Finance is Fun: Retirement By The Numbers

Updated 2 months ago

Marion Syversen was in for this week’s Finance is Fun to talk about retirement and how are people getting ready for retirement, or already in retirement, how are they liking the decisions they made?

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Pet of the Week: Old Town Animal Orphanage

Updated 2 months ago

Bobbie Fowler was in from the Old Town Animal Orphanage with a furry friend for us to meet.

If you are interested in adopting a pet, the orphanage is open Monday through Friday 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Do you think nurse practitioners in Maine should be allowed to certify patients to use medical marijuana?

Updated 2 months ago

No    51% (289 Votes)

Yes  49% (283 Votes)


Total: 572 Votes

Preps Underway for Neighborhood Block Party in Chapin Park

Catherine Pegram

Updated 2 months ago

A neighborhood party is shaping up in Bangor – and even if you don’t live there, you’re invited.

Organizers are getting ready for the annual block party in Chapin Park Tuesday, July 29th.

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I Love My Pet: Monday, July 28, 2014

Updated 2 months ago

On Monday’s I Love My Pet, meet Abby.

Abby belongs to Amy and John in Fairfield.

She is a 1 year old Chocolate Lab mix.

Abby is a rescue dog from Georgia…

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Senior Watch: Volunteers Needed

Updated 2 months ago

Rob Crone, the Director of Nutrition and Auxiliary Services at Eastern Area Agency on Aging, was in to talk about their EZ Fix Minor Home Repair and cleaning service that Eastern Area Agency offers.

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Kitchen Bytes: Bruschetta

Updated 2 months ago

For this weeks Abby’s Kitchen Bytes, Abby Freethy,  showed Wayne a delicious and quick twist on bruschetta.  If you have any questions for Abby about this segment or you would like to know how to make the dish, you can email her at abby@northwoodsgourmetgirl.com.

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Do you think the new proposed rules will make trains safer in Maine?

Updated 2 months ago

No         57% (238 Votes)

Yes       43% (176 Votes)


Total: 414 Votes

Free Concert in Bangor July 28th Features Young Artists

Catherine Pegram

Updated 2 months ago

Some up and coming musicians will be putting on a free concert in Bangor Monday. July 28th.

It’s the Summer Evening Musicale.

Members of the Young Artist Chamber Music Program at Kneisel Hall will be performing.

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summer evening musicale

Blood Drive July 28th at Hollywood Casino in Bangor

Catherine Pegram

Updated 2 months ago

A blood drive in Bangor Monday, July 28th aims to boost the local supply.

The American Red Cross is organizing it at Hollywood Casino.

It’s in the Lancaster Room from 11 a.m.  to 4 p.m.

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BLOOD DRIVE-SOT_0116T162934 thumbnail

Civil Air Patrol

Updated 2 months ago

Captain Rick Gammon from the Civil Air Patrol was in the studio on Friday. He spoke to Wayne about some of the things the Civil Air Patrol does for the community, as well as how you can get involved, because, as he says in the interview, the air patrol is not only for those interested in military service.

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How many bond questions do you think will be passed by voters in November?

Updated 2 months ago

All 6                        36% (109 VOTES)
1-3                             30% (90 VOTES)
3-5                             26% (78 VOTES)
0                                    8% (24 VOTES)

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Fun Foods for a Camp Activities

Updated 2 months ago

Dietician Mary Lavanway shares some fun foods for a camp activities.

Walking Salad

Serves: 1


1 apple
2-3 tablespoons peanut butter or other nut butter
10-15 chocolate chips
2 tablespoons coconut or 2 tablespoons Kashi® Go Lean Crunch Cereal

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Gardening with Bob Bangs

Updated 2 months ago

To learn more about any of the topics discussed on this gardening segment, visit, windsweptgardens.com. If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed with Bob Bangs, send us an email at wabi@wabi.tv.

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Do you think the wood pellet plant, Thermogen Industries, will operate in Millinocket?

Updated 2 months ago

No      55% (219 Votes)

Yes    45% (182 Votes)


Total: 401 Votes

Wellness Wednesday: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ice Cream

Updated 2 months ago

Dietitian Mary Lavanway was in for this week’s Wellness Wednesday, making simple and healthy summer desserts.

The Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ice Cream recipe is below, and the Independence Clafouti recipe can be found at the following link, click here for recipe

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Senior Spotlight: Off-Shore Medications

Updated 2 months ago

Wayne was speaking to Lee Ohmart, a pharmacist with Miller Drug, on Wednesday for this week’s Senior Spotlight. He spoke to Wayne about the possible risks people are taking by trying to save money through use of off-shore medications.

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Should the City of Bangor sue KahBang for breach of contract?

Updated 2 months ago

Yes      53% (187 Votes)

No        47% (167 Votes)


Total: 354 Votes

Healthy Living: Checking in on the Elderly

Updated 2 months ago

By: Dr. Joan Pellegrini

Do you know or live near an elderly person who lives alone? Living alone offers the advantage of freedom but may have a unique challenge of limited resources for help when needed. The elderly are at particular risk because of medications and balance issues that can lead to slips and falls. As we get older we develop balance issues because of hearing, vision, and muscle loss and also degenerating nerves and bones. The falls are more likely to cause a broken bone because of osteoporosis. The elderly are frequently on blood thinning medications and this can cause serious bleeding with a simple fall.
Checking in on the elderly offers a support network that will allow them to stay in their home longer and safely. I have a provided a list of some concerns that you and your family or neighbors may want to discuss when discussing how to make sure the person of concern is safe and has a plan.
-) Do a home safety check to make sure rugs are secure and cords are safe, etc. A good reference is the website for Consumer Product Safety (www.cpsc.gov) which has a checklist for the older person’s home safety.
-) Advance planning and scheduling: who is going to check on the person and on what days and at what time? There are automated calling services available in some areas. If you live far away and cannot reach the person, who lives nearby that can be called? I would recommend at least a daily check to make sure they have not fallen or become ill in such a way they cannot call for help. It could be as simple as a daily test message that requires an answer in a certain amount of time before you or someone else goes over to check on the person.
-) Does this person need medication reminders? If so, will someone be able to check the pill counts? Does the person need an alarm to be set for medication reminding? Do they often forget if they took the pill/pills? Perhaps a check box on a calendar would work in that situation.
-) Is a medical alert system needed? These are companies that offer a bracelet or necklace with a button that can be pressed if the person has fallen or cannot otherwise call for help. A necklace may be a better option because a person having a stroke may not be able to move the arm that is necessary to press the button on the other arm.
-) Can this person afford a cell phone that can be used when they are not in their house? If not, there is a service through the Federal Communications Committee that will provide a low cost cellular phone for emergency calls only.
-) If there is bad weather (too hot or too cold) or the power is out then someone should check on this person to make sure they have what is needed.
-) If this person is your neighbor and you are going to a store, they may appreciate your offering to pick up a few things for them.
-) Should this person have an ID bracelet with emergency contact information? People who need this are the elderly with some memory or dementia issues.
-) Is this person safe to still be driving? If not, what can you offer to help them be able to give up their license and yet not suffer too much loss of freedom?
Each elderly person who lives alone has different needs. Some may need more frequent checking in and some may just need a number to call in case of emergency. Even without a formal plan in place, you may know someone who lives alone and could use a little bit of help or checking upon in times of bad weather, etc.

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Biz Tips: Tips for Job Seekers

Updated 2 months ago

It’s summer time and many new grads are out looking for work!
If that’s you – or you’re already working and thinking about making a change … Deb  Neuman shares tips to help you find that new job!

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