Former Radio DJ Helping Animals In Need UPDATED

“We’re already snuggle buddies.”

Robert Haley, or as most people know him, “Roadhouse Lou” is in the dog house.

He’ll be there day and night through Thursday.

“We’re kind of re-creating an event that we did nearly 20 years ago. This time we’re raising money for the Christopher Walters Second Chance Fund which provides medical care and treatment for animals that find their way into the Humane Society.”

The fund was established a little over a year ago and since then has supported many animals with needs across the state…¬†including Max.

“Max here is a customer of the Second Chance Fund. He recently had one hip surgery, and he’s going to need another one here in a couple of months.”

The Kennebec Valley Humane Society serves over twenty communities throughout the Central Maine area.

In the past few years, staff has seen an increase in need.

“We’ve definitely seen a rise in cases of animals that need that additional support, whether it’s medical care or behaviorally, so we absolutely want to meet the need of those animals. We don’t turn any of them away for any reason. We don’t say no to anything. I want to make sure that not only are we supporting the needs of the animals by adopting them but making their lives better.”

Many of these animals travel many miles to get here, and once they are, they become dependent on fund like,¬†“Second Chance.”

“Last year alone, over 50 animals made use of the Second Chance Fund and we want to try to boost that fund up.”

The fundraiser runs through 9:00 AM Thursday, and the goal this year?

A whopping $20,000.

Haley says he’s not worried about his living quarters for the next few days as long as he’s got his two new furry friends by his side..

“They’re wonderfully mellow, great with people, and as you can see, they’re just hanging out with me. Except, once again they took over my bedding, so I think I’ll end up on the concrete while they get the Spiderman pillow. But, other than that, they’re great roommates.”