Do you think nurses at EMMC should go on strike to get a new contract?

Updated 4 years ago

Yes 58% (169 votes) No 40% (116 votes) Other: 2% (6 votes)

What is the most pressing topic for you in this election?

Updated 4 years ago

Taxes 13% (25 votes)Jobs 35% (70 votes)Economy 33% (65 votes)Social Services 6% (12 votes)Change 9% (17 votes)Other: 4% (9 votes)

Do you think Tidal Power will be the next big energy source, or a waste of resources?

Updated 4 years ago

Next Big Thing 53% (76 votes) Waste of Resources 47% (68 votes)

Finance is Fun

Updated 1 year ago

Managing Kids and Their Financial ExpectationBy- Marion SyversenIt’s can be hard to say no to people you love. Especially when the things people want is affordable and you can easily buy it. So when you’re in the store and your baby asks for something and they are so cute and so sweet, it is easy to say, sure. But buying things all the time when kids ask will create serious problems for your kids. In real life they can’t have everything they see and want. You don’t want them to become so accustomed to wanting or needing things to the extent that they would forgo real relationships for one in which someone who will buy them stuff. And you want fulfillment in their lives to be more than things.Check yourself- Can you say no? If not, why not? Are you fulfilling needs from your emptiness or pain? This is a common reason why parents can’t or won’t say no. They don’t really need the item for which they may presently be begging. It may very well be in your heart.  Life has rules- Are you being mean when you tell your child that not to stand on a chair because they may fall? Is God being mean because there is gravity? Helping your child be a responsible, charitable adult who works hard and is kind to others that’s your job as a parent. Here are some rules: You can’t have everything you want. Work bring satisfaction and a paycheck. Think of others. Clean up after yourself. It’s not all about you.Find teaching tools- It’s hard for kids to hear you say you don’t have the money when you spend $100 on groceries. I know what it means when you say things about your money, but they only see and hear words that say the opposite of what you are doing.  Teaching budgeting, maybe you need to learn about budgeting, is a way to begin this process.  According to a Wall Street Journal article 24% of parents made back to school budgets WITH their kids which was many more than had done it a few years ago.It’s okay to learn these truths together. We are all on a journey in life and not as smart or as wise today as we will be, hopefully, next week or next year. But please recognize what motivates you and take control of yourself so you can be a better parent for your children.Citations:http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704285104575491761014550690.html   

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Do you know who you are going to vote for for Governor?

Updated 4 years ago

Yes 73% (158 votes)No 27% (57 votes)

Which would you rather play?

Updated 4 years ago

Board Games 25% (63 votes)Video Games 21% (54 votes)Card Games 54% (135 votes)

Do you think same-sex classrooms would help Maine High Schoolers learn math & sciences?

Updated 4 years ago

Yes 30% (53 votes)No 70% (123 votes)

Pie vs. Crisp

Updated 4 years ago

Which do you prefer?Apple Pie 47% (92 votes) Apple Crisp 53% (105 votes)

How do you handle political phone calls?

Updated 4 years ago

Answer Their Poll Questions 23% (36 votes)Ignore, and let the Machine Pick up 77% (123 votes)

Are you working on Columbus Day?

Updated 4 years ago

Yes 59% (93 votes) No 41% (64 votes)

