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Take This Job & Love It: Lobstering

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In this “Take This Job & Love It” Chelsey Anderson found out if she would sink or swim.A couple weeks ago she went lobstering Downeast on the Laura Lee 2 with a 23 year veteran, and a first year sternman from Texas.————-Marcus Jones, Captain, Laura Lee 2- “We’re going to haul in West Bay today. All my traps I have marked on my plotter. 610 are in the water.”First I’d help with bait.Chelsey- “Oh gross.”Monte Regal, Sternman, Laura Lee 2- “Snapper head in each bag and then topped with herring.”Chelsey- “Is that enough in there? Little more. So when people tell you their job stinks you say?”Monte- “Oh yeah!”It was time for me to try and bring in the haul.Chelsey- “I’m going to watch you this time.”Marcus- “Lift up, put it through the block, into the sheaves. This is the hydraulic control to the front of the boat. Pulls it in. And that’s what you’ll see a lot of in the bay.”Chelsey- “Nothing in this one.”Marcus- “It costs about $1.70 to haul a trap. With bait, fuel, and my man. So if you’re not catching many lobsters that’s about $1.70 each time going whoosh!”Chelsey- “Okay. There’s one.”Marcus- “When you reach and grab them, grab them by the body. Don’t grab them by the claws unless you already have control. You don’t want to shake hands with lobsters.”Chelsey- “You know it’s a keeper?Marcus- “Pretty much. It’s a male. These appendages are going to hard on a male, and soft on a lady. Throw it in the bin. Monte’s going to measure it.””Just grab it from behind. Pull it in. Grab the rope. There you go! You got it!”Chelsey- “I got it! Put it over this?”Marcus- “Yep. Over the block. Into the sheaves. That’s it. Hold the buoy. Get your other hand and turn that on, a little bit forward.”Chelsey- “Such anticipation. Here it comes.”Marcus- “Stop it. There you go. Perfect.”Chelsey- “Uh-oh! Except I went in reverse.”Marcus- “That’s okay.”Chelsey- “Sorry.” Marcus- “That’s okay. You have it. Now turn it around so the wood runners are towards you. Now grab here, with one hand. The other hand you grab the rope down here. Okay, pull it out of there and pull it in.”Chelsey- “That is difficult. So nothing in this one. So we get it set up again.”Marcus- “Take the old bait bag out. Take the new bait bag and string it through the bungee.”Chelsey- “Oh! String it through the bungee.”Marcus- “Excellent. Close the door.”Chelsey- “That’s it. That took about five times longer than you guys do.”Marcus- “That’s okay. Go ahead. It’s your first trap! Ever!”Chelsey- “Yes! Ever!”Marcus- “I usually give a sternman a week.”Chelsey- (Grunt) “I missed it. I’m going to go from the topside this time.” (Grunt) “Like that. I got it! Ah! I’m going to lose it! Uh-oh!” (Growl) Marcus- “I’ll pull forward.”Chelsey- “This is not my day.”Marcus- “Thirty seconds a trap.”Chelsey- “So I’m about five minutes behind right now.”Marcus- (Laughter) “With proper speed we try to haul 50 traps an hour, sometimes more.”Chelsey- “Whoa. Okay. I’m slowing you down. I got it! Ah! That was close!”Marcus- “Almost lost it. So you got two males in there.”Chelsey- “So those are good as long as they are long enough.”Marcus- “She’s all set. We can’t take her. She’s going to be undersized, so we don’t have to V-notch this one.”Marcus- “We’ll have you doing this real fast pretty soon. Hey! Two more! Nice! Thirty seconds! Thirty seconds!”Chelsey- “I’m trying!”Marcus let me take some pots from start, driving the boat, to finish, taking out the lobster.Chelsey- “This is a lot for a person to do. You’re a busy guy.”Marcus- “You should be able to gaff it. You did it!”Chelsey- “I got it!”Marcus- “Just like a pro!”Chelsey- “It’s a good one.”Marcus- “Four more lobsters.”From there we went to the outside of the bay to haul doubles and triples before I found out my fate.Marcus- “I think it went great! I usually don’t let anybody haul triples or pairs. You hauled singles perfectly. You hauled pairs great. And the triples. Eh. A little help, but you did very good.”Chelsey- “But I was slow.”Marcus- “That’s okay. Usually it’s three, four seconds. Thirty seconds for a trap, and it was about three minutes! But that’s okay. With that comes practice. I think after, maybe, two weeks you’d be right in the groove of things. You’ll do great!”Chelsey- “Thanks! Thanks a lot!”Marcus- “You’re very welcome.”Chelsey- “And thanks for having us on the boat.”Marcus- “You’re very welcome. Anytime.”——————Marcus’ Steamed Lobster Recipe:Marcus says the best way to cook lobster is to remove their bands, and steam them in about a half inch of water and a bottle of Corona beer. Then of course dunk the meat in butter.

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Take This Job & Love It: Hutchings Greenhouse

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April showers bring May flowers, and that made Chelsey Anderson very busy in this Take This Job & Love It.Beth Hutchings, Owner, Hutchings Greenhouse, Eddington: “Welcome to Hutchings Greenhouse. Are you ready to go to work?” Chelsey: “I am.” Beth: “Let’s go.”Beth: “This is greenhouse 2 and we have Wind doing arrangements today.”Wind, Hutchings Greenhouse: “What I think I’ll do to start training you is put together a traditional one and then we can work on one together. So, I’m going to put 3 of these. They are a cross between an ivy geranium and a regular geranium. You can see how the hight effect comes in. The red flowers come out. So that’s kind of a very basic arrangement that people want. Now you just try one yourself. So if you just want to try a few plants you think would look good.”Chelsey: “Well, I really like these. Is this the same kind, just a different color?” Wind: “Yep. It’s copper amethyst.” Chelsey: “That’s really pretty. If I put in an orange one is that too much going on?” Wind: “Well press it in there. ” Chelsey: “It kind of brings that copper one out.” Wind: “That’s really a nice combination actually. Then I think you might try the alyssum.” Chelsey: “Just kind of piece those little ones in.” Wind: “One, two, three. I think it’s perfect. It’s wonderful.” Chelsey: “Moving on to tomatoes now, so we’ll see what happens.”Beth: “Chelsey, this is greenhouse 4. This is where vegetables are. Sally Gilbert is transplanting our tomatoes and she’ll show you what to do.” Chelsey: “Thanks a lot Beth.”Sally, Hutchings Greenhouse: “So, one plant per cell and when you find 2 like this you just want to pick them up and just grab the leaf and you slowly tease it apart. Poke a hole. Take your seedling. And you can, they’re very flexible and you can more or less fold up that stem. Plunk it in, and then gently fill in the soil around it. Every once in a while I find a teeny tiny plant and I just take it and I stick it in the corner and I use it as a backup or some people find them and hey, they get an extra plant in their six plant.” Chelsey: “Yeah. I’ve been like that. I’m like, ‘I’m a winner!’” (laughter)Chelsey: “Oh, look. Last one.” Sally: “So we just put one in the lower left hand corner of each 6 pack.” Chelsey: “Thanks Sally. I’m going to move over to cucumbers with Tina.” Sally: “Thanks for all your help Chelsey.” Chelsey: “Hi Tina. So we’re planting cucumbers today.”Tina: “First we do it this way. We push it down.” Chelsey: “And they are wet. They are soggy wet.” Tina: “We put the seeds in. First I put 2 seeds on this and then I put one each.” Chelsey: “Oh, so 2….” Tina: “In the corner.” Chelsey: “Okay.”Tina: “We need to put the dirt on top and I just go lightly.” Chelsey: “So, we’re just covering the seeds up a little bit.” Tina: “And then after that you wet them down.” (nat watering)Tina: “And then we get the label and we go in the middle. That’s it.” Chelsey: “That’s it! Now we have cucumbers ready to go.”Chelsey: “Okay ladies, so I’ve spent the day with you. How did it turn out. Do I have the job?” Wind: “I think you did really well for the colors in the arrangements. So yeah, I think you would do really good with our arrangements. How did she do with the cucumbers, Tina?” Tina: “Do pretty good. Easy to remember stuff and to listen to what I say. And how did she do in tomato?” Sally: “Yeah, I agree. She listens to directions and she did the tomatoes really deep, right where they need to be.” Wind: “What do you think Beth?” Beth: “I think we’ll hire her! When are you ready to start?” Chelsey: “Thank you!” Beth: “Let’s get to work!” Chelsey: “Sounds good!”Hutchings Green House is located off Route 178 in Eddington.

