Chris Ewing

Chris Ewing

I have loved forecasting the weather since I was in grade school. I'm not sure why but since I can remember "mother nature" has fascinated me, from waiting for snowstorms to develop, to plotting hurricanes. I truly enjoy the challenge of predicting the wide variety of Maine's ever changing weather and I strive to bring the most accurate and understandable weather forecast to the people of Maine.

Recent Stories by Chris Ewing

Mostly Sunny & Milder the Next Few Days
Variably Cloudy With Scattered Showers This Weekend
Variably Cloudy, with a Few Scattered Showers Today & Saturday
Rain Tapering to Showers Today
Becoming Breezy, with Developing Showers Today
Bright & Mild Tuesday, Showers Develop Wednesday
Sunny Sunday, A Few Showers Late Monday
Few Scattered Showers Today, Bright & Warm this Weekend
Variably Cloudy With Scattered Showers & Storms Today
Variably Cloudy, with Scattered Showers & Storms Today
Partly Cloudy, with Hit and Miss Showers and Storms this Weekend
Partly Sunny, with Widely Scattered Showers and Storms Friday
Both Sun & Scattered Showers Thursday
Partly Sunny, With a Few Scattered Showers the next Few Days
Drier & Less Humid Today
Muggy, with On & Off Showers & Storms Today
Muggy, with On & Off Showers & Storms through Monday
Partly Sunny & Mild Today, Showers & More Humid Sunday
Partly to Mostly Sunny & Pleasant Today

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