Take This Job and Love It: New Balance Shoe Factory

Updated 4 years ago

In this edition of Take This Job and Love It, Chelsey Anderson heads to Skowhegan. There Chelsey hoped to be a shoe in for her new job.Chelsey- “The New Balance Shoe Factory focuses on safety, quality, efficiency and effectiveness. They have to, to put out as many as 42-hundred pairs of shoe a day. So I got right to work and did my best to keep up.”—————Plant Manager Patrick Welch started me in cutting working with Lisa.Lisa, Cutter, New Balance Shoe Factory- “It’s basically like a puzzle.”Chelsey- “So, we’re trying to squeeze as many as these pieces on as possible.”After Lisa helped me punch out a couple more runs it was time to head upstairs, where they were excited to have us.Crew singing- “Take this job and love it!”One of the first things Patrick tried to instill in me was that timing’s everything.Patrick Welch, Plant Mgr., New Balance Shoe Factory- “At 12:04:48 this person right here, will be coming around the corner any moment.”So, I skipped pre-fit, where the fine details are added, and started at the first pass of computer stitching with Judy. I watched and tried my best, but I didn’t have the talent and speed these folks have. I was slowing the whole line down.Chelsey- “Sorry!”Patrick showed me how to do one of the stations…Patrick Welch, Plant Mgr., New Balance Shoe Factory- “I put the wrong one on. That’s why I don’t do this very often!”Chelsey- “Now I spin it?” “Yep.”I had to sew the New Balance N on, and dye out the tongue hole.The next station was a manual sewing station with a lot to it. I wasn’t sure I had the skill for sewing in the box toe, but with an 18 year sewing veteran helping me, I gave it a try.Chelsey- “Rrrrr!””These are fixable. They really are.”She’ll regret saying that.Chelsey- ” This is terrible, you don’t want this one.”Chelsey- “I can not have THIS job.”Patrick Welch, Plant Mgr., New Balance Shoe Factory- “I’ve seen creative stitching but that takes it to a whole new level!”After several more sewing stations it was getting easier and easier to see the final product.Patrick Welch, Plant Mgr., New Balance Shoe Factory- “This, for all intent and purpose, is a shoe, but for insert, lace and sole.” Chelsey- “It doesn’t have a soul yet.” Patrick- “It needs a soul!”I head over to apply the glue cement to the souls with Ray.Ray- “You want to put one in and make sure it’s flat and you want to put it in so it goes all the way back in there.”Ray- “If you look at it you can see it almost looks like a car wash.” Chelsey- “Oh that’s neat.”Ray- “Now, here comes the fun part, because sometimes they get away from you.” Chelsey- “Uh-oh.” Ray- “You’re going to have to hold it tight, and go from one side all the way around to the other side.”Ray- “See it coming up.” Chelsey- “And now I spin it. Oh, oh, oh! I’m losing it!”Like the other stations, Ray was much faster and effective than me, so he cleaned up my mess and I moved onto the final stations.Chelsey- “Wind it up, put it on the inside.”Instructor- “Check the distance here. See if it matches.” Chelsey- “Pretty good.”Now I inspect the shoes and punch them for sale before popping the pair in the box.Chelsey- “Well, there we go. There’s my shoes: not mine because we could not sell those.”So after slowing down the line, and creating a whole lot more work for each of the stations I stopped at, would I get the job?Patrick Welch, Plant Mgr., New Balance Shoe Factory- “You would. I’ll tell you why. Good attitude, you’ve got a good smile, and communicate really well. Those are the things we look for. We can teach you how to make shoes!””We’d love to have you and you’re always welcome.”————Chelsey- “I’d like to thank everyone at New Balance Shoe Factory for putting out a great shoe, made in the USA, by great people. You all have amazing skills.”If you have an idea for our next Take This Job and Love It email Chelsey at canderson@wabi.tv or the station at wabi@wabi.tv.

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Finance is Fun: Small Businesses

Updated 1 year ago

By- Marion SyversonThis week I and Norumbega Financial celebrate our ninth anniversary. The SBA’s general rule of thumb is that 50% of businesses make it, or succeed. Do you have a plan- or do you just dream of working for yourself? Dreaming isn’t enough. The more detailed your plan, the more likely the chance that you have figured out contingencies for the ups and downs of economic cycles. Persuasive and persistent- Being strongly determined, really wanting to be your own boss as well as the drive to do what it takes are critical traits to longevity. Passion goes a long way in persuading people to work with you. It makes you and your service or product at least initially compelling.Ready to tackle an ‘ongoing puzzle’- actually the business is a series of puzzles. How much has technology changed in the ten years Norumbega Financial has been an entity? A lot! Rules for my industries have changed, employees have changed. Manufacturing methods have evolved. Tweaking delivery or packaging methods, cutting edge communication, staying faithful to great service while developing new business, keeping current with trends in the skill in which you specialize, so many directions you – and your team- need to keep advancing: do you have what it takes?Motivated- Do you have the drive and the desire to push every day- or to push forward most days? No one can be 100% every day but I’m a very high energy person and I wish I were doing more.Capable- If you stink at what you do, having all these other skills or traits will not be enough to sustain any business for the long-term. You have got to be capable, even really good or great, at what you do to have long-term success.Don’t give up the dream of business ownership, but you have the best chance of success if you have more than just a dream.Citations:Business owners Toolkithttp://www.toolkit.com/small_business_guide/sbg.aspx?nid=P01_00017 reasons businesses failhttp://www.businessknowhow.com/startup/business-failure.htmAbout. Comhttp://entrepreneurs.about.com/od/becominganentrepreneur/a/doyouhavewhatittakes.htm Disclosure:Only securities and advisory services offered through Wall Street Financial Group, Inc. Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC. Wall Street Financial Group, Inc., Norumbega Financial and all other entities listed herein are separate entities, independently owned and operated.

