Peanut Brittle Pudding

Updated 1 year ago

2 boxes of Peanut Brittle 1 container of whipping cream Grind up the peanut brittle so its fine. Whip the cream as usual. Add the ground peanut brittle to the cream till well mixed. Refrigerate a couple of hours before eating. Recipe Submitted by:Laurie LaBree,Dexter

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Heavenly Salad

Updated 1 year ago

1 cup pineapple juiceButter-size of a walnut2 eggs beaten4 tablespoons flour1 cup sugarJuice of 1 lemonCombine above ingredients in a double boiler. Heat, stirring frequently until thickened. Transfer to large bowl and refrigerate. When ready to serve, add fruit. 1 large can chunk or crushed pineapple (your preference choice)Approx. 2-3 bananas-slicedApprox. 1-3 Macintosh or similar apples (cut like for an apple pie)Make “real” whipped cream with ½ pint heavy cream. Drop whipped cream by large spoonfuls onto top and garnish with whole pitted cherries (optional).This recipe is called a salad but can also be used as a dessert.This is an old family recipe which used to be made at an annual family gathering every August. Unfortunately most of the people that used to gather have either passed on or are elderly and we do not do gather anymore.Recipe Submitted by:Kathy Barker,Orono

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Aunt Arline’s Tomato Soup Cake

Updated 1 year ago

2 C all-purpose flour4 tsp baking powder1 tsp baking soda1 tsp cinnamon1 1/2 tsp allspice or nutmeg1/2 tsp cloves 1/2 C shortening1 1/3 C sugar1 can condensed tomato soup2 eggs1/4 C water

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Turnip Casserole

Updated 1 year ago

-wonderful holiday side dish 3 medium turnips, peeled and cubed4 TB butter, divided2 eggs3 TB all-purpose flour1 TB brown sugar3 tsp baking powder3/4 tsp salt1/4 tsp pepperDash ground nutmeg1/2 C dry bread crumbs Place turnips in a small saucepan and cover with water. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat:cover and simmer for 10-12 minutes or until tender. Drain.In a small mixing bowl, combine the turnips, 2 TB butter, and eggs. Combine the flour, brown sugar, baking powder, salt, pepper and nutmeg.Add to turnip mixture and mix well.Transfer to a greased 8 in. square baking dish.Melt remaining butter: toss with bread crumbs. Sprinkle over top.Bake, uncovered, at 375 deg. for 25-30 minutes or until a knife inserted near thecenter comes out clean.Serve immediately. Yield: 8 servings. Recipe may be doubled, tripled, etc.Recipe Submitted by:Beverleé Beers Richardson,Hancock

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Turkey in a Bag

Updated 1 year ago

One of my friends told me of this way to prepare a turkey. I thought it was crazy but tried it anyway. Ten years later me and now my daughter are still doing it this way.Wash your bird, stuff if you like, Slather your bird with mayo,put it in a clean brown paper bag roll up the ends and put it in the oven. You are done! No basting or worry. The gorgeous brown skin is great and oh so easy.(20 min. per pound) Recipe Submitted by:Marcia Thompson,Searsport

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Do you think Roxanne Quimby’s apology is sincere?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes 7% (26 votes) No 93% (363 votes)

Do you think the Clean Election Act keeps campaigns clean?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes 13% (33 votes) No 87% (220 votes)

Do you think Maine’s borders are secure?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes 34.5% (89 votes) No 65.5% (169 votes)

