Local Girl Scouts Volunteer at SPCA of Hancock County 

A pet fair was held at the SPCA in Trenton. It was hosted by Girl Scout Troop #422.

“The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts both have done events here before, and we were more than happy to do that,” said Kathy Solley from SPCA of Hancock County. “It gives them more credit for their badges, and things like that, and it helps the shelter by raising funds, and getting food in for us.

The goal was to raise pet food donations to be used by shelter. for the girls, helping animals is a cause that they hold close to their hearts.

The fair featured a pet photo contest and face paintings. There was also a rabies clinic early in the morning. The SPCA says getting your pets checked and treated for the disease is also a good idea.

“It’s a normal thing to do,” said Solley. “You know, with the wild animals, and such, it can be a problem. It is a Maine state law. a lot of people don’t think for cats it’s a law, but it is, and even if they’re indoors they should always have a rabies shot, because you never know when they’re gonna get out.”

The shelter says they appreciate any support they can get and the Girl Scouts are more than happy to help.

“Anytime we can get the community to help us volunteer to raise funds, and such, we’re very appreciative of that. it takes a lot to run a shelter,” said Solley.

“We just think it’s a good idea because it’s like helping the community, and like making everybody happy,” said Kasey Jordan, Girl Scout Troop #422.