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Take This Job & Love It: New England Denture Center

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In this edition of Take This Job and Love It, Chelsey Anderson is hoping to bring a smile to your face. She visited the New England Denture Center in Bangor.Chelsey- “That’s right, and this family owned business does what they can to make you comfortable and send you home happy. I stepped in on the process where the dentures go from wax to hard acrylic.”—–Stephanie Buxton, Denturist- “So these are what we call the flasks. These are what’s going to hold that liquid material until it sets into the duplicating material.””So now we’re actually going to take the model out. What you’re going to do is just pull away a little bit.””With you’re thumbs you’re going to lift that denture out. Try not to separate too much.” Chelsey- “Except I’m cracking all the way through here.””Now, have I messed it up by cracking right there.” Stephanie- “That’s okay. That’s what we have these rings for.””So we’re going to take this little instrument and you’re actually going to kind of screw it right into the end of the denture.””Now we’re going to take our knives. So we’re going to pop the teeth out of the wax here.”Chelsey- “Oooo!” Stephanie- “You okay?” Chelsey- “Yes I’m good. Just trying to lose a finger there.””Sometimes too it might be easier if you got between them and kind of wiggled it out the side.” “There we go.””Put them in the trays so we can melt all that other wax away.””Stop the boil here and we’re going to lift out our teeth.””We’re going to blow them dry.” (nat)”Now what we have to do is actually rough up the backs of the teeth so the new acrylic will stick to the teeth and not pop out on us.”(nat) “So how you can see it’s all nice and roughed up? To help make sure that, that tooth stays on we’re going to drill a little hole in the back of that tooth.” (nat)”The more pressure you apply the less likely that tooth is going to want to pull away on you.”(nat tink)”Is that because I wasn’t holding on tight enough basically?” “Sometimes those little ones get pretty slippery, so that happens to the best of us.”Chelsey- “Um, I think that tooth went over there.””It seems to have shot from here, over this way.” Stephanie- “We’ll hunt for the tooth.” Elizabeth Stevens, Technician- “We’ve actually found one outside before when we had the window open.” Chelsey- “Oh no!””I’m sorry ladies. They were same day teeth until I started.” (laughter)Stephanie- “And we found the tooth.” (cheers) “No harm, no foul.”Chelsey- “I was evicted from the seat.”Elizabeth- “We’re going to go over them one more time so there’s no debris and they’re as clean as they can be.””So I start with this one. That molar and it goes to this side. So next I take a pair of tweezers and I’m going to kind of tap and push on the back to make sure they’re all the way in.””And then take your model and slide it back on.””The monomer is the liquid we’re going to mix with the acrylic.””Mix it all up so it’s good and mixed and we’ll swirl and get all the bubbles out and then kind of slowly and steadily pour it in.””Make sure they’re all the way full.” Chelsey- “Oh. Okay.” Elizabeth- “Very carefully set them in here.”(nat steam, nat water drip)”And we have hardened dentures.”Chelsey- “So I’ve tried your job today, but how did everything turn out? Do I have the job?” Stephanie- “I’d say you probably have the job. A little more training might be needed though.” From there the dentures are trimmed and taken in for one last cleaning, so they can be handed to the patient for a shiny smile.

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Take This Job & Love It: Ice Bar & Lounge

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In this “Take This Job & Love It” Chelsey Anderson helped carve an ice bar at the Samoset in Rockport.During the January thaw she worked with a 20 year veteran on 43-hundred pounds of ice.—————Tim Pierce, Exec Chef & Head Ice Carver, Samoset- “This is a little drawing of our patio””It’s probably going to be a fifteen foot ice bar.””We’ll have to measure out and mark on the floor here where we are going to put the ice and then we can start putting it into place.””We’re going to stack two of these on top and then we’re going to cut one of these in half and that will be the top of the bar.””You’re going to come over here and just push on it. Just push it over.””Now we’ve got our ice. We’re going to spin it around and then push it right up to the line there if you want to give it a good push. That’s good.””We’re just going to clean up the end a little bit.””We’re going to push another block right next to it.””They’ll meet nice and clean.””I’m going to have you just push there and then I’m going to run the chainsaw between the two.” Chelsey- “Why are you doing that?”Tim- “When I run the saw down, the saw will follow any cracks or imperfections but it will make them the same on each side, so they’ll come together nice and tight.” Chelsey- “Okay.” “It’s a bed of screws on a piece of plywood and we’re going to use it as a big piece of sand paper.””Grab it and we’re just going to swirl it like this, okay.””Ah, look at that. Nice and smooth. Ready to go for the next layer.””The next blocks we’re going to put on top of them so we’re going to need to grind them down a little bit so we get them flat and then we’ll flip them up on top.””At this point we’re going to grab one more block, scratch coat it, and put it up on here.””Let’s give them on push together. Very good. So now we need a little ice glue.”Chelsey- “You mean water.” Tim- “I’m going to mean some water. Plenty of it.””You can see this froze up pretty quick. It’s not wet anymore.” Chelsey- “Yeah.” Tim- “So now we can trim the top. Then we’ll nail board the top and then we’ve got to get the big saw out to cut the top.” Chelsey- “okay.””So the big saw gets things done fast.””Alright you ready?” “This is going to be the top of our bar.””We’ve got to iron this one and then we’ll set this one on.””The irons are basically, they’re going to heat up some aluminum plates. They’re something we use to glue the ice together.””That looks real good right there.””Ready to decorate a little.””We just want to smooth that out get rid of the saw marks and make it as round as we can.””I’m going to make a little funnel to pour the liquor down into.””So we got a little snowflake.””Alright, we’re ready to step up to the bar now.”Chelsey- “We tried our best to make an ice bar today, but how did I do.” Tim- “It’s a lot of heavy lifting but you did real well for your first time out. I think you may have to grow a little bit to be a bartender at this bar though. It’s a little bit tall.” (laughter) Chelsey- “I’ve heard that more than once doing these Take This Jobs. Thanks a lot.” Tim- “You’re very welcome. Thank you.”——————-And even though that bar has melted away, don’t worry, there are already plans for next year.If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job & Love It,” email us at wabi@wabi.tv

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Take This Job & Love It: U.S. Coast Guard, Part 2

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In part one Chelsey Anderson joined the U.S. Coast Guard in Jonesport for a training mission.In part two Chelsey trains on one of Jonesport’s most common calls, and we find out if she’s hired in this special edition of Take This Job & Love It.————Petty Officer Derrick Borel, U.S. Coast Guard- “The 25 coming alongside us now. They’ll be simulating as our disabled vessel. We’re going to simulate that a boat is taking on water and sinking. We have an empty pump can on the back deck. That orange can for training it’s empty, so we’re not wearing our guys out. But if you look right behind it there’s a full one ready to go. It has a de-watering pump in there that pumps out 250 gallons per minute.””We are going to pass that pump can on the back deck. Get them started de-watering the pump and then we’re going to put them in a stern tow and tow them in to port. They’re rigging it up right now. They’re going to have 2 heaving lines.”Figeroa- “So we can attach it to the eyes and go ahead and get a line over to their boat.”I thought I would try my hand at throwing the line.Bena- “You’re not actually trying to toss the ball on the boat. You’re trying to throw it over the boat so they have some line to grab onto.” Chelsey- “Ok.””We have two attached right now, so someone will take the shot first and then if they make it that’s fine, but if your shot misses you’ll have the second as backup.””Drags good. Speeds good. Approaching optimum.””Take a shot.””As far as you can.” (grunt) “Line in the water. Go ahead and reel it in.”Agzigian- “At optimum. I have a shot. Heads up on the boat.” Bena- “Good.”Now the crew would send the pump over.Agzigian- “Drum’s at the water’s edge.” Borel- “Aye.”The drum would be sent over and when the disabled boat was finished with the pump the drum would be sent back over.Agzigian- “Pumps in the water’s edge. Pumps onboard.”Borel- “73-73-09. We’re going to do that again.”Once again, my line went in the water. Borel- “Alright Chelsey. You’re going to drive on this one. Proven you can’t throw. Let’s see if you can drive.” Chelsey- “I’ll give it a try.””Making the approach.””We want to be set up perfect before we send it. We’re good. Tell them to send it.” Chelsey- “Send it!” Borel- “Send it!” Bena- “Heads up on the boat!” Chelsey- “That was a good throw.””So now that we got the pump on the boat they are de-watering, everything is going good, we’re going to get ready to tow them to safe port.”I went back to the lower deck to help out. First we faked the line.Agzigian- “It just stops the knots and keeps the line.”And I decided to give throwing one last try. Third time’s a charm.”Oh yeah! It’s there.” “Yeah!”From there it was smooth sailing back to the pier. So, did I get the job?Borel- “It took you a little bit to get the heaving line down, but you got it! Your approaches were pretty good so a little bit of training and would have to lose the purple hat, purple boots, and sunglasses and you’d make a good Coast Guard coxswain.” Chelsey-” Thanks a lot! That’s exciting to hear!”————-Chelsey- “I’d like to thank those in the U.S. Coast Guard for the amazing job you do, and to the Jonesport station for letting me come out and train with you.One piece of trivia to leave you all with. You may have noticed on the back of the 47ft boat it said Jonesport, America instead of Jonesport, Maine. This is the only Coast Guard boat in America to do this. According to a retired Master Chief it was done back in the 70’s to distinguish the American boat when out in deep water, so it’s not confused with a Canadian vessel.”If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job & Love It email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv

