Healthy Living: Healthy Adjustments to School

Updated 7 hours ago

Common Problems with School Adjustment: Kindergarten to College

Health Watch – September 2, 2014

Dr. David Prescott – The Acadia Hospital


Times of change and transition, such as the start of a new school year, often bring excitement and anticipation.  However, the start of a new school year can also be associated with difficult emotions or stress.  Thinking through some of the common emotional challenges associated with a new school year can help your son or daughter get off on the right foot.

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Biz Tips: Startup Bangor

Updated 7 hours ago

Ever had an idea for a business and didn’t know how to bring it to reality?

Deb Neuman talks about StartUp weekend coming to Bangor where ideas will become reality!

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Finance is Fun: Your Money Personality

Updated 14 hours ago

Marion Syversen was in for this week’s Finance is Fun explaining what someone’s money personality is.

Everyone has emotions that are usually bound up in their money. It tends to be a mix between what we learned as kids and our proclivities, our personality quirks and traits. No one is perfectly balanced so the goal is to be a sane as possible inside our unique composition.

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Pet of the Week: Alfred

Updated 18 hours ago

Kristin Harmon from the Bangor Humane Society was back in the studio with our Pet of the Week, this time, a 12 year-old beagle mix named Alfred. Despite his age, Alfred is as playful and curious as a puppy, as Wayne found out when he poked his mic off during the interview!

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Did you attend any fairs this summer?

Updated 19 hours ago

No     73% (256 Votes)

Yes    27% (96 Votes)


Total: 352 Votes

I Love My Pet: Monday, September 1, 2014

Updated 1 day ago

On Monday’s I Love My Pet, meet Molly and Maggie.

These two half sisters belong to Linda and Frank.

Molly and Maggie are a very bonded pair who love their Mom and Dad so much that they miss him when they leave them for just a little while.

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Senior Watch: Hypnotism and Chronic Pain

Updated 1 day ago

Dr. Robin Aston was on for this week’s Senior Watch to talk about hypnotism and seniors, and how hypnotism can help people dealing with chronic pain.


Do you think FairPoint union workers will strike?

Updated 2 days ago

Yes      77% (321 Votes)

No        23% (96 Votes)


Total: 417 Votes

Consumer Contact: Gone Phishing

Updated 2 days ago


David Leach of the Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection was in the studio with Russ Van Arsdale on Monday for this week’s Consumer Contact segment. They were speaking to Joy about a new anti-scam guide being released by the bureau. The guide is called “Gone Phishing” and it gives tips on avoiding all manner of scams and protecting your credit.

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Fitness Friday: Exercising and Health

Updated 5 days ago

Josiah Hartley from Bangor’s LA Training was back in the studio Friday for this week’s Fitness Friday. This time he spoke to Wayne about how exercise can affect your health, and how much exercise is really necessary to stay fit.

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Fitness Friday: Planks

Updated 5 days ago

Josiah Hartley from Bangor’s LA Training was back in the studio Friday for this week’s Fitness Friday. This time, he was showing Joy and Wayne the correct way to perform planks. Planks are a relative simple, yet difficult and effective workout that you will definitely feel the effects where ever you choose to try them out, be it the gym or your own living room during a commercial break!

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Should welfare be considered a loan?

Updated 5 days ago

No      51% (208 Votes)

Yes    49% (200 Votes)


Total: 408 Votes

Gardening with Bob Bangs

Updated 6 days ago

To learn more about any of the topics discussed on this gardening segment, visit, windsweptgardens.com. If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed with Bob Bangs, send us an email at wabi@wabi.tv.

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Mushroom Cooking with Brian Ross

Updated 6 days ago

Erica Staplton met with Brian Ross Wednesday as he was foraging in the woods for different types of mushrooms. He took those mushrooms and met with Joy, Wayne, and Todd Thursday morning and showed them several different dishes he has designed, and which you can try yourself with your own wild mushrooms. Brian made a point to say you cannot simply go out and pick mushrooms at your will and use them for eating, but with some research and reading up on the subject, wild mushrooms can be a great twist on any meal.

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Do you agree with the removal of Coach Ordie Alley from the Maine Basketball Hall of Fame?

Updated 6 days ago

No      56% (168 Votes)

Yes     44% (130 Votes)


Total: 298 Votes

Wellness Wednesday: Amazing Wild Blueberry Salsa

Updated 7 days ago

Dietitian Mary Lavanway, was in for this week’s Wellness Wednesday, using blueberries in a different and healthy way.

Below you will find the recipe for the blueberry salsa that Mary made on the show Wednesday:

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Senior Spotlight: Walk to End Alzheimers

Updated 7 days ago

Kristie Miner was in the studio with Wayne for this Wednesday’s Senior Spotlight. This time, she spoke to Wayne about the upcoming Walk to End Alzheimer’s event coming up Saturday, September 13th. Check-in for the walk begins at 8:00 AM, and the walk does not start until 10:00 AM. Kristie wanted to make it clear that even if you are unable to walk for the event, it is still a great oppurtunity to come out and learn about Alzheimer’s, as well as meet other people trying to fight the disease, and see some the research that is being done to combat it.

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Do you put any stock in the Farmer’s Almanac forecasts?

Updated 7 days ago

Yes       60% (227 Votes)

No         40% (150 Votes)


Total: 377 Votes

Healthy Living: Music for Back Pain?

Updated 1 week ago

Music for Back Pain? – Take 2 Tunes and Call Me in the Morning
By: Dr. William Sturrock

Chronic Back Pain is one of the most common and frustrating conditions that afflicts mankind. Despite the advances in modern medicine over the past 2 centuries, this vexing complaint frustrates both patients and their doctors by its seeming lack of response to multiple interventions. Over the past decade many providers have tried to help these symptoms with a variety of medications, from non-steroidals (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.), to muscle relaxers and more recently to narcotic class medication without any ‘magic-bullet’ being found. Pain specialists now advise the avoidance of the narcotic class except for brief usage during flare-ups as these meds are not only addicting, they lose effect after just a week’s usage due to development of tolerance. Some providers tout the benefits of manipulation, but there are many patients who say they have tried this without long-term relief and some who feel this has made it worse!

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Finance is Fun: Family and Money

Updated 1 week ago

Marion Syversen was on the Noon news for this week’s Finance is Fun with some tips about family and money.

Whether you are helping an adult child, or standing in the gap when someone you love has a sudden financial difficulty, lending money to family or friends can change things between you. Here are some ideas for ways to maneuver these tricky waters.

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