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Updated 6 months ago


Russ Van Arsdale was in on Monday for this week’s Consumer Contact. Russ was speaking with Joy about how different charities can actually be more harm than they are helpful.

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Finance is Fun: Top 5 Reasons We Don’t Save

Updated 6 months ago

Marion Syverson, was her for this week’s Finance is Fun, to give us the answer to the question “Why don’t we save when we KNOW that we should?”

Wonky budgets - So we HAVE a budget, but it doesn’t ever really get spent as planned. Things unexpectedly go wrong and need fixing and after facing those challenges a few time, we simply give up and spend as we like. And like a garden once tilled and tidy, once left to nature, the weeds grow worse that other parts of the yard. Meaning we tend to be crazier after we tried to budget than we were at first.

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Biz Tips: Turning Your ART into a Business!

Updated 6 months ago

Deb Neuman talks about turning your ART into a business!

1. Hit up family and friends first!

2. Try a few art/craft shows this Summer!

3. Consider on-line sales –

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Finance is Fun: Going to the Chapel-The Finances of Togetherness

Updated 6 months ago

Marion Syverson was in for this week’s Finance is Fun, talking about the finances of togetherness.

Legalities- no way for joint property to be separated should YOU get separated without a document of some kind. Either own things individually, get married or invest in a domestic partnership agreement so you aren’t financially ruined. Not romantic? I think strong fences make good neighbors. Being financially ruined is also not romantic.

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Consumer Contact: Summer Storms

Updated 6 months ago

Russ Van Arsdale was in the studio on Monday speaking with Wayne about the ways you can be ready for natural disasters hitting Maine.


For more information, visit:

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Finance is Fun June 17, 2014

Updated 6 months ago

Based on news reports about large-scale security breaches one might think that identity theft happens to everyone and we are doomed to have it happen to us. In fact according to a news article, identity theft affects only about three percent (3%) of the population.

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Finance is Fun: And The Survey Says…

Updated 6 months ago

Marion Syverson, recently read the results of a couple of surveys and thought you would like to hear what others are doing.

Apathy – Twenty-five percent of high net-worth investors, those with more than one-hundred thousand dollars to invest, do not have a financial plan and many of them don’t plan on getting one. The reason? Apathy. They think retirement is far away and that they can worry about it at some far-into-the-future time when they are old.

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Consumer Contact: Children and Advertising

Updated 6 months ago


Russ Van Arsdale was in the studio on Monday speaking with Wayne about the effects of advertising on children in this week’s Consumer Contact segment. He says it is important to monitor the kind of advertising your child is exposed to, to ensure they are not receiving negative influences.

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Biz Tips: How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Updated 7 months ago

Many new grads are now out looking for jobs — if you’re a new grad or anyone else seeking a new job – we’ve got some tips to help you craft a resume that will improve your chances of getting the job you want!”

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Finance is Fun: It’s Not Too Late!

Updated 7 months ago

Recently Marion has had folks in their fifties saying, What’s the point. I didn’t know how to handle money in my youth and now it’s too late for a good retirement.
It’s never too late to make life better. Here are some ideas.
Estimate the goal – By some estimates a four percent withdrawal rate is the amount one should take out of their nest egg annually to have a good chance of not outliving their savings. So if you’ve saved a million dollars, you would take forty thousand dollars per year for living.  Because you may live a very long time, we need to make sure you have money for your entire life. You don’t want to outlive your money.
Plan a strategy – The problem with starting late is the help that compound interest provides for those with many years until retirement. Compound interest, as you may remember, is when interest accumulates on both the principal and interest payments. It is a benefit to those with many years to save.  You may have less time. So you need to save much more seriously, with a more significant portion of your income used wisely. And ‘used wisely’ is the key. The tax code allows for ‘catch up’ provisions which permit more significant contributions to pretax accounts after the age of fifty. Postponing retirement may also help as the few extra working years may be just what you need to be in an even better position.
Know the vehicles – Do you have a 401(k) or other retirement plans at work? It doesn’t matter if there is a match or not. These accounts are better when the firm makes additional contributions for you, but it’s time for you to make significant deposits into these kind of accounts and many corporate retirement plans allow for higher contributions. SIMPLE IRAs, 403(b)s, all have various rules and contribution limits. You may also be able to take advantage of individual retirement accounts to add to your savings.
Kick debt – If you owe on many kinds of debt your funds in retirement will be spent on paying for your past and not giving you the activities and travel that you dream of. Make savings a priority along with debt repayment. And don’t accumulate new debt, bud!
Let the worry drive you – Don’t let discouragement steer you off into despair and inaction. Let the worry about starting late drive you to save and pay off debt- and not accumulate more- so you can have that better future. Do not give up! Don’t ever give up.
And don’t lose one more moment not taking control of your beautiful future.

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2014 Summer Start Your Business Series

Updated 7 months ago

James Macomber, a Microenterprise Consultant for MaineStream Finance was in to tell us about the 2014 Summer Start Your Business Series.

Every Tuesday a new session of videos and materials will be posted on the site. This online business course if for people that are thinking about starting a business or already have one.

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Is 80 the New 65?

Updated 7 months ago

We often hear people say things like, 50 is the new 40. But does that impact retirement planning? Let’s see!

Have you saved enough? – Surveys show that the majority of those near traditional retirement ages are not very close to their retirement savings goals. For whatever reasons, be they repeated job losses, or unwise spending or not having a great budget, but in some studies up to forty percent of respondents have so little saved they say they will need to ‘work until they drop.’