Healthy Living: Two types of Diabetes; Know the difference

Updated 3 years ago

By- Dr. Jonathan WoodMy work with children and teens with Type I Diabetes Mellitus and its life-threatening acute complications has led me to realize there is quite a bit of confusion about what diabetes is and what the differences are between the two main types. This is important stuff.The confusion is understandable. We use the same word to describe 2 different diseases. Related, yes, but really quite different. Type II or Adult Onset diabetes used to be a disease of older people and generally of overweight people. While it was always a fairly common disease, it has become much much more common in recent years. Many debate the reason for the increased incidence of Type II diabetes, but certainly it is related to some degree to the increased incidence of obesity in the US. And, as we see more and more young obese people, including many children, Type II diabetes has started to occur in younger and younger people. You see where I’m going here – – the terms Juvenile Onset and Adult Onset no longer apply and the crossover has fueled the confusion.Both Type I and Type II diabetes result in high blood glucose or blood “sugar”. That said, the way this happens and the consequences of this is somewhat different in the two diseases.What are the underlying problems in these 2 diseases?Type I Diabetes: lack of insulin. The pancreas stops making insulin. Insulin is critical to the body’s ability to manage and use the fuel glucose. Without insulin, paradoxically, the body tissues can’t “see” all the glucose accumulating in the bloodstream. They therefore turn to different pathways to produce fuel, which causes acute and often severe illness.Type II Diabetes: resistance to insulin. There is insulin, but the body doesn’t recognize it.The body makes insulin, but the tissues can’t “see” the insulin properly. The tissues are partially resistant to the effect of insulin and hence the blood sugar rises.The long-term consequences of high blood glucose (sugar) are largely the same in both diseases. (e.g. eyesight problems, kidney problems, peripheral nerve problems, increased infections)But, additionally, the complete absence of insulin in the Type I diabetics creates a scenario for life-threatening acute problems if day-to-day insulin management isn’t well understood and maintained carefully. This is generally not the case in Type II diabetes.If you have diabetes or a family member with diabetes, learn about their type of diabetes. If you have a young child or teen or grandchild or niece or nephew with diabetes, it is probably Type I. It needs to be well understood to safely provide for that child or teenager.If someone has Type I Diabetes, they need to have insulin given to them at all times. Learn about this! Most of the insulin given is to allow them to handle ingested foods, but a common misconception is that “if they don’t eat anything, they don’t need insulin”. This is a dangerous misconception. Yes, if they are sick or vomiting and not eating, a Type I diabetic needs less insulin, but they still need insulin. To give none is to risk the life-threatening complication of ketoacidosis. The rules governing this important situation are called “sick day rules” – – learn about them.Type I diabetics can lead full and productive lives. They can do all the things that other children can do, but they need to be safe and have family members that understand their disease.A good online review of all this can be found on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabetes_mellitus

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Do you own land?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes 78% (209 votes) No 22% (59 votes)

Do you support the Occupy protests taking place across the country?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes 19% (168 votes) No 81% (694 votes)

Financial Literacy

Updated 1 year ago

In my web travels I ran into this financial literacy test, which teaches you things as it quizzes you. Thought our viewers might like to see how they score.What’s a credit report?Who insures your stocks  in the stock market?Federal law gives you three days to cancel the purchase of a new or used car from the dealer?Negative financial information can stay of a credit report (including bankruptcy) for – years?By using ‘unit pricing’ you can compare brands and packages in the store. (true or false)The ‘rule of 72’ tells you how long it takes to double your money. (True or false) What’s a credit report?    A credit report is a payment and loan history kept by a credit bureau. Your history determines your credit score, which determines your interest rate for additional loans, and may be used when seeking employment or insurance. Who insures your stocks  in the stock market? No on. Agencies such as the FDIC, the SEC or the U.S. Treasury fill roles, but investing involves risk. Federal law gives you three days to cancel the purchase of a new or used car from the dealer? (True or false) FALSE. This is a discretionary benefit given to you by certain dealers. Negative financial information can stay of a credit report (including bankruptcy) for – years? Accurate negative information can stay on your report for seven years and bankruptcy can stay on a report for ten years. By using ‘unit pricing’ you can compare brands and packages in the store. (true or false) TRUE. Unit pricing is a tool for comparing various brands by the same UNIT, a pound, an ounce or a foot. The ‘rule of 72’ tells you how long it takes to double your money. (True or false) TRUE. To use the “Rule of 72,” divide 72 by the interest rate you’re getting. For example, if you deposit $3,000 into an account with a 2% interest rate, divide 72 by two. The answer–36–tells you that you will double your money in 36 years: in 36 years, you will have $6,000.Citation:http://www.getthebearessentials.com/downloads/TCU-Financial-Literacy-Quiz.pdfMarion R. Syversen, MBA – PresidentNorumbegaFinancial207.862.2952[ mailto:Marion@NorumbegaFinancial.com ]Marion@NorumbegaFinancial.comCheck out our website that includes weekly streaming videos[ http://www.norumbegafinancial.com/ ]WWW.NorumbegaFinancial.com Vote Norumbega Financial for Bangor’s Best Financial Planning Firm at [ http://www.bestofsurveys.com/vote-poll.html ]Market Surveys of AmericaIn compliance with requirements from FINRA, all e-mail sent via the WSFG domain will be subject to review and archiving by Wall Street Financial Group, Inc. Email management, archiving & monitoring technology powered by Smarsh, Inc. Disclosure:Only securities and advisory services offered through Wall Street Financial Group, Inc. Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC. Wall Street Financial Group, Inc., Norumbega Financial and all other entities listed herein are separate entities, independently owned and operated.