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Take This Job & Love It: U.S. Coast Guard, Part 1

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In this special addition of Take This Job & Love It Chelsey Anderson went to Jonesport. There she teamed up with the U.S. Coast Guard. Well, not officially. Chelsey joined them for their daily training mission to see if she had a future answering the call.————-Petty Officer Derrick Borel, U.S. Coast Guard- “Got the A team here. Passer Nielsen, Bond, and Lenkiewicz will be on the 25ft boat, and myself, Bena, Figeroa and Agzigian will be on the 47 with you guys.”Before each mission the team takes a risk assessment before heading out. Scores between zero and sixty are given. “Everybody gets an opinion, a voice, and everybody shouts out a number what they feel that risk could be and we take the highest number. Add it all up and that’s where we get the end.We were headed out to Wahoa Bay and it was a pretty mild day. Scores came in at sixteen and fifteen. Both safely in the green.”We’re good to go with our mission.”We suited up and headed to the boats.”We always check and make sure our radar is working. It’s on and we have a route right here. So we’re going to go straight out right here and then the green line is the next route we’re going to be on.””Go four! Go one! Go ahead and jump in the seat. This works just like any car except you don’t have brakes.” Chelsey- “Okay.””If you turn that way you’re going to go that way. If you turn that way you’re going to go that way. This is your throttles. Right here. You want to faster you bring them up. You want to stop you bring it to neutral, and you bring it to reverse. And it gets the props spinning in reverse and you stop. We’re going to steer right for that red buoy.””When we get there we want that red buoy on our starboard side or your (in unison) right side. Whenever you want to you can start pushing both of those up. We’ll start gaining speed. We’re coming up on speed!” Crew- “Aye.””Faster, faster.” Chelsey- “Uh-oh. I forgot to steer too!” Borel- “Yep. You have to steer too. Little more, little more. More. Right there.”Borel checked the track line and I was right on target at 19 knots.”Like a professional. Almost every time we train we do some sort of overboard drill. We’ll throw the lifelike dummy over the side. Simulate one of our crew members and we’ll do a pick up. Bena you just stay up forward there. Chunk Oscar.””Man overboard! Man overboard!” “Starboard side pick up.” Crew- “Aye.””Keep coming around. You can give him a little more juice if you want to. Until you get your bow right on him.””So we’re lined up right there alright. Right on him.””And we’ll stay right here. He’s going to come right down over the hull. Little shot of stern to stop our wave.” Chelsey- “So even though it looks like we are running him over…” Borel- “You’re not.”Crew- “Got him!””Bring him aboard.””Man on board. Checking CID.””A successful man overboard pickup. Good job.”And although the U.S. Coast Guard has a serious job to do, they are big family who enjoy their jobs and like to have fun too. They’ve even come up with their own theme song.”We like to do coming up the pier all the time. I need a hero! (air guitar solo) I need a hero to the end of the night! And that’s it…” (laughter)——————Chelsey- “As you can see, the Jonesport station plays hard, but works harder, and that can lead to quite an appetite! Good thing they’ve got a great chef! They treated us to a meal there and it’s like nothing you can believe. So good!Tomorrow, we’re back to work. I’ll try my hand at helping a disabled vessel, and you’ll find out if I’m hired or fired.If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job & Love It” email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv “

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Take This Job & Love It: Home Heating Fuel Delivery

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If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job & Love It email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv.In this Take This Job & Love It our adventurous reporter warmly embraces home heating oil.Chelsey Anderson rode along the delivery route of the company C.H.E.A.P. Oil in the Carmel-Etna area.Chelsey- I worked alongside a 28 year veteran to supply heating fuel on a bitterly cold morning.————-JR- “We’re going to deliver some oil. I hope. We got to put the ticket in the meter and get things set up. Then we run.” Chelsey- “Let’s do it!” JR- “Alright!”Chelsey- “Okay.” JR- “Then push forward and you’re good.” JR- “This is our meter system. It changes the gallons. Product code one is kerosene. You got to push that red button. Push it up. You’re ready to pump.” Chelsey- “Okay, and now we’re ready.” JR- “We’re ready.”JR- “The number one rule in this business is do not drop oil on the ground.” Chelsey- “Okay, I’m going to watch then.” JR- “We go over to the tank and this is basically a bolt and screw. Set it on there. Spin it. Tighten it up until it’s tight. When you crack this open within one second you should hear the whistle start whistling.”Chelsey- “That’s a good sign.” JR- “That’s a good thing.” Chelsey- “How much does this drum actually hold?” JR- “This one here will hold 250 gallons.” Chelsey- “Okay. So that’s done.” JR- “That’s done. When that stops you know your preset is all done so you’re all done.”JR put the hose away while I delivered the ticket. We moved on to another home scheduled for delivery.Chelsey- “I’m going to give it a try. I’m going to try.” JR- “Alright let’s try it!” Chelsey- “one?” JR- “Yes it’s a kerosene product.” Chelsey- “I push it in? And go up?” JR- “Yep.” Now I had to haul the hose, which, when full and all the way pulled out weighed about 150 pounds.Chelsey- “It’s kind of heavy!”Chelsey- “Okay. I don’t want to get anything on the ground. Now I’m safe. Now I just move this out. Okay am I okay to just lay this out on the snow?” JR- “Yep.” Chelsey- “This is not a fast going job for me.”On a cold day like this one JR could have as many as 70 deliveries to make, so he had to be quick about it. I had to keep on moving to get the deliveries made no matter what situation was thrown my way!Chelsey- “This one is a little high up here. Makes it a little more interesting for me. I didn’t know I was supposed to wear my heel boots. And now it’s good?”Chelsey- “So today I headed out with CHEAP Oil and I did my best to try your trade. How did I do?” JR- “Not bad, not bad at all. If we could work a little speed into those short legs I think I’d have me a brand new driver.” Chelsey- “Thanks!”For more information on C.H.E.A.P. Oil call 848-8090 or email ccheapoil@roadrunner.com

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Take This Job & Love It: Balsam Fir Tipping

