Fitness Friday: Lunges

Updated 1 month ago

Josiah Hartley from LA Training was back in the studio Friday for this week’s Fitness Friday. This week he was giving Wayne and Joy pointers on the proper form and technique to do lunges, a strong core workout that can be done at any time when you have a few seconds to spare.

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Do you think people charged with murder should be allowed to make plea deals?

Updated 1 month ago

No      85% (417 Votes)

Yes     15% (71 Votes)


Total: 488 Votes

Celebrating “Farm Fresh” with The Turkey Farm

Updated 1 month ago

Celebrating “Farm Fresh”

That’s the slogan of the Maine Harvest Festival, which is this weekend at the Cross Center in Bangor.

Bob Neal of the Turkey Farm in New Sharon is one of the more than 150 vendors taking part this year, and talked about it on WABI TV5.

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Harvest Festival: One Lupine Fiber Arts

Updated 1 month ago

The  annual Maine Harvest Festival is coming up this weekend and we featured a guest of the festival on the TV-5 Morning Show Thursday. Jodi Clayton is the owner and artisan for One Lupine Fiber Arts in Bangor.

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Senior Spotlight: Shovel Safety

Updated 1 month ago

Amy Kenney from St. Joseph Healthcare was in the studio Wednesday for this week’s Senior Spotlight. Amy was speaking to Joy about shovel and snow safety. After being hit by such a large, surprising storm, with such heavy and wet snow, it can be easy to be caught unprepared and receive an injury caused by improper snow removal.

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Are you voting for the best candidate or “the lesser of two evils”?

Updated 1 month ago

Best Candidate                     61% (686 Votes)

“Lesser of two evils”           39% (442 Votes)


Total: 1,128 Votes

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Healthy Living: Get Your Flu Shot Yet?

Updated 1 month ago

Flu Shot? Do Your Patriotic Duty!

Autumn . . . the daylight fades into growing darkness. The first frost kills the summer flowers and the leaves begin to fall. It’s easy to understand how our forbears throughout the Northern Hemisphere associated this season with decay and death. Today’s Halloween festivities with children going door-to-door dressed as ghouls and goblins has its cultural roots in the sense of fear and dread that our ancestors had for the coming winter. And for good reason: for most animal species winter is a trying time that separates those able to survive from the weak, infirm, and aged. The same is still true for modern humans. However, we do have a number of advantages over those who lived in these climates before us. It’s not just the warmer clothes, drier homes and larger stores of food that make the survival difference. Rather, it is our complex social networks together with an evolution of technology that these networks foster, which form our decisive advantage over winter’s threat. We have the modern miracle of roads that get plowed and salted after every storm, hospitals that stay open 24-7 to care for the sick or injured, and the reliable delivery of heating fuel right up our very driveway to keep the cold at bay.

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Finance Is Fun: Shopping On A Budget

Updated 2 months ago

Marion Syversen was in for this week’s Finance is Fun to talk to us about how to shop on a budget.

Have a budget - What is the top amount of money you can spend, or should stay within, for Christmas or Hanukkah? Be ruthless in this number. Love doesn’t equal the cost of the gift. It is your thoughtfulness that shows your affection. So be realistic and responsible and make an upper limit that will possibly include food and ancillary things needed to celebrate.

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Do you agree with Fairpoint’s decision to drop insurance coverage for the striking workers?

Updated 2 months ago

No        69% (550 Votes)

Yes       31% (250 Votes)


Total: 800 Votes

Penquis: A Look at LiHEAP

Updated 2 months ago

Barbara Stone, Division Manager for Housing and Energy Services oversees the federal LiHEAP program (heating assistance).

She joined WABI TV5 to talk about the program.

For more information:


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I Love My Pet: Monday, November 3, 2014

Updated 2 months ago

On Monday’s I Love My Pet, we met Izzy

Izzy was adopted by Jennie two years ago from the Bangor Humane Society.

He is very active and loves to play with just about anything that moves.

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Senior Watch: Coats For Seniors

Updated 2 months ago

Dyan Walsh from Eastern Area Agency on Aging was in for this week’s Senior Watch to talk about the Coats for Seniors Campaign.

If you have any questions about this program you can call Eastern Area Agency on Aging at 1-800-432-7812

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Do you think this campaign is too negative?

Updated 2 months ago

Yes        91% (1,100 Votes)

No           9% (105 Votes)


Total: 1,205 Votes

If Eliot Cutler were to drop out of the Governor’s race, who do you think would win the election?

Updated 2 months ago

Paul LePage (R)              63% (394 Votes)

Mike Michaud (D)          37% (231 Votes)


Total: 625 Votes

Sparkle Fundraiser

Updated 2 months ago

Nicole Robinson, executive director of Sebasticook Valley Chamber of Commerce, and George Lougee were on the morning show Thursday speaking to Joy about their upcoming “Sparkle” fundraiser. The event is coming up Saturday, November 8th at St. Martin’s Hall in Palmyra, and will run from 6:00 – 10:00 PM. It will feature hors d’oeurves, a cash bar, live and silent auctions and dancing.

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Should the state require a non voluntary 21 day quarantine for anyone dealing with ebola patients?

Updated 2 months ago

Yes      85% (602 Votes)

No       15% (104 Votes)


Total: 706 Votes

Wellness Wednesday: Halloween Inspired Treats

Updated 2 months ago

Mary Lavanway was on the Noon newscast showing us some fun and healthy treats just in time for Halloween.

Below you will find the recipes that Mary made on the show today plus a bonus recipe she did not make on the show, which is also Halloween themed:

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Senior Spotlight: COPD

Updated 2 months ago

Allergist Paul Shapero was in the studio Wednesday for this week’s Senior Spotlight. He was speaking to Wayne about COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

For more information, you can call Paul at his office, 947-8658.

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National Math Competition and Classes Upcoming

Updated 2 months ago

Eva Szillery was in the studio Wednesday talking to Joy about some big upcoming math initiatives in the area.

First, the American Mathematics Competitions will be offered nationwide on November 18th. In Maine, students aged eight to fourteen and a half may register for free and participate at either EMCC in Bangor, Bowdoin College in Brunswick, or at UMPI in Presque Isle. For more information on the nationwide competition, visit the website below:

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Do you think Kaci Hickox should be allowed to self-quarantine in Maine?

Updated 2 months ago

No      70% (433 Votes)

Yes     30% (190 Votes)


Total: 623 Votes