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Do you think that free speech should be limited in certain circumstances?

Updated 4 years ago

Total Votes: 317No 71% (225 votes)Yes 29% (92 votes)

Do you have an up-to-date resume?

Updated 4 years ago

244 VotesNo – 173Yes – 71

Do you wear a helmet while riding ATV’s?

Updated 4 years ago

116 VotesNo – 62Yes – 54

Would you let your fingerprint be used as a form of payment?

Updated 4 years ago

170 VotesNo – 138Yes – 32

How many times a day do you wash your hands?

Updated 4 years ago

176 VotesSeveral – 95All the Time – 65Once or Twice – 13Never – 3

Healthy Living: Tree Stand Safety

Updated 4 years ago

By- Dr. Joan Marie PellegriniHunting season has arrived and already we have seen hunters seriously injured because of falls from their tree stand. A quick Google search of tree stand accidents will quickly tell you that this is a common problem. Depending on where you live, up to 1/3 to ½ of all hunting accidents are a result of falling off or out of a tree stand. Of these accidents, 75% result in injury because the hunter was not using a harness or was using a harness improperly. This is really unfortunate because all commercial tree stands come with a fall restraint system (FAS). Also, this topic is covered in all hunter safety courses.Most falls happen when transitioning into the stand or out of the stand. Also, stands must be maintained and examined for wear and tear. Unfortunately, many falls are also related to alcohol intoxication.I have attached a list of safety tips from the Treestand Manufacturers Association and from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.1. Always wear a safety harness while hunting from a tree stand, including while ascending and descending. Make sure you understand how the harness should be properly used. Do not use a harness that looks worn or is not certified for your weight.2. Never climb into a permanent stand you have not built yourself or carefully checked out. 3. Always hunt with a plan and a buddy. Let someone know where you are going to be and when you plan to return.4. Always have an emergency signal device such as a cell phone, walkie-talkie, whistle, etc.5. Never hunt from tree limbs and make sure the tree is healthy and alive. Dead trees do not make sturdy supports for stands.6. Be sure the commercial stand you have is safe. Practice with it before using it in the woods. 7. Never climb a tree that is too small or too large for your stand to fit safely. 8. Be sure your stand is level at the height you wish to hunt. 9. Always stand up slowly and be sure of your balance. 10. Be sure you are steady and braced before shooting. 11. Always use a line haul line for your gear. Never climb with your equipment. 12. Be more careful than you think you need to be.

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Useful Financial Website

Updated 1 year ago

Website:www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/Money_Taxes.shtmlI’m always looking for material on various money topics, especially free material. In the hunt I found this web site www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/Money_Taxes.shtml with all kinds of cool info. Whether you are a curious person, parent or teacher, or a really smart kid there is something for all kinds of financial questions or interests on this single site.CREDIT – You can find out the rules and where to get free credit reports from the three reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and Transunion and how to spot sites that charge you unnecessarily. There is list of known scams and financial fraud, including the pesky emails from your supposed dear friends in Nigeria. There are links with information on what to do to protect your credit and ways to repair that credit if it’s too late.AUCTIONS & TICKETS- There are links to the sales and auctions of property seized by state, local and federal governments, such as surplus and seized houses, stamps, land, cars and trucks and all kinds of stuff. There is even a video explaining more. Another section offers for sale Amtrak train tickets and has a link to things as varied as the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s store. You can get climate data or astronomy information, too.FRIEND & FEEDS – There are sharing links that help you ‘friend’ the government on Facebook, or you can sign up for RSS feeds with updates and info sent to your email. Several feeds caught my eye but one in particular called ‘Popular Government Questions.” Um.CALCULATORS & SAVINGS TIPS- The single web site listed above takes the searcher to all kinds of other sites. One of the many links from the site above is MyMoney.gov there are calculators for budgeting and budget checklists and information about saving and retirement. Many more and varied topics at other sites even include tips on saving on funeral arrangements. FOR KIDS – For kids and teens there is information on being a smart consumer, the ins and outs of student loans, sites for teaching money basics and a cool section on detecting counterfeit money. Consolidating student loans, managing your credit and things to know when you need a home mortgage are all listed on the site.The internet is awesome but because there is so much available that it can sometimes be overwhelming. This single site, with varied links, addresses many financial avenues. It doesn’t matter if the audience is young or old, whoever you are in whatever stage of life can find helpful information gathered in one place. It’s paid for with your tax money and it’s pretty easy to access. Peruse at your leisure.Marion R. Syversen, MBA – PresidentNorumbegaFinancial207.862.2952Marion@NorumbegaFinancial.com Check out our website that includes weekly streaming videosWWW.NorumbegaFinancial.com Voted Bangor’s Best Financial Planning Firm 2008, 2009 & 2010 by Market Surveys of AmericaIn compliance with requirements from FINRA, all e-mail sent via the WSFG domain will be subject to review and archiving by Wall Street Financial Group, Inc. Email management, archiving & monitoring technology powered by Smarsh, Inc. Disclosure:Only securities and advisory services offered through Wall Street Financial Group, Inc. WSFG Registered Investment Advisor Member FINRA/SIPC. Norumbega Financial, WSFG and all other entities mentioned herein are separate entities. They are independently owned and operated. Opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of WSFG. Wall Street Financial Group is not responsible for information contained on web sites or literature referenced herein