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If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job & Love It” email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv —-Tree tipping is Chelsey Anderson’s occupation of choice in this “Take This Job & Love It.” She was shown the ropes by long-time tipper Tom Sprague of East Machias. He’s been tipping for more than 55 years. They headed out on the land Tom leases.—-Tom Sprague, Tipping for more than 55 years- “You ready to go?” Chelsey- “Ready.” First Tom explained to me that I was looking for balsam fir, not spruce.Tom- “You notice they stick right in your fingers and they hurt. That’s how you can tell quickly if it’s a spruce or fir. This is fir. It’s nice and smooth. See how light it is on the back?” Chelsey- “Yeah.”Tom- “There’s just nothing prettier than a wreath made with fir.”There were also types of tips I should avoid.Tom- “If this didn’t have this one on the end they would call it a longhorn. They don’t want longhorns because they don’t look good on a wreath. They want the nice little coming out all over.”Tom- “We’ll see if we can make a tipper out of you.”Tom started tipping when we he was just a child. He used to go out with his grandmother. They got 3 cents a pound then.Tom- “Every time I closed my eyes all I could see was the most beautiful fir tips. You know. You don’t see any bad ones.”Now, Tom gets about 30 cents a pound.Tom- “A tipper is just like a clam digger. You’re always thinking, ‘maybe there. I’m going to hit that spot. When I hit that spot, whoa, look out. It’s going to be good!.’”Chelsey- “I don’t know Tom. Some of these… (laughter)” Tom- “When you get (chuckles). What are you doing?” Chelsey- “I don’t know!” Tom- “When they ring like that come ahead about 2 inches and resnap it.”Chelsey- “Maybe that’s one saying ‘you know what, I’m not ready.’”nat snap- Chelsey- “Oh! Yes!”Chelsey- “Sometimes I feel really good when they snap good.” (show me not getting it to snap and jerking around) (laughter)Chelsey- “I broke this one and I moved up like you said but I just keep snapping it. Well then let it go. You can only snap it so long. Just let it go. Don’t mess with it.”Tom- “If I’ve got one that gives me a hard time I leave him. Say see ya later.”Chelsey- “How long does it usually take you to fill one of the sticks?” Tom- “Well it depends. I’ve been in places where I could pick 4 of those in an hour.” Chelsey- “That’s pretty good.” Tom- “That’s pretty good tipping.”Tom- “Did you stack those?” Chelsey- “Yeah.” Tom- “Good job!” Chelsey- “Thank you.”Tom- “I think we got a stick full. You put your stick in. You take your bundle like this and you start it down about 3 or 4 inches in. One hand under too. See. Then when you come down you’re coming right close to both hands. And you put it right on like this. See that. They can’t go anywhere. The main thing is to keep all your sticks going in the same way.” Chelsey- “Yeah, because we don’t want to stab ourselves in the neck.” Tom- “That’s right! There. We’re ready to tie him up.”We tied off the tips and loaded things up. So, would I be hired at this job?Tom- “I think it went excellent. I think for a first time tipper you did really good. You’re very teachable. And if I were hiring fir tippers I’d hire you on.” Chelsey- “Thanks a lot Tom!”—-If you’re interested in making some cash while Tom tips your land, email him at usal_22000@yahoo.com

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Take This Job & Love It: Sugar Hill Cranberry Co.

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If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job and Love It” email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv——————Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away.In this “Take This Job and Love It” Chelsey Anderson worked to bring you one of the most popular side dishes. An estimated 21-million pounds of cranberry sauce is eaten on Thanksgiving.Chelsey headed to Sugar Hill Cranberry Company in Columbia Falls to help with the harvest.———————Chris: “As you can see, see the bogs? They grow like this. They don’t grow in water.”Premium berries, such as the classic Cape Cod variety you see in stores, are harvested in these dry fields. These tend to be your sweeter berries and are used for fresh fruit.Today we would be water harvesting the Stevens and Pilgrim variety berries. John: “These are what we use for cranberry sauce and cranberry juice.”Chris: “There’s nothing like homemade cranberry sauce.”I decided to try one of the berries.Chelsey: “Pretty juicy. Very Interesting.”By very interesting, I meant very tart. These varieties could lock your jaw pretty quickly, but they were still tasty!Chris: “Cranberries have little air pockets in them, so they’ll float. So what we want to do is knock them off.”Chelsey: “Okay. Let’s give it a try.”Chris gave me some quick instructions and stressed the importance of following the line.Chris: “See the line where it’s a little more shallow?” Chelsey: “Yes.” Chris: “That’s the line we are trying to follow.” Chelsey: “okay.”Chris: “What you want to do is overlap the line. So anything that didn’t get picked on that side.” Chelsey: “We’ll get that.” Chris: “alright.”I took the controls and we started off with a kick.Chris: “As long as you don’t go in the ditch we’ll be fine.” Chris: “Yeah. I definitely don’t want to go in the ditch!”Chris was pleased with how I was doing on the machine. Now it was time to gather the pilgrim variety of berries. Chris: “You’re going to help Kenny push the berries toward that suction box. And then as you push and the berries are going in, I’m going to close up this wrap so it will keep it a little bit tighter to get the berries up there faster. When you see them start to suck into that suction box then you start pushing.”Chelsey: “Oh, I see it going down.”Kenny: “Just keep pushing. Just push towards it.”Chelsey: “Kind of like I’m sweeping the top.”Before long John called for me to join him at the tank. Here the berries would be power washed and put in the truck.John: “Anything like this just pull that out and just (motions pushing forward).”John: “These cranberries go to a local blueberry processor and what they’ll do is clean them one more time and then they’ll freeze them and they’ll use them for many different items.”By the end of this process the truck would carry 25-thousand pounds of cranberries. Sugar Hill Cranberries harvests about 165-thousand pounds of berries a year.Chelsey: “So Chris, we did a lot with cranberries today. How do you think I did?” Chris: “You did a great job. A fantastic job on the picking machine. Real straight lines. You did good getting all those berries pumped into the truck. We’ve got a full truck to take to the processor so the processor will be happy, too.” Chelsey: “That’s a good sign. So does that mean I could be hired.” Chris: “You’ve got a pair of waders with your name on them.” (laughter) Chelsey: “Thanks a lot.” Chris: “Thank you.”——————–Chris and John will be at the Maine Harvest Festival Saturday and Sunday, November 10-11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bangor Auditorium and Civic Center. It’s five dollars to get it. Chris and John will have their 1930’s operation underway and have berries for sale.If you’d like more information about Sugar Hill Cranberry Company you can find them on Facebook or visit their website: www.sugarhillcranberry.com

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Take This Job & Love It: Blacksmith

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If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job & Love It” email us at wabi@wabi.tv.In this “Take This Job & Love It” report Chelsey Anderson forges ahead. John Calderwood has been forging metal for almost 40 years now. He runs his own shop, JC Forge in Etna, and teaches classes too.Chelsey was invited to try her hand at the job.—————–John Calderwood, JC Forge- “Our goal today is to make a leaf.”John was going to show me the entire process with modeling clay.John- “Cause if you can’t make it out of clay, guess what?” Chelsey- “You can’t do it.” John- “That’s right.”Then he quickly showed me the processes in steel.John- “I’m going to make a leaf for you right now. See the point. I’m just kind of neatening up now so it looks something like a leaf. Use the wire brush away from you. Because we’re taking the scale off. Finished.” (nat steam)”There’s your leaf.”It was my turn.John- “Whack it! Right there. See now you’re off a little bit. Turn it.” Chelsey- “I’m a little too far back.” John- “That’s okay. Turn it. We need more heat. So you’re doing okay.” Chelsey- “Pull that one out?” Jon- “Yep. Yep.”Chelsey- “Takes a little bit of muscle.” John- “Choke up on your hammer next when we come out.”John- “Okay, now look at it and see where our bias is. I’m going to mark both sides okay. Because that’s where we are putting our bias okay. Okay. Heat. So I’m putting it in and you’re going to bring it out and forge that bias. Do it!”John- “Good. Let’s have a look at it. Have we got a point pretty close?” Chelsey- “A little bit.”John- “But you want to aim for the very end. Stay over on your anvil though. Okay, turn it. Okay, heat. Really get the stem good. Whack it! I mean hit it! You feel the notch there now? We’re just going to make the leaf. You’re going to stay in this circle. You’re going to come down the middle here.”But I was having problems keeping the hammer in the same place, and John wasn’t going to let me get away with it.John- “You’ve got to stay there or you’re going to get demerits.”I did my best to keep on track.John- “Put some fire in that baby! Okay. Go. You’re doing great. It’s beginning to look like a leaf. Keep your hammer 90 degrees to that leaf yet. So I would do the middle a lot in the middle. That’s going to spread it for you. See it moving.” Chelsey- “Yep.””Now you’re going to work this. You’re going to work this right here.” Chelsey- “Oh yes. Bring it out.” John- “Okay. Here. This is going to be a really nice leaf. Let me tell you. Okay. I’m going to put a stem on it for you.”Now I folded my leaf almost closed and then opened it back up a little bit to make it look more realistic.”So you’re going to take the wire brush and brush away from the camera guy and me and everybody else.” Chelsey- “Okay.”John- “Okay. Go over to the water bucket.” (nat steam) “Beautiful.” Last John cut the stems short and finished the metal with furniture wax so it wouldn’t rust.That’s when he saw me checking out the blisters I’d been building during this job.John- “That’s why I ended up with this callus right here.”Chelsey- “That’s serious work!”So was this the job for me?John- “Uh. Well. We’d have to practice a little bit more, but that’s just normal. Hundred leaves you’ll be in like Flynn. I’ll hire you!” Chelsey- “Sounds good. Thanks.” John- “Your welcome.”————–For more information on John’s work or to take classes contact John at 745-7710.

