2014 Bangor Walks to End Abuse

Updated 12 hours ago

Amanda Cost from Spruce Run Woman Care Alliance was on the Noon newscast to tell us about the upcoming walk to end domestic violence.

The walk will take place on Monday, October 27, 2014 from 11 am to 1pm. Walkers should gather at Pickering Square in Bangor.

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Senior Spotlight: Voter Engagement Tour

Updated 17 hours ago

State Director Lori Parham and Director of Outreach Japhet Els were in the studio Wednesday for this week’s Senior Spotlight segment. With the election coming up quickly, the two were on the interview set talking to Wayne about their nationwide voter engagement tour.

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Amber Lambke: Grist Mill Transformation

Updated 17 hours ago

Amber Lambke, President of Somerset Grist Mill, was in the studio Wednesday talking to Joy about her transformation of turning a prison into a functioning and successful grist mill, as well as sharing some ideas of what to do with those grains afterwards. Amber Lambke is a succesful entrepreneur who uses her product in multiple Farmer’s Markets around the area

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Will you watch tonight’s final gubernatorial debate?

Updated 17 hours ago

No    69% (305 Votes)

Yes   31% (139 Votes)


Total: 444 Votes

Healthy Living: Some Straight Talk about Ebola

Updated 1 day ago

The Ebola Virus has been a hot topic of discussion in our country for weeks to months.  I would like to start my contribution to the topic with what Ebola IS NOT.

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Finance Is Fun: The 6 Stages of Retirement

Updated 2 days ago

Marion Syversen was in for Finance is Fun telling us about the 6 stages of retirement.

Retirement is a time that many plan for but like many seasons of life, we don’t know what awaits us until we get there. In your planning here are the six stages that might be part of your retirement years.

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Do you think there should be more travel restrictions from Ebola-infected areas to the US?

Updated 2 days ago

Yes      92% (514 Votes)

No         8% (47 Votes)


Total: 561 Votes

Penquis Head Start

Updated 2 days ago

Penquis Director of Child Development Heidi LeBlanc was on the 5pm newscast to talk about Head Start.

Head Start has been in existence for 50 years.
32 years ago this week on October 22, 1982, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October Head Start Awareness Month.
“Perhaps the most significant factor in the success of Head Start has been the involvement of parents, volunteers, and the community,” President Reagan said. “Their commitment and the services provided by dedicated Head Start staff have been instrumental in creating a quality program that truly provides young children with a ‘head start’ in life.”
Penquis offers HS and Early HS programs in Penobscot, Piscataquis, and Knox Counties.
18 locations/36 classrooms=630 children—–431 through HS or Early HS
All programs are licensed and enrolled in the Quality Rating System. All classroom teachers have degrees in ECE or closely related field.
Comprehensive services (health screenings, assistance with medical and dental care, nutritional guidance, behavioral and mental health guidance) as well as family involvement and goal setting.
Developmentally appropriate classroom activities-using thoughtfully planned and meaningful play experiences as a vehicle for learning.
HS and Early HS require income eligibility, but other factors can be considered (homelessness, child disability, etc.)
Child care can be accessed using vouchers and subsidy but we offer the same services to children whose families are over the income eligibility levels but wish to access child care. They can directly pay for child care services as they would with any provider.
For information, contact our enrollment specialist, Linda Henderson at 973-3567

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I Love My Pet: Monday, October 20, 2014

Updated 2 days ago

On Monday’s I Love My Pet, we met Jaxon.

Jaxon is 2 1/2 year old Black Lab, who belongs to Harley.

He loves everybody and everything.

Two of his favorite things to do, going to the dog park and running with other dogs and playing tug of war.

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Senior Watch: Brown Bag Days

Updated 2 days ago

Erin Coltvet from Eastern Area Agency on Aging was in for this week’s Senior Watch, to talk about Brown Bagging it to keep seniors safe.

Pharmacy staff will be offering “brown-bag” checks to go over medication safety and any issues you may have with taking your medication as prescribed.

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Kitchen Bytes: Butternut Squash Soup

Updated 3 days ago

For this week Kitchen Bytes, Abby Freethy  showed Joy how to make a fresh and organic butternut squash soup.  If you have any questions for Abby about this segment or you would like to know how to make the dish, you can email her at abby@northwoodsgourmetgirl.com.

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Do you agree with Fairpoint Union workers going on strike?

Updated 3 days ago

Yes       54% (878 Votes)

No        46% (750 Votes)


Total: 1,628 Votes

Cinema Savvy: A- for Fury

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 3 days ago

Fury takes place near the end of World War 2 in Nazi occupied Germany. Brad Pitt plays Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier, an army sergeant who is desperately trying to keep his humanity in the most inhumane of situations. He’s in charge of a five-man crew of the Sherman tank called Fury. Fury is essentially a day in the life of these hardened men as they face the insurmountable odds of their journey across enemy occupied territory.

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Celebrity Dessert and Auction

Updated 6 days ago

Linda Boyle with Pathfinders was in the studio Friday morning, talking to Joy about the 9th Annual Celebrity Dessert and Auction.

The Celebrity Dessert and Auction is tonight from 5:45 PM – 8:30 PM at Rangeley Hall on the Eastern Maine Community College campus. Tickets are $15 and benefit Hospice of Eastern Maine and Pathfinders: Support for Grieving Children.

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Celebrity Dessert and Auction: Maple Bacon Cheesecake

Updated 6 days ago

Lacey Joseph and Luke Duplessis from Boomhouse Restaurant in Old Town were in the kitchen with Todd Friday morning, talking about the 9th Annual Celebrity Dessert and Auction, and teaching him how to make their maple bacon cheesecake, which will be featured at the dessert galla.

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Have you decided how you will vote in the election?

Updated 6 days ago

Yes      85% (465 Votes)

No       15% (81 Votes)


Total: 546 Votes

Castine Pumpkin Fest

Updated 7 days ago

Tiffany Martin a member of the Planning Committee for the Castine Pumpkin Fest was on the Noon news to talk about the upcoming event in Castine.

The Pumpkin Fest is taking place on Saturday, October 18, 2014.

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Penobscot Valley Ski Club Annual Ski Sale

Updated 7 days ago

Dave Gauvin, President of the Penobscot Valley Ski Club was in the studio Thursday talking to Joy about the Annual Ski Sale coming up on Saturday, October 18th. The sale runs from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM at the Bangor Parks & Rec building, at 647 Main St.

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Celebrity Dessert and Auction: Lemon Tarts

Updated 7 days ago

Julie Bartlett from Frank’s Bake Shop was in the kitchen Thursday morning, talking to Joy about the 9th Annual Celebrity Dessert and Auction, and teaching her how to make lemon tarts, which she will be featuring at the dessert galla.

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Do you think the patient being tested for Ebola at Maine Medical Center should have stayed in the hospital longer?

Updated 7 days ago

Yes       71% (263 Votes)

No        29% (106 Votes)


Total: 369 Votes