag.” Chelsey: “Wow! Those are very fragrant!” Brooks: “Yep.” Chelsey: “We need smell-o-vision!” Brooks Mathews: “These are tettnang.” Brooks Mathews:) “You can break them open and you see all the yellow dust down there. Those are called lupulin glands and that’s where you get your hops flavoring and aromas from.”Brooks Mathews: “Perfect! Now that is the shovel of a brewer right there.”Brooks loaded the grains on a cart to take to the mill.Brooks Mathews: “Ugh! These things do not ever get lighter!” I crawled onto the mill staging and did my best to dump 4 bags of malt in.Chelsey: “Wow, they’re heavy!” Brooks: “Yep. 55 pounds.” Chelsey: “55 pounds! Okay. Ugh!”And Brooks and I dumped in the grains we’d measured out.Brooks Mathews: “You want to kind of mix that up just a little bit too.” Chelsey: “This is fun!” Brooks: “Yep. I like to believe that that’s really good for my skin.”Brewing is a long process- we’re talking hours and days- so Brooks hadsome steps already going for us.Brooks Mathews: “It goes through the mill, up the auger and then down into the mash ton here where it rests with treated water.”Chelsey: “So right now it doesn’t smell like beer. It kind of smells like a field.” Brooks: “Like oatmeal maybe?” Chelsey: “Yeah.” Now the mash had to be transferred to the kettle and I had to pull asample out.The sample looked good: tasting of sweet water with an oatmeal finish. Sowe continued on by loading our hops for the sweet water to pass through.From there the liquid goes through a maze of tubes into a vat where itwill ferment, with the help of yeast, making it all bubbly. Then it moves to a tank where the sediment is filtered out as it moves to another tank as a flat beer, and yet again it moves to a different tank where it carbonates.Brooks Mathews: “Now comes the fun part, hauling kegs.”Brooks Mathews: “If you want to grab one of those and just start lining them up in front of that tank there.”Brooks Mathews: “One batch is 14 kegs.”The kegs are pressurized with steam to keep them sterile. So I remove theair before filling. Brooks Mathews: “And now we are ready to start kegging.”We set up 2 kegs for Windjammer beer. One fills while the other catchesthe foam.Brooks Mathews: “Okay, those are locked down. Now you can reach down there and open that valve up.”And we’re filling kegs.Brooks said a major part of his job was clean up. Well, I agree. To removethe sediment everything got a scrub down and rinse off, even if I had toclimb inside.Brooks Mathews: “It’s not cute but you just get right in there.”Brooks Mathews: “All done?” Chelsey: “I think so.” Brooks: “Nice.”So would I be hired as a beer brewer?Brooks Mathews: “Absolutely. Top notch scrubber, and a great keg filler.” ——Chelsey would like to thank Brooks and all at The Sea Dog Brewing Company for letting her lend a hand in the brew process. Just so you know, if you had a Windjammer from tap on the last Monday in February, that was her beer. If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love it, email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv

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Take This Job and Love It: Horse Shelter