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Take This Job & Love It: Blueberry Harvesting

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If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job & Love It” email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tvIn this edition of “Take This Job & Love It,” Chelsey Anderson heads back to her childhood roots. She went to Downeast Maine to help harvest blueberries.Chelsey: “That’s right, I’m no rookie to blueberry harvesting. I worked my way through high school and college raking out on the barrens of Deblois when I was on summer breaks, but it had been awhile since I picked up a hand rake, and I’d never used any type of harvester. So I accepted the challenges, and started with a refresher course in hand raking.”——————-Rebecca “You just have to slide your rake in under and pull back. And your mission is to get all the blueberries. Clean your rake a little and dump it in.”I thought to myself, “Hey, this is like riding a bike.” Until…..Rebecca- “You can’t fill your rake so full.” Chelsey- “I’m getting it too full?” “Yep.” “Am I losing berries that way?” “No you’re smooshing them.”So I worked harder to keep my rake clean and filling my box.Chelsey- “Then I’m going to go with Randy and go behind the walk behind harvester over there.”Timmy made the walk behind look as simple as pushing a grocery cart. I would soon find out it took a lot more finesse than that. Timmy- “So this turns your head and this one moves your wheels.” Chelsey- “Okay.”Timmy- “You just want to keep it in a straight line and put pressure up on it so you get all the berries.””Oh my gosh. Am I going fast enough?”Randy and Timmy seemed to think I was doing all right. They even trusted me to turn the walk behind around!Chelsey- “How was that?” Randy- “Good.”It didn’t take very long before my boxes were full, so I dropped them in place to be picked up later. Before I got to another turn, Timmy took over and I headed for the big harvesters where I’d be working with Rod.Rod- “Start your head. The point is to stay on the outside of the berries.”This piece of machinery is a beast. I watched Rod for awhile before I shifted gears. Then Rod and Randy told me it was time to take the wheel.Chelsey- “Ok. And just take my foot off the clutch.” Rod- “Yep. Go easy. Go easy.”Chelsey- “You hanging on?” Rod- “Yep, I’m all set.”There was concern when the voice on the radio spoke up.”I pray for you.”But I had a job to do.Chelsey- “So I’m watching this red wheel.” Rod- “Keep it this side of the…” Chelsey- “Uh-oh! I think I’m already in them!”I made some adjustments and kept on trucking, until a turn threw me for a loop.”Don’t cut it too much.” Chelsey- “Uh-oh! Wow!”After making it around, it was time for me to work the back of the harvester, and I would be busy. Eric says it’s been a good crop this year with a box filling every 1-3 minutes. And he says they are going for about thirty dollars a box.Eric wanted me to try and keep my boxes pretty clean of sticks and leaves but I wasn’t fast enough for that.Mark, photographer- “It’s getting ahead of you.” Chelsey- “Oh!”I had to pick up my pace.Chelsey- “So pretty soon?” Eric- “Yeah. That’s pretty good.” Chelsey- “Whoops. Uh-oh!” Eric- “That’s alright.”Chelsey- “This is crazy it is really fast. I mean that’s good because it’s good berries, but it’s busy.”It wasn’t long before Eric moved in and took over, and I moved along to see how this process finished. The harvesters dropped off their pallets of boxes and then they were loaded into the truck. Chelsey- “We’ve done a lot with blueberries today. I got to rake them, got to walk behind, got on the harvester, and even got to eat some. After everything we’ve done today would I be hired at this job?” Randy- “You sure would.” Chelsey- “Thanks a lot.” Randy- “All right.”

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Take This Job & Love It: Air Brushing

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If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job & Love It” email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv————-In May we introduced you to Brad Gillis, the Air Dragon from Levant.He’s been air brushing for over 15 years, and insisted to Joy Hollowell that he can teach anyone to do it.So Chelsey Anderson decided to take him up on the offer for this month’s “Take This Job & Love It.”—————–Brad Gillis, Air Dragon: “Starting to learn the air brush you’ve got to learn the basic strokes. You want to start with a dot.”Brad: “Put your air on and just pull back until you’ve got paint.”Brad: “Get right in there. Don’t be scared of it. Notice I’m leaving the air on.”Brad: “And the second stroke you have to learn is the dagger stroke. And it’s really the same mechanic except now you are going to move.”Brad: “Start you’re motion. Pull back. Let off again. And then the third stroke you’re just going to take one of these and blend out. Then you have the fourth one. Which is the line. And those are the four basic strokes and if you can paint those you can learn to paint any of this stuff here.”Once I felt comfortable with the basic strokes Brad pulled out a tshirt that had a stencil on it. This would be a three step stencil project.Brad: “Gonna paint a pink nose. Just spray in there.” Chelsey: “Just fill it?” Brad: “Just fill it.”Brad: “Going to go back to the black you had before and you’re going to do the eyes.”Next we pulled the stencil back so I could fill in the background with sand, pebbles, and grass.Brad: “Now we’ll put the cat color in.”We changed our stencil so the background would be protected from the orange color I would be using.Brad: “You want to get a little light down here for his paws. But you want a little color because if not the white on white won’t show.” Chelsey: “okay.”Chelsey: “So I’m going to color it in.” Brad: “Just color it in.”Chelsey: “Is it too light?” Brad: “I would throw a little bit more paint on there. Don’t be afraid to fill in some color.”Brad: “You know if you stand back and just move it quick it will blend it.” Chelsey: “Like up and down?”Brad: “Now we’re going to put some spots on that puppy. And just fill in the black.” Chelsey: “okay.”Last I filled in the eyes with green.After the paint dries I’ll iron over the design and the tshirt is ready to wear and safe to wash.So could I be hired for this job?Brad: “Definitely. You really picked it up quick. You come up with something really good. You’ve got a good basic control of the air brush in half hour, forty-five minutes. With practice you really could be a painter.” Chelsey: “Thanks a lot. I think this is something I’m going to try again.” Brad: “Well good!”——————-If you’d like more information on Gillis’ work or would like any help getting started in air brushing, you can log onto airdragon.com, or give him a call at 884-2037.

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Take This Job & Love It: Unity Pond Pottery

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If you have an idea for an up coming “Take This Job & Love It” email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv———–In this “Take This Job and Love It” Chelsey Anderson headed to Unity in search of a new job.She spent the day at Unity Pond Pottery, but did she get the job?————-Robert Esposito, Unity Pond Pottery: “This is a pug mill. It de-airs the clay and pushes it out into a log.”Robert: “We’re cutting for pates today.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Robert: “We throw the shape and then tomorrow we would put handles on, but that’s only if you’re hired.” (laughter)Robert: “Right there tells you how long it is and how to cut it.”So I measured out our clay and filled our cart to take over to the wheel.Robert: “In that same clip board it will tell you what size to throw under pate.” Chelsey: “4 1/2 by 3.”I watched on as Robert went to work.Robert: “So you get your bat.”Robert: “You get yourself a piece of clay.”Robert: “You want to get your clay nice and wet.”Robert: “So what you want to do first is center it.”Robert: “get it into the shape that looks like the size we’re talking about.”Robert: “And I just open up.”Robert: “See what I’m doing? I’m pinching the wall like that.”Robert: “So now when it’s straight like that again then I pull to the height.”I continued to watch on as Robert finished his pate, wondering how I would be able to do this.Chelsey: “I’m a little nervous. I’ve never done anything like this. The extent of my pottery experience has to do with the movie Ghost.” (laughter)But Patrick Swayze wouldn’t be helping me through this venture. I threw my clay on the wheel and Robert and I got to work.Robert: “Now lets spin her up.”Robert: “Little faster speed.” Chelsey: “Whoa! Whoa!” Robert: “Don’t be afraid.”Chelsey: “Okay.” Robert: “Yep. Now open your hands. Now that’s more or less centered.”Robert: “Now you want to start to open up. Put your thumbs down.” Chelsey: “Oh dear.” Robert: “Keep pushing them down.” Chelsey: “Okay. I am.”Robert: “Now we’re going to pull up.””Make your hands feel like they are coming in. See there you go.”Robert: “Open your hands.”Robert: “You’re going to be in like this and pull straight up.”Chelsey: “Oh dear. I think its getting wobbly.” Robert: “Come in.”Chelsey: “That’s not so good looking.” Robert: “Oh no. That’s perfect for your first try.”Robert: “Now lets take this pin tool.” “Hold it like this. Come in a little bit and make your beveled edge.”I used fishing line to clear the pate from the bat. Then I added red iron oxide to the top rim and a lavender to the middle. After glazing and firing they would turn gold and cobalt.Lastly I added what Robert calls squiggles to the colored areas.Chelsey: “That is so sad.” Robert: “It’s a great first start.”Robert had me make another one, completely on my own. I was hoping it would be better, but it was definitely worse! It was time to try my hand at something else.Wendy: “This is a candle lantern. And I use this little tool right here and I carve a design into the pot.”Wendy Esposito, Unity Pond Pottery: “I like to get as many designs as I can on a piece, so the light of the candle will shine through.”Wendy: “Okay, now you’re going to take the carving tool. And you’re going to do your own design.”Wendy: “Use the edge like this and do a quick flick of your wrist.” Wendy: “It’s not even caving in!” Chelsey: “Oh, that’s a good thing! I forgot it could do that.”Wendy: “Now that looks pretty full. So when you’re done you light your candle and it looks like fire.” Chelsey: “Oh, pretty.”Last I helped unload the kiln. And then it was time to find out if I got the job.Robert: “Well, you wouldn’t be hired to make pots on the wheel, but there were a lot of things that were positive about your experience with us.”Robert: “So you could be hired as an assistant.”———In September Unity Pond Pottery has an open house where you too can see things go on behind the scenes. To find out more visit: www.unitypondpottery.com

