Croquet Tournament Returns to Ellsworth 

Some call it croquet, others chess on the lawn.

“We always knew it was a serious game not just just hit banging giggle. Anyway to get serious from the get-go.”

This is the 9th year for the Woodlawn Croquet Invitational and it draws a crowd from all over the country.

“This year we have players from the Massachusetts to New Hampshire, one from Delaware and one from South Carolina so it opens up the play to a lot more people.”

The game of croquet can be complex, but the object is simple..hit the ball through the wicket.

But, for many that can be a challenge.

So, the pros have a little advice.

“Pick up a mallet and hit a ball for a while until you feel comfortable. You might start at something we can’t golf croquet which is a lot simpler rules but don’t get stuck on it because in the long run it doesn’t have as much ready as our game.”

Although even the pros say that golf croquet can be quite the challenge.

“Golf croquet ball game to understand the simple game to execute although it has some tactical intricacies to it that can be difficult.”

The difficulty did not keep people away this year.

Nineteen players took part and chairman, Perry Mattson says the game is great for everyone, no matter what the age.

“People can play it well into their years. We have one player in the tournament 85 and two 83 and one 82 actually, two 82 so, you can play well and your years and still be very good at it.”

Players say that this is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Their big Lobsters Invitational takes place in a couple months, and of course, the pros will be ready.