Updated 4 years ago

In this edition of Take This Job and Love It, Chelsey Anderson traveled Downeast to help a nonprofit.She visited the First Light Farm Equine Shelter in Perry.Chelsey: “I rode a horse at a fair when I was child, but that’s about the extent of my knowledge of horses. Thankfully, the ladies at the farm were more than willing to show me the ropes.”——————-“Yes babe. We’ve got to bring you some hay, huh?” Chelsey: “Hi! She’s like, ‘Where’s my food?’ We’re getting it!”(Andrea:) “We’re going up to the hay loft.”(Chelsey:) “Heads up!”(Chelsey:) “Mariah! Look, look at the hay.” Andrea: “No, she says she’s going to eat Zippy’s.” Chelsey: “Zippy’s looks pretty good!”I fill her water and I’m on to the next task.(Andrea:) “The best part is mucking out. We’ll muck out our paddock, our run in sheds and the stalls.”(Vicky:) “We’re going to clean a stall.” Vicky: “And I left her some special frozen stuff!” Chelsey: Thank you!(Andrea:) “You can start with just picking up off the surface.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Andrea: “She’s made a bit of a mess.”(Andrea:) “Just give it a little shake. You want to shake out your shaving over an area you’re not going to be shaking again.” Chelsey: “Oh, that’s a good idea.”I banged some of the shavings out to get the remaining mess, but I wasn’t going quite fast enough. So, the self-proclaimed Barn Goddess took over and I moved on to churn-in some new pine shavings in Zippy’s stall.(Chelsey:) “Okay. One stall down.”Moving on to Delia’s paddock.(Andrea:) “I first start trying to rake it into a pile.”(Chelsey:) “Delia, I love you girl, but I don’t love the presents.”Then I filled the muck buckets.(Chelsey:) “And that’s a lot of poo to deal with.”(Andrea:) “I hope they pay you well for this feature!”(Chelsey:) “Another one.” Vicky: “You’re not done yet!”(Chelsey:) “Well, I think they’re definitely eating enough.”(Andrea:) “That’s probably as full as we’re going to be able to get.” Chelsey: “Okay.”(Andrea:) “Now you’ll get the wheel barrel and dump that one too.”(Chelsey:) “Oh! I’m going to go up this little bridge. Oh my goodness.”(Andrea:) “You’ve got to get a running start.”(Chelsey:) “Okay!” (grunting) Andrea: “There you go! Alright!”Now that Delia’s paddock was clean, it was time to get her groomed.(Andrea:) “The first thing that happens is we have to clean out her feet.”(Andrea:) “You’re going to run your hand down, and she knows what I’m going to be doing so she’s going to pick up her foot for me.”It didn’t work that way for me.(Chelsey:) “Come on! You can do it!”(Chelsey:) “Err!” Andrea: “Delia!” Chelsey: “Come on! Are we friends? I thought we were friends!” Well, the talk must have helped.(Chelsey:) “Come on! Yes!”I cleaned that foot up and moved to the back, which wasn’t any easier.(Andrea:) “Do it real quick!” Chelsey: “Errr!” (laughter)(Andrea:) “And we’re going to give her a quick grooming.”I removed the dirt and dander from Delia’s coat, then shined her up.(Andrea:) “She is definitely enjoying this.”I topped off the grooming with a treat.(Chelsey:) “Ah, yeah! Yummy!”So after all the feeding, scooping, and brushing, would I get the job?(Andrea:) “Absolutely, because it’s not about knowledge, it’s about having the heart and compassion to do it.”(Chelsey:) “Thank you so much, and thank you so much. You were very friendly.”Before I left, I was presented with a major award.(Andrea:) “We don’t hand these out to just anybody, but anyone who’s gone above and beyond the call of duty.”For climbing Mt. Manure.Whoo!—————-On Sunday the 13th, the New Friendly Restaurant on Route 1 in Perry will give 10% of their proceeds to Have a Heart for Horses to help the shelter.If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey: canderson@wabi.tv.

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Take This Job and Love It: Snow Making

Updated 4 years ago

Ski resorts may be taking a break today, but the ski resorts were busy making snow last month and prepping the grounds for the busy ski season ahead. Chelsey Anderson made her way to Saddleback Maine for this edition of Take This Job and Love It.Chelsey: “The guys I worked with work 12 hour days, getting the slopes ready for you. So I caught them about mid-shift and hopped on for the ride.”———————–Sean: “What we’re doing today, you see over here we have stationary guns or tower guns.”Sean: “We’re replacing them with standard carriage guns.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Sean: “Which is what we’ll be moving once we get up the trail.”First I had to unroll the hoses.Sean: “You’re going to take this end, hold onto it nice and tight in your hand like that, and you want to… like you’re bowling.”Sean: “And it’ll roll right down the mountain.” Chelsey: “Okay. I’m not very good at bowling.”Sean: “Bowl it!” Chelsey: “Ugh!” Sean: “Alright!”Now that the hoses were ready and the gun base was prepped, Sean moved the gun to the new location.Sean: “Alright, let’s have you hook it up.” Chelsey: “Okay.”Sean: “To put them together you want to make sure both of these are out like that.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Sean: “The other hose will slide right into that.” Chelsey: “Okay.”Chelsey: “Okay, is that right?” Sean: “That is officially locked together.”Sean: “As you can see on the backside of the gun, off of the manifold, it’s the same couplet.”Sean: “Now scrape the ice out that forms when you shut a gun down.”Now I was ready to lock in the link.Sean: “Want to see a snowmaker trick?” Chelsey: “Yeah. Oh! Good one!” (laughter)Sean: “All we need now is to energize the gun with water and turn the fan on which throws the plume of water you’ve been seeing on the way up the trail.” Chelsey: “Okay.”Chelsey: “Just the green?” Sean: “The green.” Chelsey: “That’s the sound of money!” Sean: “That’s the sound of skiing and riding.”Sean: “Within a 12 hour period the pile of snow you see right there, it will be about half of that.”The guys finished setting up the gun while we loaded into the CAT to move the next gun. Now, I wasn’t going to be able to do the move because even though it may look smooth playing in the snow, it’s a really dangerous job.Sean: “High pressure water, high voltage, big machinery, mostly slippery most of the time.”Sean: “We’re going to put that gun on this blade.”Sean: “We’ll get another one on line and then it’s time for you to learn how to drive.”So we moved back up the mountain and dropped the snow gun.Then I headed toward the hydrant, so we could supply water to the gun.Sean: “Prepared for water?” Radio: “We are prepared for water.” Chelsey: “Go?” Sean: “Yep, open it nice and slowly.”Believe it or not, I’m actually trying to move that.Radio: “Remember to tell her, ‘righty tighty, lefty loosey.’” Chelsey: “Errr!” Sean: “We have 2 styles, they get a little frozen.”Once Sean got it started for me I got the water pressure right where it should be.Radio: “That’s looking good! She leveled out at 400. Nice work!”Now it was my turn to drive the CAT. Sean gave me some pointers and then I took the wheel.Chelsey: “So, I’m going to lift everything up?”Sean: “And move the arrow button forward with your left thumb.” (click) “Excellent. Now with the fuel peddle you’re going to want to bring it up to 13 hundred and we will start to move forward.”Chelsey: “Whoa! Whoa!” Sean: “See it’s touchy!”Chelsey: “Wahoo! That was awesome!”But the question is, am I hired?Sean: “You did touch a little bit of grass, but I think you did good. I think you would be a hire.” Chelsey: “Thank you so much.”—————-Chelsey: “I’d like to thank everyone at Saddleback for letting us tag along. If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It, email me at canderson@wabi.tv