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Take This Cake

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In this Take This Job and Love It, wedding season is here.Chelsey Anderson headed to a licensed home kitchen in Orland to try her hand at cakes. Tiffany Gaspar opened Patty Cake Designs over a year ago. In a poor economy her business is booming. It’s not unusual for her to have 4 cake orders per weekend, and she’s already expanding her business.Chelsey found out why her business takes the cake.Tiffany Gaspar, Patty Cake Designs: “We’re going to get our fondant first.”Tiffany: “We’re using white. So if you just want to feel, we’re going to knead it out.”Tiffany: “Put it into a circle like that and then we’ll put it in between the mat.”Tiffany: “So this is what we’re going to have to roll out.We’re covering a six inch round of a three tier cake.Tiffany: “So what we’ll do is just roll it back and forth.”Tiffany: “So you want to keep doing it in a circle and I tend to like to start from the middle with the edge. Like you can see going out the middle like that. And what you do is just flip it and do it again.”Tiffany: “You want to push right down on it. You’ll feel your arms burn a little sometimes.”Tiffany: “See there you go. Now you’ve got the hang of it.”Tiffany: “See you want it to be the size of the cake.” (SHOW US HOLD IT UP TO THE CAKE AND EYE THE SIZE.)We also checked for thick spots in the fondant that I would need to roll out.Tiffany: “That looks pretty good. That should cover it.”Tiffany: “This is the really tricky part.”Tiffany: “You just go around it like this, and just smooth it.”Tiffany: “You just move it right along. You do it quickly.” Chelsey: “Am I doing anything?” Tiffany: “Kind of, yeah.” (laughter)After the cake was sort of bonnet shape we trimmed off the excess fondant and stacked the cake. Then we made our buttercream frosting and started decorating. And since this cake wasn’t going out to a client, Tiffany let me try my hand at all kinds of techniques.Tiffany: “We’re going to do a ribbon affect.”Tiffany: “You want this in towards the cake so when you’re doing it you’re pointing it in, and then you back and fourth.”Chelsey: “It looks like ribbon candy.” Tiffany: “yeah!”Tiffany: “And it’s okay if you mess up because we can scrape it off and redo it.” Chelsey: “Okay. Here we go.”Let’s try that one again.Chelsey: “Ok. I’m going to go fast.” Tiffany: “Just make sure your end sticks to the cake.” Chelsey: “Watch carefully. Oh. It’s ugly.” (laughter)Tiffany said the frosting was just getting warm, but I think she was being nice, because she took on most of the ribbon work until we got to the second layer.Tiffany: “We’ll take and just do…”Tiffany: “And see how they just kind of pull.”I started out on a good note.Chelsey: “I feel like this one is better than usual.”But it wasn’t long before I was ready to try the next technique.Chelsey: “Oh, this is bad.”We filled in the borders with some flowers.Chelsey: “Aw! They’re so cute.”Tiffany: “Then we’ll put the little pearl in the middle.”Tiffany: “Let’s do tweezer form.” Chelsey: “Okay.” Chelsey: “Now they really look like little flowers.”Then we used an imprinting technique on the top tier.Tiffany: “Then we can just brush it with a little bit of pearl dust.”Last we added our cake topper of fresh flowers.Tiffany doesn’t just design wedding cakes. She has everything from birthday cakes to anniversary cakes. And with little treats being all the thing right now, Tiffany is pumping out fun cupcake designs on a regular basis.Tiffany: “This you just take and you do a swirl.”Chelsey: “Mine is much fatter.”Once they were frosted we topped them with a little heart, and it was time to find out if I’d be hired.”Yes… With some training.”To see more of what Patty Cakes Design has to offer check them out on Facebook.And if you have an idea for Chelsey’s next Take This Job and Love It, email us: wabi@wabi.tv.

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Take This Job and Love It: Raye’s Mustard

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Baseball season is here, and that brings hotdogs loaded with all the fixings.So Chelsey Anderson headed to the only stone ground mustard company left in the United States for this Take This Job and Love It.Raye’s Mustard in Eastport. Chelsey started out working with Jerald: crushing the mustard seed for tomorrow’s batch of mustard.Jerald- “The whole seed goes up the spiral and comes down through a set of rollers and it crushes the seed into nice shiny yellow flakes.”Jerald- “This is what we start with.”From there the seed gets added to water and vinegar and goes through the mills, where it gets stone ground down to mustard.Jerald- “Our next step is to start bottling.” Chelsey- “Okay.”Jerald- “We’re bottling today Sweet & Spicy. It’s probably one of our top sellers that we do.”Jerald- “This bottler, believe it or not, is from the 40’s. We still use it today.”Jerald-“We could probably do these 120 jars in about 10-15 minutes if you get going fast.” (laughter)Obviously, Jerald hadn’t seen the show before.Jerald- “What we do is two at a time. We just reach over and grab two jars. The first two in the back will fill first.”Jerald- “We’ll fire away here.”Jerald- “It’s gonna fill up.”Jerald- “Then what you do when it’s full is you step on the pedal to break it.” Chelsey- “Okay.” Jerald- “You spin it then start all over again.”Jerald- “I’ll let you try.”Jerald- “Hit your switch. We’re good. Okay let them fill up.” Chelsey- “Ah!” Jerald- “Guesstimate it.” Okay, step on the pedal. Oh, oh!” (laughter)Jerald- Chelsey- “This one is messy.” Jerald- “Sometimes we have someone else here to cover that.”Chelsey- “I’m going to do better this time.”Jerald- “Grab ahold of your jars. Press down and spin it.” Chelsey- “Oh! Spin it.”Chelsey- “This is very difficult.”It would take me a lot more jars before I got the hang of it.Chelsey- “Oh no! Ooo!” Jerald- “There you go!”Jerald- “I can see a big mess happening here.”I was slowing the line down, so I moved on to the first station of labeling.Debbie- “All you’ve got to do is line up the R and D on the edges.”Debbie- “You might want it a little bit higher.”Chelsey- “Like that?” Debbie- “Yeah. That way you’re seeing mustard on both sides.” Chelsey- “Oh!”Debbie stepped in to help me so we didn’t get too behind, so I stepped into the other labeling job.Vicki- “This goes in the circle.” Chelsey- “The middle.” Vicki- “Yep. Then the flap goes down the back.”Chelsey- “Like that? Is that right?” Vicki- “Yep.” I thought I was doing okay until…Vicki- “One little thing.” (gasp) Chelsey- “Oh no!”Chelsey- “Okay, we are aiming for better.” Debbie- “You can take that one home dear.”Then I boxed the jars up, taped the box and handed the orders off to UPS.The last thing I had to do was stock the inventory in the gift store and find out if I’d be hired.Kevin Raye, Co-owner- “We’ve got good news.” Chelsey- “Really!” Kevin and Karen- “You’re hired!” Chelsey and Karen- “yeah!”Kevin- “We were impressed with the way you handled the variety of jobs. It was good.” Chelsey- “Thanks a lot. Now the big thing is to go try everything.”Raye’s Mustard website : http://rayesmustard.com/