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Consumer Contact: Home Improvement Scams

Updated 7 months ago


Russ Van Arsdale was in the studio again on Monday for another segment of Consumer Contact. This time, he spoke with Joy about keeping an eye out on scammers when looking to find some home improvement workers.

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Finance is Fun: Life Insurance

Updated 7 months ago

Marion Syverson was in for this week’s Finance is Fun to talk about life insurance.
Who needs it?- One web site answered this question like this, If someone depends on you financially, that may be a good indication of a need to life insurance. Do you supply income to someone? Do you help with the expenses of a family member? Do you own a property that people who depend on you live in? These are the questions to answer so you know if life insurance is beneficial to you.
How much? – Suffering the loss of a loved one is a terrible tragedy. Receiving money as an inheritance or from life insurance at least allows you to LIVE after that terrible separation.  Being able to continue to live in the home, keep the kids in the same school, spend more time with them now that a loved one is no longer around to provide love and support, these are the reasons for insurance. Keeping your lifestyle when someone you love has passed. How much do you need? What lifestyle do you want to maintain?
What kind? – There are several types of life insurance. Term insurance is for a period of time: ten, twenty or thirty years are common periods. Term insurance is often less expensive than other types as it is for a specific period of time. Two other types of insurance fall into the category of  ‘permanent’ life insurance. Those kinds are whole life and universal life. These types of policies build cash value and remain in effect for the entire life of the insured (or until age 100) as long as the premium is paid. Lots of details about how these vary but we don’t have time to discuss them here. You should speak with an insurance professional regarding your individual situation.
Now what? – Insurance agents need to be licensed. Whether you use a local agent or a person who you’ve never met, the same rules apply for them to offer insurance. The difference, of course, if you work with a local insurance agent is that they live in the community, have their kids in the same school and may understand your family more personally.
If you suspect you need this, get a quote. There is no obligation and getting what you think you need could really help your family.

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Finance is Fun: Financial Tips for Graduates

Updated 8 months ago

Marion Syverson was in for this week’s Finance is Fun to talk about financial tips for graduates.

You’ve spent years getting this shiny, new degree but now you have completed the thing towards which you have striven. Congratulations! Planning is not done, though, because now you are getting to start your beautiful adult life. We all want it to go well for you. Here are some tips to make your finances beautiful.

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Finance is Fun: Possible Sources of Retirement Income

Updated 8 months ago

Marion Syverson was in for this week’s Finance is Fun talking about seven possible sources of Retirement income.

Though for many Social Security is the central source of retirement income, there are other possible places from which some income for your future might be obtained. The goal in retirement is to fashion together income streams that all together provide you with some dependable income. Here are some ideas.

Rent – If you own an apartment, duplex or business property? The rent from that asset may provide you with money to offset your living expenses. Where the money is allocated to taxes, winter heating costs or a monthly bill, the size of the income needed be a lot to help cover an expense.
Annuities – Annuities can provide lifetime income. Once again this stream needed be big so long as it provides another source of covering your expenses. Even fifty dollars a month is a blessing.
Inheritance – Millions of dollars change hands every year through inheritances and yet many have not properly prepared for the transition. Creating the retirement income you are looking for may be helped with funds gained through the generosity of loved ones.
Savings accts – Savings accounts and certificates of Deposit (CDs) make up a larger portion of retirement income the previous income sources. Having a plan for how the money may be allocated, to what bill or pleasure, may be help in making sure your needs are covered.
401k – Retirement plans accumulated from your own savings through tax-deferred plans through work or in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) which generally make a significant source of funds for retirement.   If you still have time, do everything you can to begin an account or to add to your savings.
Part-time work – About twenty percent of retirees find that part-time work is a great source of additional income. If jobs are available and you are healthy enough for work, you may enjoy not only the money but the social interaction.
Pensions – Defined pensions have been discontinued at many companies because of their expense to the firms. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported thatabout twenty two percent of full-time private industry workers recently got a defined pension benefit. Once again, no matter the amount, this can work with other sources of income to provide you with some financial stability.
The goal in having this discussion is to help you know that many of the people that I work with use every possible source of income to piece together their retirement income. It’s a little like having many paychecks and so the transition can be a little confusing. But once you get everything set up, and have a plan for each piece of money. Things will be good.

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Consumer Contact: Be Wary of “Autism-Treating” Products

Updated 8 months ago


Russ Van Arsdale stopped by the studio on Monday for this week’s Consumer Contact segment. This week he was talking to Joy about several products that he says claim to offer treatment or prevention for Autism, however, more often than not, the products simply do not live up to their descriptions.

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EPIC Maine

Updated 8 months ago


Joanna Russel, Executive Director of the Tri-County stopped in today to tell us about EPIC Maine, an event taking place Thursday, April 24th at Eastern Maine Community College.

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Mind Your Biz: Upcoming Events

Updated 8 months ago

Coming events for businesses!

Hancock County Biz Conference/Trade Show
THIS Thurs. April 24
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
Theme: Why marketing?

TRADE DAY coming to Bangor!
Maine International Trade Center
May 15
Cross Insurance Center
Theme: Expanding trade partnerships

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Finance is Fun: Saving For College

Updated 8 months ago

For this week’s Finance is Fun, Marion Syverson was in to talk about saving money for your child or grandchild’s college fund.

Here are Marion’s suggestions for how you can save for their funds.

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