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Take This Job and Love It: Salmon

Updated 4 years ago

In this edition of Take This Job and Love It Chelsey Anderson went up the stream to Bingham.She visited Cooke Aquaculture to help a natural occurrence in life progress a little faster.Chelsey: “That’s right. Around this time of year salmon everywhere are making the big trek to their salmon spawning grounds. But with the large demand for salmon some companies are taking life’s natural process of reproduction and altering it to fulfil the need. So, I hopped into my rain gear and hip waders and got right to work.”—————Chelsey- “Oh gosh! I’ve go to get them out?” Greg- “Yep.”Greg- “So, just try and pick out a fish, you’ve got to lift it and we’ll grab it and put it in.”Clay looked like he was doing a fine job, but I was a little concerned with getting in.Chelsey- “Um. I do not want to fall in this tank. Because I’m not sure in these boots if I could get out.”I climbed in and netted the first female I saw. And she was a biggy.Greg- “Ha! Uh oh! Bring her right over. There you go. Lift her right up. There you go.”The salmon were being put into a drugged bath that relaxes them so we can get the eggs and milt easier.We snagged a couple more.Greg- “Okay. We’ll get you suited up and he’ll bring them around for us.” Chelsey- “Okay.” We grabbed our female, scanned the bellies so their barcode could be recorded, and sat down to begin removing the eggs.Chelsey- “Uh-ew-oop-yuck-oh! There’s stuff going everywhere!”Greg- “Each egg is about five cents.” Chelsey- “Oh no!”Hatchery Manager Brian Wheeler gave me some tips.Brian- “Hold it up like this so that it doesn’t pour all out. Take you towel and wipe all the water off.”Brian- “What you’re going to do is basically twist and drop it in the bucket.” Chelsey- “Okay. Ew. I just wiped my face with my hand.”Brian- “Now you’re going to take your hand and start at the top and work down to the tail. And push in the belly. There you go.”Brian showed me a technique to quicken the process. With this knowledge I was feeling pretty confident.Chelsey- “Are you racing me?” Jeff- “sure!”Chelsey- “Okay. We’re trying technique this time.” Crowd- “Look at that!” “Oh yeah! What are you doing Jeff?” Jeff- “I lost my job!” (laughter) Chelsey- “I think he’ll still beat me though.”And before I knew it, Jeff was done.Chelsey- “Are you serious!” (laughter) “I even got a head start!”But my guide and Production Manager Greg Lambert wasn’t going to let this loss get me down.Greg- “It’s not the speed, it’s quality.”We finished with the females, so Brian went to get the males.Greg- “It’s going to be the same procedure you just saw, but instead of a bucket you’ll be catching in a little styrofoam cup.”Chelsey- “So you realize I couldn’t even get it in that bucket and now you want me to get it in a little cup?” Greg- “We’ll see.”Chelsey- “I’m very nervous about this. This is a little one!” Brian- “Yep.” Chelsey- “He’s moving! He’s moving! Oh no! He’s not going to hit me is he?”Everyone reassured me I was fine, but I have my reservations, and rightfully so.Chelsey- “Now hopefully he’s out… Oh my! Look at him! He’s moving all over the place! AH!” Brian- “Hang on good.” Chelsey- “Okay.” Brian- “Now lay the towel there and drop this down there. Drop it lower. There you go. Now do it slow. Real slow.” Chelsey- “Okay.”{SWIM BLADDER NAT}Chelsey- “Does it usually make that sound?” Brian- “It’s the swim bladder letting air out.” Chelsey- “Okay. I didn’t know if I was breaking something.” (laughter) “I don’t even know if you can do that!” (laughter)I got all that milt out and went back to the bin for my next fish.Chelsey- “What! What in the world! You want me to carry this thing? It’s like an elephant! And he is awake. He is so awake.”But I was able to get all the milt out, without jumping too much.Now it was time to fertilize.In this process Brian will use two eye droppers to drop milt into each bucket containing about eight thousand eggs. Then I’ll help mix them.Greg- “There’s no set pattern to do.” Chelsey- “Okay.” Greg- “You just try and go around and around in a gentle motion trying to get the milt all over the place on the egg.”Greg- “We wait about five minutes for the magic to happen, then we rinse the eggs.”And that’s basically fertilization.The fertilized eggs will be moved into holding tanks where they’ll turn into alevins, breaking out of their eggs. Not long after that, they’ll be real fish.So after all the splashing, dropping eggs, and jumping from waken fish am I hired?Greg- “After careful consideration and consulting Brian here.” Brian- “Sure!” Greg- “I think we’ll give you the thumbs up.”Chelsey- “Thanks! Thanks guys!”—————-Chelsey: “A neat thing about the whole process: every tank is set up to spawn at different times during the month. This is controlled by lights. And about 9 million eggs will be fertilized in one year.Thank you everyone at Cooke Aquaculture for letting us visit your facility.You have great people to work with.”If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It email me at canderson@wabi.tv

