Peony Society of Bangor Begin Open Garden Tours 

This weekend is the start of the Peony Society Garden Tour.

There are several locations including gardens in Bangor, Hermon, Orono, Old Town and Eddington.

One local couple had their garden open today on Ohio Street in Bangor with over 120 peony plants on display.

“Peonies live to be a hundred, or fifty or a hundred years old, and they just keep on growing,” said Roger Lycette, local gardener. “So, I said, “That’s a better investment”, and then I found out all the new varieties that’s on the market, and I kind of got addicted to them. So, every year I have a sizable budget that I buy new peonies, and my collection has grown and grown, and when I look at it I say, “Wow, how did I ever get here?”

There will be more tours available next Saturday June 24th.