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Take This Job and Love It

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Dr. Jennifer Robichaud, “So, you’re going to take the little paddle and cover your left eye. And what’s the lowest line you can read out there?” Stephanie, Patient: “T, Z, V, E, C, L.” Dr. Robichaud: “Good. So that line that she read is actually the 20/20 line. So she can see really well with her glasses.”Dr. Robichaud, “So we’ll probably just need to make some minor changes.”Chelsey, “Okay.” Dr. Robichaud, “If any changes at all. And then we bring out what we call a phoropter, just a fancy name for a big funny pair of glasses.”It’s full of hundreds of different lenses so we can make any combination of glasses with the smallest adjustments.Dr. Robichaud dialed Stephanie’s prescription in for her right eye.Dr. Robichaud, “So now we’ll have you do the left eye.”Dr. Robichaud, “So the first number is a -1.25, and it’s on the big one. So move the big one until it says -1.25 in the red.”(Chelsey, “And the second one is the out knob, right?” Dr. Robichaud, “Yes.” Chelsey, “Fifty.” Dr. Robichaud, “So dial in fifty.”Chelsey, “And then 165 is the other knob.” Dr. Robichaud, “Yes.” Now that Stephanie’s prescription was in, I adjusted the instrument so she can see through the lenses.Chelsey, “This is a great look.”We went up a step and down a step to see if making changes in the prescription would make anything clearer.Chelsey, “Number 3 or number 4? 3 or 4?” Stephanie, “3.”Stephanie’s prescription was right on, so her glasses are set for another year.Now Dr. Robichaud would teach me how to check the health of the eye.Dr. Robichaud, “It’s kind of just like playing a video game. You have your controller. It moves it in and out and all around. Basically what you do is you look through. And you just kind of move everything close until you see her eye in focus.”We looked around Stephanie’s eye, under the eye lids and everything looked really good.Dr. Robichaud, “So we’re going to make sure Stephanie doesn’t have any dry spots or any scratches on the front of her eyes.”We did this by touching a yellow dye strip to Stephanie’s eye. Then we used the magnifier and a blue light to look at the eye – making the eye glow green, and trouble spots even greener.Chelsey, “I think you’re healthy.”Dr. Robichaud, “You got two expert opinions, Stephanie. You eyes look great!” “So basically, now that we’ve made sure her eyes are healthy and she can see well, we’re going to get her a new pair of glasses. So we’ll go ahead and see how the glasses are made next.”A frame has already been picked out, so all Kay and I needed to do is put the lenses together and get them inside the frame.We start out with a large lens and work our way down.Kay, “So that traced the inside of the frame. It pops up and those are the shapes. So now you have to take measurements to cut and edge the lenses so it lines up with the optical center. So the distance between your pupils is an important measurement. So 57mm.”Before we start marking the lens, we verify the correct power and which eye this lens is for. Then we add our block and the optical center is marked by the machine.Now we check our order in with the edger machine.Kay, “In a second, all the information from that computer will pop up over here.”Kay enters the specifications for the cut. Kay, “The lens fits in there with the block, push the button and it gets clamped in.”I pressed the go button and that was pretty much it. Kay finished the glasses by heating the lenses and squeezing them into the frame. She then checked them over and cleaned them up for the customer.Was this the job for me?Dr. Robichaud, “Absolutely. I just think you need to go through the few more years of school and you’ll be all set.”

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Take This Job & Love It: Dandy Diaper Service

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If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job & Love It” email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tvIn this month’s “Take This Job & Love It” Chelsey Anderson tried her hand at baby diapering, and it’s something she’s going to want to get used to. Love it or not.Chelsey: “That’s right. In the next couple weeks my husband and I will be welcoming our first child. I thought it was a good idea to accept the job opportunity at Dandy Diaper Service in Southwest Harbor before my due date.”————-Liz- “We’re going to start with some brand new diapers to get them prepped up.” Chelsey- “Okay.” Liz- “These need to be washed about 3 times before they can actually get to a customer.”Liz- “I have a diaper cycle and a super diaper cycle.”Liz- Everything is all set and in about 38 minutes we’ll have clean diapers.”Liz-“Alright. So next we’ve got 2 new babies. So we’ll start packing up some diapers for them.”Liz- “We have a little baby girl that was just born a couple weeks ago and she’s ready for her first official delivery. So what we need, we’re going to have to count out 90 of these.”Chelsey- “That’s a lot of diapers!” Liz- “Yeah.” Chelsey- “Is that a week?” Liz- “This is a week, yeah. Newborns, really it’s about 12 diapers a day is the average.” Chelsey- “so this is what I have to look forward to.” Liz- “This is exactly what you’ll be doing, yes!” (laughter)While I counted out diapers, Liz got our color coordinated bag ready. I loaded it and she grabbed some other diapering products.Liz- “She wants 36 wipes too.”Liz- “And these are doublers. They’ll get 7 of these. They just add another level of absorbency.”Liz- “And that it. Baby’s good to go.”The wash was finished.Liz- “So these are all clean.”Liz- “This is a little bit tight for 2 people or 2 1/2 people.” (laughter)Chelsey- “Did I get them all?” Liz- “I think you did. I always feel around. Yep. All done.”We moved the washed diapers to the dryer, and Liz gave the lint screen a good once over.Liz- “Another use for a snow brush in Maine.”Then we started it up.While we waited we set up a newborn baby boy with his diaper bag, and then it was time to unload the dryer.Liz- “These are all set to be folded up and stacked. Let’s pull them out.”Liz- “Feel how soft they are?” Chelsey- “Yeah. They’re puffy!”We brought the load out to the folding table.Liz- “Just lay them out flat. There’s really nothing fancy. I just do a quick check for stains and any rips or tears.” Chelsey- “Okay.”If you are wondering how clean these diapers are, Liz has it down to a science with pH testing.Liz- “I have a little test kit in the other room. On a wet diaper you just put a sample, look for color change, and measure from there.”Liz- “Everyone gets back the same diapers that they have. Like I have about 180 diapers per person in rotation.”With a baby on the way, I was hoping more than usual to be hired at my job.Liz- “Oh Chelsey. When can you start? Because you did a fabulous job. You counted right. You sorted through things. You did great. Definitely would hire you.” Chelsey- “Thank you so much! Guess that’s good news!” Liz- “Yes it is. It is.” ——————–In case you are wondering, Liz is available 24/7 if you run out of diapers.To learn more about Dandy Diaper Service visit: www.thedandydiaper.com

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Take This Job and Love It: Monica’s Chocolates

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If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job and Love It” email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tvChelsey Anderson is catering to her sweet tooth in this “Take This Job and Love It.”Monica’s Chocolates in Lubec has been recognized by the President and First Lady, Senator Collins and in print nationwide.That’s a lot of pressure, so Chelsey got right to work on Monica’s popular bon bons.—————-Autumn- “The inside is peruvian filling and then around the outside we have a collection of chocolate pecans.”The recipe for the peruvian filling is secret. It comes from Monica’s father in Peru. Monica taught herself all the other techniques of chocolate making through trial and error, and from reading. She’s been at it 6 years and has figured out the best way to make the tastiest chocolates.Autumn- “Scoop up a little on the tip and you want to make sure it touches each edge of the pecan so when it dries it’s all a complete pieced there.Autumn- “If there’s a little hole in it you want to fill it in so it doesn’t dry out.”Chelsey- “Okay. Let’s give this a try.”The process kind of reminded me of frosting a cake or mudding dry wall.Chelsey- “Mine’s a lot blobby-er than yours.”Chelsey- “Is that covered enough?” Autumn- “Yeah, yeah that’s good. And just plop it right here.”By the time the tray was finished it was time to coat the bon bon entirely in chocolate.Autumn- “So you just want to drop it in and then catch it on the fork. Scoop up some chocolate so it’s all covered and then tap it on the knife to get all the excess off.”Autumn- “When you can start to see the outlines of the pecans there, scrape off the bottom and then put it onto the tray.”I gave it a try but I didn’t really have the finesse Autumn did.Chelsey- “I must have really had it swimming.” (laughter) Autumn- “I think so!”Once that was finished I moved on to the next station, which had a sheet of caramel laid out.Monica- “You try it.” Chelsey- “Yes, I will try it. I’m pregnant, of course I’ll try it!”Chelsey- “Mmm! It’s really good! So your carmel even tastes better than other caramels: is it because it’s so fresh?” Monica- “No, it’s the best quality and supplies.”Monica searches the world for her ingredients but buys local when she can. She believes in helping Maine’s economy and has increased her workforce each year.Monica- “The idea is not to make money for one person, it is so everybody has jobs.”I stopped eating all the ingredients up and joined Rose, who was making sand dollars- or turtles.Rose- “You just take a piece of caramel and squish it.”Rose- “Place it that way so the ends of the pecans stick out.”My turn.Rose- “Just kind of squish it into the form of a ball.”Then I put the caramel in the plastic wrap and let the tortilla press do the work… Rose- “Okay! Don’t squish too much!” (laughter) “It will get too big!” Chelsey- “I don’t think that’s what we were going for.”So we rolled the caramel into a ball and I tried again.Chelsey- “Okay. I’m not going to push as hard this time.”Rose- “That’s good.” Chelsey- “That’s good?” Rose-“Yep.”Chelsey- “Okay, and then I want to lay so all the points….”We finished the tray and then it was time to add the chocolate. Similar to the bon bons I coated the bottoms of the sand dollars, and then dolloped out chocolate for on top of the sand dollars.Rose- “And it’s done.”Monica- “We’ll let that dry, we’ll pack it, and it goes to sale.”So after trying my hand at chocolatiering would I get the job?Monica- “I think so, yes. You were very good. I see you work down perfect. For first time, very good. Next year you have job here.”—————–For more on what Monica’s has to offer visit www.monicaschocolates.com