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Should there be a racetrack and slot machines in Calais?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes 58% (147 votes)No 42% (108 votes)

Is the logging/paper industry still viable in Maine?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes 67% (162 votes) No 33% (78 votes)

Take This Job and Love It: Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium

Updated 3 years ago

If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tvIn this Take This Job and Love It Chelsey Anderson heads to a sweet stop in Bar Harbor. Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium was happy to get the help. It all started with their famous ice cream.———————“We are making lobster ice cream.””It’s made with real Maine lobster, comes from local lobster pounds. We buy the lobster meat cooked, we chop it up here, we throw it in butter and when the ice cream is coming out of the machine we just mix in the lobster as it’s coming out.” “How do you end up not eating it?” “You don’t end up not eating, but quality control is important.””Start loading in the actual cream and flavoring ingredients for the base.”While the ice cream mixed, Rory filled out labels for our buckets and I chopped the lobster meat. 10 pounds would go into today’s recipe. Then I mixed the meat with butter and a secret ingredient.”Magic potion.””And it smells delicious already!” “So, right now it’s just like the lobster you’d be eating at home.”After the ice cream finished thickening it was time to fill buckets.”We’re going to pour half the bucket and we’re going to mix in a huge fist full of lobster. Mix it in completely. Pour the rest of the bucket. Do it again. We’re going to decorate a little on top. Ah beautiful. I’d buy that. Put a cover on it. And throw it in the walk-in.”550 buckets of ice cream would fill that freezer this summer.From there there are waffle cones made that are dipped in chocolate and candies or nuts, and the ice cream is served to customers.But while they ate their ice cream I still had more to do.”Is that how much candy we’re making?””We’re going to make pecan turtles.” “That’s a lot of candy.”Jamie had already put corn syrup in the pot. I added sugar, hard fat, water and a couple other ingredients.Then we just take the wooden spoon. “How cool.” “You want to stir it.” “Yeah sure!” “Ok.” “I just stir it like a, like a cauldron?” “Yep.”I turn the propane on and wait for a good boil.”Then we put this in?” “This is the flavoring.””It smells good.” “That’s my deodorant.” (laughter)”This is the fun part.” “Ok.””We’re going to take a dropper and put carmel in it.” “I’ll do a couple then you give it a whirl.” “It’s like you’re painting the road.””Fresh off the press.””Oh my gosh.” “It’s so good!”After the carmel cools we dip them in chocolate and they’re ready for purchase.So after all the work I did, would I be hired?”Oh, I’m sure we could find a spot for you.” “Thank you so much!”If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv

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Are you raking or mowing more this time of year?

Updated 3 years ago

Raking 21% (43 votes) Mowing 79% (162 votes)

Healthy Living: Screening for Prostate Cancer

Updated 3 years ago

American men have about a one in six chance of getting prostate cancer and are especially vulnerable as they get older. But a panel commissioned by the U.S. Government recommends against screening for it. TV5 Health Advisor Dr. Erik Steele joined Jim Morris on TV5 News at 5 to talk about it.

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Do you think teenagers should be banned from using tanning beds?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes 71% (152 votes) No 29% (62 votes)

Do you think the mission has been accomplished in Afghanistan?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes 32% (93 votes) No 68% (197 votes)

Will you buy fireworks next year?

Updated 3 years ago

Yes 62% (273 votes) No 38% (164 votes)