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Take This Job and Love It: Bagel Central

Updated 4 years ago

In this edition of Take This Job and Love It Chelsey Anderson is rolling in the dough, and you might have her to thank for your morning bagel. Chelsey- “Bakers Scott Babcock and Josh Ivey were already busy at work when I walked into the Bagel Central kitchen. I put on my apron and joined in.”——–Josh Ivey, Baker- “We’re ready to take this one out of the mixer.”This is the majority of the bagel dough. It’ll make over 90 dozen bagels. To get to the dough we have to cut it out of the mixer and bag it up to rise. Josh shows me how it’s done, but when it was my turn I couldn’t even get the bag open.Chelsey- “Oh great. We’re off to a bad start.”Josh Ivey, Baker- “The bag’s finally open. There’s your knife. Put your left hand here and just start to pull it away as you cut it.”Chelsey- “Oh my gosh! You were so fast at this. This is hard!”Chelsey- “Oh! It’s binding. How do you stop it?” Josh- “Uh. You keep pulling it away with your left hand.”Chelsey- “Er. Ugh.” Josh- “You’re not a quitter are you?” Chelsey- “No! No, I’m not. I might get fired but I’m not a quitter.” (laughter)I finally finished cutting, but I’d bit off more than I could chew. Chelsey- “Rrr. Rrrr. Okay, I think I need some help here.” Josh- “Alright.”Once the bag was full, I had to carry it over to the table to rest. All 75 pounds of it.Chelsey- “Uh oh.” Josh- “Just put your arms underneath it and try not to drop it.” Scott- “It’s like a baby.” Chelsey- “A 75 pound baby. Okay here we go. Uh oh.” Josh- “We’re losing that one.”Josh came to my rescue this time but I had to cut and carry the next bag.Chelsey- “I’m feeling a little samurai now.”I finished filling the bag and now had to carry it.Chelsey- “I’m going to make a run for it. Ugh.” Josh- “There you go. Perfect.”Luckily I didn’t have to carry my bag all the way to the dining room.While the 5 bags of dough were left to rise I helped make buckwheat dough, marble rye dough, cinnamon raisin dough…Chelsey- “And it smells delicious!”Whole Wheat dough, water dough and focaccia dough.Now that all that was done it was time to form the bagels.Chelsey- “My bagel can fit in your bagel.”Josh Ivey, Baker- “You can take that one home.” (laughter) Chelsey- “Thanks guys.”Just when I thought my bagel career was over, things started looking up.My first good bagel.Now that the tray was full it was time to boil the bagels. This is done to kill the yeast and make them soft and chewy inside.Scott Babcock, Baker- “You have to get them out quickly. If they boil too long they’ll turn into a dumplin’.”Chelsey- “Okay. Err. Oh no! Three down!”Chelsey- “I’ve got almost half a dozen here in the garbage.” Josh Ivey, Baker- “Did you get them all?” Chelsey- “I think so.”Chelsey- “Oh no! I’ve got a dumpling. Aw.”Now I shaped and seasoned the bagels.Chelsey- “Oh no! You must smell like onions for days!” Scott- “You want to be all smelling like an onion.” Chelsey- “My husband will be so happy!” Scott- “You want to try it.” Chelsey- “Sure.”We filled the baking racks and started the oven.Scott Babcock, Baker- “See these.” Chelsey- “Yes.” Scott- “Line these right up with that right there.” Chelsey- “Oh my goodness. Good thing I’ve got my heels on, because you need those when you’re doing bagels and bread.”After all my work was done it was time to find out if through all the mixing, measuring, cutting, and rolling I’d be hired.Well, Josh fired me based on “more experience necessary.”Scott Babcock, Baker- “I’m overruling it and I say she’s hired.” Chelsey- “Even though I need to work on everything?” Scott- “Yes. Even so. She did a good job.” Josh- “The first day’s the hardest day.”Scott Babcock, Baker- “Okay, I’m going home now.” (laughter)———-Chelsey- “I’d like to thank Scott and Josh for all of their help, and I’d like to apologize to anyone who got bread or bagels they were unhappy with on the last Monday of October. Those would be my fault.”If you have an idea for the next Take This Job and Love It email me: canderson@wabi.tv

