Special Olympic Athletes Say Nothing Can Rain On Their Re-Scheduled Parade 

Last Friday’s Special Olympics Parade was cancelled due to rain.

Edna Taber, Special Olympics Coach says, “People were really disappointed because they love that parade every year and so Michelle, our boss, decided that we’d have our own little parade.”

And this time, not even the rain could keep them from celebrating.

Christopher Young, an athlete tells us, “This is the parade of 2017.”

Everyone had proud smiles as they marched around the parking lot showing off their ribbons and medals.

A lot of hard work went into earning them.

Athletes tell us they have to go through a lot of training and practices.

Taber says, “We have a rec training group and there’s a a required number of hours that everyone has to practice for each sport.”

And everyone really seemed to enjoy one specific sport…Bocce.

Susan Emery, an athlete says, “It’s like bowling.”

Daniel Scott and Gregg Smith both won medals for Bocce.

Smith says he won several medals, “205 Meter Wheelchair,  50 Meter Wheelchair, and my first medal for Bocce.”

Scott says, “The very best thing that I have accomplished is with Bocce. We won the gold medal.”

And these athletes are eager to share their sports.

Young says he is going to be an Uncle soon and he’s going to teach his nephew to be an athlete.

He tells us he going to teach him “Running and long jumping.”

Sports aside, these hard working athletes are all about helping each other.

We asked what’s their favorite part of being an athlete.

Smith says, “Helping people and enjoying my Special Olympics with all of my friends.”

Emery says, “Be good sportsmanship and cheer!”

Taber says, “They work so hard and they’re so excited about things and you can’t help but be excited when you’re there.”