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Healthy Living: Sugar Sweetened Drinks

Updated 4 years ago

There’s More Than SodaBy- Dr. Amy MoviusChildhood obesity has been recognized as a very important topic in recent years.  An estimated 17% of teenagers and children have a BMI-for-age that is greater than or equal to the 95%ile.  Many public health efforts have been made to understand and try to address the epidemic of obesity in our nations youth, such as Maine’s “Keep ME healthy 5-2-1-0″ campaign.The amount of Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) consumed by our children is recognized as important factor contributing to obesity.  Adolescents have more than doubled their daily SSB intake since 1977: it now accounts for an average 10-15% of total daily caloric intake! Drinking one 12 ounce can of SSB a day results in up to 15lb of weight gain per year.  Also, studies have shown that drinking SSB has displaced (healthy) milk drinking.Sugar Sweetened Beverages are often equated with soda, but actually include any drink that contains a caloric sweetener such as sugar or high fructose corn syrup.  This includes a LARGE variety of carbonated and noncarbonated Flavored and Sports Beverages (FSBs) as well as soda.A study in the upcoming October issue of the journal Pediatrics (released online yesterday, September 27th) evaluates how food and activity choices of adolescents correlates with SSB consumption, and also evaluates the effects of soda and FSBs separately.  More that 15,000 8th or 11th graders middle and high school students – from public schools across Texas participated.   They reported how many SSBs (0, 1, 2, 3) they drank in the previous day and also answered questions about healthy food intake (fruits/veggies/milk), unhealthy food intake (fried meat/fried snack/dessert), physical activity (PE, organized sports, own activity) and sedentary habits (hours of TV, computer, video games).Alarmingly, 28% of all the teens drank 3 SSBs per day.  All of the SSBs (soda + FSB) were associated with eating unhealthy foods and sedentary habits i.e. the more SSBs you drank, the more unhealthy foods you ate while being sedentary for more hours a day.  However, whereas drinking soda was also associated with less physical activity and less healthy food intake, drinking FSBs was associated with MORE physical activity and MORE healthy food choices.  This means teens who drank more FSBs tended to do more physical activity and eat more healthy foods.  The positive association between drinking FSBs, physical activity and fruit/veggie/milk consumption suggests that FSBs are viewed as being consistent with a healthy lifestyle.  This pattern is also seen with consumption of 100% fruit juice (which is not a SSB).  The presumed explanation is that these products have been successfully marketed as relatively healthy.  In fact, a 20 ounce bottle of a popular sports drink contains almost 9 teaspoons of added sugar.  Public health efforts to date have discouraged intake of all artificially sweetened beverages without making much distinction between different types.  Clearly, health professionals need to be more specific.  In the meantime, encourage those around you to know exactly what they are drinking if it isnt milk or water.Reference:  Ranjit et al. Dietary and Activity Correlates of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption Among Adolescents.  Pediatrics Volume 126, Number 4, October 2010. 

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