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Take This Job and Love It: New Balance Shoe Factory

Updated 4 years ago

In this edition of Take This Job and Love It, Chelsey Anderson heads to Skowhegan. There Chelsey hoped to be a shoe in for her new job.Chelsey- “The New Balance Shoe Factory focuses on safety, quality, efficiency and effectiveness. They have to, to put out as many as 42-hundred pairs of shoe a day. So I got right to work and did my best to keep up.”—————Plant Manager Patrick Welch started me in cutting working with Lisa.Lisa, Cutter, New Balance Shoe Factory- “It’s basically like a puzzle.”Chelsey- “So, we’re trying to squeeze as many as these pieces on as possible.”After Lisa helped me punch out a couple more runs it was time to head upstairs, where they were excited to have us.Crew singing- “Take this job and love it!”One of the first things Patrick tried to instill in me was that timing’s everything.Patrick Welch, Plant Mgr., New Balance Shoe Factory- “At 12:04:48 this person right here, will be coming around the corner any moment.”So, I skipped pre-fit, where the fine details are added, and started at the first pass of computer stitching with Judy. I watched and tried my best, but I didn’t have the talent and speed these folks have. I was slowing the whole line down.Chelsey- “Sorry!”Patrick showed me how to do one of the stations…Patrick Welch, Plant Mgr., New Balance Shoe Factory- “I put the wrong one on. That’s why I don’t do this very often!”Chelsey- “Now I spin it?” “Yep.”I had to sew the New Balance N on, and dye out the tongue hole.The next station was a manual sewing station with a lot to it. I wasn’t sure I had the skill for sewing in the box toe, but with an 18 year sewing veteran helping me, I gave it a try.Chelsey- “Rrrrr!””These are fixable. They really are.”She’ll regret saying that.Chelsey- ” This is terrible, you don’t want this one.”Chelsey- “I can not have THIS job.”Patrick Welch, Plant Mgr., New Balance Shoe Factory- “I’ve seen creative stitching but that takes it to a whole new level!”After several more sewing stations it was getting easier and easier to see the final product.Patrick Welch, Plant Mgr., New Balance Shoe Factory- “This, for all intent and purpose, is a shoe, but for insert, lace and sole.” Chelsey- “It doesn’t have a soul yet.” Patrick- “It needs a soul!”I head over to apply the glue cement to the souls with Ray.Ray- “You want to put one in and make sure it’s flat and you want to put it in so it goes all the way back in there.”Ray- “If you look at it you can see it almost looks like a car wash.” Chelsey- “Oh that’s neat.”Ray- “Now, here comes the fun part, because sometimes they get away from you.” Chelsey- “Uh-oh.” Ray- “You’re going to have to hold it tight, and go from one side all the way around to the other side.”Ray- “See it coming up.” Chelsey- “And now I spin it. Oh, oh, oh! I’m losing it!”Like the other stations, Ray was much faster and effective than me, so he cleaned up my mess and I moved onto the final stations.Chelsey- “Wind it up, put it on the inside.”Instructor- “Check the distance here. See if it matches.” Chelsey- “Pretty good.”Now I inspect the shoes and punch them for sale before popping the pair in the box.Chelsey- “Well, there we go. There’s my shoes: not mine because we could not sell those.”So after slowing down the line, and creating a whole lot more work for each of the stations I stopped at, would I get the job?Patrick Welch, Plant Mgr., New Balance Shoe Factory- “You would. I’ll tell you why. Good attitude, you’ve got a good smile, and communicate really well. Those are the things we look for. We can teach you how to make shoes!””We’d love to have you and you’re always welcome.”————Chelsey- “I’d like to thank everyone at New Balance Shoe Factory for putting out a great shoe, made in the USA, by great people. You all have amazing skills.”If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv or the station at wabi@wabi.tv.

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Take This Job and Love It: Firefighter

