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Ignoring Your gut!

College Savings before retirement-

Beneficiaries are not updated on your HUSBAND’S accounts

You leave Finances to your Husband

Marion R. Syversen, MBA – President



– Get involved in this vital issue. Learn more every year in a way that suits your learning style, seek out info online or at the library. there are many great articles and books out there. Get serious about your financial future, ladies! - Make sure that the appropriate names are on your husband’s life insurance and IRA/ 401(k) accounts. Don’t leave things to others when you have a very dear interest in this issue. NO! You must get your retirement fund under control and it must take precedence over the kids. Please, take care of your future. Who’s going to take care of YOU Is that the way you’d want your daughter to proceed – Sometimes we second guess ourselves too much. Go with your instinct. Trust yourself.

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Updating Your Home

Updated 12 months ago

Detailed information on basic to upscale bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects, plus many more improvement project breakdowns are at




No shoddy work-

Take a Class

Trade skills

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Cheap “Do it Yourself” for Your Home

Updated 12 months ago

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to really make somechanges. Here are some ideas from my upcoming book that won’t cost alot but that will make a big impact.

Paint-This is an inexpensive change that will radically transform a space forusually less than $50. Scientists have been studying the effect ofcolor on people for years and have found that culture plays a role indetermining individual’s feelings about color. For North Americans blueand green are calming and are used in bedrooms for their soothingaffect. Red and Orange are energetic colors with red stimulatingappetite. As light changes in your room – and in summer leaves are onthe trees and then those same trees are bare in winter – expect shadesof your chosen color to need tweaking. I tried to use the same shade ofbeige in bathrooms directly in line with each other, one upstairs andthen the downstairs room. A maple tree changed the light so much in thedownstairs room the color looked bad and I ended up using a totallydifferent color for the room.

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Market Turmoil

Updated 12 months ago

Remember when your mother said,&quot:So would you jump off a bridgejust because everyone was doing it&quot: Don’t let emotions determine yournext steps. Here are some tips to help you survive the market turmoil:

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Bear Stearns

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Is Bear Stearns a bank

What Happened at Bear Stearns

Why in this in the news

One reporter explained that Bear Stearns couldn’t fill out the Federal reserve paperwork fast enough to get the loan directly from the Fed and had to call upon JP Morgan Chase for more instant cash. The rumors of the Bear Stearns problem started to cause serious concerns, even a bit of panic. Panic is the enemy of rational markets. Not understanding the extent of potential financial trouble was the reason Bear Stearns was in the news.

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