Traditional Maine Work Songs to be Featured at Pembroke Library

Catherine Pegram

Updated 3 weeks ago

Songs about Maine workers will be ringing through the Pembroke library Wednesday, August 13th.

The library’s presenting Maine Song, a series of traditional songs of Maine’s fishermen, sailors, lumbermen and shore workers.

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Kitchen Bytes: Strawberry Cream Tart

Updated 3 weeks ago

For this weeks Abby’s Kitchen Bytes, Abby Freethy,  showed Wayne how to make a delicious strawberry cream tart.  If you have any questions for Abby about this segment or you would like to know how to make the dish, you can email her at abby@northwoodsgourmetgirl.com.

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Do you think the US should use air strikes against Islamic militants in Iraq?

Updated 3 weeks ago

Yes        65% (392 Votes)

No          35% (212 Votes)


Total: 604 Votes

Do you worry about getting your passwords stolen and accounts hacked?

Updated 4 weeks ago

Yes       60% (229 Votes)

No         40% (150 Votes)


Total: 379 Votes

Gardening with Todd Bangs

Updated 4 weeks ago

Bob’s son Todd Bangs joined Wayne for this week’s gardening segment. To learn more about any of the topics discussed on this gardening segment, visit, windsweptgardens.com. If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed with Bob Bangs, send us an email at wabi@wabi.tv.

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Should talking on a handheld cell phone while driving be illegal?

Updated 4 weeks ago

Yes        72% (358 Votes)

No          28% (140 Votes)


Total: 498 Votes

Senior Spotlight: Respite Suites

Updated 4 weeks ago


Juanita Taylor of Dirigo Pines was in the studio on Wednesday for this week’s Senior Spotlight segment. She spoke to Wayne about Dirigo Pines’ new respite suites, designed to give loved ones the care they need from anywhere between 2-30 days while a family is on vacation or unavailable.

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Do you think it is safe for a plane carrying ebola patients to land in Bangor?

Updated 4 weeks ago

Yes    58%  (256 Votes)

No      42%  (185 Votes)


Total: 441 Votes

Healthy Living: The Psychology of Violence

Updated 4 weeks ago

The Psychology of Violence: Addressing a Critical Public Health Problem
Healthy Living – August 5, 2014
Dr. David Prescott – Acadia Hospital

Violence, Aggression, and Anger: As a leading cause of mortality for youth in America, combatting violence deserves attention for many reasons. Among them, violence is a leading cause of death and injury, particularly among young people. For certain age groups, violence presents a larger health risk than more traditional health problems like cancer or cardiac illness.
From a psychological standpoint, violence differs from anger and aggression.
· Anger is a normal human emotion that is typically experienced when we are threatened or provoked.
· Aggression involves behaviors associated with anger, typically involving verbal or physical threats and action against another person. Certain situations increase the risk of aggression, such as drinking, insults and other provocations and environmental factors like heat and overcrowding.
· Violence is an extreme form of aggression, such as assault, rape, or murder.

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So Many Retirement Plans. What do all the Letters and Numbers Mean?

Updated 4 weeks ago

Pre-tax contributions – Most retirement plans are funded with what are termed ‘pre-tax contribution.’ Taxes are NOT removed from that contribution now but will be owed later, when the money is removed from the tax-deferred protection of the particular account. So if you are twenty years old and begin to save, the money contributed to the account is pre-tax, and if you didn’t begin removing it until age seventy for example, the money grows protected from tax, or tax are deferred, until you remove any or all of it. Each amount withdrawn prompt the taxes due.

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Biz Tips: Are you Ready to Quit Your “Day Job” to Start a Business?

Updated 4 weeks ago

Deb Neuman wants to know:  Are you ready to quit your “day job” to start a business?

1. Distracted at work – thinking about your business
2. You’ve market tested the idea
3. You’ve got a business “plan”
4. You’ve got a contingency plan
5. You’ve banked some money
6. You’ve got support (spouse/family/friends)
7. You never want to say “if only?”

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Pet of the Week: Bangor Humane Society

Updated 4 weeks ago


Kristin Harmon was in the studio again for this week’s Pet of the Week. She introduced Wayne to one of the many kittens at the Bangor Humane Society right now, and reminded viewers that during these busy summer days, there are still many deals at the humane society, making it the perfect time to give one of these furry friends a forever home.

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Do you think Maine lobsters are being over-fished?

Updated 4 weeks ago

No        57% (207 Votes)

Yes      43% (159 Votes)


Total: 366 Votes

I Love My Pet: Monday, August 4, 2014

Updated 4 weeks ago

On Monday’s I Love My Pet, we met Ruger.

Ruger belongs to Josh and Brook.

He is a 2 year old Chocolate Lab born on Christmas day.

Ruger loves to play outdoors, especially pouncing around in the snow during the winter.

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Senior Watch: Staying Hydrated

Updated 4 weeks ago

Georgia Clark Albert, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, was in for Senior Watch to talk about the importance of staying hydrated.

Penquis Annual Backpack Drive

Updated 4 weeks ago

Renae Muscatell from Penquis talks about the Annual Backpack Drive and need for additional business sponsors and backpack donations.

· The average cost per child for school supplies only is $96.

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Consumer Contact: Pass It On

Updated 4 weeks ago


Russ Van Arsdale was in the studio Monday for this week’s Consumer Contact. This week, Russ was speaking with Wayne about strives from the Federal Trade Commission to not only inform those looking on ways to detect and protect from scams, but also to pass that information on to everyone they can.

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Do you agree with the Red Sox player trades?

Updated 4 weeks ago

No           51% (194 Votes)

Yes          49% (185 Votes)


Total: 379 Votes

SPCA Pet of the Week: Meet Moses

Updated 1 month ago

In Friday’s Noon Lunchbreak, Diana De Los Santos from the SPCA of Hancock County was here with Moses.

Moses is about 15 weeks old. He’s a sweetie pie. He can be a bit shy at first, but snuggles up quickly. He was part of a litter found in Bucksport. The man that found them agreed to keep them until they were 10 weeks with the momma and then he got the momma fixed.

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How do you prefer your lobster?

Updated 1 month ago

Both       37% (156 Votes)

Hard shell     29% (126 Votes)

Neither           21% (90 Votes)

Soft shell         13% (54 Votes)

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