Updated 4 years ago

Things are heating up this month on this edition of Take This Job and Love It.Chelsey Anderson got to live out many little kid’s dreams.She had the opportunity to be firefighter-for-a-day at a car fire training in Hampden.————–Frank Hammond, Fire Instructor- “Welcome. You’ve hydrated.” “Yes.” I had had fire safety training with Frank Hammond the day before, but I still had to learn how to use my respirator.Frank- “Are you claustrophobic?” “No.” Frank- “I’ll find out if you are.” “Okay” (nervous laughter) Frank- “It won’t take long. We’ll find out.”So we did a quick test with my mask.”This is a great look I’m sure.” Frank-“Oh it is! I mean Darth Vadar is saying, ‘Hey! What are you doing tomorrow night.” (laughter)The good news: I’m not claustrophobic and I’m ready to suit up. “I’m super excited.”The bad news: firefighters are supposed to be dressed in one minute, and I just couldn’t do that. I couldn’t even get zipped or find my straps in a minute.Frank-“It weighs about 30 pounds.” “Okay.” Frank- “Riding alright?” “Whoa! That’s heavy!” Frank- “It throws off your center of balance.” “Yeah!”Now that we were suited up it was time to huddle up for a brief introduction.Fire Instructor- “Young lady reporter over there, Chelsey, is going to be playing with us today. We’re going to have three working companies. Level one station resource, you’ll be getting a little lecture in there. Second place is backup, watch the attack group, watch the igniter. Third place is attack.”I was starting on backup, but before we got to business we did an equipment and safety check.(nat alarm) Frank- “Shake. Shake. For pre-alarms if you don’t move someone will say, ‘Hey! Shake your butt!” Because the sensors are down low.”Then the call.Firefighter Instructor over the speaker- “Backup move in. Go igniter. Fire in the vehicle. Attack group, go get her.”I was amazed how fast this company had the fire knocked down. It was our turn on attack and I was hoping for the best.Frank-“Put your hand on top.” “And this one?” Frank- “Goes right there.”Firefighter Instructor over the speaker- “Fire in the vehicle. Attack, when you’re ready have at it.”My heart was racing.Frank- “Okay, go a little closer. Lean in. There you go. Watch your pipe opperator. You’re doing good. Stay with it. Stay on it. Watch what he’s doing.”I might look calm, but this was intense.Frank- “How you doing, okay?” “Yeah.” Frank- “You’re doing great.”The fire was knocked down in the first zone. Now we had to move to the front of the vehicle.Fire Instructor- “Swing hard. Swing hard.”Frank- “Stop right here.”A safety instructor checks the vehicle but the fire’s not extinguished. An instructor helps us come up with another plan of action.Right then I come to realize, I wish I was taller for this job. I had to stand on my tippy toes and I could only hold the hose with one hand. So, I’m not sure I was helping very much there.And time to clear the scene.Firefighter over the speaker- “We are clear of fire.””That’s a lot of pressure.” Frank- “What you’re feeling is nozzle reaction. When you get an angle like, that’s when it gets stronger.” (laughter) “I’m like, ‘Oh, no! I’m not tall enough!” (laughter)Frank- “You did a fantastic job.” “Thank you.” Frank- “You got right in there too.”My team was great, and I did my best, so would Frank hire me for the job?Frank- “Yes. Yes I would. And we’d put you through basic training. You can come out to Burlington Fire Department and Lincoln Fire Department anytime as far as I’m concerned. We’d put you right on and put you to work.”————————Chelsey says she never did figure out how to get her suit on or off by herself, so she’d have to practice a lot if she did decide to join a department.Chelsey would like to thank everyone who helped in training and on site, and to the Hermon Fire Department for lending their gear.If you have an idea for the next Take This Job and Love It email us: wabi@wabi.tv

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Take This Job and Love It: UFC

