Maine Veterans Gather at Annual Convention 

In what has been a divided political climate, many are calling for a time of unity.

“We need to be together as Americans and see American in every person that we meet.”

The 99th American Legion State Convention was a sea of grey and white today.

Among the crowd, were politicians and leaders from around the state who were proud to show their patriotism and give a little thanks to the men and women who have already given so much.

Tthe event is so important because it does signify how we are all Americans first. every single person here fight for the freedom for all Americans. and it’s important that we see each other as Americans before anything else.”

For many veterans, it’s a time to reflect on relationships, old and new.

“There are some comradery that you develop in the military and this is much more than that. over the years you develop the relationships that are unique to all new veterans.”

Maine has one of the highest veteran percentages in the country.
And, for Amedeo Lauria and the rest of his post, it’s crucial that they meet the needs of veterans of all age

“We are pillars of the American Legion. We have veterans rehabilitation. We have national security. We have Americanism and we have children and youth. And, all those have programs find them and those are run behind the 170 posts around the state of Maine.”

No matter the post, Lauria says that this convention allows them to be pillars not only for those who have served, but also for those future generations of veterans to come.