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Finance is Fun: Financial Tips for Graduates

Updated 3 months ago

Marion Syverson was in for this week’s Finance is Fun to talk about financial tips for graduates.

You’ve spent years getting this shiny, new degree but now you have completed the thing towards which you have striven. Congratulations! Planning is not done, though, because now you are getting to start your beautiful adult life. We all want it to go well for you. Here are some tips to make your finances beautiful.

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Finance is Fun: Possible Sources of Retirement Income

Updated 3 months ago

Marion Syverson was in for this week’s Finance is Fun talking about seven possible sources of Retirement income.

Though for many Social Security is the central source of retirement income, there are other possible places from which some income for your future might be obtained. The goal in retirement is to fashion together income streams that all together provide you with some dependable income. Here are some ideas.

Rent – If you own an apartment, duplex or business property? The rent from that asset may provide you with money to offset your living expenses. Where the money is allocated to taxes, winter heating costs or a monthly bill, the size of the income needed be a lot to help cover an expense.
Annuities – Annuities can provide lifetime income. Once again this stream needed be big so long as it provides another source of covering your expenses. Even fifty dollars a month is a blessing.
Inheritance – Millions of dollars change hands every year through inheritances and yet many have not properly prepared for the transition. Creating the retirement income you are looking for may be helped with funds gained through the generosity of loved ones.
Savings accts – Savings accounts and certificates of Deposit (CDs) make up a larger portion of retirement income the previous income sources. Having a plan for how the money may be allocated, to what bill or pleasure, may be help in making sure your needs are covered.
401k – Retirement plans accumulated from your own savings through tax-deferred plans through work or in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) which generally make a significant source of funds for retirement.   If you still have time, do everything you can to begin an account or to add to your savings.
Part-time work – About twenty percent of retirees find that part-time work is a great source of additional income. If jobs are available and you are healthy enough for work, you may enjoy not only the money but the social interaction.
Pensions – Defined pensions have been discontinued at many companies because of their expense to the firms. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported thatabout twenty two percent of full-time private industry workers recently got a defined pension benefit. Once again, no matter the amount, this can work with other sources of income to provide you with some financial stability.
The goal in having this discussion is to help you know that many of the people that I work with use every possible source of income to piece together their retirement income. It’s a little like having many paychecks and so the transition can be a little confusing. But once you get everything set up, and have a plan for each piece of money. Things will be good.

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Consumer Contact: Be Wary of “Autism-Treating” Products

Updated 3 months ago


Russ Van Arsdale stopped by the studio on Monday for this week’s Consumer Contact segment. This week he was talking to Joy about several products that he says claim to offer treatment or prevention for Autism, however, more often than not, the products simply do not live up to their descriptions.

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EPIC Maine

Updated 3 months ago


Joanna Russel, Executive Director of the Tri-County stopped in today to tell us about EPIC Maine, an event taking place Thursday, April 24th at Eastern Maine Community College.

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Mind Your Biz: Upcoming Events

Updated 3 months ago

Coming events for businesses!

Hancock County Biz Conference/Trade Show
THIS Thurs. April 24
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School
Theme: Why marketing?

TRADE DAY coming to Bangor!
Maine International Trade Center
May 15
Cross Insurance Center
Theme: Expanding trade partnerships

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Finance is Fun: Saving For College

Updated 3 months ago

For this week’s Finance is Fun, Marion Syverson was in to talk about saving money for your child or grandchild’s college fund.

Here are Marion’s suggestions for how you can save for their funds.

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Consumer Contact: Income Tax Scammers

Updated 3 months ago


Russ Van Arsdale stopped by the studio on Monday for this week’s Consumer Contact segment. This week he was talking to Joy about scammers that take advantage of the income tax season to gain personal information from you.

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Know Your Risk

Updated 4 months ago

Because of the myriad of investment options, instruments and information, understanding yourself, knowing your risk tolerance creates a starting point to many of your investment decisions.

What is risk profile? – Your risk profile is a measure of one portion of determining investment suitability. Do you feel comfortable with small company investments in Emerging Markets? Do you prefer large firms based in the U.S.? Do you like money in gold or CD’s at the bank? How do you feel about stock market fluctuations and volatility? Do you feel comfortable with the level of risk that you may need to take to meet your goals? Risk profile analysis helps identify your comfort level in investing.

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Mind Your Biz: The Perfect “PITCH”

Updated 4 months ago

Deb Neuman talks about how to perfect your business “Pitch”.

BIG GIG and perfecting your “PITCH”

BIG GIG FINALE: April 8 – 5:30 at UMaine
See  and Facebook

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Let’s Talk About Debt

Updated 4 months ago

I’ve had a few folks in my office recently discussing their budgets and one of the common problems is debt, being overwhelmed about it, not knowing how to tackle it. Here are some tips if you are facing a similar thing.

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Meet The Centsables

Updated 4 months ago

Like many of us, I wish I had learned this or that when I was a kid. And often our sentiment is, ‘I wish I had learned more about money.’

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Community Supported Agriculture/Farm Shares

Updated 4 months ago

Deb Neuman talks about 5 things about CSA’s/Farm shares.

(Community Supported Agriculture)
1. You can purchase a farm share (eat healthy!)
2. You can “work off” your share
3. Your business can be a drop off site
4. Your business can buy shares for employees
5. You’re supporting a local business!

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Tax Calculators

Updated 4 months ago

You can’t know for sure what your federal taxes will be or if you are entitled to a refund, without actually filing your taxes. But if you are looking for a estimate here are a few calculators that may help.

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IRS Tax Tips

Updated 4 months ago


Peggy Riley of the IRS joined Jim Morris on TV5 News at 5 with some tax tips.

So what do you need to know to start YOUR business?

Updated 5 months ago

We’ve got tips.

Many of my clients and friends are business owners and I have a cozy place in my heart for those willing to take the risk and go forward with their vision to change their futures by stepping out in business. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, 99.7 percent of US firms are small ones and they are responsible for 64 percent of all hiring. In times of changing employment markets, many folks begin their own business and make their dreams a reality.

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Back to Basics- What is compounding?

Updated 5 months ago

Sometimes we use terms that must seem like lingo, unknown terminology, to folks who may not understand what is meant. We want everyone to feel included in this conversation so we will have back-to-basic sessions once in a while to explain concepts.

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Love and Money- Do They Mix?

Updated 6 months ago


Valentine’s day is coming. It’s a day to let people you love know how special they are to you. Don’t mix love with money. But you don’t need to use buckets of cash to demonstrate your affection.

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Business 101

Updated 6 months ago

Business 101

MaineStream Finance offers Business 101 on the Web or Live in Bangor, Dover-Foxcroft or Lincoln
Business 101 – Thinking Of Starting A Business? (1 hour free workshop) This workshop provides an overview of the pros and cons of operating a microenterprise. What a business plan is? Why it is needed and resources for business development assistance. Topics Covered: Being An Entrepreneur, Business Success, Professionalism, Business Plan, Networking, Resources, Budgeting & Planning, Credit and a Review of Upcoming Classes and Workshops. Business Plan, Marketing, Credit, Record Keeping, Financials and Cash Flow, as well as, many other topics.

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Is This the Year You Start a Business?

Updated 6 months ago


Is this the year you start a business?

Deb Neuman has some tops:

Eastern Maine Development Corporation (EMDC)

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)
counseling/training/on-line workshops

State of Maine – Business Answers

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Back to the Basics: Mutual Funds

Updated 6 months ago

Several times a year I try to do a segment on terms that are used in investing. Even if you’ve invested for years, if no one has explained these terms, you might not know them. So today’s term mutual fund and key points to remember.

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