Updated 4 years ago

Ultimate Fighting Championship or U.F.C. has taken over the world of sports.It’s a raw competition of mixed martial arts.We have several U.F.C. fighters from our state. Marcus Davis actually owns a gym right in Brewer.In this edition of Take This Job and Love it “The Irish Hand Grenade” lent Chelsey Anderson a hand in the training just seven weeks away from his fight.————It didn’t take me very long to know I’d be working very hard for this job.Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “From 6 in the morning until the last class ends at 10 o’clock at night, that’s all I’ve got around me. They certainly won’t get the feeling of what that’s like right here.”Marcus is right. This is a lifestyle. I was not going to be in the cage after a couple hours. Marcus thought we’d start with some important moves.Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “What I want you to do is bend at your legs.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “You want to be springy.”Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “You’re going to let your hip come forward first so when this comes. Yes! And then your leg.”Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “It’s all in the hip, so we’re going to swing the hip and let our leg catch up.”Chelsey: “Okay, am I right again.” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “You’re right where you want to be.” (soft thud) Chelsey: “Like that?” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “She’s all nervous. Oh my God! I don’t want to break the pad!” Chelsey: “I’m definitely not going to do that!”Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “Our main area to make contact is the shin. Here. Your shin bone. Okay. The harder part.”(thud) Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “Each time you get a little better. Now think about this. So you just did this. You’ve only thrown 5, 6 kicks. You would end up throwing hundred of these a day.”Marcus thought he’d show me how it’s done.Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “I’ll let you hold the pad, and I promise I won’t kick the pad really hard. Okay, so watch how slow I throw.” (thud) Chelsey: “Geez!” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “So that’s slow.” Chelsey: “I can’t imagine taking a hit!”Obviously, I’m going to end up on the ground. Let’s work on that.Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “This is called the guard position. What that means is I’m on my back and my legs are around your waist.”The bottom is never where a fighter wants to be caught.Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “But there are some things I can do here. One good thing is that I do control your body. So if I need to I can push you away or I can pull you inside.”There’s also the trusty arm bar.Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “She’ll tell you she can feel. Let me know when that hurts.” Chelsey: “Yep.” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “Trying to be as gentle as I can.”Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “I’m going to apologize for this one right off the bat.” Chelsey: “Okay!” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “You’ll see a lot of triangle chokes. Her hands are here. I dump this way and I immediately can choke her.” Chelsey: “Oh my goodness!” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “With my legs.” (laughter)He also showed me the Kimura lock.Chelsey: “So do you break these things on people?” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “Oh yeah! All the time! Happens all the time!”Even with all these tricks, it’s important to get off your back.There are also a couple submissions that can come in handy.Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “We have what’s called heal hooks. Where I get inside here and you’ll feel it on your knee.” Chelsey: “Oh yeah. I feel that one.” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “That one’s the most dangerous out of all of them.”I thought I’d gotten past some of the most difficult tasks of the day, but I was wrong. Conditioning was next, which is important for weigh ins And for speed and endurance.Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “What I’m going to do is put you through a plyometrics routine. You ready?” Chelsey: “Has anyone ever fallen off the box before?” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “I have no comment to that. You signed a waver right?”Chelsey: “How many of these do I have to do?” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “For 30 seconds. 30 seconds.”Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “Time!” Chelsey: “Ugh!” Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “Now we’re going to do burpies. Squat thrust and jump, squat thrust and jump.”Chelsey: “Oh my gosh!”No time to rest. On to hop overs.Chelsey: “I’m not good at these! My legs are jello!”I finished those and the weighted jump rope, and lastly the hop up.Chelsey: “Oh dear. Scariest part of the day. Right here.”Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “One big hop.” (grunt) Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “You did it!” Chelsey: “Thank goodness!”So after all the kicking, crushing, flipping and jumping, would I get the job?Marcus Davis, “The Irish Hand Grenade”- UFC Fighter: “Anybody has the potential to do this. All that matters is what’s inside the person.”—————Chelsey would like to thank Marcus for allowing me to train with him. If you’d like to see more from professionals, Marcus squares off Saturday, August 28, from the TD Garden in Boston.

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Take This Job and Love It: Lumberjill

Updated 5 years ago

On “Take This Job and Love It” our reporters do everything they can not to get chopped, but in this edition Chelsey Anderson was trying to make a cut and more at the Maine Lumberjack Show in Trenton.—————–Timber Tina: “It’s kind of fun though!” Chelsey: “I bet.” Timber Tina: “It’s exciting!”Timber Tina is head lumberjill and owner of the Maine Lumberjack Show in Trenton. We started the day with speed climbing, and before I’m even finished suiting up I become concerned about the muscle mass I lack for this event.Chelsey: “There’s not a hole there.” Timber Tina: “There’s not a hole there!? Evidently the guys have bigger calves.” Timber Tina: “Alright. Now what you’re supposed to do is go step, step, throw. Step, step, throw. So it’s one and two.” Chelsey: “Except those step steps are on this?” Timber Tina: “It’s on the tree.”Timber Tina: “Just dig one spur in.”Timber Tina: “And now dig another one in.” Chelsey: “Oh no! Okay. Gosh. I’m going to come crashing down.”Chelsey: “So how high up do most of these people go? All the way to the top?” Timber Tina: “Higher than you!” Chelsey: “Yes!” Timber Tina: “We tell them if they go to the top of the line and here’s the line Chelsey. Right here.” (laughter)Well everyone has to have a goal. Timber Tina: “There you are!” “Yeah!” Next up, cross cut sawing.Timber Tina: “Rule number one in sawing, Chelsey, never let the saw touch you!”Since I was most certainly not a competitive sawer I found little accomplishments along the way.Timber Tina: “Alright. Next, chain sawing!”Timber Tina: “Hands on the top of the log. Competitors ready! Three, two, one, go!”Timber Tina: “Okay so now you broke the decompression.”It took me another try to get it right.Timber Tina: “Now in ax throwing we throw at 20 feet and we throw at this target over here.”Timber Tina: “Basically you are going to have the ax in your hand and you bring it back once and then throw it.”Here goes nothing. Literally.Chelsey: (grunt) “It was close.” “It’s not horseshoes!”Another try gets me to the target at least.Timber Tina: “You got some pipes on you girl. But when you double stick it’s a DQ.”Chelsey: (grunt) “I did it again.” Timber Tina: “I can’t believe you are hitting it though. That’s awesome!”Timber Tina: “Well, you’re tilling the soil for next year.”Some advice?Timber Tina: “Become one with the ax.”I must have been listening.Chelsey: “Oh my word!” (applause) Timber Tina: “Oh my gosh.”On that note I moved on to chopping. While Tina marks the log and cuts my food holds, I get safety gear on.Timber Tina: “Three, two, one, go.”This was going to take me a lot longer than the lumberjills. Timber Tina: “Don’t hire her to build you a log cabin.”30 minutes later.Timber Tina: “I’m going to go get a coffee.”And some help from Timber Tina.Chelsey: “It’s wobbling. Hit it hard. Hit it harder. HIT IT!” (grunts) “Am I going to fall on my ax?”Not quite.Chelsey: “Look at that! Wounds.” Timber Tina: “Oh my gosh, she’s got a blister.”My final job. Logrolling. Tina showed me how it was done before I got started.Timber Tina: “Pitter patter. I’m going to let go now. You’re all on your own. Oh my gosh! Look at how good you are! Patter, patter, patter.” Chelsey: “AH!”Timber Tina: “You can get on the log here if you want.”Me a trusting soul.Chelsey: “AH! Brr! Cold. Oh! Is my makeup okay?”Timber Tina: “I’m going to have to put log rolling as your best so far.”Chelsey: “So the real question is, would I be hired at your show?” Timber Tina: “You would be hired, because you’ve given a brilliant effort. No you’re great! Congratulations!” Chelsey: “Thank you.” Timber Tina: “You’re hired.”——————We’re not sure if it was a sign from God, but on the way back to the station a car pulled in front of our WABI vehicle with the license plate “U R FYRD”So Chelsey’s staying with TV for now.Chelsey would like to thank Timber Tina for the experience. She has a greater respect for every woodsman and gal out there.If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It, e-mail us: wabi@wabi.tv

