Fitness Friday: Wall Sits

Updated 4 weeks ago

In his last feature on Fitness Friday, Josiah Hartley of LA Training in Bangor taught Joy and Wayne the proper form and technique to do wall sits. Wall sits are simple and easy to learn, but you can certainly feel the work their doing to your core and legs.

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Do you have a concealed weapons permit?

Updated 4 weeks ago

No      66% (284 Votes)

Yes      34% (147 Votes)


Total: 431 Votes

Wellness Wednesday: Mini Pumpkin Pies With Caramelized Bananas

Updated 4 weeks ago

Mary Lavanway was in for this week’s Wellness Wednesday to make a Thanksgiving dessert that’s healthy as well.

Below you will find the recipe that Mary made on today’s Wellness Wednesday.

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Maine Struggling Food Pantries Part Two

Updated 4 weeks ago

Food pantries in Maine are struggling to keep enough food on their shelves to meet the growing need.

In part two of our series, we pick up where we left off in part one — inside one of the food pantries in rural central Maine as they get set for the Thanksgiving Day rush, making sure they can fill the need during the winter months beyond the holidays.

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Slow Cooker Beef and Vegetable Stew

Updated 4 weeks ago

Mary Lavanway from Hannaford shares a hearty winter meal. This beef stew has plenty of herbs and tender vegetables. It also makes great leftovers.

Serves 6
Active Time:25 minutes
Total Time: 4 to 6 hours (using a slow cooker)

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Senior Spotlight: Custom-Fit Knee Implant

Updated 4 weeks ago

In this week’s Senior Spotlight, Dr. Ian Dickey, orthopedic surgeon at Eastern Maine Medical Center, sat down with Wayne Harvey to talk about the hospital’s new technology that will revolutionize knee implants. As Dr. Dickey explains, with the use of 3-D printers, the hospital is now able to design custom-made implants that will fit the patients receiving them perfectly, as opposed to the hospital’s old way of trying to fit a patient into a size 1-12 scale.

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Do you think Maine should provide Medicaid coverage to low-income 19-and-20-year-olds?

Updated 4 weeks ago

No       68% (360 Votes)

Yes       32% (169 Votes)


Total: 529 Votes

Maine Food Pantries Struggling Part One

Updated 1 month ago

Food pantries across central Maine are seeing a rise in need and fewer resources to meet that need. And with Thanksgiving near, this is the time of year when food banks see more people who are in need of help.

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Finance is Fun: Your Money and Being Thankful

Updated 1 month ago

A day set aside to focus on thanksgiving is an awesome thing. But what does being grateful have to do with your money? Lots, actually.

Money and emotions are intertwined. And if you learned anything from Saturday morning cartoons you may have learned that Scrooge McDuck never had enough money, was seemingly always grouchy and that perhaps that was not the fun-loving person you may have wanted to be.

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Healthy Living: Giving Thanks Without Regret

Updated 1 month ago


By: Amy Movius MD

Next week is thanksgiving, officially starting the holiday season that won’t end until 2015. Holidays are mostly wonderful – a time to focus on family and friends and appreciate what we have. They can also be a time of considerable stress and a tendency for excess. Many people gain permanent unhealthy weight this time of year, and it starts with the Thanksgiving feast. Having a plan for enjoying yourself without later regret can only make the holidays better. Below are some strategies for embracing the season – starting with thanksgiving – in moderation.
Increasing physical activity in the weeks before the holidays (now!) can keep the calories burning as can incorporating activity into the festivities. Taking a Thanksgiving family walk or other outing can be part of the tradition.
Eating breakfast on thanksgiving morning is incredibly important. While there can be a tendency to want to “save it” for later, it’s much more likely that you will go uncomfortably overboard at dinner with a too-empty stomach.
There is so much sugar and fat in many traditional thanksgiving dishes that you can trim down these ingredients (and calories) without noticing the difference in flavor. Aside from cutting down on the amount of sugar and fat used in recipes, opting for fat/sugar free ingredients – such as fat free broth – when available can reduce the caloric content without changing the taste.
Portion control is always a challenge with a sumptuous table spread before you. Eating mostly the really special stuff over “regular food” is one way to do this. Choosing white turkey meat, simple vegetables (instead of rich casseroles), roasted sweet potatoes (instead of marshmallow ones) mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie are all going to be on the healthier side of traditional thanksgiving fare. However, there’s no need to deny yourself favorites dishes if you limit the amount. Skipping seconds is obviously a good idea too.
Limiting your alcohol consumption can have a huge impact on calories. While some of it relates to the empty calories alcohol contains, the more important effect is that excessive alcohol will discourage any physical activity and may also diminish your resolve to eat moderately.
The holiday season is meant to be enjoyed, not to feel deprived. Instead of trying to lose weight, focus on maintaining your weight and activity through the New Year. That way you are more likely to have many more happy and healthy seasons to come!

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Pet of the Week: Elsa

Updated 1 month ago

Bobbie Fowler was in from the Old Town Animal Orphanage with a furry friend for us to meet. This week’s Pet of the Week is Elsa, and yes, she’s named after the princess from Frozen.

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Would you be willing to pay a health membership fee in lieu of insurance to see your primary doctor?

Updated 1 month ago

No      60% (206 Votes)

Yes      40% (140 Votes)


Total: 346 Votes

I Love My Pet: Monday, November 17, 2014

Updated 1 month ago

On Monday’s I Love My Pet, we met Smokey

Smokey is a year old, and belongs to the ventimiglia family.

He is the best behaved cat in the world.

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Senior Watch: Hospice Care

Updated 1 month ago

Christii Maquillan the Executive Director of New Hope Hospice was in for this week’s Senior Watch, to talk about what hospice does and the philosophy of hospice care.


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Kitchen Bytes: Bacon Croutons

Updated 1 month ago

For this weeks Abby’s Kitchen Bytes, Abby Freethy,  showed Wayne how to make homemade bacon croutons.  If you have any questions for Abby about this segment or you would like to know how to make the dish, you can email her at abby@northwoodsgourmetgirl.com.

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Do you think the bankruptcy court should accept the offer for the East Millinocket mill?

Updated 1 month ago

Yes      72% (404 Votes)

No       28% (160 Votes)


Total: 564

Cinema Savvy: C+ for Dumb and Dumber To

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 1 month ago

Only one major release hit cinemas this weekend. However moviegoers should keep their eye on director Bennett Miller’s critically acclaimed Foxcatcher which was released in limited venues this weekend. As of now it is a frontrunner as an Oscar contender in multiple categories. That film should expand to a theater near you over the next few weeks.

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Have you started your holiday shopping?

Updated 1 month ago

No       62% (235 Votes)

Yes       38% (145 Votes)


Total: 380 Votes

Answering the Call: Inside Dispatching 2

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 1 month ago

Public safety dispatchers answer countless calls of distress and emergency every day. Most blend together, but some stand out.

“Suicide calls, homicide, child calls are really tough,” says Betty Stone, who’s been dispatching for 16 years.

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Do you think social media hinders social development?

Updated 1 month ago

Yes       86% (352 Votes)

No         14% (56 Votes)


Total: 408 Votes