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Take This Job and Love It: Colley Hill Soy Candles

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If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job and Love It” email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tvThe holidays are here. Homes are filled with smells of fresh cookies, pies and balsam firs. In this “Take This Job and Love it” Chelsey Anderson headed to Colley Hill Soy Candle Company in Hallowell where they are busy creating soy candles with your favorite fragrance for your holiday order.——– Tonya, Colley Hill Candles- “We are today pouring some fall fragrances. And i’ve already poured this in so we’re waiting for it to cool off.”Tonya- “So we’ll be setting up the jars, putting the wicks in, getting ready for fragrance and we’ll pour fragrance in, stir it up and pour the candles.”Chelsey-“So we’re going to set out our jars first?” Tonya- “Yes.”Tonya and I set out at least 12 jars for each fragrance. Tonya- “So right now what we are going to do is put the wicks in. So I put a pile of wicks over there for you and here’s some wick stickers and you just try and center them.”Now, this took me a long time, and I was worried it may be my demise. Chelsey- “So far, so good?”Tonya- “I haven’t heard any glass break or anything so you’re doing good.”Tonya- “Ok. So the wick bars now we have to put those on.”Tonya- “And that set keeps the wick centered so it pours nice and straight. So you can just grab a handful of those and start on that end. So you press down on the wick and then just slide it through.”Chelsey- “Is that right?” Tonya- “Yeah, that’s right. Perfect.”Chelsey- “I’m not very good at this part.” Tonya- “Well this is the part I didn’t like when I first started making candles.”Tonya- “It’s so close to pouring that’s what I like about it now.”While we continued to wait for the soy wax base to set up, I decided to sniff around.Tonya- “This is our best selling fragrance for 7 years.” Chelsey- “Oh my gosh!” Tonya- “White tea.”Chelsey-“I can’t wait to smell that one.” Tonya- “Go ahead.” Chelsey- “I can smell it right here?” Tonya- “Yeah, it’s a little stronger.” Chelsey- “Mmm! That smells really good.” Tonya- “Isn’t that nice, it’s fresh and clean. I can see that anywhere in your house.” Tonya- “Right.”And how does she come up with all of these fabulous scents?Tonya- “A lot of them I get a base fragrance and then I will add, mix a couple fragrances together. Like the cinnamon and the pumpkin pie and then I’ll pop the cinnamon over with the mac apple for apple cinnamon.” Tonya- “The White Tea is my own but I’m not telling you.” Tonya- “So some of these are getting ready and we can probably pour soon.” Chelsey- “Oh yeah. They are a lot thicker.” Tonya- “See how they get thicker. It’s kind of like fudge.”Now that the base ready to go it was time to measure our fragrance and pour it in.Tonya- “And we are doing 3.0.”Chelsey- “Ok, so it takes quite a bit. At first I was a little afraid I was going to go over right away.” Tonya- “Nope.” Tonya- “Just pour it right in here and stir it up.”Once the fragrance is added you can actually see the wax change.Chelsey- “Oh my gosh it smells good.” Tonya- “That one is fresh and clean.” “It smells fresh and clean!” (laughter)Chelsey- “I’ll watch you first.” Tonya- “And you just pour it right in.”Chelsey- “It’s a little bit nerve wracking.” Tonya- “No it’s great. You’re doing a great job.”Tonya-“Um. Do a continuous pour though because you can get air bubbles.” Chelsey- “Oh. Until there?” Tonya- “No a little bit more.” Chelsey-“Uh-oh I stopped.” Tonya- “That’s okay. There you go!”Tonya- “The air bubbles don’t really do any harm to the candle, but it doesn’t look so nice.”Chelsey- “I just dripped that down the side.” Tonya- “That’s okay. We clean them up after if there are any drips.”I continued to measure the fragrances and pour candles to the best of my ability, but when I got to Sugar Cookie, I had to stop…Chelsey- “Mmm! That smells good enough to eat.”Tonya- “These are ready to pop off, so now they stay right in the center where they belong.” Chelsey-“Ok.”All I had to do now was cut the wicks, add a caution label, and the company stickers and this candle was ready for retail.Chelsey- “After all of what we did today would I possibly be hired at making candles with you?” Tonya- “Yes you definitely would. You did a great job.”———To find out more about Colley Hill Soy Candles visit their website, www.colleyhill.com

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Take This Job and Love It: Trucking with Hartt Transportation

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If you have an idea for an upcoming “Take This Job and Love It,” email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tvVeterans Day is Friday. in honor of that, Chelsey Anderson took a temporary job with a local trucking company that has gone the extra mile for our troops. Chelsey…Chelsey: “That’s right, Hartt Transportation Systems in Bangor prides themselves in safety, the numerous regional and national awards they’ve been given, and their participation in the Wreaths Across America drive coming up next month. I decided to see what went into getting the truck ready for such a trip.”———(Melvin, 19 years with Hartt Transportation)- “Show you a few things about the truck and what we do to make sure it’s safe to go down the road.”(Melvin)- When you walk up to the truck you look underneath to see if there is any oil, antifreeze, any kind of leaks at all.”(Melvin)- “Before you ever, ever go anywhere always pull out the registration.”(Melvin)- “You look at it to make sure it’s registered to this vehicle.”(Melvin)- “This is the fun part.”(Chelsey)- “Okay, so how do I get in this.” Melvin- “Plant your feet like this, grab right here.” Chelsey- “Just give her a little bit of a tug and it should start to come right up on you.”It took a bit more work for me than Melvin, but I got it to lift, and now we could look over the engine.(Melvin)- “Down in here is the brakes. The thickness of the brakes is really important.”We continued to look over the hoses, belts, wiring, and antifreeze levels.(Melvin)- “Over on this side of the truck is where your oil is.”(Melvin)- “Pull it out.”(Melvin)- “Full.” The engine was in great condition so I closed up the hood, and moved to under the trailer.(Melvin)- “You look for any chafing in the air lines, air bags that might have a hole in it. Saddles on these if there are big chunks out of these you have to replace them. Pretty much you have to make sure it’s almost like a brand new vehicle.” Chelsey- “yeah.”Melvin said some drivers look over their truck in as little as 15 minutes, but drivers for Hartt’s Transportation are encouraged to spend the extra time for the safety of the driver and other vehicles on the roads.We even had to check the condition inside the trailer before picking up our load.(Melvin)- “Scuffed panels are good.”(Chelsey)- “Is that okay?” Melvin- This is acceptable if it was sticking out and going to rip paper or…” Chelsey- “Damage things?” Melvin- “Right.” Well, the registration was good, the engine was good, the trailer was good, now it was time to check the components inside the cab.Using 3 points of contact at all time, for safety, I climbed into the cab.(Chelsey)- “Am I going to sit here?” Melvin- “If you want.”Of course I wanted to!From the driver’s seat I checked all blinkers and hazard lights, and then checked them from the outside of the truck, making sure to check the lights all the way around.Then I hopped back into the cab to start the engine and check all the gauges.This truck was given Melvin’s seal of approval for the road. It would soon be making the long trip to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. loaded with wreaths from Worcester Wreath Company of Harrington to decorate the graves of Veterans in time for Christmas.After my help in the pre-trip inspection, did I have a future in truck driving?(Rick Parisien, Dir. of Human Resources & Safety)- “I think that you have the attitude that would make a great asset to the company, however I would recommend is you have more training underneath your belt, another year maybe, and then come back and see me, and we’ll talk employment.”—————–To learn more about Hartt Transportation visit: hartt-trans.comAnd to learn more about Wreaths Across America visit: www.wreathsacrossamerica.org

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