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Take this Job and Love It – Guidance Counseling

Updated 5 years ago

They are the school employees who fly under the radar. That’s how one guidance counselor from Old Town High School describes his role.But as Sharon Pelletier discovered in this Take this Job and Love it, they also have an impact on everyone at the school.”What you can expect is that it’s always new and always different.”Colleen Fitzgerald should know, she’s been a guidance counselor for 19 years. She had me jump right in, and speak to some Juniors about their futures.”So have you thought of any potential careers or anything?”These two guys seem to have things figured out. Dan Gastia is planning to pursue a career in Law Enforcement, while Cody St. Louis is thinking about computer engineering.Then it was time for them to provide me with a little guidance.”So what else would a guidance counselor ask you? Ask us about our grades, next year.”They informed me that grades are very good, and their senior year schedule is set. Not much for me to offer these students, but then a problem came up when I discovered Cody is a Yankees fan.”This area I know quite a few actually. This school’s pretty much Red Sox fans. No the Clark Family is all Yankees fans, Reed family is all Yankee fans. OK, I’ve got to mediate here.”Actually I don’t think even the most experienced counselor could resolve this dispute. But Cody and Dan agreed to disagree and were on their way.Next I met with two Seniors, just days away from graduation.”So what are your plans for next year? I hope to go to the University of Maine.”Daniella is also an exchange student from Germany who talked with me about the challenges in getting adjusted to life in Maine, but she also says there are many of similarities.”Like the way teenagers are whenever you are in the world. We are all the same.”Actually a lot of what Guidance Counselors do happens behind closed doors, and is kept confidential. Some of it is difficult.Colleen Fitzgerald says, “For me the most difficult part of the job is when we lose a student. If we have a student die, a student who is very sick, a student who is being hurt, those are the most difficult times.”Fellow Counselor Nate Gardner adds, “Sometimes they tell you things in here that are serious but not serious enough that you have to refer it out. But you know it’s having a big impact and you can’t tell everyone exactly who so and so may be struggling.”But counselors are there to listen and hopefully make a difference. Then there are the successes as witnessed in a meeting of the Civil Rights Team.These young role models tackle issues that every school faces, like bullying.”We help the victim and we just help them out and set the bully straight. “We just basically try to create a safe home for people in the school.”And oh yeah, counselors do get to have some fun too. The teens taught me a game they like to play.Then it was time for my performance review. Colleen says, for the first day on the job, I did pretty well.”Don’t you think you’d be a natural at it though. I think I’d love it.”

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Take this Job and Love It – Hydroseeding

Updated 5 years ago

Lawns are getting nice and green right now, but what happens if yours is just a pile of dirt.That’s when you might want to consider hydroseeding.In this edition of Take this Job and Love It, Sharon Pelletier decided to see what it takes to get the grass to grow, by following the folks at Adams Hydroseeding.

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Take this Ice Cream and Make It

Updated 5 years ago

It’s a successful family business that’s been around for decades.Gifford’s serves up their famous ice cream in more than 60 different flavors.All of it, about ten thousand gallons a day, gets produced at their plant in Skowhegan.In this edition of Take this Job and Love It, Sharon Pelletier decided to see if she could get the scoop behind ice cream making.

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Take this Job and Love It – Waitressing

Updated 5 years ago

The food is important but so is the service, and that comes down to people.In this edition of Take This Job and Love It, Sharon Pelletier discovered being a good waitress takes skill and practice.

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